tagGroup SexAdult Reality TV Ch. 1

Adult Reality TV Ch. 1


Celeste could feel the South African mid-morning sun warm on her naked skin. A soft breeze caressed her nipples and played with her exposed sex. Nothing moved. In the distance she could hear the call of a yellow-billed hornbill. The cicadas' monotonous song filled the empty air like an afterthought.

The 23-year old tourist guide knelt in the hot sand next to tracks of an impala ram. This medium-sized antelope was in the vicinity and Celeste had to find it fast. She was about two hours from camp and the others might be worried. The bow and three arrows in her hand took longer to make than she anticipated. Even though she was already behind schedule, Celeste knew that haste would destroy her chances to make the kill.

Crouching, she moved with infinite care and used every bit of cover to blend with her surroundings. Her progress was so slow that the impala could easily mistake her evenly tanned naked body for a tree stump. She lifted her leg high against her breast and slowly brought her foot down with special care not to step on a twig or thorns that might give away her position.

She always loved walking naked in the bush, free from the restrictions of clothes and conventions of society. The tingling in her pussy, the swaying of her breasts and the tension in every fiber of her body made her feel totally alive. All she needed now was a cock in her cunt, and maybe another pussy to pleasure stuck to her mouth. That would come later, she thought, trying to concentrate on the task at hand.

Another hour past before she saw him, lazily grazing, not five yards to her left. Taking care not to make any sudden moves, she notched an arrow in the bowstring and took careful aim. The stone arrowhead and the three guinea fowl feathers as fletching were perfectly balanced for what she was about to do. With a silent prayer she let go of the string and the arrow flew straight at its target.

How did she get herself into living like the ancient ones? She met Fred, the producer of this adult reality TV program four months ago. Celeste was the tour guide to a bunch of American businessmen looking for a nature reserve to invest their millions of dollars in. Fred was Mr. Charming himself and convinced his fellow travelers to put money into his adult reality TV program that would put Survivor to shame. He invited Celeste to be one of the participants in the program.

A week ago she got the final call to tell her to meet the rest of the contestants at daybreak at the rendezvous point. The rules were straightforward: Four teams of two members and one team of three were allocated a section of the reserve where they must survive for a month. They may kill only one large antelope that must last them four weeks, and as many smaller animals like rabbits and birds as they needed. All the other pairs were either married or lovers, while Celeste was grouped with Naomi, a tall blond American fitness instructor and holistic healer and Sam, a writer of Wild West stories.

Then came the shock: They were each given a hunting knife and could choose only one other item. All the other people took a piece of clothing, while Naomi asked for a sturdy pot, Sam selected a large piece of soft leather and Celeste wanted a bowstring. There were to be no interaction between the teams except during their weekly powwow. A camera crew was assigned to each of the five teams. A helicopter would drop the teams and the camera crew off at their designated spots. As a precaution the team members were to be blindfolded during the flight.

Fred and Julia, his psychologist monitoring the interaction, were at hand sending the teams off. Before they left Fred spoke to the assembled eleven.

"Remember, you cannot ask the camera crew for help or interact with them. They must record everything you do and if you are in trouble they will call the rescue team to pick you up." He smiled and introduced Julia, a 33-year old black-haired woman with a pretty face. She looked like she meant business.

"We will come and visit you once a week to observe and discuss your interaction and survival." She pushed her glasses back on her nose and gave a shy smile. "Remember, you're doing it for the prize money of one million dollars for each member of the winning team. May the best team win."

They had to leave all their possessions behind. When Fred came to Celeste's group and asked for their clothes, she sensed tension in Naomi's demeanor. As a nudist, being naked with other people didn't bother Celeste and it seemed as if it didn't worry Sam. Sam was a well-built six feet 39-year old man. His beautiful 8-inch uncircumcised penis hung proudly between his legs. When he saw Celeste looking at it, he just smiled.

Naomi held out her clothes to Fred as an act of defiance. She pushed out her firm breasts and spread her legs as if taunting him. There was more to this five eleven leggy blond with a small trimmed patch of pussy hair than meets the eye, thought Celeste. Her strong well-toned muscles rippled in anticipation when she threw her clothes into Fred's face. Naomi's hard nipples and the suggestion of wetness in her exposed sex were dead give-a-ways of her aroused state. Just as Fred was about to say something, Naomi turned around, bent over and exposed her pussy and ass to Fred, as if saying 'fuck you'.

