tagBDSMAdventures in Buttermilk Falls

Adventures in Buttermilk Falls


Merritt came into the Dungeonopolis gift shop with Darrell's chastity belt in her hands, looking exasperated.

Hinton smiled.

He enjoyed Merritt, she was fun and cute, and they had a flirtatious relationship, though of course he was a good forty five years older than she.

Hinton actually was a retired mechanical engineer; he'd had a hobby of building and repairing various BDSM paraphernalia.

Yes, and he'd begun helping out at the gift shop on weekends while he was still at his "real job."

Hinton had enjoyed that, and the owner of the PainCafe had, in return, given him a small salary and serious discounts on things he was unable to build for himself and Letty.

His Letty. He'd met her at the '46 Dartmouth Winter Carnival, he'd thought she was Rita Hayworth slumming... and they'd followed up at a Dartmouth-Smith mixer a few months later.

Then he'd made a rude remark to her when she'd come up for the weekend, and she'd taken his pants down and whipped him with her silver-handled hairbrush, and Hinton had known he was in love.

Oh, the good times back then!

Right after they'd married, Letty had instructed Hinton to design a small hardwood box with a small hole in it that she'd locked around his cock and balls...

Yes when Hinton had asked about his next orgasm, Letty had thrashed Hinton's bare buttocks with her granddad's old buggy whip until he bled...she didn't fool around!

After Hinton had returned from Korea, he'd taken Letty around the world, and they'd purchased an Iron Maiden chastity belt in Germany.

This was a little rougher on Hinton's cock and balls, it was quite medieval compared to the newer models they developed later, but it had worked well for Hinton.

She'd bought a knout, a nasty thing that took Hinton's skin off when she used it, but it really made him respect Letty...

They'd also gone to a professional dungeon in France, and Mistress Veronique had locked Hinton in a kneeling stock and Mistress V.

Letty had taken turns thrashing his bare ass with bullwhips, and then he'd been taken in the rear by Mistress V's male slave Jean-Goulet...

Yes, it had been quite an ordeal!

In '64 Hinton had gotten a job transfer to Buttermilk Falls, and through the kinky grapevine, what there was of it back then, they'd discovered the PainCafe, which of course was very hush-hush then.

Not like now, when they advertised in the alternative weeklies, no sir.

Things were much different then. Worse than homosexuality, really.

No more just tying Hinton over the davenport armrest and whipping his bare ass! No, they finally got to visit their first American dungeon, right there in the cellar of the PainCafe.

And as soon as Hinton saw the St. Andrew's Cross, he took a look, did a bit of mental measurement and was able to reconstruct the thing at home, in their basement.

When she'd seen the Cross, re-created in her basement, Letty had been so thrilled!

But Letty had just coldly upbraided Hinton for taking so long in building it.

Letty had ordered him to undress so she could lock him to it, and thrash him with the cat o 9 tails she'd bought at the PainCafe.

Ah those were the days, eh?

Hinton was locked in the Iron Maiden about twenty-eight days out of the month, and only occasionally did he get out to masturbate—

Yes. their children were fathered by God knows who...Letty loved him, but unfortunately just as a "friend."

And so Hinton had started the Men's Chastity Discussion, now called ChasteBois—young people had to rename it of course.

Times change and there are always transitions.

But discussing the shameful fact that you were being cuckolded and locked in chastity by your wife, and that she was making you service her lovers—

It was just great to confide in the other guys.

Around the time of Nixon's resignation, Letty had begun developing an even more extensive night life—

Yes, the discos, and swinger parties, and all that nasty stuff of the Seventies.

Hinton of course had been forbidden from participating in any of this—

Except as an oral servant of the various guests, and waiting tables by their pool.

It seemed like a hell of a note, serving these brash young fellows mixed drinks while dressed in a loincloth by his very own swimming pool.

Yes, but that was what Letty required, and of course Hinton had wanted her to be happy!

In 1985, Letty had grown somewhat depressed, because she just didn't bring the boys in any more...

Yes at her age it was hard for her to find lovers!

She'd unfortunately taken this out on poor Hinton.

Instead of his once every six weeks orgasm, Letty had put him on a twice-yearly contract, and hired out a male prostitute to milk Hinton from behind periodically so he'd avoid harming his prostate.

Unfortunately though, Letty had not looked after her own health as pragmatically, and she passed after a fatal stroke in 1989.

