tagInterracial LoveAdult Trip Pt. 04

Adult Trip Pt. 04


Master released me from the tree and quickly positioned both hubby and me on our knees next to one another.

He handed me a brief and simple contract and ordered me to read it aloud.

Obediently I read the contract as demanded.

"You have agreed to be Master's dirty married white whore for the remainder of Master's trip, subsequent trips to this hotel where we are both present and an annual trip to Los Angeles, where I as your Master resides, should you be able to do so. You and your cuckold husband will make every effort to make the annual trip to LA a tradition and the trip should be for a period of no less than 72 hours.

Further, during these periods, you are required to comply with any order that Master provides as long as it is not illegal, permanent in nature (other than required piercings and markings that are not deemed permanent as a result of them being removable), or puts you in a position of being arrested. A safe word "RED" can be used at anytime and a discussion between Master and slut will ensue. The use of this word will require a period of a full hour without any play, period. You agree not to use the safe word, and even if used it will not be recognized, if used for any person other than yourself.

You will not engage in sexual activity with anyone during your ownership periods without Master's consent including that of your husband. Additionally, this named slut should never be allowed to orgasm without permission of her Master."

The signature block read DNA and Master said that if agreed to, I was required to mark the contract with my cunt juice.

Just reading the contract pushed me into a deeper state of arousal and I eagerly shoved two fingers into my wet and dripping cunt and marked the paper without hesitation.

Cucky's contract read nearly identical though much less structured, and similarly he was required to read it out loud. Prior to this evening we had played with Bulls and he had been a cuckold but there had always been a dialogue and conversation. This was the first situation where cucky was blind to what transpired earlier and still here we were before our new Master. We have not had a chance to have a dialog and yet, my superiority and domination of hubby was clearly the most important factor. Hubby was my pawn and now the pawn for anyone I deemed worthy of such.

The actions that had taken place earlier had cucky in a deep state of submission and given all of these factors, I was not surprised how quickly cucky spit into his hand and marked his respective contract.

Immediately thereafter, Master spoke, "next my dirty white slut and her sissy cuckold husband will receive a collar signifying my ownership."

Master took hold of a thin metal collar which read, "owned married white slut", and locked it around my neck. Subsequently, Master did the same with cucky and his read, "owned married sissy cuckold".

Master then whispered into my ear and I whispered back. He then reached into my purse and removed the chastity cage I had obediently brought per Master's earlier instructions. Master ordered us both to stand and then demanded that I remove cucky's suit and lock my husband into his cage.

cucky was hard and the act was proving difficult. Surprisingly, Jannette approached aggressively with a bowl of ice and began icing cucky's hard little white cock and balls. Within a minute, cucky's tiny male clit softened and I locked him as ordered.

Master placed the key, attached with a chain, around his neck for all to see and then spoke, "this little white sissy is properly locked and I will keep control of the sole key for the remainder of my trip. These respective locks are the initial symbols of my ownership of this couple."

Master then turned back to me and another gentleman approached and spoke with Master. I was unsure what was taking place but the gentleman quickly produced a piercing gun and I feared the inevitable and now understood the purposed of the provisions in our respective contracts.

Minutes later both of my breasts were pierced with a bar and a dangling queen of spades. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and the procedure was as painful an experience as I had endured in my life. The individual doing the piercing was crude as he saw my welted and bruised breasts and took satisfaction in verbally degrading me as a slut.

Thereafter, I wondered if my nipples would ever again be soft and how the piercings would look when in a bra and other coverage. The only comfort I could garner was from Master's contract; the worst case scenario was that I could remove them. Strangely, as I looked at them I was even more horny and excited if possible. The fact that my battered breasts were now pierced as my Master's BBC slut had my married tight white pussy more than wet and the proper word might be nearing the state of being sloppy.

My breasts were pulsating in pain and pleasure as the hood of my drenched pussy lips just above my clit was pierced with an exact replica of what each of my breasts bore. I was unsure if I was more embarrassed about being pierced there or what the individual communicated to Master. "Your owned cunt's pussy is absolutely sopping."

