It all began on the plane. He was sitting across from me on the aisle. As sometimes happens, we locked eyes, and I blushed before diverting my glance away. He had seen me staring and I was flustered, and yet I couldn't keep my eyes off him. I pretended to read the magazine that was in the pocket before me, but I continued to steal glances and I caught him doing the same with me.

I felt hot. The cabin was cool, and yet I was flushed and my panties were becoming wet with my own oily fluids. Try as I would, I couldn't stop myself and I lay my magazine down with my hand under it. My fingers were hidden as I let them slowly stroke the fabric of my slacks and the trembling sensations took control of my body.

I stared at him, and imagined all sorts of wonderful things. How he would stand over me and look down and speak with a commanding voice, ordering me to touch myself so he might watch me.

Then perhaps he would approach me and hold his hard manhood clenched in his hand and tell me to kiss it. Or perhaps to gently suck him until he began to ooze his clear pre-cum into my thirsting mouth.

Mmm I thought, would he demand that I cum so he may watch me? Would he perhaps stroke himself as he watched me writhe and twist before him? Would I watch as he suddenly moaned my name, "Adriana," Then suddenly begin to spurt his milky fluid in arching jets that spattered over my breasts?

I was lost in these thoughts when suddenly he was with me. He had moved from his seat and taken the vacant one just behind me. He leaned over the back of my seat and whispered.

"The stewardess tells me your name is Adriana. I know this is stupid, and very forward of me, but something compelled me to meet you. I've always had this feeling that I'd meet you someday, and perhaps this is that day. Am I making any sense at all, Adriana?"

I was dumbfounded. My hand was hidden and yet very wet and slippery from the moist spot that had formed over my pussy. The object of my thoughts was quietly whispering in my ear, and I was on the verge of having an orgasm over him.

"Umm, I think your making sense, err, what is your name?"

"Blake, Adriana, just some fool who is smitten by a very attractive young lady who hides her hand under her magazine."

I wanted to die. He knew. Did I moan, I wondered. Did he see my fingers as they danced across the seam of my slacks? Or possibly he noticed my other hand as it rubbed my breast. Anything was possible, and yet, with him I felt like a child trying to make up excuses.

"Will you be staying anywhere in particular when we arrive? I mean, I haven't decided where to stay myself, and I was wondering if, perhaps we may be staying at the same Hotel if there is a room available."

I was breathing hard. Momentary flashes of what might be, crossed my mind, and I squirmed as another gush of wetness crept from within me, only to be slowly absorbed by my panties.

"Yes, oh yes, the Marriott I believe. I imagine they have rooms, and yes it would be very nice if you stayed there I think."

I was stumbling over my own words and again that hot flash. I hadn't noticed the plane landing and suddenly everyone was standing up. He moved into the aisle and stood next to me. Then he reached out and took my hand. The hand that had been hidden under my magazine. It was still wet and I desperately wanted to draw it away, yet couldn't.

HE KNEW! He was in my mind and he knew me. I was hopelessly infatuated with this man, this young man called Blake, and I wanted him.

With our bags stowed, we shared a ride to the Hotel and he checked in to the room adjoining mine. I was walking on air, my feet not touching the ground and my mind continued to fabricate wonderfully detailed scenarios of what might be.

The porter took our bags and Blake took me to the bar and we spent long quiet moments just gazing into each others eyes. I noticed him bring his hand to his mouth once or twice, and thought: "does he taste or smell my fervor. Do I leave a scent that excites him?"

Walking to our rooms, we see our bags sitting in the hallway outside the doors and using our keycards, each enter our own little world.

I needed desperately to shower. I was so tense and excited that I must have reeked with the scent of desire. And as always I needed to calm myself down. For that there is only one way. I quickly toweled myself off and went to my small overnight bag and drew out my vibrator.

Laying down on the bed I spread my legs wide and began by slowly caressing my throbbing pussy. My system never varies, it works and it has become a well rehearsed scenario.

When I feel myself begin to tremble and my pussy begins to slowly contract, I let my free hand wander to my breasts. Though only a B cup they are very firm and petite, yet very sensitive to the touch. Soon my nipples become hard and that warm flow of sensations that seem to join my breasts with my Cunt begins and I need to cum. My eyes close and I imagine Blake standing near watching me. I'm excited beyond imagination and my fingers dance over my pussy and delve in. Now stroking, now twisting and turning, and I want to scream out his name.

My breath comes in short gasps and I thrust my ass up, pressing three fingers firmly against the upper juncture of my inner labia. Rapidly I swirl my fingers round and round, feeling the beginning surges of delirious sensations take hold. My ears roar and I hear his voice.

"Cum for me Adriana! I need you to cum for me. Go faster, sweetheart. Move your fingers faster for me! Do it, I need it too."

I heave up. I'm going to cum in my hand and I scream his name out. "Blake. Ooooh Blake." I toss my head to one side and open my eyes. He's standing there. The door between our rooms is open and he's standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

I'm gasping and I can't stop myself. I'm cumming and I have no control. I stare at his face, than down at his cock. His towel has fallen to the floor and he stands like some statue of Adonis with his hard erect cock reaching for the sky.

I whimper his name. I'm out of control and I hear my own voice begging him. "Help me! Oh god it feels so good sweetheart. Make it last. Talk to me, tell me what you want me to do. Oh god I need you now, so much."

He stands there, almost as if thinking of something to say as his hand slowly glides up and down his hard thick shaft and he moves even closer.

