I am driving home from work. I've had a long week, and all I can think about is coming home to you. It's the beginning of the weekend, and you've promised me a night out. I'm tired, and I'm not sure that I am up for it, but you're being all secretive and I am excited to see what you have in mind.

I walk into the door and you're there. You grab me and kiss me, holding me close. As your grip loosens, you kiss my cheek and tell me to get ready. I look up into your eyes and you're smiling at me. I wish I could see into your thoughts, but you're not giving up anything. I feel my body react. I know that we're going to have an adventure. I know you're about to push my limits, and it turns me on.

I choose my outfit carefully. I want you to be proud to be with me. I want to look hot for you so that you know that I am wanted by all, but I am yours. I make sure that my tits are pushed up and are displayed for you. I brush some glitter across them so that they will sparkle and draw more attention. I know how much you love my legs, so I keep my skirt short and tight. As I slip on my heels and start to feel like I am ready for you, I feel you slide behind me and wrap your arms around the front of me. Your cock is hard already and I can feel it pressing against me. Whatever the adventure is, it's turning you on.

That knowledge makes my head light and my senses jump. I press back against you, pressing and rubbing my ass against your cock. You grab my tit hard, and slide your hand between my legs grabbing me and pulling me tighter. I feel your breath as your voice fills my head. "Be still. You have to wait."

I moan in frustration as you step away from me. Taking my hand and leading me out the door. Tonight, I don't get to drive. You put me in the car and close the door. I have a smile on my face that won't go away. I love this control that you're exuding. It's creating a sexual energy between us that is almost palpable. As you start the engine and pull out of our driveway, I feel my clit harden and my juices start to flow. I just want you to touch me and give me a release from the tension of the difficult week I've had and the tension that you're creating inside of me. I put my hand on your leg, and you let me caress you for a moment or two before you move it away from you. You look at me and smile to make sure that I don't take it like rejection. "Wait"

I lean my head back, barely able to focus on where you're taking me. I close my eyes, letting all of my control and worry go. Tonight I am completely in your hands. I trust you enough to follow where ever you take me. My thoughts quiet and I just let myself feel; my whole body tingling with electricity.

When I open my eyes, we're at a restaurant I've never seen before. You put your hand on my waist as we walk inside. The heat of just your hand is almost enough to set me off. I just want to turn into you, but you guide me forward to a booth back in a dark corner. We can see the whole place from where we are sitting, but we are secluded enough to feel alone.

You slide in next to me in the booth and order drinks for us. We talk just like always. Joking and laughing. The tension is still there. I am conscious that you are sitting a few inches away, holding my hand but keeping a tiny bit of distance. It drives me insane, but the look in your eyes makes me know that it's all your game with me tonight. I can see how much you want me. I know that the control that you have over me is just as much self-control over yourself.

We're already high as fuck from the weed we smoked earlier, and after a drink or two the control begins to slip. I get more aggressive and slide my hand between your legs, stroking your hard cock through your pants. I've wanted you for hours now, and I am dying with desire. I feel my head swim as you move my hand away again. Your lips kiss me gently, and then you take my chin and turn my head. A group of women just came in and you point them out. There are four of them. They look a little wild and it's obvious that they've already been drinking from their conversation. I watch them for a while; feeling you watch me. Your lips move to my ear, whispering low. "Pick one."

I look up at you, a little startled and unsure. I can see it in your eyes. You're willing me to accept what you're offering. I'm scared. I'm not sure that I can do this. This is more than the lap dance. That turned me on, watching the desire in your eyes and body as you sat there being teased and sexually tormented. I know how much you wanted that bitch. And when you fucked me that night, it was amazing; hard and fast and almost desperate. You came harder than you ever had before. I want to give that to you again. I want to top that feeling for you. I always want to give you more. Bring you higher than I have before. It's my own personal challenge. I want to push my own limits. I want to feel more. Experience more of what only you can give me.

