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Adoring Predator


I lie, conscious. Blue and tan my bedroom gazes downward, calm and unafraid. I am conscious of my shirt, my pants, the cool air from the fan massaging my shoulders. It knows how to soothe me, even in the hour of my greatest tension. Nothing is happening.

My head cocks to the right. An engine, a door, a second door. My pulse screams to life. My eyes widen. It is time, and now I am awake. She is here for me.

I knew she was coming. I have known for months, as surely as the sun rises, that she would find me. My heart beats ice water out toward my fingertips, and I am completely frozen. Inaction! What should I do? What could possibly hold back such a...it is too late. A wave reverberates through the air, rich and oily like a good perfume. She has summoned me. How could I refuse?

Heat boils off her skin and I am seared. She sits perfectly still, but I can smell her barely contained energy. Her muscles move smoothly beneath her skin like warm oil, a perfectly tuned machine. Her slight frame doesn't fool me! She has power beyond comprehension. Her hand approaches, slow and sure. A serpent confident of her meal languidly strokes my chest, my shoulders. Why can't I move? I could never resist this hypnotic smile. No man could. I desperately need to fill my lungs, but I cannot.

The slightest disobedience would be my total undoing; it wouldn't even occur to me to resist! Could a mouse resist a panther? She has walked into my safest place as if she lived here, told me to sit, and I simply obeyed. A panther, yes, with a smile concealing razor fangs. I belong to her, but though I shiver, I am not afraid. This beautiful predator has secured her meal, and I am relieved. At last, the cool blues eyes pierce me, and they have deemed me worthy prey. I close my eyes in anticipation of my dismemberment, and I am thrilled with my lot. Finally, finally I will be allowed to offer myself in the temple of the panther goddess.

Again, the voice, again, oil over leather. She has given me my first task. Run, damn you! How can she control me so completely, so damned effortlessly? She bids me to lie, and what else can I do? She lowers herself onto me, hungry and confident. I am certain I can hear a low growl. The eyes, they scare me motionless. My own are wide and nervous, but she smiles down on me. Has she opened me up, so easily? Defenses, walls, inhibitions? None can stand before this elemental force. I am her property. I have no will, no soul, no purpose other than that which she bestows on me.

She touches me, feels me! I am being thoroughly inspected. Fingers probe and test, leaving nothing unchecked. With each firm stroke she reaffirms her ownership. She fondles, searching for the most tender meat perhaps? I don't know what she is looking for, but I see that she has found it. Her eyes scorch away my last shred of self-control, and again power rumbles out from her fanged smile: "Turn over". Hot adrenaline soaks my brain. My stomach rotates long before I turn over on what will surely be my deathbed.

Searing weight on my back. A burning force presses me down, crushes me. I am uncertain if I am pinned or mounted, food or mate. From between my lips a groan of pleasure escapes, the first of many. The vicious panther crouches over me and sinks her teeth into my ear. Her breath is so hot that I wince. Fever! I can't breathe! I can't think or see! But the kind panther has left me one favor. She whispers, throaty and carnal: "I love you. Don't be afraid". I know she can feel me squirm with glee. I have pleased this growling, alluring predator. Blood boils in my ears and cheeks as I finally realize that she desires me personally. She has not found me, she has chosen me! If I belonged to her before, now I am her eager slave. I close my eyes and search deep within myself for a single word. Love, worship, adoration? They fall short! Desperate love, fevered wishes, how can I express them? I frantically think, I must tell her! She must know that I choose to be hers, that I have surrendered my soul to her! Can't she hear my screaming thoughts? I must pledge myself to the panther goddess! Please let me find the word!

Ah, but now.


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