While blushing and in an even deeper state of submission, an artist approached. A queen of spades emblem was painted on my left cheek, my lower back, my abdomen, my left breast and finally my ankle. The artist continued with my husband and he was marked with a jack of spades tattoo on his left cheek, his left breast, his lower back, his shaved pubic area and his ankle. I had learned and unsure whether others would understand the symbol, but it was quickly revealed by Master so there was no confusion. Master communicated, the Jack of Spades tattoo that my owned slave now bears is symbolic of a cuckold who accepts and encourages his wife's preference for having sexual relations exclusively with black men and he too, is sexually submissive to both her and her black lovers."

Master had us rise now both completely naked (heels for me being the only exception) and introduced us as his newly owned couple going through a detailed dialogue on the various collars, cage, piercings and markings each of us wore as his respective slut and slave. I felt surprisingly proud being chosen to be his white married slut and my excitement was easily recognizable as I smiled widely, hugged hubby and kissed him on he cheek. I spoke to hubby for the first time in hours, "This is amazing honey, are you as excited as I am?"

Hubby smiled too, kissed me back and communicated that he had never been more nervous in his entire life.

The anxiety for my husband would shortly increase as Master communicated loudly that it was time for him to fuck his slutty white whore. He ordered cucky and me back on our knees. Master kicked off his own shoes and took off his shirt revealing his bulging muscles. He then ordered cucky to remove his pants. cucky obediently reached up and pulled the waist of Master's pants down and the bulge of Master's cock inside his tight boxer briefs was immediately visible.

My mouth was watering remembering how recently that incredible black prick had penetrated my eager slutty married mouth and my cunt juice was dripping down my leg in anticipation of feeling him inside me.

Master then ordered cucky to remove his briefs but with his teeth. cucky hesitated only a moment and Master struck him across the cheek swiftly, bitch slapping him and reminding hubby of his inferior position. Immediately cucky took hold of Master's briefs and I was mesmerized at the actions taking place before me. It was a dream come true as I was so excited to see Master's naked cock, but was also becoming even more excited as Master degraded my hubby. I was unsure how I would respond to another treating cucky as a slave and it was honestly more intensely exciting than I could have ever imagined.

Seconds later Master's cock was magnificently revealed and literally popped from his underwear as hubby obediently complied. Master took hold of hubby's face still with the waistband of Master's underwear between his sissy teeth. Master then began dick slapping cucky in the face with his massive black rod resulting in a multitude of laughs from the crowd.

cucky then finished sliding the underwear from Master and I cheated and moved closer so that my face was near hubby's face, but more importantly nearer to Master's amazing black cock. It was huge and looked even larger than earlier and without permission I reached between my legs and rubbed my pierced married cunt. I was in fact sloppy wet and blushed at my own excitement.

To everyone's astonishment, Master ordered cucky to beg to suck Master's superior black cock. My mouth was watering and I wanted to be gagged with it myself but was anticipating the thrill of debasement my husband was about to experience. Master spoke before cucky could beg, "I want you to beg for my superior black cock and tell me how excited you are to have your wife's slutty cunt stretched, stuffed, and pleased by a real man cock. Once she experiences this big black prick inside of her, she will never again be able to feel or want your tiny white clit inside of her. She will likely keep that tiny penis locked away forever as it should be."

Master tapped the key hanging around his neck reminding cucky who was now fully in control.

cucky then spoke and not wanting to have to repeat himself fully knowing that if not to Master's liking the humiliation would continue. "Master, please may I suck your magnificent big black cock. It would please me greatly to be rewarded with having your superior prick penetrate my throat prior to stretching, filling and pleasing my slutty wife. She deserves your cock, a man's cock, and I know that once she experiences your big black cock, she will be a slut for large black cock forever and never desire my tiny white dicklet ever again. I am truly lucky to have you as my key holder and Master and hope I can please you in anyway you wish and deem me worthy."

