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Adventures in France


Different adventures with very different tourists and students take place in France. A man trying to save his marriage vacations with his bitchy wife. A married woman strays while her husband travels. The third story involves an incestuous brother and sister and their tutor in Paris. These stories do include infidelity and incest so if as a reader that offends you, please do not read any further.


Bill and Rebecca had been married for seven years and the wheels were coming off the cart. Bill was doing everything he could to please his wife but no matter what he tried she rejected it. Their sex had waned and Rebecca said that she no longer felt the need for it. Bill was 25 and Rebecca 23 when they married and in the first few years they would set the nights on fire. They traveled to exotic places together and remained faithful to one another. The marriage began to come apart in the sixth year and by the seventh they were sleeping in separate beds.

Rebecca paid more attention to her girlfriends and her job than her husband. Bill kept himself occupied with tennis, scuba diving, golf and downhill skiing. As a result he stayed very fit and he also used the activities to remain faithful to his wife. He was a good looking man and very fit at 32 years of age. Bill was 6'0" and weighed 185 pounds. He was religious about hitting the gym every morning before the business day started. He looked good in his three piece suits with his light brown hair and hazel eyes. Many women flirted with him but he resisted their advances and remained true to his marriage.

Bill's wife had been a looker when they married but recently she had let herself go. Just the opposite of Bill she got lazy and did not take care of her body. She was eating the wrong foods and drinking too much with the girls she hung out with. Her girl friends were also out of shape and didn't seem to care about their looks or their health. In spite of her behavior, Bill tried to stay in the marriage.

A friend of his told Bill about how a vacation to France turned things around for him and his wife. He told Bill that they were struggling but after three weeks in France they rekindled their relationship. Bill liked the itinerary that his friend had used and he approached Rebecca about the idea. Surprisingly she accepted as she said she had always wanted to visit Paris and see the boutiques. It turned out to be the worst thing that Bill could have imagined.

They spent the first week in Paris and Rebecca bitched about nearly everything. She said that she couldn't stand the French people and that she was disappointed in the boutiques. No matter what Bill tried to do she found fault with it. Even the day excursion to Versailles was a bust as she said she was bored looking at all the opulence. Rebecca even found fault with the museums, something that Bill could not understand. Bill had studied French for a few months before they traveled and he found the language and the people to be delightful. Rebecca's attitude was that everyone should speak English.

After a disastrous week in Paris, Bill and Rebecca left the city of lights for the eastern part of the country. Bill hoped that a few days in the Alsace wine region would help relax them. Rebecca reluctantly rode in the rental car to the lovely town of Colmar where they checked into a quaint hotel. The room was beautifully appointed and created a very romantic atmosphere. Bill hoped that the ambiance would get to Rebecca and that they would renew their sexuality. They were both tired from the trip so Bill did not press the issue of sex that first night.

The next day Bill took Rebecca on the Vin de Rue and they stopped in a number of quaint towns and sampled excellent wines. Bill purchased several bottles of their favorite wine and then they returned to the hotel at day's end. They had a very nice meal in Colmar but true to fashion, Rebecca found fault with it. Rebecca had been better that day but she still resisted Bill's advances that night.

The next morning Bill got up early and went for a jog around the peaceful town. He loved running in the morning when things were quiet and peaceful. He ran along the canal and passed a few old churches and an Abbey. He stopped at a café that was just opening and enjoyed a café noir as he relaxed in the square. As he sipped his coffee he tried to think of ways for Rebecca to enjoy herself. He was running out of patience with her as she was being an absolute bitch. He looked around the quaint town and wondered how anyone could find fault with such a charming place. He finished his coffee and bid the proprietor, "Adieu."

That day after a petit dejeuner Bill and Rebecca ventured out to see more of the Alsace region and wine country. It turned out to be another bust and Bill began to wonder if the trip was worth it. A few more days in Colmar and then they were headed to the Riviera with a stop in Grenoble along the way. That evening in their room, Bill was sitting in a chair enjoying a glass of fine wine and reading a brochure as Rebecca slept in the bed. The phone rang and it was the young French woman at the front desk.

