tagLoving WivesAdopted Brother Ch. 01

Adopted Brother Ch. 01


"You're a good looking girl, what are you doing with my brother?" I chuckled as I checked out her petite blond frame and soft white skin.

"Hey man!" my brother Bill defended.

"What do you mean?" said Tammy, Bills recently acquired girlfriend.

"Well," I looked over at Bill as I held back a grin, "I guess I shouldn't say"

"Why? What's wrong with me?" she exclaimed.

"Nothing Tammy, Hank is just..."

"Just what?" Billie flustered. "Hey I'm just trying to look out for a girl so damn me for being a nice guy," I turned away from both of them and flipped the channels on Bills TV some more. Tammy came over and plopped down on the couch with me.

"Hey, I appreciate your concern. It's nice that William has a little brother who cares," she patted me on the shoulder.

"Well, I do care," I put my hand on her knee "and only one of the guys in this room is 'little'." I whispered to her.

"What was that?" Bill was peering over the edge of the couch in a panic as he came over. "Let's go Tammy, we're going to be late to the movie." Out the door they went, little Bill dragging his new girlfriend out the door.

Can I help it if my brother has a tiny prick? He's only had two girlfriends before this one and they both ran off laughing. He's in college now so I guess his access to girls has increased but it's unlikely his success rate will change. Still, I'm glad he's in college. I can kick around in his dorm room and check out any girls that come sniffing after Bills money.

I am going to get some money too when my adopted parents finally kick off. But Bill is bound for success. He's just one of those guys. He's in engineering school learning a bunch of shit only a little dick nerd could care about. When he graduates from college he's gonna' get a nice chunk of change. I'm sure these chicks can smell it. They're pampered little mommas babies like little Bill is.

Not me though. I don't have any idea who my real parents are but they're certainly not like the butter cups I've been attached to. My dad was a real puss, like Bill I guess, but he had the decency to die of lung cancer a few years ago. Now it's just old mom lurking around the big house and patronizing little Billie.

"...but mom, you HAVE to talk to him!" Bill pleaded over the phone. Apparently his date ended early. Bill called his mom to get me blamed for it.

"Oh goodness, what has he done now?" she bothered.

"He was talking stupid to my new girlfriend, now... well he has caused me grief and I wish you'd tell him to be nicer."

"What did he say dear?"

"I don't want to get into it mom, will you just tell him to quit being a jerk and maybe get him to come home to you? I have to work so hard as school here I don't get to go on many dates."

"Honey!" mom put her foot down, "now tell me what has upset you and I'll see what I can do."

"Mom it's not something I can really talk about with you," he was trying desperately to avoid talking about the specifics. The specifics of his problem centered on a little dick. But mom pulled it out of him and he went on to tell her the beginning of his current emotional state.


In high school we both went out for the rugby team at our school. Bill always was a real wimp when it came to sports so naturally I made the team and he didn't. It was no big blow to him since he didn't want to be on the team anyway, (Mom made him try out) but once he got to the locker room the big blow hit him.

"Holy shit Hank!" Terry, one of Bills friends cried out.

"Huh?" I had just got out of the shower and was drying off.

"How big is that thing man?" Terry said again glaring in awe at my big dick. A couple of the other guys in the locker room took notice.

"Uh, I couldn't say." I had screwed a couple girls at this point in my life and I know they were all really impressed. Some were terrified at first, but they quickly go used to the idea.

"Holy crap, that thing has to be maybe 9 inches long!" one of Terry's buddies called out.

"So what?" someone in the back said, "Mine is almost 7 inches."

"No, dude, his is that big and it's limp." A couple of guys started calling the other guys "fags" and the conversation was quickly over... for the moment. I did know how long my cock was, though. One of the girls in Bills class was giving me a hand job in the Home Economics classroom and measured it with one of those seamstress tapes. It was 13 inches long and big around as my forearm. I couldn't remember what that girls name was or how I got her to give me a hand job; these things just happened sometimes.

"What's the commotion?" Bill came fumbling into the room like an off balance wet rat. He too was naked and drying his hair with the little towel. He too had not yet found the size of a penis relevant.

