Adult Comixx


"What a fucking day!" thought Dagwood, as he trudged up the sidewalk to the front door. The hum coming from behind the house must be Herb mowing his grass. "Fucker's probably using my mower," said Dagwood aloud. "Maybe I'll fuck Tootsie as payment!"

Old man Dithers had chewed on his ass all day, and as a final insult, had transferred Dagwood's big-titted secretary to another office. He thought about her lips wrapped around his thick cock as he slid the key in the lock. Not only was she a great cocksucker, she dressed sexy as hell, and made sure Dagwood got more than an eyeful every day.

Dagwood was looking forward to a nice relaxing bath as he put his briefcase down and started undressing. He was approaching the stairwell, shirt and tie in hand, when he heard a very excited feminine voice cry, "Not my ass! Not my ass!" and a loud "Thwack" like flesh striking flesh. Recognizing that sound, Dagwood smiled to himself as he started up the stairs.

After the kids had moved out, he and Blondie had rekindled their very active sex life. Sexy clothes for both of them, a slight breast lift for Blondie's 40 DD breasts, a Viagra prescription for him, and a little remodeling of one of the kids' bedroom had added fun and excitement to their otherwise average lives. They had removed all the furniture except the bed, put in a big screen TV, added a selection of porn DVD's, some toys, a big sofa, and several pillows to make the room their own playground.

It was to this room that Dagwood crept, thinking that it was still his and Blondie's secret. The door was ajar, and the scene playing out before him made Dagwood gasp slightly and his sizeable cock begin to rise.

Blondie stood at the end of the sofa with her partner bent over the arm, out of sight. Blondie was wearing Dagwood's favorite outfit, which consisted of a red leather teddy and 6-inch red high heels. The teddy was cut very high on the sides, with just thin strips of material on each side of her rather large pussy lips and up her ass. The bodice of the teddy had cutouts for Blondie's big titties, and was held in place at the top by a snap behind her neck. The stilettos made her legs, thighs, and ass look gorgeous, and her blond mane cascading around her face and shoulders completed an absolutely erotic sight.

Adding to the sexuality of the scene, Blondie was wearing a strapon and fucking a very delectable ass with it. All Dagwood could see was a nicely shaped hip, black lace garters, and sexy black hose. With each thrust, Blondie's tits bounced, as did all four asscheeks, and the woman on the receiving end of the strapon kept yelling, "Not my ass! Don't stop! Don't you dare stop!"

Dagwood recognized the voice of Tootsie, and began removing his pants and underwear. His thick cock was already hard from seeing Blondie, but he really wanted a piece of Tootsie. When he was completely undressed, he stepped into the room, allowing Blondie to see him and say, "Come on in here Darling, and see if this bitch can get that big fucking dick of yours in her mouth. She needs something to shut her up!" Slapping Tootsie's ass again, she fucked slowly and deeply.

Tootsie moaned in ecstasy as Dagwood approached her from the side. Her sheer bustier was doing a less than adequate job of containing her 36 D tits, especially as they were hanging down and bouncing in time with Blondie's thrusts. Dagwood reached into her top and freed the two lovely orbs. When he pinched the nipples, Tootsie looked at him and said excitedly, "Suck them! I'll do anything if you suck them hard!"

"Shut up bitch! He's going to fuck your big mouth with that monster cock of his, and I'm going to fuck your ass with this one!" shouted Blondie. Dagwood needed no encouragement, and quickly had one knee on the sofa and his dick level with Tootsie's mouth. Stroking it slowly, he thought of how it was going to feel, sliding his fat cock in and out of that gorgeous, sexy mouth. He knew his cock would soon carry a ring of ruby red lipstick at its base.

"Put it in, Dag! Let her see how a real cock feels in her mouth," said Blondie, as she smacked Tootsie's ripe ass again. Dagwood grabbed Tootsie's hair at the back of her head and held it while he rubbed his cockhead around her lips.

"You'd better lick it, because I'm about to ram it down your throat!" he said, as she looked at him helplessly. Tentatively, her tongue slid out and licked around the head. Dagwood held it still for her to lubricate and was about to slide it inside her mouth when Blondie gave a strong push from the rear. Tootsie's lips engulfed his cock, and before she had time to gag, he pushed it further down her throat. Surprisingly, Tootsie was able to deepthroat Dagwood's cock without gagging, and although her lips were stretched around the shaft, she really went to work with her mouth.

As Blondie pushed, Tootsie sucked, and Dagwood loved it. He held Tootsie's face in his crotch and allowed her to suck like a vacuum cleaner; he pulled her head back and forth, fucking her face with abandon; he even reached under her body and pinched her nipples. Watching Blondie fuck her in the ass, feeling the pressure she was putting on his thick cock, and thinking just how wild this scene was caused Dagwood to reach the point of no return.

He looked at Blondie, who recognized the signs, and said, "I'm about to cum. Do you want it or should I give it to our slut?"

"Give it to her! She wants it! Just ask her," replied Blondie, increasing the speed of her thrusts.

"You want my cum in your mouth, Bitch?" asked Dagwood, as he got closer and closer.

"UmmHumm," groaned Tootsie, sucking even harder.

Dagwood needed no further encouragement and shot a torrent of thick cum down Tootsie's throat. He released her head, and she grabbed his shaft and pumped it repeatedly, getting every last drop of the delicious juice. Blondie, intent on bringing Tootsie to orgasm, began to fuck her ass more quickly, loving the slurping sound the strapon made as it moved back and forth in Tootsie's asshole.