"Sorry to bother you monsieur but I would like to restock the mini-bar in your room," the sweet voice requested.

"The mini-bar, oh sure, that's fine," Bill replied.

"Merci monsieur, I will be right up," she accepted.

"Who, the fuck was that?" Rebecca snapped waking up.

"It was just the women at the front desk. She needs to refresh the mini-bar," Bill told her.

"Shit, you think that she could do that when we're gone," Rebecca said in disgust as she rolled away from her husband.

"She's just doing her job. I'll let her in," Bill told his wife.

The room was set up with two entrances. The front door opened to the area where the closet, a small sitting area and the mini-bar were located. The second door opened to the bedroom and bath. Both doors had separate locks and dead bolts on the inside. Bill was just wearing his jogging shorts without underwear as he had showered earlier and was very comfortable going commando. He put on a tee shirt and went out to the small sitting area to wait for the French woman. Bill closed the door to the bedroom and sat in the chair with a glass of wine as he waited. Rebecca had gone back to sleep and Bill could hear the light snoring just as he left the bedroom.

Minutes later there was a soft knock on the front door and Bill opened it for the woman. "Bonsoir monsieur, I am Amelie, thank you for letting me service the mini-bar. I was not able to get to it today," the somewhat cute woman said.

"Not a problem," Bill replied as he looked the petite alluring woman over and then added, "Please call me Bill."

"As you wish Bill," she replied sexily with a sultry smile.

She was wearing a black and white checked dress that hugged her curvy figure. She was small breasted but she had a very round shapely bottom which was emphasized by the tightness for the dress. The length was very short and when she knelt in front of the mini-bar the dress rode up to just below her panties. She was wearing white panty hose and her crotch was on display. She wasn't beautiful but she was alluring and sexy. Bill loved her accent when she spoke mixing French and English together.

She had short dark brown hair and she wore glasses that made her look even more intriguing. Amelie did a quick inventory and then stood up to get the needed replenishments from the cart outside the room. When she returned she knelt again and her skirt went even higher and Bill looked right at her crotch. She made no attempt to cover herself as she seemed comfortable presenting her clothed pussy to him. Bill was a little unnerved but his cock stiffened in his shorts anyway. Bill was well endowed with a 7+" pecker that was just over 5" around. The outline was clearly visible in his jogging shorts and it did not escape Amelie's eyes.

"Is your wife sleeping?" she whispered.

"Oui, yes she is," Bill replied softly.

Amelie then pushed the front door closed with her foot and she reached for Bill's shorts. Bill froze to the spot as the young French woman pulled his shorts down freeing his raging erection. The cock caught in the waistband and then sprung free as his shorts were lowered. Amelie smiled as she loved to do this to attractive men.

"Oh tres beau!" she exclaimed.

Bill gasped when she touched it and trembled when she ran her tongue over the head of his cock. For the first time in many years, another woman was handling his stiff dick. Amelie covered his cock with her mouth and gently fondled his balls. Bill was convinced that he would cum in her mouth within minutes if she kept sucking him. However, Amelie stopped sucking his cock and instead she stood up and spoke to him.

"I must replenish some more mini-bars before I lock up. I will lock the hotel door at midnight. If you like you can come to me at the office," she whispered in his ear and then ran her tongue along his lobe.

Bill's cock twitched and chills ran through him as the sexy brunette enticed him. "I will be there," he promised in a raspy whisper.

Amelie gave his stiff dick another squeeze and then she left the room. Bill checked the time and saw that it was only 10:30 PM. He would have to wait an hour and a half before going to her. He was more turned on then he had been in years and the next 90 minutes would be among the longest in his life. He had never been unfaithful to Rebecca but at the same time he knew his attempt to rekindle their relationship had been a miserable failure. Bill suspected that when they returned home that divorce proceedings would commence.

He realized that he was still standing there with his shorts around his knees and his erection on display. He pulled his shorts up and sat back down to finish his wine and wait for the midnight hour. He thought of Amelie and that was not the type of woman to whom he would normally be attracted. However, she was so damn sexy and sultry that he was overcome with desire for her. He had heard that French women could be very seductive but he never expected to experience it first hand. Bill repeatedly checked his watch and finally the midnight hour arrived and he headed to the front desk.

