tagErotic CouplingsAdventures In BabySitting

Adventures In BabySitting


Jimmy stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He dried himself hastily, so his shoulder length hair was still wet as he slipped into his robe and made his way to the bedroom. The clock on the wall told him he was going to be late.

"Shit," he said. "Better get a move on".

He opened the wardrobe and selected his clothes for the evening. A cream suit, white shirt with brown brogues. No tie. Smart but not too formal. Perfect for a romantic dinner with his girl.

He laid the clothes out on his bed and slipped out of the robe. Then he caught sight of himself in the bedroom mirror.

"Damn," he cursed, rubbing the palm of his hand against the stubble on his chin. In his haste he had forgotten to shave. So he left his clothes spread out on the bed and went back to the bathroom.

Across town, Emily was listening to some disco records and enjoying a beer. She was dressed in hot pants, a man,s shirt and tie, and knee high socks. Her jet black hair was bunched up in pigtails, and she wore thick set glasses as a fashion statement, not necessity.

Beneath her eyes she had applied black mascara, and her lips were painted a shocking red. She lay back on a bean bag, smoking and tapping her feet in rhythm to the music. Her shirt was unbuttoned enough to expose the frilly laced edges of her push up bra. This affected position pushed her breasts upward, giving the impression of a remarkable cleavage.

Emily was feeling great. The beer was working, making her feel sexy and bold. She couldn't really say when her hand had slid into her hot pants, working beneath the hem of her panties to stroke between the pink folds of her pussy.

She rubbed slowly at first, her hand working by itself. Then, as the sensations grew more intense, she stroked faster, rocking her hips against the movement of her hand. She took a pull on her cigarette as she masturbated. She was incredibly horny.

But then her cell phone rang. Emily had been expecting the call, and it was a call she had to take. She slid the hand out from between her thighs and grabbed the phone from the floor.

"Yes?" she answered with sexy oriental tones. "What time do you need me?"

Emily nodded as the caller spoke.

"Ok, see you soon. You tell him to expect me, yes?"

Emily cancelled the call and sat upright on the bean bag. She killed the stereo, finished the cigarette, then looked down to her groin and patted between her thighs.

"I deal with you later," she purred, then stood up and made for the door.

Jimmy was still in his robe applying some after shave when the door bell rang. It rang twice before he heard it. He put the bottle down and went down stairs, creeping over the tiled floor that was cold against his bare feet.

As he approached the door he saw the silhouette of a medium height girl standing on the other side of the frosted glass. He noted long legs jutting from a very short skirt, and if he was not mistaken, pigtails. From her sideways position, he could also make out the round definition of her breasts. This would be the baby sitter.

Jimmy had got the call earlier that day. Her name was Emily, the agency had told him. A popular girl of Japanese / American parentage. She had sat for many couples in the neighbourhood and came highly recommended. Some of the guys at the office spoke very highly of her. But, even though he was expecting her, Jimmy didn't much feel like entertaining nineteen year old girls. Not until he opened the door and saw Emily in all her oriental beauty. She was stunning.

"Hi," she giggled, still half stoned as she stood on the porch her high heels. "You must be Jimmy, right?"

Jimmy smiled weakly.

"Um, yeah," he replied, strangely nervous. "Emily?"

She nodded and flashed a cheeky smile.

"Yes. I'm from the agency. You're expecting me?"

Jimmy nodded. He took a side wards step and gestured for Emily to step inside.

"Please, come in."

He followed her with his eyes as she tottered into the house. He watched the tight cheeks of her ass roll in hot pants and tightened the belt of his gown as a safety measure.

"God damn," he whispered to himself. He shut the door and followed Emily inside.

She was looking around the lounge, handling some porcelain items from above the fireplace.

"Please be careful with those," Jimmy asked. "They're quite expensive."

Emily sighed and placed the objects down.

"Don't worry Jimmy," she purred, approaching him slowly. "I look after you're things. And, I look after you, right?"

Jimmy laughed weakly. "Um, yes. Thank you."

Emily stood inches from him, playing with her pigtails.

"I look after you real good!"

Jimmy pinked and gave a startled cough.

"Listen", he stammered. "I must go and get dressed. My girlfriend will be home shortly. She's at some Tupperware party thing. I won't be long."

Emily smiled and blew Jimmy a kiss as he ascended the stairs and re-entered the bathroom.

Jimmy shut the door fast and pulled the lock tight. What a girl! He clenched his fists and pounded them against his temples. There were thoughts in his head that he knew he shouldn't entertain. Thoughts of Emily naked, spread eagled on a bed with him between her open thighs, cock in hand, penetrating the mouth of her wet pussy!

Jimmy looked at himself in the mirror. He was hot with perspiration, and trembling. Emily had really gotten to him. He looked down to his crotch. His cock was poking through the slit of his gown. Jimmy pulled at the belt and freed his upright penis from the restraint of the gown. It was completely erect and twitching. Droplets of cum had already formed at the tip. What was that Prince had once said? Never waste an erection?

