Adult Movie Theater Ch. 3


Jim's friend Gary took Bobs' place, shoving his cock without ceremony into Kris' mouth. He too grabbed her by her hair and held her head steady as he fucked in and out, using her mouth like a cunt. Kris stopped grinding her cunt back against Marks cock. She concentrated on sucking the dick fucking her mouth. As it filled her mouth she sucked the air out of her cheeks and surrounded it with her mouth flesh and her tongue. Her ministrations soon had Gary shooting his cum into her mouth. He exploded down her throat, his dick jumping and jerking around, it slipped out of her mouth and spurted it's last few wads on her lips. Kris ran her tongue around her lips and sucked the jism into her throat.

Kris again began grinding her ass down on Marks' pelvis, forcing his cock ever deeper into her cunt. She stood up a little, gliding his cock tip to the edge of her pussy lips, then sat down, pushing it into her, she did this for a few minutes and Mark was ready to cum.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," he yelled out loud. Jim reached over and picked Kris up from Marks cock, he quickly turned her over so she faced Marks' ready to explode cock. Mark pumped it twice and aimed it at her face. He spewed his wads everywhere, they flew through the air; landing on the seats, in her hair, and all over her face. Her face shone in the light from the screen, the gobs of jism covering her reflecting the light.

While Kris was fucking and sucking the two men, James had entered the theater. He walked down the aisle until he was standing next to his boss. He was a little shocked to see what he had thought to be a conservative trophy wife being used as a common slut, but was happy to see it. He often had fantasized about the beautiful woman he drove around town on her shopping trips.

When Mark was done covering his prize with cum, Jim looked around the theater for her next cock. He saw a man dressed in a chauffeur's uniform standing next to the man who gave him the woman. He quickly put one and one together.

"You work for this couple, don't you?," he said more than asked the man.

"Yes I do," replied James. A smile crossed Jim's face, as an idea leaped into his mind.

"I'd bet you'd love to fuck this beautiful woman who bosses you around wouldn't you? In fact I think you'd love to fuck her in her ass." Jim smiled at James. "Yeah, that's what you'd like to do, I'm sure of it. So why don't you? Go ahead fuck her in her ass."

James looked at Stan. Stan just stared at him with a glazed look in his eyes.

"Sir?" James said to him.

"Go ahead, James," Stan was finally able to croak out, through a parched throat. "She belongs to him for this evening, and we have to do as he says."

Kris was wiping the cum from her face and licking her fingers as this conversation went on. She had never thought of James the chauffeur as anything but James the chauffeur, but now, in her heightened sexual state she saw him as another cock to help quench the burning desire in her loins. She didn't even care that her asshole was soon to be violated. Everything she was doing was so new and so exciting she looked forward to each new encounter.

James approached Kris who was kneeling in the aisle, her head rested on her hands on the floor and her ass was pointed at him as he walked to her. He unzipped his trousers and put his cock in her cunt. He shoved in and out for a few strokes, to get it wet. He then withdrew it and placed it's head in her asshole and slowly began to push in. He got the head in to the ring

"Ohhhh, mmmyyyy, goddddddd," Kris cried out, James stopped instantly.

"No, don't stop," Kris said to him through clenched teeth, " it feels wonderful, it's filling me up, I want more, more, mmmooore" she hissed out.

James started pushing in again, just as slowly, for it sure felt wonderful to him too. He eased further into her asshole, it gave way more easily and he slid in the rest of the way, until his balls slapped against her cunt lips. He eased back out until just the ring was in her, then back in, taking his time as he fucked her in and out. Suddenly as he tried to glide back out the asshole wouldn't let him. Kris ground her ass back at him, trying to keep his whole shaft in her. He slammed back into her hard, the hardest he had done. Kris grunted with his stroke. He began to fuck her harder, he bucked his pelvis into her ass cheeks, as she went forward, he moved his back out of her, then as she reacted and moved to keep him in, he pushed forward, jamming her ass with his hardness. Kris shook, her body spasmed with the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Her whole body was quaking around James. It was more than he could take and he came in her ass, sending bolt after bolt up her rectum, bathing his cock and her ass walls with his jism. He pulled out of her asshole, it shrank and puckered at him, he could see some of his cum trickle out. Kris was still shivering from her exertions.

"Is madam all right?" James asked her as he stood over her. Kris looked up from her supine position and looked at him with half closed eyes.

"Madam is quite all right, James, quite all right." Then she began to sway her ass back and forth, like a cat in heat, waiting for the next tom to have at her.

Jim looked at the men in the theater, Okay, gentle men it's now your turn to fuck this beautiful creature anyway your hearts desire. " He looked down at Kris "are you ready to be gang fucked now?"

Kris looked up at him with the same half closed eyes she showed James,

"Oh yes, I am very ready."

At that moment the three men from the night before appeared in front of her.

"We would like our chance now," one of them spoke. Jim looked at them

"Hmmmm, three at once, that should be fun. Would you like three cocks at once my beautiful cunt?" he asked Kris.

" Anything you want, I will do," Kris replied.

"That's my good slut, the perfect answer." Jim nodded to the men, "she's all yours."

One of the men turned to Kris

"I want to fuck your ass, he's going to fuck your cunt, and you're going to suck him off," he said, pointing out his friends. Kris positioned herself so the men could get in her respective holes. She sat up so the man who wanted her ass could scoot between her legs and position his cock as she lowered her asshole onto it. She leaned back onto his chest so the man who wanted her cunt could have access, then she braced her torso with her arms so her mouth could get at the third mans dick. Kris was filled with a total of two feet of manhood. Each sliding, gliding and shoving into all her holes. It didn't take long for the mass of humanity thrashing around on the floor of the theater to reach fever pitch, and they exploded all most as one, collapsing in a sea of sweat and cum and exhaustion.

The men extricated themselves from Kris, stood up, and staggered away. Kris was left lying on the floor, in a puddle of cum. Jim looked down at her, her eyes were unfocused, he leaned in closer. Kris dimly saw a figure looming over her, her eyes were in a fog, as was her being, all she could feel was the loss of her body being filled with the greatest sensations she had ever had.

"More," was all she could say.

Unbelievable, Jim said to himself. He backed away and the rest of the men in the theater took their turns fucking her every way possible. Kris never got out of the aisle, she just laid there as man after man moved her body like silly putty to fuck her as they wished. In ones, twos and threes, they used her to satisfy their cravings.

At the end of the three hours Kris was silly putty, her body a limp piece of well used meat. She was covered in cum from the men, and lint from the carpeted floor. She was exhausted, but exhilarated, she had never cum so hard, and of course she had never orgasmed so much. Kris was one well fucked woman and she luxuriated in it.

Stan and James gathered her up like the wet dish rag she was and took her out of the theater. As they carried her out of the theater she turned to Stan and said "I want to do this again." Stan was ecstatic, he wanted to do it again too. She turned the other way and said "Home James." Then whispered in his ear "you can fuck my ass any time you want." James was more than happy to take her up on her offer. Things were looking up for all concerned in the Bridle household.

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