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Adulterous Dorothy


I was just downtown running errands when I happen to run into Brett. He grinned when he said hello and it brought back vivid memories of a crazy time I had last summer.

It started in early June shortly after the end of the school year. My wife, Sandy, is a high school English teacher who has spent the last several summers in graduate school. She completed her degree and decided to take last summer off and enjoy her hobby of acting in Community Theater. In June she met with a group and began reading scripts. At the end of June they selected an original story authored by a professor at the local college. It was a comedy/drama of sorts about a woman who is very much in love with her busy white-collar husband but got caught up in an affair with a young college student. At first she was torn and troubled juggling the two relationships but also found it energizing an exciting.

When the selection had been made Sandy was quite disappointed as she had aspirations for a significant role and the only meaningful female role was that of the adulterous housewife. She wasn't too excited about the prospect of playing the adulterous housewife who had several lusty scenes involving passionate kisses and hugs. She wasn't sure she wanted to do that and she was very nervous that it would make me uncomfortable – in addition, she wasn't sure she would be able to win the role.

As we visited about it one evening she explained the story to me and expressed her disappointment that there weren't more opportunities for her. I quickly challenged her saying that she would be a very good choice for the lead part and would probably have a lot of fun in that role. I commented that being the object of lust for a couple of guys should be fun and she certainly had the looks and figure to be credible in the part.

Sandy was somewhat surprised with my attitude and specifically challenged me about how I would feel knowing she would be spending several weeks of practice and performing in 10 performances with two men kissing hugging and holding her. I told her I thought it was very exciting and I would be proud of her. She challenged, "So you don't mind other men kissing me?"

I told her not at all as long as she comes home to me. After that talk Sandy seemed to be more inclined to try out for the role and rehearsed script for the next several days. She told me the try out was scheduled for Saturday. On Saturday Sandy was getting ready to leave when I looked at her and told her she didn't seem to be dressed to play the part of an adulterous woman. She responded," It's just trying out."

I told her to go put on a sexy skirt a push-up bra and a blouse that showed some cleavage so she would look more credible as a flirting housewife. She grinned and shook her head saying you men are all alike. I asked her who was going to judge her reading. She listed off four male and one female names then paused momentarily as she realized the wisdom of my suggestion and headed up to our room to change. When she came down I grabbed her passionately and gave her a deep kiss while rubbing my hands over her body in an exaggerated fashion. Good luck I said as I patted her ass as he headed out the door.

That evening Sandy seemed pleased with the reading and thought the judges were as well. She waited several days to hear back and was excited the following Wednesday evening when she announced she was now an adulterous housewife named Dorothy.

As a little background, I am a 35-year-old corporate lawyer. Sandy is 31, has dark brown wavy shoulder length hair, and weighs 125 pounds nicely packaged in a 36-26-37 figure. She has very firm B cup boobs, shapely hips and a delicious ass on top of a very nice set of legs. She has a warm friendly smile and an innocent look but can master a devilish smile when she wants. We've been married for four years in a monogamous relationship that followed two years of dating. We have an active sex life experimenting with a variety of positions, sex toys, and venues. Neither of us (at least to my knowledge) have ever had an affair, however, we have each had previous relationships before we met. Sandy is by no means naïve and can be playful but tends to be more subservient.

Over the next few weeks Sandy had practiced several nights a week as they prepared for their play later in the summer. It was exciting for her and a nice break from teaching in school. The group seemed to get along well and they were all excited that ticket sales were going well as their play proceeds would be used for a highly regarded local charity.

One evening we talked about the other actors in the skit and she told me there were two main male characters that she was "involved" with. The man playing her husband was actually the author of the play, local college professor. He was in his early 50s and had been widowed in the past year and found the summer acting to be a good way to keep his mind occupied during the summer when he wasn't teaching. He was an attractive gentleman relatively fit and evidently a pretty good actor. Sandy said he was quite pleasant and very helpful, giving her tips and pointers on how to improve as an actress. The second male lead was actually one of the professor's graduate students. He was in his mid-20s, in very good shape and hoping to parlay his good looks into an acting career. Sandy thought he was handsome but too cocky and self absorbed. Brett, the guy playing her husband was about 5'10" tall and very well groomed. Tommy, her secret lover, was about 6'3" tall with a lanky athletic build, meticulously tanned and topped by an indulgent $50 haircut that kept his handsome locks just the way he wanted them.