Celeste's own 5'8" frame and short red hair and bigger tits contrasted well with her two companions. When Fred left Celeste's companions turned their attention to her hairless mound. She had her pussy hair permanently removed three years ago after a childhood of taunting by classmates about her red hair. They all wanted to see her red bush. Now no one would know if she was a true redhead or not. The clit ring stood out prominently for all to admire her protruding cunt lips. Sam's open mouth displayed pure lust.

Despite herself, Celeste could feel the moisture gathering between her legs. She wanted to pleasure herself in front of everybody, just to make the best of all the attention. She was excited by the idea to spend four weeks with these two naked strangers.

Their chopper ride brought the blindfolded teammates closer together. The choppy thirty minutes flight forced them to hold onto each other. Celeste enjoyed touching her muscled companions and took great pleasure from their hands on her naked body. The camera crew must have had a great time filming the three naked contestants being tossed around in the chopper.

Once on the ground their blindfolds were removed and they could orientate themselves. Naomi took the lead.

"Let's spread out to find a good camping ground close to water," she said, gathering her bag.

"No need," interrupted Sam. "There's the river and that giant sycamore fig tree would be the ideal place for our camp." Naomi agreed and within five minutes of arriving at their designated area, the team had made a start. Sam suggested that the two women leave the setting up camp to him. Naomi said that they would forage for food.

"Can I have a strip of your leather as a belt for my knife?" asked Celeste. Sam knelt on the ground, cut a strip and handed it to Celeste standing next to him. He looked up and gawked at her naked pussy.

"Would you like to touch it?" she asked spreading her legs a bit wider. Naomi was also staring at her.

Sam snaked out his hand and caressed her mound. Celeste shivered when he sneaked a finger between her wet pussy lips and then Naomi moved closer to play with her clit ring.

"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," was Sam's only comment, but his growing erection said much more. The camera crew was filming the whole "mating ritual."

"Before we go, we must decide on a signal when one returns from outside the camp," whispered Celeste. "That way the others can distract the camera crew from filming our entrances. It's just a precaution."

The others agreed and decided on an easy bird signal. Celeste was able to slip away from the camera crew to find the right tree for her bow and arrows.

That was three hours ago.

After her ceremonial prayer of thanksgiving to the impala for sacrificing his life so they may live, Celeste deftly skinned the antelope, cut it into manageable pieces and saved some of the intestines for later use. She also put the brains in a small pouch made of intestines. Swinging the heavy skin full of meat over her shoulder, she set off back to camp.

Exhausted and sticky, Celeste approached the camp two hours later. Naomi was busy with her pot and Sam cleaned the camp. He had erected an outer fence and built a smaller circle with a fire on the side. Celeste spotted an opening at the back of the circle as their entrance. She gave the signal and waited.

At first Sam or Naomi didn't respond. They finished their chores and slowly walked towards each other. Naomi touched Sam's strong chest and gave him a small kiss. The camera crew immediately rolled the tape to capture this little scene. Breathing heavily, Celeste felt a pang of jealousy in her pussy. They started without her.

Then Naomi led Sam outside the camp to a place closer to the river. She dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock. Celeste could see the crew was uncomfortable at first but started to enjoy the show. Few things are as beautiful as two people making love, thought Celeste, okay, maybe three people fucking with me participating. While Sam played with Naomi's tits, he looked at Celeste and nodded. The sly Naomi. Celeste slipped into their camp undetected. She hung the meat out of reach and dropped the skin, brains and intestines next to Sam's leather.

When Celeste was seated, Naomi and Sam stopped their show and returned to camp without a word. The camera crew was sexually frustrated and disappointed by the sudden turn of events. Then they saw Celeste drinking water from the leather pouch Sam made.

"Thanks," whispered Celeste.

"You must be hungry," said Sam. "I'll barbeque some meat. Naomi found some roots."

"When Naomi starting sucking your cock I was really pissed off," said Celeste. "I felt left out."

Naomi took Celeste's face in her hands and softly kissed her on her mouth. Pushing her tongue between Celeste's lips, she dropped one hand to Celeste's pussy and rubbed her clit. Celeste quickly recovered from her surprise of experiencing such tenderness after a hard afternoon. Breasts to breast to two women groped each other, sending the camera crew into another frenzy. Just as they were ready to shoot, the two women broke their embrace and busied themselves preparing their meal.

Sitting cross-legged Naomi asked Sam and Celeste about their backgrounds but was reluctant to divulge any of her secrets. Celeste couldn't take her eyes off Naomi's exposed succulent pussy. She wanted to kiss, lick and finger fuck that juicy cunt.

