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Adult Pajama Party


You never really know how life will turn out. Sometimes the curve balls it throws at you will either blast you in the nuts or pass you by all together. Sometimes you never really know which it was until long afterwards.

I hated starting at a new school, and fifth grade is one of the really bad ages to make that kind of a change. My dad moved us to a new town when he got transferred, again, and that came with all the normal traumatic problems for a kid. I had to leave all my friends behind and start all over. Showing up at school the first day as an outsider in the fifth grade is kind of like walking clothed into a nudist colony. Everyone looks at you and wishes you would go away. This school was no exception. I spent most of the first day trying to look inconspicuous, and failing. I was glad when the first day was over and I could go home, or what I hoped would eventually feel like home.

I'll never forget the first time she said something to me. I was walking, or sulking, toward home when she came up and touched my arm to get my attention, surprisingly asking my name. I looked at her and was stunned. She was probably the cutest girl I had ever seen, and I was just over the stage where girls had cooties, so I was looking a lot before I was forced to move. She had auburn hair that almost sparkled in the summer sun, a stark contrast to her creamy white skin, speckled with the cutest little red freckles. Her green eyes practically sucked the air from my lungs as she looked at me. I probably answered like the dork I was at that age, but to my surprise she walked next to me nearly all the way home. I was thrilled to learn that she lived just down the street from me. Suddenly this new home wasn't looking too bad.

We became an item quickly, walking to and from school each day, and spending lots of time with each other. I quickly learned she had a temper, and not just a little one, but a huge Irish temper. I, on the other hand, was stubborn and bull- headed, thanks to my Swedish heritage. Jenny and I fought often, but always made up quickly. In the sixth grade I got my first kiss. She ran up and kissed me on the cheek after winning a dash at a track meet. I don't think I washed that cheek for a week after that.

We held hands as all kids do and continued to be an item all the way to high school. It seemed like we would fight and break up, find other girl and boy friends for a short time and then migrate back together like two magnets. We just couldn't seem to keep apart, much to her strict Irish Catholic father's displeasure. We made out like other kids, but out of respect for her, I never pushed harder than she wanted me to, allowing her to set the pace, even if it did frustrate the hell out of me. Finally on her eighteenth birthday she took me for a walk in the woods and invited me to undress her. I hesitantly undid each article of clothing, allowing my eyes to savor each inch of her creamy white skin I uncovered. I gently kissed each of her hard nipples sitting on her B- cup breasts for the first time, trying to memorize each of the tiny red freckles that speckled them. I worked my way down her body until I was looking at her curly red locks inches above her wet lips. It was the first time I had actually touched a woman's pussy, and she instructed me on how to stroke her and what felt good, starting me on a long track of learning about sex and how to please a woman. On my eighteenth birthday, a few months later, we became each other's first. It was a time like no other in my life. She told me my best features above the waist were my bedroom eyes, which she said would draw women like flies, and how I treated them with what I had below the waist would keep them as long as I wanted.

We wanted to be together and be married some day, but her dad had other ideas, and when it came time for college she was accepted to a school half way across the country. We tried to stay together, but the distance and time did its work and we started to drift apart.

I was crushed when I got a letter telling me she was engaged. It sent me in to a funk that lasted long enough to almost trash my semester grades. In the end I wrote back that I was happy for her and tried hard to forget about my first true love.


"Look, Lisa, I don't really know if I want to do this!" I told my current girl friend, as she held out a pair of very thin pajama pants for me.

"Oh, come on. Maybe that's why your last wife left, no guts," Lisa chided with a grin, knowing full well that guts was not something I lacked.

"Right, but a pajama party, at my age?"

"At your age? You're kidding right? You know damn well that you look at least ten years younger than your forty years."

"Yeah, but a pajama party? Who's idea was this anyway?"

"Actually it was Sue's idea. She bet all of us that our husbands or boyfriends would be too chicken to show up at a pajama party."

"I'm not afraid of anything, but I know damn well that if you wear that you're going to have every guy in the place panting after your gigantic tits and blond pussy!"

"Ohhhh, now that sounds like a good thing to me," she said with a giggle. "Come one. The rules were that everyone had to wear something that showed their best assets. For you, that would be the outline of your dick and your bedroom eyes. You'll be lucky if you can fend off all of the attention you are sure to get tonight."