"Hey guys," Terry started in again, "Bill MUST be adopted." He promptly pointed a finger at poor little Bills dick. I could see the blank look come over Bills face and he turned cherry red from his shoulders up. It was hairless but more so it was like the tip of a pinkie wrapped in a tiny bit of foreskin. While my dick pointed straight at the ground due to the weight, Bills little pimple was hardly even big enough to stick out from the body at all.

The room blew up in laughter.

At that point I remembered the girl's name that measured my dick in Home Economics class. It was Alice, a girl Bill was trying to get to go out with him. That was a pretty funny revelation.

"Hey guys, shut the fuck up!" I yelled. They were all stunned and looked at me like they thought I was going to start kicking people's asses even though I was butt naked. "It's not his fault he has a little pecker," the room was so quiet you could hear a pen drop, "it's his dumb ass dad's fault!" I let out a roaring laugh and everyone joined in. The room was loud with laughter and Bill giggled red faced as he put his towel around his waist. I'm sure he hoped this incident would be forgotten. He also never showered at the school again.


"So, Billie," mom said carefully "you disagreement with Hank is due to his, um," she stumbled for the words, "the size of his, err."

"Yes mom," Bill pleaded, "but don't tell him I said that please? Aw man, I shouldn't have said any of that."

"No, no, it's ok sweetie." Mom's patronizing talk always made little Bill feel better; what a puss. "It's good that we talk about these little problems, or, I mean..."


"Oh sweat little Billie, Hank can't help it that he's different from you."

"I know, he was adopted." he pouted.

"That's right darling," she laid it out gently for him, "and adopted children are prone to acting out to get attention. I read a book on it, it's all very sad. The poor devils just don't know which way is up and all they want is to be loved."

"Loving my girlfriends," he grumbled.

"What dear?"

"Nothing mom; so are you going to talk to him?" Bill had all but given up.

"Certainly dear, have him give me a call when he gets some time."

Bill went out to one of the local momma's boys bars and had a few drinks. Unfortunately for him he was as bad a drinker as he was an athlete. I picked up the phone and could hear the loud music in the background and my pseudo brother Bill slathering something into the phone.


"Can you come and pick me up?" he garbled.

"Well dude, I kind of have company," I said with a grin.

"Justh come and pick me up and then you can... justh come and pick me up," I was stifling a little laugh at the time.

"I don't know bro, I'll have to bring my company along to pick you up and I don't think they want to see you right now." He could hear me whisper something but he couldn't tell what it was.

"Wait, who's there with you?" I could hear the panic in his voice now.

"Take it easy bro, I'm kind of smoothing things over. It sounds like you were a real jerk to her," I whispered in the phone for the sense of secrecy.

"Wait, Tammy? Is Tammy there with you? You're the jerk you... jerk." Years of education and that's the best he could come up with.

"My brother is drunk and needs a ride home," I looked down at Tammy whose head was resting in my lap. She wrinkled up her nose and giggled like someone had stuck something in her nose.

"I don't know man, she doesn't like it that you're being all rude to me," I grinned from ear to ear down at her. "I kind of want you to keep your head in my lap," I whispered. "Maybe I'll show you what DOESN'T run in the family," she did a mock gasp and slapped me in the belly.

"C'mon bro, just... just tell her I'm sorry and come and pick me up?" He was so weird, he didn't even know what he was apologizing for.

"Here, you tell her yourself," I handed the phone to her as she was mouthing "NO" and shaking her head.

She reluctantly took the phone and began the task of communicating with a drunk Bill, "What Billie?" she barked.

"Please don't call me Billie."

"Why not, isn't that your name little Billie?" she quietly laughed in my direction. She sat up from my lap and started to put her hair back in place. I adjusted my blue jeans for comfort (and to pull my cock onto my thigh).

"Well, no, not everyone calls me that."

"What was the little problem your brother was talking about earlier?" she probed. As she was talking to him I put her hand on my knee and held it there.

She wasn't really listening to him but was watching her own hand. She had surely felt my big cock as she was lying in my lap so she had to be curious as I slowly moved her hand up my thigh where my flaccid cock was perched.