I asked her who the better kisser was. She grinned her innocent smile and told me that in most practice sessions they didn't do real kissing but on a couple of occasions they had kissed for rehearsals. Brett gave warm affectionate kisses that were tender and very pleasant. Tommy was more aggressive and less tender but that was kind of exciting. I asked her if they thought she was a good kisser. She smiled again and said, "I'm a married woman, I just received their kisses."

I told her that a good actress would need to get into her part more. She should put some passion into her kisses – it would make her role more credible and bring the best out of her other actors as well. I reminded her it was a drama about human emotions and she needed to do her part to elicit those emotions. She laughed at me for pretending to know something about acting. I told her I didn't know much about acting but I did know what would bring out the best in the male leads. I again reminded her to have a little fun. "If you're cheating wife, you need to get in character for the role."

Opening night was a sellout in the play was well received by the warm community audience. Sandy did a great job and looked fantastic as the object of lustful attention of the two male leads. The hugs and kisses were credible and Sandy got at least a dozen hugs and kisses throughout the play. The reviews in our local paper were complementary with the expectations of good crowds for the remaining performances over the next seven days.

I was out of town for the next week but Sandy reported good attendance and a good time at the subsequent showings. The final shows were scheduled for Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. When I got in town on Friday, Sandy asked if I was going to come by and watch the show that evening. I told her I'd be delighted to go. The show was fun had gotten considerably better over the several offerings. However, the romantic scenes seemed a little forced and dry. Perhaps it was because I could read Sandy's emotions so well that I could tell she didn't seem to be in part. Brett on the other hand seem to be enjoying every opportunity to hug and kiss Sandy. Tommy still came off as a little arrogant and indifferent.

As I waited for Sandy after the show I visited briefly with both Brett and Tommy and ask them if they would like to come over for drinks after the final show Saturday evening. I mentioned they seemed a little reserved around Sandy and that they shouldn't hesitate to be more passionate and physical. Sandy and I headed off for a little dessert after the show. I mentioned to her that I'm invited her leads over for a drink after the show. I also told her that their interactions seemed a little tired and not spontaneous. I told her that for the Saturday night final show she should wear stockings instead of pantyhose, go bra less in scenes two and three, and leave an extra blouse button undone when she was around Tommy since she was supposed to be the initiator of that relationship. Sandy rolled her eyes back and giggled at my suggestion.

"No, I'm serious; I think you should step it up a notch for the final show and have a little fun. Those horny single guys will probably love it."

Sandy commented, "I'll take it under advisement."

Nothing else was said about our discussion. Sandy headed off to the theater for the afternoon showing and was eating with the cast before the final evening show. I stopped and picked up a bouquet of flowers and headed to the theater. I had no idea whether Sandy would respond to my comments. It was a full house Saturday night and I had minor butterflies, anxious to see how the final show would go.

When the second scene began I looked carefully to see if Sandy's wardrobe was any different. Sure enough, I could tell her blouse was unbuttoned more than previously. For someone watching closely you can see considerable cleavage as she played the scene. I watched to see if I could tell if she had removed her bra. Halfway through the scene when she moved quickly her breasts bounced in a manner that made me think she had, in fact, gone bra less. And yes, she had sexy seamed stockings on.

As the scene proceeded it got to the part where Sandra and Tommy were kissing and hugging. Wow, it sure looked different to me with a much more passionate lustful kisses, a longer kiss, and more grabbing. Sandy was quite noticeably grabbing Tommy's ass and he responded in like fashion placing his big hands on her ass in her skirt.

