tagBDSMAdventures in Chastity Ch. 01

Adventures in Chastity Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - A night in the life

Ned laid naked and bound under the covers waiting eagerly for his wife Anne to finish in the bathroom. She had told him that she had a surprise for him, then she tied his wrists and ankles to the bedposts, gave him a kiss, covered him, and left the room. Ned could hear her brushing her teeth, and by the sound, she was almost done. His heart beat savagely in his chest, his breath hot in his throat.

"How's my slave doing?" Anne asked as she strutted into the room.

Ned turned towards her voice. Anne stood there naked, her dark hair framed out her beautiful face. Ned's eyes slid down each curve, groping each line and intimate detail of his wife's body. His body instinctively attempted to move towards her; he longed to breathe her in, the smell of her hair as he kissed her neck, the sound of her moan, the feel of her perky breasts, and the taste of her pussy, but the ropes stopped him firmly in place.

"What's wrong? Is my slave horny?" Ned responded with a nod to Anne's words. "Good. I want you horny, because I'm going to ride your face, okay?" Ned swallowed hard and responded, "Yes, Mistress."

Anne climbed into bed, pressed her warm, soft body against him, and kissed him deeply. Ned felt himself begin to fall, and then, as if in a dream, he could feel himself floating, drifting in euphoria. Time seemed to stand still as he lay there, being teased by Anne. Her fingers grazed up and down his frame. She was ever so careful when she did this to make sure she was close enough to his cock to torture him while not giving him the satisfaction of being touched.

Anne's kisses turned to nibbles as she moved to the back of Ned's neck. She knew what that did to him, and it was amplified by both the last 2 months of his chastity and her hand which decided to give a couple of strokes to his aching cock. Ned's whole body began to twitch, to vibrate, as he reached the edge. His eyes glazed over; every sensation, every tiny touch was electricity. Her hand left his cock, sliding up his torso. His body jerked against the ropes.

Anne gave a soft laugh, "I think you're ready for now."

Climbing up, Anne straddled his face, her pussy hovering slightly above him. Ned lunged forward, desperate for her, but Anne bucked her hips slightly, keeping herself just out of reach. Ned could feel the warmth radiating from her. "Do you want me? Do you need me to ride your face, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Anne reached behind her, her hand fondled his cock. She let her hips sway forward, her pussy grazing against his lips for a moment before pulling away. "I want you to beg me. Beg for me to use you. Beg for me to keep you horny and frustrated." Her hand stroked his cock lightly.

"Please, Mistress. Use me. Do whatever you want with me. Please, let me be your slave. Please." Ned plead in a whisper as his body jerked frantically at the ecstasy she was inflicting on him. "I'm your slave, Mistress."

"Forever?" Anne's finger slid softly from the base of his cock to its head.

"Forever, Mistress."

"So, I can do whatever I want with you, and you'll do whatever I say?" Anne's hips slid forward, her pussy perched against Ned's lips. "Yes, Mistress," Ned whispered softly as he kissed her wet mound. Anne rocked her hips softly, inching forward as Ned's eager tongue delved further in.

Ned's tongue lapped slowly to the rhythm of her hips as she grinded away. Anne pulled herself forward, grabbing the bed post for support. She arched her back and bucked her hips. Ned quickened his pace, his tongue flicking her swollen clit. Anne spasmed, her body jerking frantically. She let go of the bedpost, her full weight on Ned's face.

Her juices flooded his mouth and nostrils as his lungs burned with the need for oxygen, but still, he licked frantically. With each spasm, he could feel her body clench tightly and release in quick succession. Finally, her body seemed to completely relax. Ned gasped for air around her and returned to softy, slowly licking up juices. Anne's body curled forward as she climbed off of him. "Thank you Mistress," Ned mumbled. She bent forward and kissed him on the forehead, her breasts brushing his face as she did so. "I love you," she whispered as she laid next to him.

Several minutes passed in silence as Anne recovered from her orgasm. She reached to her bedside table and grabbed the chastity cage. She worked it around Ned's scrotum and secured it before untying his hands. Once his hands were untied, she moved back and watched as he undid his ankles. "How long has it been since I let you cum?"

"Last week made 2 months," Ned rubbed at where the rope had bitten into his ankles.

"Well, I have something special for you tomorrow." Ned smiled at her words. He curled up with her and drifted off to sleep.

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by qarlcue09/13/18

Teasing and Affectionate - Dynamite Combo!

The elements of humor, affection & love, along with the teasing and domination/submission make a very sexy and entertaining story. I loved reading it. Thanks for making the effort to write, edit, andmore...

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by mrwidehorizons06/04/18

Great start!

2 months is, WOW! Looking forward to seeing his surprise!

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