"What?" she yelled into the phone, eyes still glued to my thigh. I moved her hand up only a few inches before it came in contact with the tip of my cock. I stopped moving her hand and just held it there for a moment... letting it sink in. She looked up at me wide eyed and then back down at her hand. I let her go and gestured for the phone back.

"Hey man," he was still rambling on. "Hey man! HEY, let me talk to her man and then we'll come get you," he finally shut up and I went on to explain to him how you really treat women. Meanwhile Tammy was slowly and gently running her finger along the outline of my cock head and down the shaft. I was trying not to get an erection so I didn't freak her out but she was making it very difficult.

"I have to tell you bro, I think Tammy has a BIG problem in her hands... I mean ON her hands," she looked up at me and laughed quietly but kept her fingers in contact with the quickly expanding cock.

"How..." she stammered "wait it isn't hard yet?" I shook my head and then mouthed "watch". Then I stopped resisting the arousal and just let the cock grow.

"Uh huh, sure man, yeah I know," I mumbled into the phone on trained response as Tammy and I watched my dick expand and grow down toward my knee. My blue jeans were getting so tight that my dick actually didn't have enough room so the denim and the cock were pushing hard against each other obscenely.

"Jesus," she said plainly.

"What?" Bill said "what's she saying? Is she mad at me?"

"I don't think so man," I was now watching her heaving chest and listening to her breathing. She was like a bitch in heat. All I needed was to take the monster out and she would walk over hot coals just to give it a lick. "I think she's just contemplating the enormity of it."

"Of what?" he was shouting into the phone.

"It," I said as I flexed it in my pants practically making the couch lurch, "the situation."

Tammy moved her head to look at me but her eyes didn't go with it. She said something unintelligible like she was answering a question I'd asked her.

"Here man," I offered to Bill, "let me see if I can take some of the strain out of the situation." I put the phone on speaker mode and offered it to Tammy but she was too out of it to notice. So I just put the receiver in her lap and started to unfasten my pants.

"What are... what are you gonna do?" his voice was filling the room now.

"I'm going to air this situation out," I shouted as I popped the button and started to pull down my zipper. "Going to get to the root of this monster."

"Monster? Wait, what?" someone was arguing with him in the bar, maybe someone wanting to use the phone.

I stood up because I'd never be able to slide my jeans over my cock at this angle. So now I was standing in front of her, she was sitting Indian style on the couch with my crotch a foot from her face. I just stood there for a moment letting her anticipate the moment and get a good perspective on what she was about to see. After a while of both of us ignoring little Billie and her staring in awe at my package she looked up at me.

"Billie, I think maybe she wants to go and pick you up now," I yelled toward her crotch.

"No," she mouthed and shook her head.

"Well then," I told her, my hands on my hips.

"Oh," she looked at my undone button and pulled down zipper. Her hands slowly crept toward the top of my jeans and her tiny little fingers experimented with getting my pants down. I wear pretty tight jeans so she had to do some tugging and wriggling. As my pants came down more and more she could see more and more of my cock root. It was the same color as my skin but with thick red and blue veins. My cock was now fully erect so the closer she got to freeing it the harder it was pushing against the jeans. With one last tug the jeans shot past my knees and my dick sprang up in celebration.

Her mouth was gaping open and her hands went to her mouth as if to cover her scream. I stood there with my knob hovering over my dumb brother's cute little blond friend. After what seemed like an age she slowly reached down between her legs and picked up the phone. We could hear Billie yelling about the duality of man or something and she simply said, "He'll call you back," and hung it up.

She studied my cock like she was going to have to defend a thesis on it. Her hands slowly came out to rest on either of my thighs while she leaned to and fro getting a better angle on it. She didn't fail to take note of the enormous scrotum hanging heavily at the base of the cock. I widened my stance so the two giant orbs could freely hang between my legs.

Then she touched it. It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load at that moment. Her touch was delicate and tentative. All I could feel was the gentlest touch of her fingertips as she traced the edge of my huge cock head and pulled at either side of it to make the pee slit open up then followed the path of a huge vein with the lightest touch of a fingernail.

"What do you think?" I said softly.

