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David suspecting his wife Amy was having an affair.

The reason David suspected Amy was the fact that she had been dressing more provocatively lately and could not account for her time when he casually asked about it. And most importantly she had suddenly become much more sexual recently, trying things that had never done before.

They had started dating in college, were fairly conservative and had married young, at twenty four. In all that time their sex life, though pleasant had never been exciting. It had been regular, and vaguely run-of-the-mill. Yet now Amy was extremely horny, sweeping him along in a storm of new passions.

And yet he couldn't help wondering why.

This idea of her having an affair started to weigh heavily on his mind. He talked to his friend Smitty about it.

"Okay man, if you really think this is happening then you need to hire a private detective." Smitty had been friends with both of them since David and Amy met. It was at Smitty's house that the couple had found one another.

"Seriously?" David was skeptical.

David looked haggard, his lean, long face was drawn and thinner than usual. There were bags under his blue eyes and his shoulders slumped in an uncharacteristic way, his lean body usually brimmed with confidence, but now it was bent as if under a huge weight.

"You can't be sure otherwise. You can ask her, but she isn't going to break down and tell you like some T.V. show. You need proof." Smitty took a sip of his beer. They were having this difficult conversation in a bar they sometimes went to together. "Or you can just let it lie. Maybe you are wrong."

"No. something is up. For sure. Her sex drive is up. She has been a lot more attentive to me when she is around, but she is gone a lot more. She tells these weird elaborate stories about where she was, making them sound like adventures, or horrible stupid experiences with banks or whatever. They just sound fake to me. "

"So call a detective. Spend a little money and find out for sure. But you need to get your head straight about what you're going to do no matter what you find out. Whether she is, or isn't, you know?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

The investigator had a few questions for David.

"How long have you been together? Including dating." He was a short round man with long hair that was receding substantially.

"We met in our second year of college. Amy was studying communications, and I was in business. We met at a party a mutual friend was having. We talked all night and I asked her out. It moved quickly. Neither of us was looking for The One, but pretty soon we were in love. We agreed while in school that we wouldn't get married until we both had jobs in our fields, but that happened right out of school. We were married a year later. "

"So it was all pretty easy. It happened quick as you say."


"Was she sexually active before meeting you?" The man's eyes were hard to read behind his thick glasses, but David had the impression that the sweaty little fellow was asking this more for himself than for the case.

"Why do you need to know that?"

"I don't need it, but it helps me put to gather a picture of what sort of woman you wife is. Whether she is likely to be a cheater or not."

"So you are a psychologist too?"

"In a manner of speaking yes. I have actually studied a lot of psychology." His tone became smug and he leaned back in the swivel chair he had behind his tidy desk. His person was sloppy and rumpled looking, but to his credit his office was Spartan, and clean. "The reasons people cheat can be as important as whether they are cheating. Depending on how you feel when you discover the truth about her... if you go in knowing she loves you but had an itch to scratch it might help save your marriage. Are you an all or nothing type of guy?"

That question cut to the very heart of the matter for David. The worst part of this experience so far was that he had really been enjoying the benefits of whatever Amy was up to. What he couldn't tell Smitty, and wouldn't tell this stranger was that Amy had become a sexual dynamo. She was now more aggressive, more experimental and much more loving that ever before. She had never been much into oral sex, giving or receiving, and now she loved both.

Amy's sex drive was so high that she had starting initiating sex in strange places. For them, after marriage, sex had been a bedroom activity nearly exclusively, with the odd foreplay in the shower. But just this morning Amy had dropped to her knees and given him head in the kitchen as they made breakfast.

The way she suckled him, aggressive, insistent and worshipful all at the same time had been intensely erotic and he had cum suddenly not able to warn her. Amy had swallowed his sperm, something she had not done since college, and she had smiled up at him proudly after, whipping her chin.

"I love you." She had said. And David had kissed her deeply, tasting himself in her mouth shuddering with desire, and heartache. Who had taught her to be like this? Who was having her behind his back? Could he really be angry when he had this new wonderfully attentive wife?