So he pulled open the gown and took his cock in hand. Jimmy clenched it tight and began stroking the shaft, then concentrated his efforts at the head with finger and thumb, where the sensations were most delicious. He let out a silent moan. His balls shook as he pounded his cock. He thought of Emily presenting her backside to him as he watched himself masturbate in the mirror. The thought of fucking Emily was too much. Jimmy gasped and gave a final flurry with his hand. His hips bucked and he ejaculated hot tears of cum onto the marbled floor.

Jimmy exhaled loudly and wiped cleaned his mess with some paper towels. Now he could be in the room with Emily and not have bad thoughts. He had come, so the need was gone. For now, at least.

He fixed his gown cleaned then left to make for the bedroom. It was then that he was startled to see Emily in the corridor only inches from the bathroom door.

"Emily," he exclaimed. "What are you doing up here?"

She smiled mischievously and gave Jimmy a little wink.

"I need to pee. What took you so long in there?"

Jimmy blushed and began to stammer again. "I was, um, getting ready," he said. Emily walked up close to him.

"As long as that's all you were doing," she remarked, then brushed her body up against Jimmy's as she squeezed past him and into the bathroom.

Jimmy watched incredulously as Emily shut the door, her sultry gaze never leaving his. Then he shook his head and walked into the bedroom.He sat on the bed and put his head in his hands. His fiancée couldn't come home soon enough! This was a dangerous situation he was in. The girl was dynamite. No wonder she came with so many recommendations!

Jimmy began to undress when there was the sudden intrusion of loud music coming from downstairs and, he thought, the sound of breaking porcelain. Again Jimmy fastened his robe and hurried to the lounge to see what the commotion was. He was amazed at what he saw.

Emily was slow dancing by herself to some horrid hip hop tune at the foot of the stairs. She had one foot on the carpet but her other leg was raised over the banister so she was sat astride it. Slowly, she gyrated hips in rhythm to the music. Her head was thrown back, her mouth open in a wide 'O', and a hand was placed gently at her throat. Jimmy could not believe his eyes.

Emily was pleasuring herself against the banister! She was physically humping the railing and didn't care who saw it. It was as if she was sat astride a man, rocking to and fro and totally lost in the moment. Jimmy walked past her, in the direction of the stereo, and switched off the music.

It had little affect on Emily. She still rubbed herself frantically against the banister, totally oblivious to Jimmy's presence. He approached her angrily.

"What the hell are you doing," he demanded. Emily opened her eyes and smiled happily.

"Enjoying myself," she replied, continuing her pleasurable movements against the banister. Jimmy's patience became fraught.

"Will you stop that please. Are you crazy?" he asked her.

"Possibly," she replied.

Slowly she raised her thigh and lifted a leg over the banister. Then she walked towards him, unbuttoning her shirt. Jimmy could not move as Emily approached him like a panther approaches it's prey, her shirt now undone to the waist. He was wide eyed as her flat stomach was revealed, and the delicious swell of her breasts revived the stirrings in his loins. He was rock hard by the time she stopped only inches from him.

"You'd better stop," he said weakly. "My girlfriend?"

"Is at some Tupperware party," Emily interrupted, throwing her shirt to the floor. "She won't be home for a long time yet."

Jimmy stood helpless as Emily fingered the clasp of her bra, then slid the straps off her pale shoulders to fully reveal her magnificent breasts. They were large and rounded, exquisitely pert specimens that protruded from her chest like over ripe melons. Jimmy pleaded helplessly as Emily clasped her bosoms and turned her back to him, gyrating her ass against his crotch.

"Emily, please stop."

But his words were wasted. Emily took his hands in her own and placed them on her soft breasts. He sighed as his fingers clasped the warm flesh and squeezed into them. Then Emily tilted her head sideways and found his mouth with hers.

The kiss was passionate, urgent. Her tongue was in his mouth, hungry for his kiss. Emily led Jimmy slowly to the couch and sat him down on the cushions. Her hand found the opening of his robe, then took hold of his straining cock. Her fingers traced the stem as they kissed. Jimmy then moaned into her open mouth as Emily began to pump his erection. With each sharp flick of her wrist, Jimmy felt his passion rising.

Now he was begging Emily not to stop. Her mouth was upon his chest. The robe was wide open, and her little nibbling kisses made their way to his stomach and then his groin. She kissed his cock from base to head, licking the shaft, then swallowed the length of it in her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly at first, nibbling the head with her teeth, her tongue flitting across the opening of his foreskin.

Jimmy gasped. Emily was on all fours on the leather couch, her head in his lap, sucking greedily on his cock. He placed his hand on her rounded ass and found an opening in her pink panties. His finger found the wet opening of her pussy and he pushed it in up to the knuckle.