"Right, so you want your friends to try to jump my bones? Are you sure you don't just want the other guys to jump yours? I don't understand this group you lunch with. It sounds to me like it's a one- up club. You know, my husband's dick is bigger than your husband's dick?"

"Well, maybe there is some of that. Is that a problem?" she asked shyly.

"Maybe. I mean since we started going together we've been faithful to each other, haven't we?"

"Yeah, but don't you think it's time to have a bit of fun. I mean we've been going together for nearly a year. Aren't you afraid of sex getting stale?"

"Not really. You look fantastic, we fuck regularly, and have tried all kinds of places and positions. I just don't know that I'm ready for an orgy, that's all."

"Oh, that's sweet," Lisa said as she stepped up to me wearing a nearly sheer baby doll that allowed her thirty eight- D tits and blond pussy to be easily seen. She reached for my exposed dick and gently stroked and played with it until it was hard, her soft lips kissing mine and her tongue probing my mouth. "Would you like to have a quick fuck before we go, just to make sure you get the best of me, then?" She panted, clearly turned on.

"Yes, I would." I answered, pushing her back toward the bed and reaching down to untie the strings on her tiny sheer bottoms.

"That's it, stud. Bring that big dick to me. I want all nine inches stuffed in me!" she said to me as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs, sticking them high in the air as she pulled her top up over her tits and pulling my head down to her hard nipples as I pressed my dick into her already wet pussy. "Oh, fuck, yes. You do that so well!" she moaned as I sucked and rolled her hard nipple in my mouth while she ground her hips against mine, working my dick around inside her pussy.

"Oh, yes. Right there." She moaned again as I stroked her clit with my thumb and started to stroke my dick in and out of her wet pussy. Her hips were soon bucking up to meet my thrusts, her cries of pleasure echoing throughout the bedroom.

"OH YES! CUM IN ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR FUCK JUICE!" she screamed as her body shook and trembled with orgasm.

I was already close and her pulsating pussy pushed me over the top, my dick spurting shot after shot of hot cum deep into her. As my body stopped jerking she pulled me down on top of her, our heaving chests pressing together as she gently kissed my lips and face.

"God, you know how to fuck a woman. If I ever meet the woman that taught you how to make love I'm going to have to buy her dinner," she said with a giggle.

"Well, I doubt you'll ever meet her. As far as I know she's on the east coast someplace."

"Too bad. I'd really like to try a three-way with her. She did such a good job of teaching you. But then you always were a quick study. Just look how quick you learned to use some of our little toys to drive me crazy. I still can't believe your last wife let you get away!"

"Well, our problems didn't have anything to do with how good the sex was, they had to do with her not having time for it."

"Oh, lover. You can have sex with me any time any place. If you wanted to have sex on the hood of the car in the driveway, I'd hop my ass up there and let you have your way with me. Dick or tongue, either way would be fine with me," she said with a grin. "And if I'm lucky, maybe a few of my friends will get a taste today of what you can do. God, will they be jealous then!"

"So that's what this is about? Not you getting into their boyfriends and husbands pants, but getting me into theirs?"

"Uh oh. You found me out," she giggled. "Are you angry?"

"I may not understand you, but how can I be angry with you for wanting to show me off?"

"Good. Now we better get dressed to go," she said, pushing me off of her gently, my softening dick pulling from her pussy and unleashing a flood of our juices. I watched her reach down and draw her finger through our cum and lift it to her mouth, eagerly licking it from her finger. "God, I love how you taste, too. If only I was flexible enough to eat your cum from my own pussy. It tastes so good from your dick, but even better mixed with pussy juice!"

"You're such a slut sometimes," I said, shaking my head.

"And you love every minute of it," she said with a smile!

"Yeah, I guess I do," I answered as I pulled on the silk pajama pants.

She got up and put her panties back on and straightened her top before pulling a silk robe on over her sexy outfit. "No point in getting arrested on the way, is there," she asked with a grin.

"I guess not," I replied as I picked up my wallet and keys from the table and followed her out of the bedroom.

I was glad we lived in the country as we walked out to the car, feeling somewhat conspicuous as my dick moved around in the silk bottoms. There would be no doubt by anyone looking that I was wearing nothing under them, but I was still glad the sun was well on the way down and it would be dark soon.