This was the crux of the problem for David. He loved his new life with Amy, but the potential cost was killing him. Would she leave him for this other man? Could he share her? Would she tell him and alter everything?

And hardest of all... Why was it so exciting to him?

"Could you just watch her, find out where she is going? What she is doing? Please"

"Sure. Of course. I'll just need the addresses of her work, any places she goes regularly, like best friends, or gyms, whatever. The more places I know she frequents the better able I will be to tag her movements."

David gave the detective everything he asked for and fled home, shame and guilt making his stomach ache.

Amy was there when he got home and she was flushed and moist looking.

"Hey I just got back from a run. We should do more running again." She looked fantastic, her long blonde hair held back in a scrunchie, her face blushing red, and her skin glowing. Her body was lean and perky. She didn't look like she was approaching thirty, more like leaving her teens and looking at her looking casually gorgeous made David want her so badly his heart ached.

"That's a good idea. I could use some exercise."

"Yeah." She moved close to him, her face concerned, her green eyes looking up into his. She was small and petite and David always loved how his height, six foot one, made him feel massive and manly when next to her five foot three. "You have been looking ill lately. Are you feeling okay?"

"Ah, I'm not sleeping well these days. Stress."


"Yeah, I guess."

"Maybe we should take some time off. Just you and me. Someplace warm and tropical where we can be naked all the time."

She hugged her tight body against him and his erection surged up, his mouth drying. Amy had never wanted to be naked when they met. It was difficult to convince her to let him see her naked back then. Now she often wandered their house nude, and it made him crazy thinking some other man had taught her to finally love her body when he never could.

"That sounds great, babe. Let's look into that for next month, maybe."

"Okay, but don't put this off. If you need it, let's do it." Her hand found his hardness, which had been pressing into her belly. "Speaking of doing it..." She once more dropped to her knees in their kitchen. "Hello! What have we here. I thought I dealt with you this morning mister!" She pulled him out and looking up past the thick head of David's cock she grinned mischievously. "Well, well , well, seems like you are as excited about a vacation as I am."

Her soft lips slid over the tip of his penis and David moaned, his stomach in knots as his body thrilled to her touch. Amy began a slow loving blowjob, her eyes on his own while she lavished his head with attention making David wince with pleasure.

As if in a trance David took her face in his hands and lifter her off of his engorged member. He tipped down and kissed her passionately, then turned her to the kitchen counter and pulled down her jogging shorts aggressively, her panties followed.

Amy said, "Oohh, somebody's excited." David parted her legs by kicking her feet out like a cop frisking a criminal. Then he aimed himself at her sex. Pressing forward he found her wet and ready, her pussy eager to be filled.

David entered his wife and filled her with his cock imagining her bent over some other man's kitchen counter doing this very thing. Her sighs of pleasure were being caused by another and David began to fuck her hard and angrily trying to drive away the image of her face twisted in desire for anyone else but him.

Holding her hips he powered into her, Amy noisily showing him how much she was enjoying herself, repeatedly yelling for him to fuck her harder, faster.

Before this last month Amy had never been a vocal lover. She couldn't talk dirty to him; she had not wanted him to talk about how wet she was, or how much he loved looking at her while she had her orgasms. Now she bucked and heaved back onto his pole like a wild person, her hair whipping around as he pummeled her with his prick trying to get her to be the wife he knew before, but loving the woman she was becoming.

When he quickened his pace groaning his approaching orgasm Amy pushed back against him so hard he nearly stumbled and had to step away. Disengaging with him she whirled around and dropped to her knees sucking his slippery cock into her mouth once more.

Jacking him off she brought him to climax and he shot his sperm into her mouth for the second time that day. The second time in years.

When he was finished cumming she licked him clean, clearly enjoying the taste of herself on his shaft, then she stood up, her face still flushed the same way it had been when he came home, her brow sweaty from her exertions.

"Thanks for that big boy. I need a shower. You feel like making dinner. I'm starved." Stunned he mumbled yes and pulled up his pants.