I want you Adriana. I want you to make yourself cum again and again for me. I want you to do exactly as I tell you and I want to hear you cry out each time. And if you do that, I'll take you my way, every way, and I'll do things to you that your mind could never do.

I hear myself gasp. "Yes, oh yes I will Blake. I'm yours. I'll do whatever you want me to do." Then it began.

Next to me on the bed lay my vibrator. He slowly walked around the bed and picked it up, turned it in his hand and switched it on. Now he sits on the bed next to me and gently begins to rub the quivering thing across my puffy lips. Slowly he releases his cock and uses that hand to part my pussy and begins to spread my wetness with the end of the toy.

I'm staring into his face and the world isn't there any longer. My world is sensations and my mind is his. I feel my groin begin to throb with yet another contraction and he tilts the vibrating gelatinous shaft so that it penetrates my slippery cunt. It enters, and I thrust up to force it in deeper.

"No Adriana, let me do this. You don't dare move or I'll stop this now."

I fall back panting and knowing that he's my master, he's the one I always waited for. Then he begins plunging it in and drawing it out. I need more, but he still plays with me. When I begin to moan again he leans over me and places his warm lips over my nipple and begins by sucking it.

It grows between his lips and his tongue flashes back and forth over its turgid surface. I'm getting close and he strokes faster, in and out, in, out, in out, over and over again and I can hear the salacious wet sound it makes as it is coated with my own sticky juices.

I am on the very edge when he begins to rake his teeth gently along the surface of my nipple. First one, than the other is drawn into his mouth and I can't stand it any longer and sob his name. "Blakkkkkkeeeeeeee. I'm cummmminggggg for you!" When he bites down I go frantic. My body is suddenly overwhelmed with an ecstasy that I could never describe. I'm lost to him.

I go limp and gasp for breath. My body is coated with a patina of perspiration and he goes on without pausing. He pulls the vibrator out of my pussy and replaces it with his mouth. His hand moves to my breast and his fingers grasp my nipple. Suddenly his tongue is dancing inside my cunt and I begin to plead with him.

"Yes. Oh my god Yes. Do that! Yeah, just like that. More. Oh My God I'm going mad." And though I never remember spurting like that before I cum in his thirsty mouth as he pinches my nipple ever harder and rolls it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Let me rest! Pease Blake. Let me have you. Do it to me. Give me your cock. Oh god I want it."

I almost lunge at his hard shaft and fall across his chest as I take his cock in my mouth. My head bobs rapidly up and down. I roll his balls with my left hand as I stroke and suck his shaft when suddenly I feel his balls draw out of my palm. He's going to explode and I want it.

I never thought much about swallowing cum, and I never thought it would be something I would let happen or enjoy, but now it was all I could think about. I wanted him to give in to me, and if this was how it was going to happen, then that's what I wanted.

He moaned, and in a very low, almost seductive voice, sobbed. "Adriana? Adriana, no. Baby, I'm gonna shoot."

Maybe he was warning me or maybe that's what he wanted, I don't know but I didn't care at that point. I just wanted him and I wanted to swallow him and I was giddy at the thought that he would be actually feeding my body. How strange that that pleased me, I thought.

It began. I held just the head of his thick cock in my mouth. My tongue swirled around the rim and my cheeks hollowed from the suction. Suddenly the first spurt filled my mouth and I swallowed. Then a second and third gush of mildly salty, thick fluid began to replace the first. Again I swallowed and slowly it waned.

I was exhausted and satisfied. I thought he was too, but that was surprise number two. He stayed hard and after a brief moment he told me to kneel on the edge of the bed. I suspected he was going to spank me or something like that but suddenly he was behind me with his thighs pressed against the cheeks of my ass.

His erect cock began to stroke the cleft between my pussy's swollen lips and I waited for him to drive it in. He was coating his shaft with my wetness and suddenly he reared back and drove his thick cock in. I was forced to rock forward by the force but then the sensations took over and I began to push back meeting each thrust with my own.

I was delirious with the sensations and even as the head of his dick drove forcefully against my cervix, the pressure gave way to wave after wave of ecstatic sensations.

"I can do it again," I thought. I can cum again for him. Suddenly he leaned over my back and his arms clenched me to him. His hands found my breasts and his fingers tugged and pinched each nipple until I couldn't catch my breath. Then I began to cum. I began chanting.

"Yeah, deeper. More! Oh my god fuck me! I'm your whore today. Oh damn it Blake I want to be your slut and have you use me."

I was having one climax on top of another when he suddenly pulled out and lifted his cock. Slowly I felt it press against my ass and as I suddenly relaxed, he entered.

I have never had anything like this happen before. I thought it would hurt or something but it didn't. Actually he was rather gentle and moved slowly until I became accustomed to being taken this way. And when he paused, he held himself deep in my bowel and reached for the vibrator. Reaching between us he inserted it into my pussy and turned it on. Holding it there with one hand, his other hand pinching and playing with my nipple and with him thrusting in and out of my back side. I came like I never imagined possible.

I remember the rushing hissing sound in my ears and my vision going all blurry and red before passing out. Nothing more. An hour or so later, he sat by my side and was gently bathing my swollen pussy with a warm cloth. So tenderly that it brought tears to my eyes. He daubed and stroked me so soothingly that I almost wanted start all over again but he helped me up and we dressed before going to dinner.

Later that evening my man took me again, but there were more surprises in store for me. Ways of fucking that I had never thought would be exciting. He even straddles me and as I held my small breasts around his shaft, I dug my chin into my chest and he shot in my waiting mouth again. I was addicted to this man.

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