"Looks sexy, but I'd really like to get you hard again before we get there." Lisa said as she spread her robe and legs for me to see her pussy. She reached over and slid her hand into the opening in the front of my bottoms, drawing my dick and balls out so they were in plain view of anyone who might happen to look into the car. "Much better," she cooed as she stroked my dick with her finger, making it jump and move of its own accord each time she hit the sensitive underside of the head.

"Well, you're going to accomplish that." I said, getting turned on again as I tried to drive with one eye and watch her fingers stroke the wet sheer material covering her pussy with the other.

"Oh, you like looking at this," she asked, pulling the material aside so I could see her exposed lips? "Is that better?"

"You know looking at your body turns me on."

"Uh huh. But this does it more," she said as she sunk a finger slowly into her pussy. She squeezed my already hardening dick as I tried hard to concentrate on driving and still not miss her little show.

"You know by the time we get there you are going to be so horny you're going to be ready to fuck the first dick you see."

"Uh uh... I plan on making myself cum for you right here before we get there. I know how much you love to see me climax." she said as we pulled up to a stoplight. She closed her eyes and stroked her finger in and out of her pussy while the guy in the pickup truck next to us watched her fingering herself. "Oh, shit." She groaned as she worked herself closer to climax while I started out from the light, the truck trying to keep pace with me to watch her.

"You have an audience," I said quietly.

"Oh, God. No. I don't want to stop!" she said, still stroking herself.

"Then don't. You wanted to show off, might as well start now."

"Uh huh!" she grunted as she lifted one foot up in the dash and spread her legs even farther apart.

I stopped at the next light, the pickup sitting next to us, watching her every move.

"OH, FUCK!" she cried as her body jerked, her pussy squeezing her finger and squirting cum out so hard it splattered on the dash. She jerked several more times before she relaxed back with a long groan.

I started out again, shaking my head and wondering what the guy in the truck must have thought. I'd seen her squirt before, but usually after she had been teased for a long time. That was the first time I had seen her squirt when she was fingering herself. "I guess that felt good."

"Uh huh. I opened my eyes and was looking right up at him when I came. God, that was hot." She said panting."

"Well, don't wear yourself out. I'm sure you want some left for your little party."

"Oh, don't worry about that. When was the last time you wore me out?"

"Christmas Eve."

"Oh yeah... almost forgot that, but hey, we fucked three times and then you did me with the toys you gave me for at least three more."

"Five, but who was counting."

"You were, obviously." She said as she stroked me. "I was just glad that the last one before we fell asleep was on you," she said with a sated smile.

"Ok, hot stuff. We're here," I announced several minutes later when we pulled into the driveway of a house in an upscale neighborhood. "Nice place."

"Never been here, but she said it had a pool and a hot tub and everything."

"Sounds good, but don't you think you should put me away before we get out?"

"I suppose so," she said, leaning over in the seat to quickly suck my hard dick into her mouth before working me back into the material. "There you go, all set."

"You can say that again. You sure you don't want me to just throw you on the hood and fuck you again? I mean we don't need to go to a party to have good sex."

"Oh, no. I want all my girl friends to see just how good you are. And if they get a little taste... well, so be it!" she said with a grin as she opened the car door.

I watched her get out and turn to face me while I got out. She stood next to the car and slipped the robe off, leaving her in nothing but the sheer baby doll. "No point in spoiling how the package looks!" she said with a grin.

"I guess not," I replied as I followed, watching her near naked ass wiggle enticingly.

"Hey, Marcia," Lisa said as the front door was opened by a good looking woman. Her long dark hair and dark brown eyes drew attention to her face, but her outfit clearly outlined her best assets. She wore a black bra with small red hearts on it, that held up her C-cup breasts, exposed nipples hardening as I watched. She wore black silk stockings held up by a garter that was the width of a small mini-skirt, also black with small red hearts. Her pussy was easily visible, as were her tight little black curls trimmed into a perfect little heart on her mound. "Nice outfit!"

"You, too. And I see you got Mike to come!" Marcia said as she stared at my tented-out silk bottoms.