Over the next few days he agonized over what she was doing and whether the detective had found out.

The couple had sex morning and night now; never before had they engaged in so much intercourse. David was getting sore, and his heart felt leaden in his chest wondering about this change in his once conservative wife.

She was so happy he couldn't imagine she would ever stay with him as quiet and morose as he was becoming, and in every conversation he dreaded her confessing to infidelity and telling him she was leaving. David loved Amy more than he knew how to express, and his sense of loss, and humiliation at her betrayal swirled inside him. When he fucked Amy he did so aggressively and she loved the way he held her down and powered into her. The fact that she never asked him about the new style of sex was in and of itself damming in his mind and made him feel more than ever that she was having an affair.

When the detective called and asked for a meeting six day after being hired David dreaded seeing him. The time was too short, and had been agonizingly long. What could he have found in only a week? Was she that brazen about her affair? Amy and David had had sex a dozen times in the last week, how could she have found time to sleep with anyone else? David was sore and raw from all the sex, how was Amy able to take so much?

When the detective slid a manila envelope over his immaculate desk David felt like he might throw up.

"Those pictures will tell you better than I can what has been going on."

Desperately trying to read the man to garner any hint of what was in the envelope David was frustrated by the man's' stoicism.

Opening the envelope David let the stack of pictures fall into his hand. They were 3X5 colour shots of Amy. As David flipped through the many pictures his face grew hard and masklike, while inside his mind and body were in turmoil.

In shot after shot of Amy she was dressed, or undressed and looked like someone else. She wore wigs, and her clothes were nothing he had ever seen her in. Dressed in tiny skirts or elegant dresses he had never seen, or high heels, when in their life together she was a flats person, and her make-up was sultry and seductive.

There were numerous shots of her getting into limousines, and going in and out of posh restaurants. She wined and dined with older wealthy looking men, and the occasional young foreign looking man. They drove her to secluded parks and exposed places and there she engaged in sex with these strange men.

Sometimes she would give them head, kneeling in the dirt of a parking lot in broad daylight letting them cum in her mouth, and once all over her face, the photos of that detailed and zoomed in. In other shots she let them fuck her, spreading her legs around them as they took her on the hood of the cars, or bent over, leaning out giving them access to her luscious ass.

At the end of these encounters they exchanged bundles of cash, Amy leaning in and kissing them after.

"How much do I owe you?"

"I'm sorry to have to show you those. I've never seen anything like it. You wife isn't working where you told me. They told me she was laid off a month ago. Cut backs. She has cancelled her gym membership, and never goes anywhere with her friends at all."

"How much do I owe you?"

"Mr. Tyrell I have to ask you not to do anything abusive to your wife. I am in a position to be a witness on the stand if any harm what-so-ever comes to your wife, okay? I know what is going on now, and if she is beaten, or... worse... I will have to go to the police. Understand?"

"She won't be hurt. Thank you for your concern. Now how much do I owe you?"

"This will be $1000. I will give you an itemized receipt with all my hours logged and accounted for. The photo development cost as well. I am truly sorry to be the one to have to show you these Mr. Tyrell."

"Thank you. You have been very... efficient. Will a cheque suffice?"

"Yes. Thank you."

David went home and looked at the photos of his wife on her knees with a stranger's cock in her mouth, and with a man she didn't know humping her while she bent over the hood of his car. With a numb sense of failure and self loathing David began to masturbate to images of her fucking men for money.

Even the images of her taking cash for her sordid activities thrilled him sexually while breaking his heart.

When she came home in her business suit, looking slightly mussed and her make-up heavier than usual he went to her quickly and claimed her mouth with his own. Pulling her clothes off he ravished her, his mind swollen with images of her face while she was penetrated by some other man, her features lusty and her mouth open in passion.

David took Amy on the floor of their living room. He tore her panties off ripping them. He bruised her breasts with his grip, her mouth with his kisses and he stabbed into her with his aching cock as hard as he could to try and drive the taint of other men out of her precious pussy.