We were all stunned at cucky's diatribe and eagerness; I looked down to see hubby's little prick pressing aggressively against the confines of his cage. If not metal, cucky's hardness might break the device at the level of his excitement. Master noticed this as well and let everyone know that hubby was in fact leaking in his cage. My pussy pulsated as I knew my hubby's words were genuine causing me to be even more excited if possible.

Master wiped the precum from cucky's cage and then stroked his own massive prick using the precum as lubricant. He then pressed his BBC to hubby's mouth.

cucky had no choice, opened his mouth and eagerly took Master's huge bulbous black head inside his mouth. I could already see the shock in hubby's eyes as the massive size stretched his lips and mouth.

Master was not going to be easy on cucky and immediately grabbed the back of hubby's head and jammed his monstrous cock deep into his throat.

Hubby gagged and was shaking as Master finally relented, allowing cucky to freely gasp and spit. Ample amounts of saliva exited hubby's mouth while Master chuckled. Again Master reached into my purse, grabbed my lipstick and applied a deep shade of red to cucky's lips. For the first time a cameraman came close to capture this application.

Hubby stared in shock as Master spoke. "No cameras are allowed here but I am a VIP guest and as such there are some exceptions. The entire evening has been filmed thus far and I will have a tape available to my special guests should they choose or want to indulge."

Without further delay Master lunged and buried half his massive black prick inside cucky's mouth.

Master held cucky's head and began to fuck his sissy mouth speaking vulgarly. "My dearest faggot married white slave. Your cock is of no use to anyone including your wife so we will train you to please both men and women with your slave mouth. You will learn to suck cock as good as your white whore wife and your holes will be used by anyone that desires them."

Hubby was still struggling but he had opened his throat and was having a slightly easier time as Master now slammed his black rod in and out of hubby's throat.

Master removed his hard massive black prick and again commenced dick slapping hubby ruthlessly. Again Master requested cucky beg him to fuck and please me, his slutty white married whore.

Hubby did so eagerly and unsure if it was to relieve himself or that he sincerely wanted me to receive the pleasure of Master's cock. Regardless, I did not care and just genuinely ached for cunt to be christened by Master's superior massive black cock.

Master tapped his monster prick along the queen of spades on my cheek lightly, and then aggressively shoved his cock past my lips into my slutty married cock sucking throat. I was not apprehensive this time as my cunt boiled with eagerness. I opened my throat and let Master stuff more of his cock inside my throat and forcefully gagged myself again and again bobbing up and down on Master's huge BBC.

The crowd cheered but Master had other plans. He had already christened my throat and it was time for him to take ownership of my married slutty cunt.

The bench was brought over and Master quickly pressed me over it and lined his black manhood against my eager pussy hole. He ordered cucky to approach and loudly ordered him, "my faggot slave, I order to to take hold of my superior cock and press it into your wife's eager married cunt."

Without hesitation, cucky gripped the massive black snake by the base and pressed the tip into my soaking cunt. Though Master's head was huge, it surprisingly pressed semi easily into my squishy cunt without too much resistance.

Master rested and I felt my cunt opening and stretching to accommodate his impressive cock. I moaned in delight and started to beg. "Master, I am already so close to cumming and beg for your permission to orgasm as you press further inside me."

Master positioned cucky on all fours facing me with our noses inches apart; I looked into cucky's eyes but he only looked downward. I saw what was happening behind him and felt him lunge forward now touching me as he was in absolute shock.

Jannette, had lined up behind him and had a large black strap-on pressed to his boy pussy. I watched as she gave Master the thumbs up.

Again with surprise Master spoke, "you are an owned and dirty cunt and though I will subsequently train you to please me and not be so selfish about your own slutty box, I grant you permission to cum and orgasm as much as you want during this christening."

With that statement, he shoved half his gigantic thick black cock inside me. My cunt walls stretched with significant pain but the unbelievable anticipation and pleasure overcame any anguish I was feeling and my pussy began to spasm. My body shook as Master pressed a few more inches inside me then stopped all together. I was literally squealing like a pig as my body was experiencing a life changing orgasm but it was only the beginning. I tried to hump Master back but he held me firmly in place not allowing continued friction to take place.