"Oh, uh," she came partially out of her haze to realize there was a person attached to the organ. "That is easily bigger than the biggest dick I've ever seen." She ran her fingernails lightly from the root all the way out to the gigantic head as she said, "hell this is the biggest dick I've ever HEARD of." She came to the tip of the cock with her fingers just as a drop of precum made its way out of the pee slit. This activity did not go unnoticed.

She held out her hand, palm up under the head to catch the drop. A huge glob of clear, sticky fluid flowed slowly out and into her hand. By the time the drop was complete her palm was full to the brim.

She sat looking at the goo in her hand and at the penis. I stifled a laugh as I could see her working it out. "Did you," she looked from palm to cock again, "did you cum?"

I chuckled making my cock sway back and forth, "Hardly."

"But," she pulled her hand closer to her face to get a good look. Some of it was dripping around the side of her hand, "It's soooo much." She picked up a towel from the floor and put it under her hand. "That's not...you didn't... wait then how much comes out when you..."

I nodded and said, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." With each word I took the opportunity to flex my penis which made the head flare up to a warm purple color. Then I reached down and took one of my balls in my hand. I rolled it around and hefted its weight so that she could really appreciate the size. "There's a lot going on in this big sucker," I put my leg up on the couch so my testicles hung close to her head and palmed the orbs with either hand like I was trying to guess their value in pounds. "Here comes some more," I said as I nodded toward the end of my penis and another glob of clear fluid was making its obscene path out of the cock. Her already full hand went instinctively under the penis as if to catch the rest of it. The thick flow of goo went into her hand and promptly spilled over. Her reflex was to dart her other hand under it to catch the overflow. Once the drop had ebbed both of her hands were overflowing with precum.

"Here," I instructed as I took both of her hands and placed them on either side of my tool. I ran her hands along its length to moisten it and then let go. She seemed to get the picture as she used the copious amount of precum to coat my entire cock and began working on the balls. I groaned in appreciation. For the first time in what seemed like an age she glanced up at my face.

"Is that..." her eyes were huge like a child with a new toy, "does that feel right? Good?"

"You keep that up for much longer and you might see what these sperm factories can really do," I thrust out my hips to make my ball sake wave back and forth.

She giggled in appreciation which lightened the mood but not for long. She had now been given a purpose and was working up the courage to get it done.

Slowly she worked her small hands around the length and girth of the cock. It took some time just to cover all of the ground since my cock was so big and her hands were so small. It seemed she was up to that task though.

I held out for a little while since I was enjoying the attention. In the end though, I was going to give her what she wanted. She wanted to see the fountain and buddy she was about to get it. After ten or so minutes of her determined work I started to really rock my hips with her movement. We both had a light sheen of sweat covering us and the smell of sex was in the air.

"You're doing a good job Tammy," I said as I humped into her hands.

She just smiled and kind of panted in response.

"You'd better take that shirt off," I said as I reached down to grab it, "or you'll get cum all over it." I couldn't care less about her shirt; I just wanted to see those little tits. The shirt came off and I removed the bra for good measure. She had the cutest little tits with puffy pink nipples. I gave them a light pinch and grope.

"Nice body baby," I said in a throaty voice. She was panting in response. I hadn't cum all day so I was only going to last another 10 minutes or so. Also, her arms were getting tired.

"Here," I instructed again "lean back." I had to practically pry her dainty hands from my knob and leaned her back against the seat cushions. I straddled her waist using the back of the couch for support. This gesture brought my cock up between her tits with the head pushing into her neck and chin. Then I put her hands back on the cock. "Just hang on little girl," I grinned wickedly.

I started slowly rocking up and down, thrusting my hips into her chest. She did as instructed and clutched onto my dick for dear life.

"You look good with my knob between your little titties rubbing on my cock," I was getting into my stride now, enough of this Mister Nice Guy shit. "You like that big cock baby?" the head of my cock ended up thrusting past her face and up the side of her head and into her hair at the end of the stroke. I came all the way back down so her top hand thumped against the rim of my cock head and I thrust up again. I was bracing myself partly by holding the back of the couch but also I just held on to her. I held the back of her head, gripping her hair.

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