Then Hinton had married Margot, who was not into kink.

She was beautiful and generous and kind, but that didn't do much for Hinton, and they'd divorced after only three years.

Hinton had never realized how lucky he'd been to find a woman who was happy to dominate him—

All of a sudden he was faced with going to dominatrixes, and they were just cold. And no one wanted to hold his chastity keys!

Hinton had had some assistance in his domination through his daughters, Dolores, Estelle, Gerardine and Alma.

After the girls had become adults, Geri had told them about their stepfather's slavery...and they all became quite interested!

Dolores and Alma had taken this to heart, bringing Hinton with them in their van when they'd gone to the Woodstock concert in 1969...

Yes. they'd parked him in a Porta-Potty and had Hinton orally service dozens of men and women, as their way of promoting free love!

Estelle, who Hinton suspected was the daughter of one of Letty's black lovers, had been a beautiful girl, a light chocolate and sexy as hell.

She and Hinton had had a pleasant and loving relationship,

Ah but it had not stopped her from taking Dad's pants down and whipping his bare ass with a frying pan when he'd been somewhat judgmental of her boyfriends.

Later, when Estelle had married Doyle, a promising young architect, she'd put Doyle and Hinton in kneeling stocks together when she'd visited...

And this was after Letty's death, and after Hinton's unfortunate second marriage.

Estelle had put Hinton through the same disciplinary paces as her husband whenever she'd visited, but unfortunately they'd lived so far away that this was only once or twice a year.

Gerardine, the youngest had been the only child living at home when Letty had passed on. Geri was a honey blonde and sweet natured to the extreme.

All the kids had been shielded from the BDSM lifestyle when young, but after Geri had turned 19, she'd been briefed by the folks of the ways of the world...

At this point, 22 year old Geri had been in her junior year at Buttermilk State University, a media relations major, whatever that was.

Yes, and she'd often crawled on Hinton's lap, to soothe him, and comfort his loneliness.

"I wish I could help you, Daddy" Geri would say, as he stroked her long curly blonde hair.

"Honey, it's all right" Hinton would tell her.

"I had forty good years with your mother, and that's more than any man should expect.

I do have my needs, but I can see professionals at the PainCafe."

Hinton didn't feel uncomfortable mentioning the PainCafe to his youngest daughter, as she and Estelle had both been bartenders there, as a way of making a few extra dollars to spend on female nonsense.

Geri knew a great deal about the whole chastity belt thing as well—and finally, noting Hinton's depression, she'd decided that she would take his keys.

"But Daddy, I'm not going to be around all the time to take the thing on and off you, so you can't pester me for the keys more than once a month."

But of course having his genitals locked in chastity made Hinton a little crazy. And Geri took some advantage of this...

And one night, as Hinton was tossing and turning in his bed, because he was so horny, he felt her little curvy figure snuggle in beside him in the lonely queen-sized bed.

"What's going on?" Hinton had asked sleepily, and Geri had grinned.

"Well, I'm horny and you're horny, Daddy...and Mommy told me when I was eighteen that my real dad was Mr. McMullen the dude who delivers for Dysart Deli...

Yes, so I figure it's cool if you relieve my horniness just a little... it's no sin, right?"

She had stripped off her nightshirt, and my goodness, what a cute little body she had. Small firm breasts the size of oranges, and a tight little vagina.

Hinton had gotten his head down and buried it in his "daughter's" quim, and brought her to about seven orgasms, before spinning her on her stomach and eating out her gorgeous little buttocks.

This made him hornier than ever, but Geri felt that too much complaining got on her nerves so she told Hinton to shut it.

The next evening she'd come in again, but this time she'd brought a strap-on that she attached to Hinton's chastity device, right where his dick was supposed to be.

"Now fuck me, Daddy...give it to me hard!" And Hinton had fucked her to about five orgasms!

And then she'd wanted more from his tongue, and he'd done yeoman's duty down there, before she'd finally given him a sloppy kiss and turned over and gone to sleep.

This had been even more frustrating for poor Hinton.

The more he'd been horny, the harder he'd thrust himself in Geri's pussy, and of course all it had gotten him was sore hips...

Poor man, he was really trying to get hard in the tiny compartment in his belt.

But he'd felt like his life was in control again, which was so important.

A few weeks after this, after nights of futilely fucking Geri and getting nowhere fast, his daughter had come home and ordered Hinton to strip and kneel.