Bill arrived at the front desk and he did not see Amelie so he knocked softly on the office door. The door opened and she smiled at him and let him enter. He took a quick look around and spotted a bed in a small room behind the office. Amelie was wearing only a sleep shirt that barely covered her pubes. Her legs were shapely below the shirt and her erect nipples pushed through the material.

"I want us to undress each other and I want to undress you first," she whispered sexily.

Undressing Bill first would be easy since he was only wearing a tee and his jogging shorts. Amelie pulled his tee shirt up and off his upper body. Bill stood still as she dropped to her knees in front of him to lower his shorts. Amelie then took hold of the waistband and slowly pulled them down his legs. By that time Bill had an erection and it sprung out at her as she lowered his shorts just as it had earlier. His cock dangled in front of her face as she removed his shorts from him one leg at a time. Bill stood completely naked in front of her with his cock just inches from her face.

Amelie took his cock in her mouth and sucked it gently. She licked all around it and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Amelie was a very accomplished cocksucker and Bill knew that he would soon blow his load. She sucked him deep into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the shaft of his cock. He felt his release building and he warned her that he was going to cum soon.

"I am going to cum soon Amelie," Bill cautioned.

She took her mouth off of his cock and looked up at him with those deep brown eyes and replied, "I want you to cum in my mouth I want to taste your cream Bill."

When she spoke with her accent it drove Bill wild. Amelie returned her mouth to his cock and resumed sucking it until he exploded in her mouth. She continued to suck his cock and swallow every drop until his cock was drained dry.

"Oh Bill I love your cream. It is so tasty and so much of it," Amelie sighed as she licked her lips.

Amelie then stood up still wearing the sleep shirt and lifted her face up to him to be kissed. Bill kissed her and held her in his arms and then he began to undress her. He dropped to his knees took hold of her panties and slowly peeled them down and off her beautiful legs. Amelie was trembling slightly and had goose bumps on her skin. Bill held her panties up to his nose and inhaled the smell of her femininity. Amelie gasped at the action. He reached behind Amelie and grasped her firm shapely ass in both his hands and pulled her toward him. She gasped again as he kissed her loins and fondled her ass cheeks. Bill could smell her sweet sex but he held off on licking her pussy.

He stood back up and he lifted Amelie's sleep shirt and removed it from her body. His cock was beginning to harden again and it brushed against her thighs. Her nipples were rock hard and he couldn't resist tweaking them a little which caused Amelie to moan softly. Bill then turned her around so that her back was to him and he reached around and cupped her firm small mounds in his hands. He played with her tits and nipples as he kissed the back of her neck. His cock was now fully erect again and it brushed against her buttocks as he fondled her.

Bill started a slow gradual descent down the back of her body kissing her neck, shoulders and back until he knelt behind her. When he reached her buttocks he planted kisses on her gorgeous ass cheeks and tickled her tailbone with his tongue. Amelie couldn't take anymore of his teasing so she turned her body toward him, grasped his head in both hands and pulled him against her pubes.

"I douched my pussy and bottom so that I would be very clean for you," she said with that sexy French accent. When she said pussy it sounded like poo-say.

Bill found her pussy with his tongue and he grabbed both of her ass cheeks as he began to lick her pussy. Amelie gasped aloud as his tongue found her clit and she held his head tightly as she experienced a mild orgasm. Her body shook and she seemed to hold onto him for balance.

"Oh Bill I need to lay down. Come to my bed?" she said breathlessly.

Bill guided Amelie over to her bed and she immediately splayed her legs and welcomed him back to her pussy. He burrowed his tongue as deep into her as he could and then he just sort of licked and sucked his way up. When he got to her clit he used the very tip of his tongue to tickle it. He flicked his tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of her flesh on either side of it. Amelie was now moaning and she arched herself so that her clit stuck out even further like a little cock. Bill licked it once more before he took it between his teeth and gently nibbled it.