We've touched on this in our talks. You know what I think I am going to be okay with. You know what is going to scare me. I turn to look at the women again. I begin to look at them a little differently; looking at them as options. My thoughts racing and my panic starting to take hold as my heart pounds and my hands shake and I feel myself flush. I look back into your eyes. You're scared too. You're not sure what I'm going to say or how I will react. I can see the love in your eyes. You're still holding onto the control, but under it there's uncertainty. You're trusting me too.

My hands stop shaking. But a tear comes to my eye as I look at you. I love you so much, but I'm scared. Scared of how I will feel. Scared of what you will do. Scared of the afterwards. Of what this will mean to our relationship. Just as I open my mouth to speak, still unsure of what I am going to say; you quietly tell me that I am really the one in control. I can make any of it stop at any time. And if I can't go any further, that's okay too. You ask me not to decide yet, to watch them for a while. To let you guide me. I nod my head, unable to form words, looking at the love in your eyes again; feeling my trust in you, as I turn in the seat leaning against you a little and watching as you asked.

I look at each of the ladies in turn. Physically they are mostly similar. They are the kind of females that gravitate toward each other and form groups. They are definitely giggly and having fun. One seems a bit more reserved, throwing snide comments in on occasion. I start to focus on her. I glance up at you and you're watching me intently. A small smile crosses your face as you see me start to accept.

I turn back with new resolve to play scenarios in my head and judge how I feel. I want this to work. But I need to be real with myself. I love you for giving me time to work it through. You know when to let me think and when to push me so I can't think anymore. You read me so well.

My dark haired beauty with an attitude was telling one of the other girls about some guy at the bar and how she had played him. She is cute, plump but not overly so. Her cleavage was swelling over her top. Physically I found her attractive and I know you do too.

I picture you touching her, grabbing her tits. For a moment my heart starts to beat faster. A little fear is there; a little jealousy. But then as I turn the image around in my mind, I notice my nipples tighten and my breathing change. I'm turned on.

I think about your mouth on her, sucking her neck, her tit. My fear starts to fade and I can feel myself falling into the thought; your hand stroking her pussy. I keep pushing myself further. Waiting for my imagination to come up with something I don't like; her touching you, stroking your thick long hard cock.

I've pictured you fucking other woman a lot. It's hard not to with some of the roads that we've been walking in our relationship. Those times I was upset and the thought was difficult. I felt you had a connection with these women. I felt like I wasn't giving you everything you needed if you needed to go elsewhere. This time as I picture you fucking this girl, it's different. It's a different perspective. She's a toy. We're playing with her together. I felt the same about the stripper. She was just another addition to keep things new and exciting; to push my limits. This bitch is the same. And it's turning me on.

I play around with more thoughts in my head. I start to insert myself with you and her. I think about playing with her tits while you're fucking her. I think about kissing you while your cock is slamming into her. I'm getting wetter and more sensitized. I can feel the cool air on my skin. The lights seem bright. My head is swimming. I've made my choice. I'm ready to go further. I point her out. I admit that part of my decision is to give you a challenge. I like her spark. I like that you'll have to work for it. She thinks she plays men. She's been making comments about it the whole time I've been watching her.

I reach up and touch your face. I whisper my one request. No kissing. That picture was disturbing. Keep it physical. You ask if that is it. I nod and smile and kiss you long and soft. This is a boundary I'm sure of. This is mine. I can feel your love here and I won't share this part.

You kiss me one more time. Then you tell me that you'll be right back. I watch you move across the room to the table of ladies. I know you'll work your magic. After a few minutes of conversation and banter I see her body language change. You're luring her in. You look up and motion me over. I smile to myself. You impress me every time.

When I arrive I sit next to you. You introduce her. She's agreed to join us for the evening. As we speak she's watching me; judging me. I am aware that she's got some game she thinks she's playing. She feels in control of the situation somehow. The challenge is still there. We gather our things and walk to the parking lot. You tell her to follow us and we go to the car. I feel the panic start again. You reach over and kiss me; reassuring me, making me feel my faith in you. As we drive away, the panic fades a little.