Geri had removed the chastity device, and made her slave sit on the floor.

Then Geri ran her adorable pink toes, each painted a different color up and down his engorged cock until he'd finally spurted all over his stomach.

After she'd locked him back up again, he'd thanked Gerardine for being so sweet.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, honey." Hinton had said, and Geri had smiled.

"Well, Dad...I am planning to go to New York after this semester as I've been offered a job doing PR for one of the TV shows.

I don't know what you plan could be after this...

Yes there's probably someone out there for you...some lucky girl. You're a great guy, after all!"

What would he do without her? He just didn't know.

There had been two more weeks of him servicing Geri with no orgasms...

But then she'd had a male lover come and made poor Hinton service the two of them for ten days straight.

All the cocksucking and cunt lapping and no release at all.

At the end of that time, when Geri's boyfriend left, Hinton had looked so sad.

And so they'd taken him in the bathroom and lay him in the tub, unlocking his chastity belt.

Geri had stood over his cock, rubbing her foot on it, and the boyfriend had stood over Hinton's face, shoving his toes in Hinton's mouth...

Yes, and they'd done this for about ten minutes, but just as Hinton had been about to cum, Geri had kicked him in the balls.

And the boyfriend had peed on him, and they'd jumped out of the tub, turning the shower on icy cold for about an hour...

And then, six weeks after that, Gerardine had handed Hinton back his chastity keys and kissed him goodbye... And he'd had a solitary orgasm. It was tough finding someone nice!

Fortunately, Hinton had then met Guillermo, who was the landscaper for the PainCafe's hotel gardens.

Guillermo was gay as a goose, and a big strong dominant, and although Hinton himself was not gay, he and Guillermo spent eight years together.

Guillermo could whip and torture with quite a bit of energy, and rarely allowed Hinton an orgasm!

And fortunately for Hinton, he'd used condoms with Guillermo, because a year and a half ago, Guillermo had passed away of AIDS related lymphoma.

And now Hinton worked disconsolately at the gift shop.

It kept him from masturbating obsessively, which of course was his wont, to BDSM tapes and magazines...

And Merritt had come in, and Hinton tried to be polite...her husband was a lucky man!

"How are you doing, Hinton?

I want to find a way to make this chastity belt a little more snug.

I am sick of Darrell's erections...he just gets too much pleasure as it is, you know?"

Merritt smiled and Hinton thought about what beautiful eyes she had...and what a rack!

"Just a bit more discomfort if you know what I mean. I don't want him to feel too cramped.

But I think he gets off rubbing his erection on the inside of his belt right now."

Merritt's beautiful eyes appealed to Hinton.

"I can fix this, Merritt, and if you like, I can install little needles in it, and this will keep Darrell's thoughts pure, or his penis pricked, eh...give the word prick a new meaning?"

Hinton was not much of a wit, most engineers aren't.

Merritt smiled anyway, and she asked Hinton how he was doing.

"I'm all right. I do envy your husband for having you hold his keys, though."

Hinton ended up telling Merritt much of the story of his life, as he worked on the chastity belt.

"How much do I owe you?" Merritt asked, and Hinton had smiled and told her it was on the house.

She had smiled, and asked him if he'd like to cook her a steak sometime.

Hinton was thrilled by this...but my God, what would a twenty something girl like this, married, want to do with him?

He was a geezer from the word go.

But Hinton was no fool—he invited Merritt over for that steak!

He actually made her a full gourmet meal, and afterwards brought Merritt homemade cappuccino in his wife's old demitasse cups on their balcony.

"Where's Darrell tonight?" Hinton asked, not because he was curious, but just to make conversation.

"Is he upset that you're here?"

Merritt laughed deep in her throat. "No, I go out a lot with a variety of men and women, and Darrell is generally at home, catching up on housework.

Tonight though, he is dressed in drag as Darien.

Yes and he, and his secretary Thelma, and her transvestite boyfriend Ambrosia are out on the town...

Darien and Ambrosia are getting cock-sucking lessons."

Hinton paused, smiling ruefully.

"I had to do that in the discos in Buttermilk Falls, but fortunately Letty had me stop it in the early 80's when the gay plague came out."

"That is lucky for you.

But I make Darien use a condom when she blows her strangers."

Merritt laughed throatily.