The mumbling in the audience was a more pronounced response to that scene than had been the case in the prior showings. Scene three involved both Brett and Tommy. Sandy was in the same outfit and it had the same effect. Her embraces with both Brett and Tommy were much hotter. The kisses were passionate and Tommy broke script moving his lips down and kissing Sandra's neck as he held her. Brett was noticeably impacted, stumbling over one of his lines and extending his kissing scene well beyond the normal time. From my front row seat it looked to me like Tommy had quite a bulge in his pants and I thought I can see evidence of a hardened nipple pressing against Sandy's blouse. I chuckled thinking that the three of them had gotten quite aroused by their acting.

The show concluded and the group got a standing ovation and raucous cheers from the audience. The program director announced record revenues for the local charity and joked that they would be starting the script for next year's play – perhaps a continuation of Dorothy's escapades.

Sandy came out for her bows and appeared to have restored her bra and buttoned up her blouse. She enjoyed the applause and flowers and congratulations from cast mates and the audience.

I had given both Tommy and Brett directions to the house, had stocked the bar, and ordered pizzas as I headed to the house. Sandy was cleaning out her locker and would be following. It was a beautiful night – about 75 degrees, so I decided to open the patio and enjoy the outdoors on the patio near the pool. I know Sandy likes Sangria so I mixed up a pitcher. Everyone arrived shortly still glowing from the play's success. Tommy also announced he was also excited as he had received a job offer he was hoping for from California and would be heading west in the next week. Brett was excited both from the acting and from that fact that his screenplay was a success and might get picked up by some other theater groups.

Everyone was very hungry and thirsty and quickly downed their first glasses of Sangria and several pieces of pizza. We spend the next half hour laughing and telling stories about the play as they revealed several funny outtake experiences during the several weeks of preparation. They were all loud and animated as they got increasingly buzzed from the Sangria.

I commented that I thought tonight's showing was the best and that "Dorothy" really seemed to be hot tonight. Sandy giggled and both Tommy and Brett chimed in that "Dorothy" was very hot tonight. I said that even from the audience I could see a little more cleavage tonight and it seemed to motivate the cast.

Brett laughed and admitted he had forgotten one of his lines as he was distracted by Dorothy's cleavage. Sandy was blushing as we continued talking about Dorothy's cleavage. Tommy chimed in that he particularly enjoyed the hugs tonight and that the aroused nipples pushing against the blouse fabric were a real turn on. Tommy conceded he too got distracted and broke script to nibble his way down Dorothy's neck and nuzzle into her warm soft flesh. They both joked about how everyone in town would be calling Sandy an adulterer for the next year.

While I was being careful, Brett, Tommy and Sandy were all pretty drunk by now. Tommy conceded that when he hugged Dorothy he noticed that something else in her wardrobe had changed. "I felt some garter straps through her skirt."

Brett said, "It isn't fair as I didn't notice – maybe I needed another hug and I will be more observant this time.

I quickly piped in that that seemed fair. Sandy, still blushing from the teasing, looked at me then stood and giggled then said, "I suppose I need to slip my bra off again too."

"That seems fair." I responded.

In spite of being pretty drunk – Sandy removed her bra while leaving her blouse on like only a woman can do. With some fanfare, she pulled her push-up bra from her shirt and tossed it to me. Then she walked over to Brett who had stood up. Brett's arms were outstretched as a not very sure footed Sandy walked into his embrace. They kissed passionately and he hugged her. They kissed for several moments before Brett's hands moved down to Sandy's skirt.

"Sure enough.", he muttered between lip locks, "There's a very nice ass here and some garter straps."

Tommy chimed in, "I wonder if it matches black bra she took off?"

"Why don't you check?" I chimed in as Tommy and I laughed while Brett continued kissing Sandy.

Brett slowly pulled up the back of Sandy's skirt as we watched the skirt inch up Sandy's legs. Sandy stood compliant, breathing deeply and tightly hugging on to Brett. As garter straps came into view Tommy confirmed they matched the black bra but challenged," Do the panties match too?

Sandy responded, "You naughty boys." but did nothing to resist as Brett continued to pull her skirt up revealing the back of her skimpy black lace panties. He didn't quit until the skirt was all the way to her waist and her ass framed by the black garter and panties was in full view for Tommy and I. Brett's hands were soon fondling her ass checks through the lace panties. Sandy was moaning as the kissing continued.