Amy took all of it and begged him for more, her hunger for him more profound than ever before.

When he spilled himself into her David screamed his anguish at the walls, his hope that his jism could in some way wash out her befouled cunt, knowing nothing could ever abolish the violation of her deeds.

When he was done his climax he leaned over her and kissed her tenderly, silently apologizing for the roughness of the sex. Yet when he started kissing her softly, his mouth wandered and began to kiss her face and neck and then pulling out of her squishy core he kissed her breasts and growing frantic he licked and tasted her skin, the sweat of her activities salty on her skin. Knowing she hadn't showered yet he tried to lick the defilement from her flesh.

Lower and lower he went, his mind reeling with what he was doing, but his body responding arduously. Soon he was hovering over her cunt his mouth drooling as he hesitated. Amy put a hand on his head and he looked up at her.

"Baby, please, I'm not clean. I've been at work all day..."

Finally she had the decency to looked ashamed. As he hovered over her sex, his mouth ready to clean her of the stain of many men David looked at her guilt ridden green eyes and he knew he must do this.

Mustering a smile to assure her this was okay he began to lap at her sodden mound.

The taste of his own cum mingled with the musk of her unwashed sex. Gagging a little, but trying not to let her know it David sucked the spooge from her slit, licking and slurping the abundant fluids.

His heart shattered with knowledge and pain David purified his wife's corrupted cunt with his mouth. Digging into her depths as far as his tongue could reach he delved for the repugnant offal left behind by the men who had contaminated his bride.

Tasting the scum left by them he felt his body approach orgasm once more as he decontaminated her sex. Amy writhed around under his lashing tongue her voice lifted in moans of pleasure as she too reached bliss.

When he could no longer hold back David rose up and impaled her with his cock and they both exploded in orgasm. Arching back away from her David held himself off of his soiled partner while he filled her with yet more spunk. Amy in turn clung to him, her body wracked with pleasure as she clawed at him trying to maintain contact.

They both shuddered with ecstasy as the passion of the moment shattered their minds and filled their bodies with bliss.

Unable to deal with his sense of shame and humiliation David got up and gathered his clothes and left her on the floor confused. He showered in scalding hot water, the door locked to maintain his privacy. And before long he curled up and wept in the bottom of the shower, hot water burning him, but unable to warm his chilled heart.

The emotional distance between Amy and David grew wider, she reached out to him in many ways, but she was rebuffed at each attempt. David withdrew emotionally, and verbally, but he continued to have wonderful, exciting, passionate sex with Amy.

Each time they had sex he grew more physically rough, his need to lay claim to his tiny wife growing more intense. In her turn Amy accepted this new form of loving with quiet endurance. If she knew why David was so inflamed she didn't say, but she was quick to respond to his advances and had many multiple orgasms.

David held her down, or tossed her around into new positions. He dominated her, he took her whenever he could, wherever he could and the sex was fantastic. Taking his cue from the photos David shot his cum onto her face when she was blowing him and her response was to orgasm as his sperm spilled over her.

David couldn't keep his hands off of her, but when not engaged in sex he barely spoke to her.

Amy lost the glowing, happy look she had worn for a month, and David looked worse as well. The couple was tired looking and sullen most of the time together, but at the slightest provocation would tear each other's clothes off and entangle in a mass of lips, tongues and limbs.

David couldn't make a decision about what to do. He needed to tell Amy what he knew, but he couldn't decide if that meant the end of the marriage or not.

He spoke to a co-worker of hers trying to find out what had happened to her at work.

"Hey Lindsey." He said when she picked up her phone at the office. "How are you?"

"Hi David. I'm so sorry about Amy. It just makes me sick. She is really missed." Her voice was so concerned and genuine that David knew her commiseration was sincere.

"Yeah. It's been tough. Amy is pretty low right now."

"Oh gosh, that is terrible. I should call her."

"If you do, don't tell her I called, okay, but I want to know a little about what happened. She doesn't like to talk about it."

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