Adult Sexshow


Well today was your last day of training for the customer service representative at cell phone company. When I got home I phoned Scotty and told him that we should celebrate your achievement.

Scotty replied saying, "Hey, we could go out to that theater I told you about and celebrate. I have a sexy suggestion too. You can wear your green dress, you know, the one that buttons up the front all the way. It should not be buttoned all the way either, the top four buttons will be left undone to show your full luscious tits. The bottom four left undone to show your sexy legs and glimpse of what is hidden when you move just right. I also encourage you not to wear nothing underneath at all. Because it will make me hotter then hell by the time we get there and start playing!"

Kandy was blushing, but eager to start celebrating and replied, "Ok Scotty, pick me up at 7pm," and then hung up the phone. A million thoughts were going through her mind as she dressed. She new this night would be fun and could not wait to see what kind of playing Scotty had in mind.

Kandy met Scotty at the door promptly at 7pm. They kissed deep and hard and she felt him trembling with anticipation. He helped her into the car and they drove off toward the theater.

Scotty parked the car and then they walked arm in arm to the ticket both. He purchased the tickets then took her by the arm and escorted her inside. Once they entered the theater, Scotty's hand slipped inside the top of Kandy's dress and tweaked her right nipple. He knew this made her hotter then hell and would give her an electric jolt that went straight to her pussy causing juices to run down her legs.

Kandy quivers and leaned on Scotty for support and whispered, "Keep that up and I will fuck you silly this time!"

Scotty just smiled and replied, "Wanna bet doll!"

They continued walking toward the middle of the theater and sat down near the isle. When she slid down in the seat it caused the top of her dress to gap more exposing her big tits. She then leaned over and kissed Scotty. As their tongues did the dance of lovers her hands unbuttoned two more buttons.

She stopped kissing him then nibbled at his ear and uttered, "My dress is only held together by two buttons honey. What shall we do?"

Instead of speaking to Kandy, Scotty reached over and took out her tit and latched onto her swollen nipple like a nursing baby.

A woman sitting behind then leaned toward the guy she was with and said, "Oh fuck honey! Do you see that? I think that is so hot! I told you this place was sexy and hot." She then reaches down and unzips his fly and takes out his cock.

Kandy could not keep her eyes off them. She could tell that the man was turned on already because his cock was hard and shiny.

The woman cupped the guys balls and began licking the head of his cock as she watched Scott sucking Kandy's nipple. Kandy looked at her, smiled then told her to deep throat the guy, which she did.

By this time, she could tell Scotty was horny as hell because he undid the rest of the buttons and opened up her dress. Everyone walking by and near them strained to see her big full figured body.

Kandy leaned over to Scotty and asked him if he was having fun yet.

Scotty replied, "Ooooh baby, you know I am!"

Kandy then proceeded to unzip his pants and then smiled, because . Scotty was not wearing any underwear. She took out his cock and engulfed it for a moment.

Then stopped long enough to say, "Oooooooooh fuck baby you taste so good!"

Scotty then said, "Finger your hot pussy love will you! Do it hard and deep for all to see. I want them to see how much of a cum-slut you really are."

Kandy spread her legs and slid down a bit giving her more access to her pussy. As she began to masturbate she noticed the people in front of them watching. When she looked closer she noticed that his hands were now in her pussy.

Kandy placed her other hand on Scotty's shoulder and exclaimed, "Oh my god! I am so fucking hot, make me cum, right now baby!"

Scotty looks at Kandy then glanced at the guy behind them and said, "Want to watch her cum? Stand up and see me fingerfuck her! Then move toward her and slide your cock into her mouth. She loves her mouth fucked as I finger her hot pussy."

The gal who was sucking him off stops and said, Yeah Gus, fuck her mouth right here in front of everyone!"

Scotty looked at the woman, she had three fingers ramming her pussy as she watched them.

Kandy looked at the woman then back at Scotty and said, "Fuck her baby! I want this guy to do me while you watch!"

Scotty moved then dropped his pants and sat down next to the woman. His cock was already hard and glistening the precum. When he looked at her his mouth gapped in awe as his mind said, "Oh God she had big tits, larger then Kandy's."

He ordered her to strip and mount him and soon he was driving your cock hard inside her hot hole. While she rode him she began sucking on her 44DD's.

Kandy loved watching the hot action and knows she will cum harder then she ever have before. She tells the guy to stand behind her, she wanted his cock in her hot ass.

As he positioned himself she yells, Oh baby, NOW! Fuck me deep and hard! Lets put on a sex show they won't forget!"

The guy drives it home as Kandy reaches down and begins sucking her own nipples.

A guy from across the isle gets ups and comes over and holds his 7 inch cock in front of Kandy and shouted, "Suck me bitch! Make ole Sam cum!!"

Kandy gladly engulfed his cock and began playing with his balls as the other guy nails her from behind. Scotty's eyes were glued on hot sex scene with Kandy as the star. He could tell that the man she was sucking was about to cum and he hoped it was all down her throat.

Kandy began shaking hard and holding on to both men as they fucked her wildly. She stopped sucking long enough to say, "Yesssssssssss Oh fuck I am cumming!"

Soon the two men filled her with cum and she licked their cock clean. They returned to their seats amid wild applause.

Kandy glanced over at Scotty. She saw he too had filled the woman with cum and she too was licking his cock clean.

She excused herself to go to the bathroom and clean up. After several minutes Scotty wonders where she has disappeared too.

When he went looking for her he found her. She was in the bathroom, eating pussy and having someone eat hers.

Scotty ordered them to leave the room. At first Kandy thought he might be angry with her. However, instead of chewing her out Scotty tells her to stand then bend over and grab her ankles.

Kandy felt a slap on her ass and his whole your whole hand caressing her hot hole. She trembled and uttered, " How did you know I loved to be fisted."

To be continued!


Co-written by Kandie and Scotty....let me know how you like it. There is more to CUM...LOL!Huggers Kandie!

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by Anonymous09/24/18

Nice sex story Remins me of fantasy zone

Unfortunayely only one woman at fantasy zone, but she sucks and fucks everyone who wants it.

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