As their kiss broke Brett sighed, "I haven't felt an ass in two years."

Tommy said, "It's my turn."

And, Sandy giggled, "There's something big in these slacks now."

I turned to Tommy and said, "First me."

Sandy walked to me. Her skirt was still tucked in her waistband with most of her ass on display. Both Brett and Tommy went to get another drink from the bar.

Her lipstick was smeared from the kisses and she was still breathing deeply. I held her and kissed her gently on the lips. She smiled and grabbed my crotch with her hand and said, "You are enjoying this aren't you? You have been encouraging this ever since I mentioned the script three months ago."

I undid another button on her blouse and slipped a hand in to cup her breast as I kissed her. "I only enjoy it if you do and it feels like you do." I said as I rubbed her aroused nipple. Then I slipped out my hand, smiled and gently pushed her away toward Tommy.

I said, "If either of you are not safe or can't be discrete, now is the time to leave. Me and my two brothers are retired Special Forces so when I say discrete and safe, I mean discrete and safe." Both men nodded.

Sandy turned toward Brett and Tommy. Tommy put down his drink and took Sandy into his arms. He kissed her and quickly took up where Brett had left off with his hands fondling her ass. He looked at me momentarily and I smiled and nodded. Then he directed his full attention to "Dorothy". They embraced in a kiss. Brett approached them as they stood kissing and pulled Sandy's skirt bottom from her waistband but only so he could find the hook and zipper.

As he stood behind her he undid her skirt. Tommy broke his kiss and broke the hug momentarily as Brett slipped Sandy's skirt down over her hips. The sheer panties hugged her ass and the garter belt and straps accentuated the curves of her hips and ass cheeks.

There was no uncertainty as to where things were headed. Tommy undid the remaining buttons on Sandy's blouse while she worked on his belt buckle and zipper. Tommy was feasting his eyes on Sandy's beautifully shaped 36B's as he parted her blouse and slid it down her arms. Brett helped her step out of her skirt leaving her standing on the patio in her panties, garter belt and stockings. He skin glistened in the low light and she was breathing deeply with her bare breasts heaving.

Tommy had removed his slacks and shirt. His briefs did little to hide his hard-on. Brett was removing his clothes as well. Tommy took Sandy's hand and walked the few steps through the French doors into the family room and sat on the couch and pulled Sandy onto his lap. With her butt placed squarely on Tommy's groin, she squirmed as he began kissing her breasts. He worked his way kissing and nibbling down her cleavage then soon took a nipple into his mouth. Sandy gasped as he went to work on her sensitive nipple with his tongue and teeth. His hands roamed, fondling every curve he could reach. He pawed one breast while kissing the other. His other hand moved over her hips and thighs, occasionally reaching around to feel her ass cheeks.

Brett had stripped down to his boxers and walked to the couch. Sandy reached for the waistband of his shorts and pulled him closer then worked down his boxers with one hand. She took hold of a rock hard 6 inch cock and pulled Brett closer as she leaned toward Brett. Brett guided her head toward his cock. Sandy compliantly opened her mouth and took the head of Brett's cock in her mouth.

She had turned on Tommy's lap with her back facing Tommy as she faced Brett. Tommy was reaching around her with both hands and fondling her breasts while her ass was planted firmly on Tommy's crotch. Brett was moaning as Sandy worked more of his cock into her mouth.

Tommy spread Sandy's knees apart and slid a hand down the front of her panties. He was massaging her mound and her clit and had her squirming as he found her sensitive areas.

My drunken wife was really into it. Now Brett was moaning more loudly and seemed to be getting near when Tommy pulled Sandy back and said it was time to reposition. He stood Sandy up and quickly peeled down her panties. Brett stood with a pained expression on his face with his rock hard wet cock waiting for attention.

Tommy slid down his briefs freeing a very impressive 7 inch cock at full mast. Sandy teased, "So that's the meat I felt through your slacks in scene three."

Tommy rebutted, "And that's the meat that you're going to feel pounding your pussy next.

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