You drive us to a nearby hotel. It's one of the pay by the hour joints. You know to keep this on neutral territory. We need to have our sanctuary that just belongs to us. This place is perfect. The atmosphere adds a nuance to the feeling of stepping outside of our world for the night. You feel comfortable here and it adds to my discomfort and that adds electricity.

While you walk in to arrange the room, I look over into the car that pulled in next to us. She's watching me as we sit waiting. I love that you let me choose. I know it's helping me fight some insecurity. Feel more in control. She looks a little cocky, like she has something to prove. I understand where she's at. I've been that cynical. She has a confidence that I lacked, but I know the desire to play the game better than the player. I can see it in her eyes and how she interacts with you. She has no respect for you. You turn her on with your attention and sexiness and game. But she doesn't like you. And she pities me.

That she sees me as a victim taps into my own desire to prove something. She has no idea yet. She will realize that I am the lucky one at some point. Maybe not tonight, but the next time she's alone and her hand drifts between her legs. Her fantasies will be my reality. I have already won. That gives me a confidence and power she doesn't understand yet.

You come out of the office and come around and open my door. I get out and you stand in front of me. Facing me and away from her. You're giving me an opportunity to back out. I pull you close to me, really giving myself a moment to consider.

I want this. I want to see where we can take this. I feel your cock, hard and pressing against me. I kiss you deep and long. My hand reaches and brushes against your cock just once, briefly. I smile at you and ask which room. I know once we walk through the door, you won't pause again. Even if you think you should. The corruption part of you will take over; the part that wants this badly. I like knowing that. It frees me a little bit. I want to be pushed. I want to be tempted until I break. Just like our first time.

You motion to her and we walk into our room. It's simple. Clean but outdated. There's one bed that seems to loom between the three of us. I walk to a chair and sit, feeling awkward and unsure. The TV is on a porn channel playing low moans. It adds to the atmosphere of electricity.

You walk to her and slide her jacket off. You look over to me. Your eyes are burning. I wonder if you could stop right now if I asked. You're caught up in the moment. I can see it in how you move and how your hands glide down her shoulders as you slip the straps of her top down. Her tits are spilling out or her bra. You turn her around so that her ample ass is against you and she's facing me.

As I watch I feel the panic start. This is not okay. My emotions begin to rise as your hands glide over her nipples. My adrenaline changes my breathing and my heart is pounding. This is wrong. As your fingers begin to unbutton her pants, I open my mouth to speak but no words will come. My hands tighten on the arms of the chair as I fight for control. I can't break my gaze away. As her pants hit the floor you look at me, seeing instantly. You see my panic. And you see my desire beneath that.

Watching me, you slow down. Judging my reactions, but not stopping completely. She looks up at me too. This is what she wants. She wants me to stop you. She wants to make issues between us. She wants to make you want her enough to piss me off. That is her game. She wants to break us. She thinks she's saving me. She has no idea.

Her hand reaches behind her and she strokes your cock through your pants. Her eyes never leave mine. It starts to change something for me. I feel the game and the challenge. And I want to win. Your eyes rise and meet mine. I nod almost without moving, but you see it. You see it in more than the nod. You see it in my being.

You whisper something in her ear that I can't make out and sit her on the bed. You reach your hand to me pulling me up and walking me to the bed, sitting me next to her. I am between the two of you; my whole body on high alert. Muscles tense and breathing harsh. I close my eyes and breath deeper, trying to shut off my thoughts. You kiss me and tell me to trust you. I nod as you rub my neck and kiss me again. The panic subsides a little. I have control again.

You produce a blunt from somewhere and light it up. As you pass it to me you tell me to look at her. You turn me and pull me back against you, your hands moving up and down my arms and across my breasts. You know that your touch calms me. As I inhale and hold the smoke, my body relaxes. I feel the buzz calm me and help me to feel the desire. I hit it again until I feel it through my whole body. She turns sideways and brings her knee up. I can smell her through her panties. The scents of her wet pussy, alcohol and weed fill my senses.

She starts to stroke her pussy. Watching us. Watching you. Watching me. Watching her. I can see her skin and pussy glistening as your hands slowly remove my clothing, brushing against my hot skin. My eyes never leaving her body and what she's doing to herself. As my bra drops to the floor, you pull me tight against you. Pinching and twisting my nipple. I moan, unable to control my desire.

