tagLoving WivesAdult Resort - Dream Pt. 01

Adult Resort - Dream Pt. 01


Trying to get back to writing stories about our life and fantasies. No comment because we all know how that goes with anonymous.


I had this dream the other night. Let me give you a little background. My wife is sexy. I mean just sexy. Long legs, great little ass. Beautiful. I'm NOT a boob guy, but her boobs are just amazing also. Blue eyes, beautiful face and hair; just such a beauty. After about 4 years of marriage, I found out she had previously had a FMF and a MFM threesome each. I was so turned on by her telling me, I decided to surprise her and take her to a swing club. Unsure, we went. That night I saw her eat out two women, suck off another guy and let a married couple eat her. I was hooked.

We befriended the owners and would get invited to house parties, wine tasting adventures and private birthday events. We even went to the owners' wedding at the club. The club had to close, and we slowed way down on the swinging. But, we kept in touch with the owners who ended up divorcing and the Mr. half went to the lake with us where my wife spent the weekend being the meat in a hot guy sandwich. She doesn't do anal, and likes to be personal (aka one-on-one) when having sex, so BJs and sex at the same time is rare, but we did and we all got our fill that weekend.

I still think my wife is the hottest woman in the WORLD. And when she's horny... Amazing. She on the other hand believes she has added extra pounds and doesn't feel like showing off. So it gets me. I WANT to show her off. She's sexier now than she's EVER been. As we mature I just can't explain how much hotter she gets. We've played sparingly and very rarely over the last 5 years.

I've gotten more into cuckholding porn, and have told her I wouldn't mind her being my hotwife. Even had her wear an anklet in Vegas when she went for a girls' weekend. I told her what it meant (that she was a hotwife), and if anyone asked to tell them it meant that she had her husband's permission to fuck anyone she wanted...

Now to the dream. I have always thought about going to Hedonism and showing off my hot, sexy wife. But, with kids and work and life, it seems unlikely. We did a while back go to a lifestyle friendly hotel in Palm Springs and that was a good time, although we didn't really play much then.

So the other night I'm dreaming my wife and I are laying out by a resort pool somewhere warm. Hey, we're naked and there are several people. We must be at Hedonism. "How did I get here? Shut up idiot! You're in Hedo with Diane and she's looking hotter than ever, just naked, sipping her tropical drink. Go with it." (I have internal dialog when shit doesn't make sense.)

So, I see that there are couples and singles, much more men than women. Everyone is kind of checking out everyone else. Then, my wife Diane asks if I need another from the bar. I said "Sure, please. Are you going to go get it with your sexy ass?"

She just smirked at me and got up and headed to the pool bar. It is close, but around a rounded part of the pool. As she is walking, I see a bunch of people checking her out. This is my heaven. Maybe I've died and this will be my recurring dream! (Back to it idiot!) She Leans over the bar to tell the bartender what drinks we need and oh that ass. Then a scream and a big splash, and this little blonde girl comes up for air after being thrown in the pool right by the bar. She is laughing and socks this young guy in the arm on the edge. He's already in the pool and dry from the waist up, so he must have pulled her in.

Diane has both our drinks in hand but leans down (I assume to ask if she's ok). "Oh, yes. These assholes are just taking advantage because we're getting married tomorrow." She was nodding at a bunch of guys by a table near the bar. "I'm Brenda, and this hunk is my soon to be husband, Derek."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Diane and my husband over there is Hugh." Diane says nodding my way.

At that I get up and head over to get my drink, but I'm also semi-hard. So walking is kind of a chore. I get to the other side and shake Derek's hand, then Brenda's. She introduces us to the table. There is Tim, a tall surfer looking dude. Todd, he isn't as tall as Tim, but maybe 6'1" dark hair and you can tell he concentrates on upper body. Little legs, but big chest and arms. Freddy, who is average height, but taller than my 5'10" Diane, so I know she likes that. He has dark hair, devilish smile. Then there is J, they just call him J. He's 6'4" at least, African -American and built like a running back. Derek is no slouch, 6'2"ish light eyes and built like the rest of them. Brenda she's petite. I'd say that's the best way to describe her, or a spinner. Dirty-blonde, shoulder length hair and a cheerleader body. Strong legs, no fat, B titties. They are all about the same age, late 20s. Now Diane and I are on the backside of middle age. I'm 48, she is 43, so I think we are making introductions and getting out of there.

