tagGay MaleAdventures In Hitchhiking Ch. 02

Adventures In Hitchhiking Ch. 02


From AIH 1

Soon he calmed down, and released my head from his grasp.

"Lick my cock clean, and lick my balls clean of your drool and my cum."

I leaned down and licked, licked his cock, licked his balls, licked them clean of our juices.

Then someone behind me said, "That was one hell of a show Jake. Now I want me some of that."


It snapped me back to reality. I turned around to see a man with his cock poking out of his pants, a hard cock about 7 inches long, and thick.

I knew that soon it would be in my mouth. I would have no choice but to suck on it, and to do anything either of these men wanted me to do.

I had no will of my own. I really had no inclination to do anything else at that point but to offer myself for the pleasure of these two men, these two cocks.

And the come they would shoot into me.

Jake, (I now knew his name) said, "Get over there on that cock boy."

I turned, and; instinctively knew to crawl across the room to get the hard cock presenting itself for my mouth.

I crawled until I reached him, then I knelt up; and not needing anything further to be said, moved my mouth to his cock.

I took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked down on it. I moved my head back and down his cock again and again.

"WOW this cocksucker is all right Jake, I'm glad you found him. What a good deal this is going to be, a cocksucker for the night.", the new cock owner said.

I sucked on his cock, then he started backing up and towards the couch.

I followed on my knees, keeping that cock in my mouth, sucking all the way.

He took off his shirt and then told me to take the rest of his clothes off.

I bent down and removed his shoes and socks.

I reached up and undid his belt and pants and lowered them.

He tucked his cock back into his underpants.

As I reached for his underpants he just said, "not with your hands boy, use your teeth."

I grabbed at his underwear with my teeth and working left right and some to the rear, I managed to get them down, then he stepped out of them and

I looked up at him, looked up at his cock, his balls and his face above, smiling down at me.

Smiling, not like he was pleased with me and my efforts, but like he was such a winner, a master over me.

Me, kneeling before him and ready to do his bidding, and, I was his to use, use to suck his cock.

I knew I would have to earn his pleasure.

I knelt up and looked at his hard big cock. I started to go forward to take his cock into my mouth, but instead got a slap across my face.

"Not so fast boy, you need to earn the pleasure of sucking my cock, do you understand that boy?."

"Yes sir, I understand.", I replied.

"Start by kissing and licking my feet."

I knelt down and kissed his foot. I kissed both feet and then started licking them. I licked and took his toes into my mouth and bathed them.

Sucked his toes like they were small cocks, sucking, pleasing him and debasing me. But I had no will of my own to stop this.

I had no real desire to stop this, I was very turned on by this submissive, humiliation.


I couldn't understand that.

Just this morning I was a strong, self reliant man. Fresh out of the army and looking for a manly job. Now I was on my knees,

serving as a fag, fresh from sucking off one man's cock, and now kissing and licking another man's feet.

Doing it, as the first man looked on at my lowly servitude.

My cock was hard, leaking pre cum, and it seemed to be experiencing some kind of mini orgasm.

Twitching and sending pleasurable feelings up it's length and up my spine.

I licked feet and sucked toes for this man, and liked it.

"Now come up here and give my balls some of that mouth worship."

I moved my mouth up until I was in position to give his balls that same attention. I licked them, I took one of his balls then the other into

my mouth and bathed them with my tongue. I could look upwards and see his hard cock, and see his smiling above me, a knowing superior face above me.

Then he took his cock and slapped my forehead with it, and said, "OK, you have earned the privilege of putting you suck hole over my cock."

Eagerly I moved up, and took his cock into my mouth. I actually loved it, I loved getting that cock in my mouth, where I could suck cock, and pleasure a hard cock.

I pushed my head down his cock and took it into my throat, I gagged on the head and drooled over his cock and onto his balls.

I sucked cock and jammed my face down, and he returned the favor by fucking up stuffing his cock up into my mouth.

Me sucking, him fucking me.

I sucked, I drooled, I gagged, my nose was running, I was being a pig.

"OH this is good. I'm really glad I came over here. OOOHHHH I'm going to blow a nice load into this guys head, then

I'll take some real pleasure in fucking that ass, and he can suck your cock again."

"Is that what you want faggot? Do you want a nice load of cum in your mouth?"

"MMMM ggaggag yemeeass." I gagged back around his cock.



And he shot that load into my mouth, jamming forward and shooting right down my throat,then pulling back and spreading cum around in

my mouth drooling out, and over his balls, then back in and into my throat!!!

I gagged, I drooled I swallowed what I could swallow, then he let go of my head, and I pulled off his cock.

Then I couldn't help myself I grabbed my cock I jerked my cock. I just had to jerk it off. A few strokes, and I shot off, I shot my cum, and it was the best feeling cum I ever had.

Then he told me to "You ain't finished yet boy, Get up here now boy and clean off this cock and my balls. But first eat that load in your hand boy."

My hand went to my mouth. I ate my cum for his enjoyment, then, I managed to rise up and use my mouth to clean him off.

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