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Adventure for Me


This is my first attempt at writing about the naughtiness I get up to so be gentle with me! I am a real person- female, 36, blonde, size 14, just normal really. I am happily married to the only man who has ever known what I am really like- and encouraged it. He has challenged me to write about some of my adventures rather than just reading other peoples stories. If this one turns out to be okay, I will continue to tell you guys what I've been up to, but I can only write about reality, so no dragons I'm afraid! As I am a newbie, please comment so I'd know what you people think.

Last week he sent me out to town for the day to play while he was at work. He told me to find myself some strangers to suck and either phone him or film myself while I did. Hey, it's a hard job man!

I took the bus to the town after finding a guy online who agreed (with twisted arm!) to let me suck his cock if he pick me up from the station. I wasted a lot of time with guys who wanted me to go elsewhere to meet them or wanted to meet tomorrow/next week/ whenever convenient, but never found one who would meet when and where I wanted! I was getting a little nervous while I waited outside the train station, worrying that he wouldn't show up. I had no idea what he looked like or what he was called so I texted him to tell him how to spot me.

"I am blonde and dressed in a tight pink jumper, short skirt, lacy tights and heels."

"Very nice," he replied.

I continued walking up and down in front of the station catching the eye of every guy I passed in case it was him. If anyone had had the sense to chat to me, they would have got their cock sucked just in case!

A couple of minutes later a car horn beeped and a youngish dark-haired guy in a black t-shirt and jeans waved me over. I was so relieved he had turned up that I jumped straight in the car and asked him if he was here to cum down my throat.

He looked quite shocked at my bluntness which made me worry I had the wrong car, but said yes and we drove off!

He asked why I was looking for strangers cocks to suck and if my husband was really okay with me doing this.

I told him I was allowed to swallow as much as I liked of him, but that day but I had to get him to film me or phone my husband whilst I made him shoot down my throat. I made it clear that I would be the one calling the shots here- literally!

He was happy with that and even happier when I pulled up my skirt and told him how wet I had got thinking about being so naughty. He slid his hand over my thigh and straight to the dampness of my knickers. He ran his fingers over my pussy while he drove and I ran my fingernails over the bulge in his jeans. I gripped his cock through his trousers as it got harder and swelled up. I was unable to get at his belt or the fly of his jeans past his seat belt though. I rolled my tights and knickers off onto his floor and spread my legs as wide as a passenger seat allows. After he tried to change gear with his right hand rather than removing his left from my pussy for a second, I told him to find somewhere to park whilst I fingered my pussy for him. His cock was rock hard in my hand and the poor guy could hardly think where he was driving as I slid my fingers in and out of my soaking cunt and told him how horny and slutty I was feeling. I dread to think what the car behind us thought.

He finally found a turn off to a closed down school with a path to a nature walk area at the back of the car park. He parked the car and grabbed a fleece blanket from the back seat. I pulled up my tights and followed him down the path. The path went around a corner and the ground dipped behind a small hedge which was secluded enough- given how horny we both were.

He knelt down on the blanket and I knelt in front of him and undid his jeans. His cock sprang out nicely thick, good length and very erect! I moaned and slid my lips around it. I worked the whole thing into my mouth and flicked my tongue over the tip. He groaned and put his hand on the back of my head. The other hand slid up my skirt and pulled my tights and knickers back down over my ass.

"Oh god yes, that's great. Swallow it all."

I just moaned around the base of his cock and ran my fingers down to his balls.

He slid his fingers into my soaking pussy as I persevered to fit his whole cock in my mouth and he ground his hips against my face. His cock was a lovely thickness and size and I was rolling his balls in my hand.

"Please can I fuck that lovely wet pussy," he asked.

I was horny as hell by now and didn't need asking twice. I turned around and presented my bare ass and pussy to him.

He couldn't wait and grabbed my hips and slid his cock straight up me to the balls. I moaned and came like nothing else as he fucked me hard, doggy style outside in broad daylight at ten am!

He thrust his cock right in and out of me hard and told me how hot my cunt was around it. As I was coming and bucking on his cock, he asked if he could fuck my ass too.

"That cock is way too big for my ass," I said.

As I spoke he started to shudder and groan loudly.

"Oh yes I'm gonna cum" he moaned.

I slid his cock out of me and turned around just in time to take his whole cock down my throat and feel his spunk shooting to the back of my throat. I gagged and choked a bit as it filled my mouth and throat and then swallowed the lot.

"Oh that's good, swallow it all. Oh wow yes" He panted as he came.

"I have never cum that quick in my life" He said,then laid me back and made me come again by fucking my slippery pussy with three of his fingers. I groaned, squirmed and told him how great it felt quite loudly as I came.

As I slowly re-joined the world from my orgasm, I realized just how open and exposed the tiny area of park behind a hedge was. I could hear traffic and conversation nearby and could feel quite a breeze on my bare ass! I had my knickers round my ankles, make-up smeared everywhere and had just been fucked in the park in the middle of the morning. I was shocked at myself!

As I dressed and walked back to the car we passed an elderly dog walker on their way down the path.

"That was close" I said.

"Erm, my names Lee," said the guy whose cock I had just used.

"I can't believe that happened, it was amazing! Especially considering that I thought it was too good to be true and you would be an old bearded bloke! Do you mind if I give my mate your number?"

"Cheeky," I said but told him to get his mate to text me if he could meet up today. It was then I realized that I had got so carried away and horny that I had completely forgotten to phone my husband or to film the encounter for him!

"Uh oh, I'm gonna have to do a forfeit for this one!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/31/17


If it were me I wouldn't have said I was cumming I would have filled her vagina with greater pleasure than putting it down her throat, anyway she has a chance of an orgasm with it hitting her vagina walls.

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by Anonymous10/15/17


Ladies who read your story will be especially pleased by it. There is a slut deep inside all of us.

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by Anonymous10/15/17

Damn sweety

OMG when i was reading i felt like i am that strange guy ...
Wish i was him

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by Anonymous10/15/17

Great story

I'd love to cum down your throat... I wish my wife was
Like you... Look forward to more stories

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by Insignia10/15/17

Interesting first story

Not much build up or drama. Maybe start at the beginning. How did you get to this point?

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