Oh, I should mention that of course we are all naked and Diane doesn't seem to want to get out of being in this group. OK. I'm in. But, these young kids are going to get tired of us, quick, or we'll need to take a nap and leave them in the dust. Haha. I should mention, these guys all have fairly large dicks even soft. You can tell that J is packing a huge monster, It's hanging 7" down his leg. Well, Diane gets in the pool very delicately, turns toward the table and lowers herself in. Derek has a perfect view of her ass and pussy and the other guys see those big beautiful tits. I get in also. And we start to get to know our new friends. The other guys stay at the table (for now), so the four of us talk. Where from, What we all do, all the details.

Come to find out, Brenda and Derek met a couple years ago and found out they were basically neighbors when they were kids. These guys are all Derek's friends. They played Junior College football together. Tim almost got drafted to the NFL at receiver, but didn't want to go to Canada. They had been nudists and progressed to swinging early in their relationship. This is their fourth time here, so they decided to just get married at "Hedo" (I'm still not sure that is where we are). She's fucked all these guys (one or two max at a time) and Derek has sampled a couple of her friends, but none of them could make it. So, Brenda's big problem is the Bachelor Party. She doesn't want to be the stripper cause it should be for Derek; and he can fuck her anytime.

Well, guess what? D says, "I'd do it, but these young hunks don't want some old lady dancing for their bachelor party."

Derek says, "You kidding me? You're the hottest little thing I've seen in two days! Uh, beside Brenda, I mean. Sorry babe... Hey guys! Diane here doesn't think we'd want her to be our bachelor party. Says she's too old or some shit. What do you think?"

Well that was pretty loud, so we have the attention of the whole bar too now. And BE OUR bachelor party, I'm instantly hard...

To the man, they are hooping and hollering about "Yeah!" "hell yeah!" "You kidding, she's hot." "I'd do dirty things with her." "She'd be fun."

"Oh come on, you kids are too nice. Find some young girl your age to dance around for you."

"If I want you, I get you! Brenda said anything I want this week, so why do you think we are getting married here?" He pauses for a second, then "Diane, will you be the entertainment tonight for my bachelor party? Me and the guys are very excited to have you. Aren't we guys? Show her."

They all stand up and most are semi-hard, some full hard and all have above average cocks, a couple longer than normal a couple thicker than normal, and then there's J, who is just a monster ALREADY at 9" and still growing, thick too. D is just in awe. Then Derek takes her hand and pulls her to his cock to feel under water. She just chuckles and says "Well, then I guess it's an early dinner Hugh."

Diane gets out of the pool and walks over to Tim and motions for him to stand up. Then she gets behind him and presses her body against his back and cups his nuts in her left hand and strokes his long cock with her right. She whispers in his ear "Timmy, you want me to strip for you boys tonight?"

"Oh, for sure. That would be amazing. Pretty please Diane."

"What else should I do? Just strip?"

"Oh, I can think of a hundred nasty things I want you to do. Will you go air tight? I'd love to gang bang you with my buddies."

"MMmmmmmm." Is all D said.

Then she goes to Todd, same thing, the Freddy, same thing, then J. She cups his nuts, and starts stroking while she whispers (just loud enough for us all to hear). She says "I saved you for last. I want this thing to fuck me last. Fuck me out! Will you do that for me? Will you ragdoll me with your huge cock J?"

He just smiles and says "Yes ma'am. For my buddy Derek here and his sexy wife and their bachelor party of course I'll do what I can."

D keeps going and says to me, "Hugh, baby, we are going to have to get me ready. You ready to go?"

I have this raging hard-on and POOF! I'm awake. My dream is gone...

So, I'll have to make up the next parts based on what I WANT to happen...

Stay Tuned...

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