Tootsie was approaching orgasm and Blondie kept up the pressure. Finally the dam burst, and Tootsie slid off the dildo, onto the couch.

"Damn Blondie! Why haven't we done this before?" she asked, as she collapsed on the sofa.

"Because you're such an uptight bitch. You worry about that short-dicked husband of yours and never let yourself go. This is just the beginning," answered Blondie as she lay on one of the big pillows on the floor. "Just watch this. Dagwood, come here and fuck my pussy like you just fucked Tootsie's face."

Dagwood's dick had never flagged as he watched Blondie pound Tootsie's ass, so he was ready when his voluptuous wife spread her legs and lips for him. She had propped her ass on a slanted pillow, giving him the perfect angle for deepest penetration. Only six inches long, Dagwood's cock was nearly as big as Blondie's wrist, a fact not lost on Tootsie. She watched as Dagwood's gigantic dick stretched Blondie's cunt lips and slid in slowly. Blondie locked her ankles behind Dagwood's back and urged him on.

Blondie voiced her pleasure, saying, "That's it Stud! Give it to me slow and easy."

Dagwood complied and the two fucked each other gently for a few minutes. Then Blondie, her body urging her said, "Now fuck me hard and make me come! I'm ready! Fuck me!!!"

Dagwood did just what Blondie ordered. When he reached the bottom of his stroke and pulled out, he began to fuck with abandon. Trying to pound Blondie into the floor, he fucked her with deep powerful strokes, never allowing her to get her breath, and sending her to the place she loved. Blondie was so in touch with her body that she could come for an extended period of time. She had reached that level of nirvana and Dagwood slowed his thrusts to allow her to ride the wave. He knew that she would eventually come down, and he would get his turn to blast that pussy with hot, streaming cum. One of the things Dagwood enjoyed most about fucking Blondie in this position was the slow circular jiggle of her titties. They mesmerized him as he slid his cock in and out of her clenching, demanding cunt. He reached down and began massaging her clit with his thumb.

Suddenly, he was distracted by an annoying whine. "Herb and that damn lawnmower!" he thought, as Blondie's pussy began to build into an orgasmic tidal wave. When she came, Dagwood stopped thrusting and held on. Blondie had held her ankles around his back and now urged him even deeper into her cunt. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she came for what seemed like ten minutes. Finally she released Dagwood and allowed his still-hard cock to slip out of her distended pussy lips.

While watching the erotic show, Tootsie had gotten a large black dildo from the toy chest, and stood over Blondie's head, fucking herself. That was the annoying hum Dagwood had heard. Her pussy was so wet that the dildo met no resistance as she slid it completely in and out of her engorged lips and her juices were dripping down her legs. Occasionally a drop would drip onto Blondie's face, and Dagwood attacked them, slurping noisily.

Finally taking the dildo from Tootsie, he fed it to Blondie and began eating Tootsie's pussy as she stood over Blondie. "Damn, that's hot," said Blondie as she licked the moisture from the toy. "Get her down here where we can both have some."

Dagwood helped Tootsie lie down beside Blondie, never allowing his mouth and tongue to break contact with that sweet pussy. Tootsie's legs flew open when her ass hit the pillow, and Dagwood began eating her in earnest. He held her lips apart with his thumbs and plowed into her cunt with his entire tongue. Dagwood noticed that Tootsie had a very large clitoris, and it was making its presence known. He licked her lips briefly, but knew that her clit would be the recipient of most of his attention.

Blondie had begun massaging Tootsie's large nipples, and kissing her open mouth. Their tongues intertwined, and soon Blondie had a nipple between her teeth, biting gently. Tootsie shouted, "Oh, fuck yes! Bite it! Harder!"

Dagwood bit her clit and Blondie bit her nipple, driving Tootsie into a powerful orgasm. She captured Dagwood's head between her thighs and pressed her cunt into his face, finally coming down and releasing him, only to have him slide up her body and bury his throbbing cock in her pussy in one stroke. Her eyes flew open and she looked at Blondie, saying, "I'm finally fucking your husband's fat dick! I've wanted this sooo long. Why did you make me wait? It's so good. You're a bitch for keeping this meat to yourself! I'm going to fuck the cum out of him and make you lick it out of my pussy!"

Dagwood was more turned on than he had been in a long time, and as Tootsie continued berating Blondie, he got closer and closer to climax. Taking Tootsie's thighs in his arms, he stood up on his knees and pounded her pussy at will. The squishing sound turned into a slurping noise as she responded thrust for thrust. Skin slapped skin and the noise almost caused Blondie to come. She stood up and turned around, facing Dagwood.

Squatting over Tootsie's face, she pushed her dripping wet cunt down onto Tootsie's extended tongue. "Now, Bitch! Eat my cunt while my husband pounds your big sloppy pussy. I'll bet he can't even feel the sides!" shouted Blondie, as her lips came into contact with Tootsie's stiff tongue. She began to hump back and forth on Tootsie's tongue, while Dagwood increased his pumping to a frenzy.

When he shot his massive load, even Tootsie's large cunt could not hold it all. Rope after rope of hot, sticky cum blasted deep into her quivering pussy, only to slide past his shaft and out of her cunt. Tootsie came and grabbed Blondie's hips, pulling her down onto her tongue, causing both women to climax at the same time.

The mass of heaving gasping bodies collapsed finally, the air filled with the pungent aroma of sex and the sound of Herb mowing grass.

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I Have Always Enjoyed Adult Comixx

I have imagined Blondie and Tootsie involved in various sexual situations. Also Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble. The Jetson women. Betty and Veronica and Moose's girlfriend. The women of Dogpatch. Themore...

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