Amelie went wild and started bucking and moaning loudly. She pulled his head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. Bill sucked her clit as deep in his mouth as he could and Amelie humped his face for all she was worth. He was pleased that he was able to get her that excited and he sucked even harder and played with her wonderful clit with his lips, tongue and teeth. Bill didn't know exactly how many times Amelie came but she finally begged him to stop as she collapsed on the bed, her body in spasms. Bill was pleased with his performance and not once had he thought about Rebecca.

He was not done with her however so he eased his dick into her pussy and began to fuck her slowly. Soon his cock was sliding easily in and out of her and they picked up the pace. Amelie wrapped her arms around Bill's back and her legs around the back of his legs. She arched her back as she humped him hard and fast and he made sure that his cock stayed in contact with her clit as he plowed into her cunt. They fucked hard and long working themselves toward an exhaustive state. Bill could feel his orgasm building but he did not want to cum before Amelie did and he was relieved when he felt her tense up.

"Bill, hold me, hold me, I'm cumming, oh, oh, oh" Amelie screamed as she reached her crescendo!

She tensed up wrapping her arms around his back and her legs around the back of his legs in a vice like grip. Bill held her trembling body tight and he could feel her drench his cock with her pussy juice just before his own intense orgasm. Bill could feel it building in his balls and then he exploded filling her with his man seed. It seemed endless as he fired round after round of hot cum into her pussy. He hadn't made love like this in years and it felt wonderful.

Bill remained still with his cock still in Amelie's pussy as she uttered unintelligent French moans and sounds and her body quivered. Her vaginal muscles were involuntarily squeezing and releasing his cock, milking all the juice out of it. Bill's deflated cock slipped from her vagina and she flinched as cool air touched her opening.

"Oh that was incredible. You are a very good lover, Bill," she sighed.

"Well you are too," Bill replied not knowing what else to say.

"I need to rest for awhile," she said softly.

As they rested Bill paid a lot of attention to her ass. He ran his hands between her legs touching her pussy and her bottom and slipped a very wet middle finger into her asshole. Amelie gasped at first but then she just wiggled her bottom and smiled at him. Amelie leaned back into him and he reached around and stroked her cute titties tweaking and rolling her nipples in his fingers. Bill slid one of his hands down across her firm abs over her little brown tuft of hair and found her vagina. He played with the folds of her labia and then inserted his fingers into her pussy. He found her hard clit and rolled it between his fingers as he continued to tease her nipples with his other hand.

As Amelie got turned on Bill moved her to all fours and had her present her shapely ass to him. Her ass looked so sensual and he remembered what she said about douching herself. Bill leaned over and licked Amelie's pussy from behind driving her wild. Then he had the urge to tongue her beautiful ass so he swiped his tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. She gasped out loud when his tongue touched her nether hole. He really got into it and grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that he could get his tongue in deeper. Bill probed her pink aperture with his tongue as he inserted his fingers into her pussy. She started whimpering, gasping and directing the action. Amelie was murmuring in French but Bill was able to pick up a few words that he had learned. He knew she was saying yes and good but the rest escaped him.

"I love that, it makes me feel so sexy," she cooed.

At this point Bill was anxious to get at her ass all the while wondering if she would let him fuck her in the ass. He moved her to all fours again with her ass elevated and she placed her head on the mattress turned to one side so she could watch him. He started playing with her pussy and her curvy ass lubricating her asshole with her own cunt juice. Then as she directed, Bill grabbed the lotion from her bedside and put an ample amount in her anus. Amelie moaned and cooed as he fingered her pussy and her asshole simultaneously. He tried to get her slick enough so that he could fuck her ass.

When Amelie didn't reject to his probing, Bill realized that she was going to let him fuck her in the ass. He put an ample of amount of lotion in her coating the tiny puckered opening of her anus and lubricating the rim. He added saliva to his lotion covered cock and nestled his dick against the entrance to her rectum momentarily before easing it inside her ass. He could feel his cock struggle to stretch her resistant sphincter muscle. His dick head burrowed in and her rigid passageway soon yielded to the determined action of his cock. Amelie moaned as his penis filled her hole.

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