"In more ways than one," Lisa giggled as Marcia stepped forward to give me a hug, her hardening nipples pressing into my chest and her hand slipping into the waistband of my bottoms to grab hold of my hard dick.

"Ohhh, nice. I hope I get to see this later," she whispered as she pulled her hand from my pants and stood back to let me come the rest of the way into the house.

"So who else is here?" Lisa asked our hostess.

"Mark said no way, and went fishing for the weekend. He thought it was a good idea until I showed him that little thong that I bought him, then he chickened out. Tina and Sam are here, and Sue came alone, also. I don't think she wanted to miss getting to see Mike."

"I bet." Lisa said as Marcia closed the door behind us and led us down a set of stairs to a lower level room that has soft music playing.

"Mike. This is Tina and Sam" Marcia said, introducing me to a petite woman of clearly oriental persuasion. She had short black hair and the narrow eyes of her ancestry, as well as a pair of small breasts held up by a leather bustier. She wore nothing else but a pair of six inch spike heels that brought her height close to mine as she stood up, her motion allowing me to get a glimpse of her completely shaved pussy. She stepped forward and gave me a tight hug, pressing her tits to my chest and grinding her pelvis against my silk- covered hard dick.

"Nice," she whispered as she broke the hug, giving me a chance to shake her husband's hand. He had remained seated on the sofa, clearly uncomfortable in his pair of mesh boxers that barely concealed his dick, which was getting hard, looking at Lisa.

"And this is Sue," Marcia indicated, as a tall slim woman strode over. Her long brown hair practically fluttered in the air as she walked, her sheer black skirt flowing aside to reveal a neatly trimmed brown bush. She had small breasts, maybe a thirty two- B or so, but definitely proportioned to her thin frame. Her well- tanned breasts peeked out above and below a strip of pink lace that held what I can only describe as a three- inch high skirt across her tits, her nipples peaking out enticingly from behind the sheer material. All in all, a very sexy package.

"So, this is Mike? I've heard a lot about you," she said as she set down her drink and slipping both of her arms inside mine to encircle me. As I put my arms around her to return the hug I felt her left hand slide inside the waistband of my bottoms and stroke down onto my ass. Without breaking her hug, I felt it slide around, pushing my bottoms down on my hips as the hand slid around to my front, grasping my hard dick and letting her other hand slide down from my body to my other hip, pushing my bottoms down until they slid to the floor. "Much better." She said as she stepped back, giving my dick a few gentle strokes with her hand as she surveyed my body.

"Sue!" Tina said from where she was sitting on the sofa.

"What? The rules were that it had to show off his best assets. I thought they covered way too much!"

"Yeah, well now they cover nothing!"

"I know," Sue answered with a sultry look in her eyes.

"How would you like him to strip you that way," Tina asked, clearly upset at her actions.

Sue held her hands up over her head. "Fair is fair. Care to strip me Mike?"

I looked over at Lisa, not sure what to do.

She stepped over to me and put her mouth close to my ear. "Go ahead. I hear she loves getting her nipples sucked too."

I shrugged as Lisa stepped back, looking for a place to sit to watch the show. She had me more than adequately turned on during the ride over here, so who was I to argue. I stepped out of the material pooled around my ankles and strode to where Sue was standing. I crouched down until my face was even with her pussy and slowly pulled the tiny sheer skirt down her legs. I made sure to stroke all the way down with my fingers until she lifted her legs to step out of the material, setting her feet down about a foot apart, still wearing her high heels. I leaned forward and gently kissed the top of her pussy, smelling her musky scent as I kissed her thighs and mound before starting to kiss my way up her firm stomach, feeling her shiver in my arms as I trailed one hand up the inside of her leg as I worked my mouth higher.

My left hand slid up across her naked ass, stroking small circles as I worked it up her back to the clasp of her strapless bra. I deftly flipped the catch with my fingers, allowing the material to spring apart, the top held in place now only by the lace caught across the tops of her hard nipples. As I kissed up the rest of her stomach, I allowed my hand to push the material off, tossing it aside to give me full access to her firm, tanned tits. I hadn't found a single tan line on her whole body, and wondered briefly where she tanned naked, outside or at a salon. I hoped it was outside, as I pictured her lying in a lounge chair, spreading lotion on her hot body.

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