"Two if she likes. Not that there's any chance that I'd catch anything, as Darrell, or Darien and I have ceased having any sort of physical relations."

Hinton nodded his head.

That had happened for him as well.

He and Letty had not had sex together since the early sixties, and three of their nine children had been half black, and one was either Hispanic or Chinese...

"But the reason I wanted us to have dinner was that I feel badly for your plight." Merritt said, looking intently at Hinton.

"You seem so lonely, and you're a wonderful guy. Even a senior citizen deserves to be a slave boy if he likes, right?"

Hinton smiled.

"Yes, that's a great attitude to have, Merritt. I do miss having my submissive side exercised as it were."

Merritt laughed.

"Well, you're being much too familiar calling me Merritt. You'd better call me Miss Merritt, and take off your clothes."

Hinton hesitated, but then he began undressing as Merritt sat and watched him.

He had had some hope she might undress as well, but of course that wasn't going to happen.

She was quite attractively attired in a keyhole slip dress and high heels...and now he was naked.

"Perhaps we should go inside though, as neighbors can see me from the balcony." Hinton said haltingly, and Merritt laughed and shook her head.

"No, Hinton. I don't think so. I don't care what your neighbors think of you. You have too much ego as it is."

She took a wooden plank, whittled at the end out of her purse.

"Why don't you lie across my knee and we'll see if I can knock some of that attitude out of you."

Guillermo had been a big strong man, and had brought Hinton to tears many a time when wielding the strap.

But it was moonlight unto sunlight when compared to Merritt's thrashing...

She was not as strong as Guillermo had been, but she knew the vulnerable nerve endings on a man's bottom.

Merritt nearly gave Hinton a nervous breakdown in fifty swats with that damnable plank.

She let him cry on his knees in front of her, and laughed as he cowered, and then enjoyed it as he licked and sucked her toes and gave her a full foot massage.

"Now get me your chastity belt" she said.

Hinton limped to the closet where his dusty chastity belt was kept, and he washed it in the sink before bringing it to his new Mistress.

Merritt looked it over critically, commenting on what an old fashioned model it was.

"But we can get you something more modern later.

What we need to do now is lock you up and throw out all this BDSM porn you have in the house.

I'd much rather you spent your time creatively thinking of ways to please me, Hinton darling."

And then Merritt crooked her French nail, and Hinton came closer, and he stood in front of her as she toyed with his burgeoning penis.

It was quite a thrill—Hinton was in his seventies, to have a young woman playing with his dick.

Letty had been quite a beauty, but young Merritt was certainly a competitor.

And Hinton had a fine view into Merritt's cleavage, and she was quite well proportioned.

Merritt began rubbing Hinton's dick and toying with the vein under it.

Although he was quick to respond, his dick growing in her hand, she clucked her tongue.

"I think you'll be even hornier after a few weeks in the belt, Hinton." Merritt said as she pulled and stroked his dick with energy and abandon.

"You've just been jerking this thing too much for a nice old man. The party is over now, my friend."

Shortly after this, Merritt locked Hinton in his belt, and left. Hinton couldn't believe he was locked up again.

Of course he wanted to jerk off, but he couldn't, and watching the porn didn't help the matter.

So the old man boxed it up, and the next day he took it to the Dungeonopolis gift shop, and put it with the Used items.

Within seventy-two hours, Hinton began feeling very panicky. His dick was getting hard in the middle of the night again, and for an old man, he was really thinking about sex a lot.

It might have cleared the mystery up

if he'd known that Merritt was friendly with his assistant Paola, who was

doctoring his coffee with Viagra.

By the end of the week, he called Merritt at home, he'd had to look up her number.

"Can we get together, Miss Merritt?" Hinton asked pleadingly.

"It-it's getting very difficult for me. I am surprised that I'm not adjusting to chastity as easily as the last time."

Merritt had laughed and told Hinton to call her in another week, and then she hung up. Hinton drove home and took a cold shower.

He then watched a PBS documentary about gorillas in West Africa, but even that had aroused him.

Hinton was in good shape for a senior citizen, and had an exercise regimen already.

But he began doing jumping jacks, and then did some push ups as well, and finally he was exhausted enough to fall asleep.

On Wednesday of the following week, Merritt called Hinton at the Dungeonopolis gift shop. "Hey, there stud. How are you feeling?"

Hinton breathed excitedly, listening to Merritt's voice.

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