You place one of my hands between my legs and the other on her inner thigh. I watch her fingers moving. I begin to match her rhythm on my pussy. Watching her pussy redden. Her clit hard and poking through her inner lips as her fingers move across it. My hand massaging her leg. Our hands working together.

I look up to see you watching us. Stroking your cock. You see the invitation in my eyes and move closer to slide your cock in my mouth. As I start to stroke and lick your hardness, I see movement. And then she's there, sucking your balls into her mouth.

You sit on the edge of the bed and lean back giving full access to your massive manhood. A pang of possessiveness hits me while watching her. Then I remember what I read from her earlier, her game. I look at you and I can see and hear how good this feels to you. How fucking turned on you are. It's all I need. She doesn't get it. The more turned on you are, the more it all works for me. The more she succeeds in making you feel good, the more my own body reacts; the more that I accept this limit being pushed further. She has no idea.

I let her continue her ministrations as I stroke your cock lightly. Licking and sucking around the head. I know how you like to be touched. I know all the places you like to be touched. I've explored every inch of your skin and I've learned you. Your body tenses. You're close already. A smile spreads across my face as I watch you. I'm ready to play.

I keep stroking you but I pull back a little. You come back from the edge. You rise on your elbows. Reaching to her tit, I start to stroke her nipple. Gently rolling it between my fingers, watching her fingers move faster and her breathing quicken even more. She likes what I am doing. When I look up at you, you're watching me. Your eyes are willing me to go further. You want more. I want to give it to you. This makes it work for me, your desire. A part of me is turned on by her, but about you.

My hand moves down her body. My eyes not leaving your face; your eyes following my movements. I slide a finger into her, slowly pumping in and out of her. She's close to coming. I pump faster, pushing her over on purpose. Making her lose control, exerting my control. Listening to her whimpers as her come flows over my fingers. I remove my fingers and turn to you; putting my fingers in your mouth. Letting you taste her; loving your reaction.

I move behind her to sit, bringing my hands around to play with her tits. Pulling at them. Groping them. Waiting for your next move. Trusting you to know what happens next. Mentally giving you all the power over me. Letting go of all of my control. Submitting to you completely.

My pussy is wet and hot against her ass as she sits between my legs. I am aching for you. I want you so bad that it hurts. You see it; taking it as the green light. You grab her legs and spread them, burying your face in her pussy. Being rough with her most sensitive parts, sucking hard and nibbling hard. She's writhing, squirming against me. I pull her hair away from her face, stroking her neck while still punishing her nipples.

My hips rock and I know I'm going to come, the sounds of her impending orgasm pushing me closer. I feel the shame of it and release it. I don't care. I am yours and I have no guilt in anything that turns you on. I let myself go. You hear me and look up. The look you give me thrills me and brings me to the edge instantly. You quickly move between my legs. Your thick, hard cock sticking straight out from your body. Her hands move on me the way that mine had on her. She's rough. She's angry. She's frustrated. She wants your cock. She hates herself for it.

You slide into me, deep and hard and fast. Her hands on my skin. Torturing me. Making me squirt instantly. Making me explode. I scream your name. Moaning it through my orgasm.

You stop, pulling out of me. You're still rock hard. You shove your cock in her mouth; shoving it down her throat. I watch her gag on you. Your hand is tight in her hair, fucking her mouth hard. I know she can taste me on you. My hand playing with her pussy, rubbing down across her asshole. She moans as I slip a finger in her ass, slowing sawing in and out. She's sopping wet. I whisper to you. I want you to go further, for you and for me too. I ask you to fuck her for me. I whisper it so she can hear it. Her final bit of cockiness leaves her. She begs you. She pleads. You stand her up and turn her around pushing her forward, lying across the bed. Her ass pointed in the air at you, her head between my legs. I stroke her hair, watching your face. I see the desire. You slide into her hard. Once... Twice... Shoving her forward into me.

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