As Emily sucked his cock Jimmy fingered her cunt, fucking her from behind with his hand. Emily gasped with delight. As she moaned his cock fell out from between her cherry lips so she clasped it firm between the soft flesh of her breasts. Instinctively Jimmy rocked his hips, thrusting upwards, lost in the delirious sensation of his cock being massaged between the babysitter's breasts. At the same time is hand was thrusting in and out of her gushing pussy, his fingers coated with her honey.

Both were delirious with pleasure; Jimmy with his cock sandwiched between pert breasts, and she on all fours with fingers pleasuring her cunt. Emily sighed as she felt his other reach under her belly and extend to finger her clit.

Jimmy felt his passion rising. He accelerated the upward thrust of his hips, feeling the sensation of orgasm gather at his cock head. But Emily seemed to sense this and withdrew. Jimmy's cock flopped against his stomach and his hand fell away from her pussy as Emily reclined against the leather couch. She grinned slyly and lifted her hips. Her fingers tugged at the elastic of her panties and pulled them off her hips and down towards her feet. Jimmy removed them with his teeth and threw them to the floor.

Emily leaned back on her elbows and opened her thighs, smooth insides coated with her juices. She presented her cunt to Jimmy and he moved in without words. His face was inches from her delicate slit, he could smell her intoxicating pussy. Greedily he bowed his head and placed his mouth upon her opening.

She had shaved her pubic hair and the stubble tickled his nose and chin. He extended his tongue and forced it into her hole. Emily sighed with pleasure. Jimmy stabbed her cunt with his tongue, then flicked it rapidly upon the pink folds of her clit. She dug her fingernails into his scalp, forcing him to tongue fuck her harder.

The soft flesh of her thighs were pressed against his ears and her feet wrapped tight against his neck as Jimmy machine gunned her cunt with his tongue. Emily thrust her hips upward to meet the rhythm of his tongue, her ass squeaking against the cold leather as she gyrated and screamed with delight.

Then she took his head in her hands and pulled him upward so his body lay vertically to hers. His chest pressed against her warm breasts and his cock head was erect at the mouth of her pussy. Emily kissed Jimmy hungrily and her hands fell to his ass. She dug her fingers into his taut ass cheeks and gave a hard push.

With one easy movement his cock was inside her. She grit her teeth as his length pierced her cunt. Jimmy gave a loud sigh of pleasure. Her pussy was the tightest he had fucked. He forced his tongue inside her mouth as he made long, slow thrusts inside her.

Emily spread her legs wide and wrapped her thighs around Jimmy's back. She moaned noisily into Jimmy's mouth as he rode her. Her hands were on his ass, directing the movement of his groin against hers. Jimmy looked down at her breasts shaking with the force of his body violating hers. Her stomach was flat and taut as her body contorted to receive him, her skin flushed scarlet and perspiring.

Jimmy could her hear squeal with each thrust of his cock. He reached down with his hands and took hold of her exposed ass cheeks. His fingers gripped the taut flesh and Emily gasped.

"Ah, yes!" she exclaimed. "You fuck me good!"

Jimmy thrust urgently , pounding his cock into her young body. He took hold of a meaty breast and placed his mouth upon it. He sucked hungrily on the plump flesh as his seductress squealed beneath him. She was like a scalded feline, thrusting up against him with an insane, screaming desire.

Emily then placed her hands on Jimmy's chest and pushed him away. She lay him down on the couch and sat astride him. She took hold of his enlarged cock and bore down upon it. She swallowed him up to the hilt, then began rocking back and forth upon him. She stretched her arms upward so her body became as long and nimble as a blade of grass.

Jimmy took hold of her breasts and squeezed them as Emily bounced upon his lap. She moaned eagerly, her face contorted in pleasure. It was time. Emily placed her hands of Jimmy's chest and thrust her hips back and forth repeatedly, her breasts flapping wildly as she came. She gave a long moan of pleasure then collapsed upon Jimmy.

"Oh baby, you fuck me good" she said.

Jimmy gasped as she eased herself of his cock and slid down to take it in her mouth. She pulled her lips along the length of his thick penis then took hold of it between her thumb and finger. With the head still in her mouth, Emily stroked Jimmy's cock until she heard the rise of his moaning and felt his hips bucking.

With a final flick of her wrist Jimmy groaned and Emily felt the hot jets of cum streak her lips and cheek. She licked the last droplets of cum from his cock head then slid to the floor. Her cell phone was ringing in her bag. She took it out and answered, her face still streaked with cum.

"Hi, Sarah," she said. "What are you doing?"

"I'm at the Mcready's babysitting, remember? How are you? Just checking in?"

Emily smiled.

"Oh, just good" she said. "I call you later. Bit busy now."

With that Emily hung up and smiled at Jimmy.

"Come on," she said. "You better dress. Your girlfriend will be home soon, yes?"

To Be Continued.

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