"All I want is to win that $1million and if it means fucking both of you, so be it," was all she said. Celeste could see there was a painful past hidden behind those words and a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

"I want to get some experience for my novels," was Sam's excuse.

"How will you use your naked experience with two women in your western stories?" queried Naomi.

"That genre is dead. I want to write erotica. At least I can enjoy writing about something pleasurable."

"How about you, Celeste?" asked Naomi.

"Don't laugh. I want to buy my own nudist and swingers resort with my winnings," blurted Celeste.

"Sign me up as a lifelong member," said Sam, slicing a piece of venison and handed it to Naomi. Sam's erection is now obvious to the two women. Their own pussies were dripping with sweet nectar.

"You both also seem to like sex. How are we going to handle ourselves? We're naked, horny with a camera crew waiting to shoot their own gonzo porn," wondered Celeste.

"Since Naomi didn't finish the blowjob, my dick aches and my balls are in the process of exploding. I'm for fucking as long as it doesn't interfere with our survival," was Sam's response.

"I'll do anything for the team, as long as it will help us win." Naomi was already playing with her pussy. Celeste saw Naomi inserting her middle finger into her vagina and fucking herself. Then she pulled it out and licked the juices from her finger.

Celeste crawled like a stalking leopard over to Naomi.

"Here, let me help you." She licked Naomi's finger, her nipples and until she reached the top of her clitoris. Naomi pushed her groin into Celeste's face, begging for attention.

"Girls, I know you want to fuck, but can't we first wash off the day's grime in the river?" asked Sam. "Then we can have a clean fuck for the world to see."

Reluctantly the two broke their orifice connection and scampered after the strolling Sam to the river's edge. The camera crew anticipated that something like this would happen and were ready when the three jumped into the cool water. That first fleeting taste of Naomi's pussy was enough to last her forever, thought Celeste but she knew that was only the beginning.

After about thirty minutes of total frolicking freedom, Celeste followed Sam and Naomi onto the grassy riverbank. They lay on their backs, allowing the sun to dry them. Sam made the first move. A single finger in her pussy gently brought Celeste back from her dream. She opened her eyes to see Sam crouching between Naomi and her, with a finger in each pussy. His erection seemed enormous, ready to shoots its milk. Naomi was already moaning with delight.

Celeste rolled over to Naomi and sucked on her nipples. She caressed Naomi's beautiful breasts with her free hand before kissing her softly on the mouth. Naomi forced Celeste's head downwards, towards her pussy. Pushing Sam away Celeste occupied the spot between Naomi's outstretched legs. As if in prayer, with her ass in the air, Celeste bowed between her outstretched legs to take a closer look at her new lover's juicy cunt. She wanted to savor the first moment of greeting such a wondrous sight. Celeste's tongue darted out as if testing the waters of sexual pleasure. Naomi pulled Celeste's face into her impatient wet cunt. Then Celeste began her sexual dessert in all earnest. She sucked on Naomi's clit, licked between the pussy lips and tongued fucked her cunt.

Celeste became aware of Sam's tongue tracing wet lines between her crack from asshole to clit. Her pussy gaped open, inviting Sam's big cock for a scrumptious meal. Sam obliged and slowly ran his knob between the pussy folds before pushing his cock into Celeste's waiting cunt. He didn't leave his loving at that. Stimulating her clit with one hand, he played with her asshole with the other.

Sam's movements from behind and the taste of the beautiful pussy before her sent Celeste into a blissful erotic spin. With the care and attention of a curious child, Celeste spread Naomi's pussy lips apart and rubbed two fingers up and down the slit before disappearing into the love hole. By now the whole vulva was glistening with cunt nectar and Celeste finger fucked Naomi while being fucked by Sam.

A tap on her shoulder broke her concentration. The cameraman stood behind her with his camera on his shoulder. He wanted her to move so he could shoot the action. Celeste looked at Naomi for permission. She just nodded, too far-gone in her passion to care. The sex became a choreographed display of cunts and cock, tongues and fingers, tits and asses.

As if on cue, Naomi and Celeste knelt before Sam and took turns to suck his cock. The cameraman positioned himself for the money shot and when he was ready, Sam erupted, spewing cum over the faces of his two female lovers. Celeste and Naomi licked each other's face clean before all three collapsed on the grass.

The setting sun spread its glorious rays across the African sky as if applauding their fucking. This will be their first night together in the wilderness of passion, thought Celeste before following the others back to camp to settle in.

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