I opened my eyes for a second and all time seemed to stop. My squeal was mimicked by hubby as he was shrieking uncontrollably. I could only see the pain in his face, but knew that Jannette must have roughly penetrated hubby's hole as well.

Master spoke, "my dearest married white slut, you can mitigate husband's pain by asking me to remove my cock from your cunt. If you do so, my lovely wife will simultaneously remove her large strap-on from hubby's boy cunt. If you choose to continue to ride my cock, both of you will receive a fucking that neither of you will ever forget."

Everyone knew the answer but Master was creative and brilliant and as his slut, he caught me in the throes of the most amazing orgasm of my life.

Immediately I begged Master, in a voice I had never heard before. My cunt was still spasming and my body was shaking uncontrollably as waves of pleasure were still consuming me despite Master holding me firmly. Nearly three quarters of his motionless cock stuffed me and I squirmed to fuck him while begging, "please fuck me Master. Fuck this married white whore's cunt. Fill me, stretch me, abuse me and use me as your dirty, naughty, kinky slut."

Master roughly spanked my already bruised ass as he wasted not further time. He buried his cock fully into me literally filling me and stuffing me more than I could have ever imagined. I screamed violently and my vision was no longer clear as my pussy stretched and acclimated to Master's monstrous black mamba. It truly felt as though my cunt had been split in two. Pain shot through my spine and I wondered if my pussy had in fact been ripped as my lips were stretched and ached with agony.

Still my body was spasming and began to convulse. I genuinely thought about shouting out RED, but knew that I must last through this immense anguish and embrace the longest and most powerful orgasm of my life.

Master pulled all the way out and even with my overwhelming wetness, it popped loudly. I begged, "please please please don't stop, please get your big black cock back inside my married tight white pussy.

Master was again chucking and hesitated only momentarily being slamming the full length of his manhood deep inside my already sore cunt. This time his head jammed my cervix and the pleasure was even more intense than before which mitigated most of the pain. He began to hammer away at my white married cunt and I felt myself unable to hold back and began squirting ample liquid from my eager slutty pussy.

Never before had I squirted with a cock inside me (twice before with fingers only), but all of this was new to me. I never wanted this to stop as I was riding either the longest orgasm known in history or was having multiple orgasms back to back to back. I did not give a fuck as I had never felt such physical pleasure of this magnitude.

After nearly an hour, I felt my body stop convulsing and I was finally feeling the tenderness of my stretched, sore cunt. Still Master pounder away at my slutty hole at an unrelenting pace. He whispered in my ear, "this act is for your Master and not about you and your selfish pleasure. I had to hold off for you to recognize this and I have never had a woman orgasm so many times for so long, so you made the task difficult for me."

Just his words and power over me caused my cunt to tingle once again but I was currently spent and Master knew it.

He slowed his pace just a bit and spoke loudly that he was about to christen my cunt walls with his potent black cum.

Seconds later I felt my cunt walls being splashed with precious black sperm. I had never before felt spurts of cum shooting inside me but here I was nearly blacked out. Still I was able to feel spurt after spurt hot thick cum coating my insides.

Master then spoke again as his orgasm subsided, "I have initiated this married white cunt to her new ownership and not even a computer could have counted the number of orgasms she had on her Master's cock. Likewise, slave's boy pussy has been devirginized by my lovely wife and I am pleased to announce that my faggot owned white husband had an orgasm while in his cage and without his tiny white dicklet being touched. This is also a first for me as a Master. The collection of these events has me more certain than ever that this couple deserved to be owned and will make many future trips to LA to please me.

Master ordered cucky to first lick his own cum from the pan placed below his device should an accident like this happen and then ordered cucky underneath Master but behind the bench. With Master's cock still stuffed inside me, he helped me off the bench and we maneuvered over hubby. Master knelt down with me and then released his gargantuan black cock from my stretched, beaten and reddened cunt.

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