tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures in Hollywood: Emily

Adventures in Hollywood: Emily


I've worked for a number of years as a photographer to the stars in Hollywood. My boss, Tim Burton, would set me up for promo shoots, concerts, events and the red carpet to take photos of Hollywood's latest and greatest. I would shoot photos on set for TV shows like Hannah Montana, Charmed, Wizards of Waverly Place and Roswell, to name a few. I've been on numerous movie sets as well, since I started working for Tim in 1986. I would be given free tickets and a backstage pass to the concerts of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and many others. I had red carpet access to film festivals like TIFF in Toronto, or a fashion show in New York.

I've known intimately a young lady named Amanda since 2004, and kept up a relationship with her over the years. Then, in 2010, she discovered an intimate story that I'd shared about our first time together in a pool during her 18th birthday party. She was a little mad at me, and didn't speak to me for over a year... so, in the meantime I figured I was on the market again and looking for a girlfriend. I flirted with the celebrities that I liked, and other models that crossed my path as well. The girls, anyway....

By 2011, I guess Amanda was missing me a bit and started talking about me to some of her other friends. I'm not entirely sure on where the connection came from, but she talked to Miley and another young lady I've worked with in the past, Emily. In July of 2011, I got a call from Tim Burton asking if I was available to do a photoshoot in Los Angeles for a movie idea he had using a couple young stars that were starting to peak his interest. I told him as usual, "Send me a plane ticket, get me a car at the airport and a place to stay and I'll do whatever you want." He sent the required items and information including a list of names. Amanda, Emily, Selena, and Miley.

I fly to Los Angeles from Toronto, first class on the Burton Studios ticket. I follow directions to a car rental place and check in. They have a car for me...a Mercedes McLaren silver convertible. NICE CAR! I drive to Burton's Studio and meet with Tim, and he hands me a turquoise electric guitar. "I want you to present this to Emily for me." He says. He then gives me directions to her studio in Hollywood where she's writing a new album. I knew Emily already from the TV studio where we'd worked together, and I'd met her recently, in February 2011 at Disney World in Florida. We were already on friendly terms as photographer (me) and actor/musician (her), and enjoyed spending time together.

Anyway, after finishing up at the studio and presenting her with her new guitar, we left together and spent the rest of the day having fun in the local park and meeting up with her friends. She buys me lunch at some sushi place, it was pretty good. Then Emily wants to take me hiking in the Hollywood Hills. She's in much better shape than I am, and I start to wonder if she's trying to kill me. Later, it's off to the beach and the boardwalk to meet more friends and watch the sun go down from the pier. Emily lights off fireworks from the beach and a crowd quickly gathers for an impromptu party. I have my camera with me and just keep following the center of attention. Yea, that would be Emily. It gets late. Really late.

Somehow I end up at Emily's place that night, where she says she has an extra room for me. I'm exhausted at this point and readily agree to a warm bed and long night without further hassle. I bit Emily and a few of her friends good night and go to bed. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly, because when the door opens and I wake up, I'm very groggy and not at all sure if I'm awake or dreaming. I put a hand up in half hearted protest at the interruption to my sleep and find it suddenly filled with some warm and squishy flesh that I wasn't expecting. I open one eye to see Emily in the dim light of the bedroom, totally nude and sliding under the covers with me..with one of my hands on her ample yet firm breasts. She slides across to the bed until she's press against me and whispers a breathy "Hi" in my face. By this time I manage to open the other eye and mutter, "Ah...hello. What's up?" pretty much simultaneously with feeling her left hand slide down to my waist, hook my underwear and pull them down a few inches. Then she responds with, "Hopefully, you are..."

Her hand grasps me between the legs and deftly manipulates my rapidly hardening member as I'm increasingly aware of her nakedness and her body heat against my skin. Somehow she manoeuvres hand and foot to rid me of my last stitch of clothing and my underwear disappears into the sheets at the foot of the bed. Then, as she's kissing me passionately and deeply, she throws a leg across me and climbs on top. She eases herself downward a bit, as I'm a little taller than her 5'2" height. Her right hand this time, snakes between us and grabs my member as she pushes herself down on it. I find myself quickly balls deep in a throbbing, wet tunnel of passion. Then she starts bucking her hips up and down and all reason and sanity leaves my head. I am enveloped in wave after wave of building sensation and pleasure as she pumps away with her muscular hips and tight abs squeezing and releasing and squeezing again. I have NEVER felt anything like this before in my life! A few minutes, hours, an eternity later...I feel her contractions inside become spastic and random, and she starts bucking wildly and moaning aloud. I can no longer contain myself either, and release a load of jetting juices deep inside her. It feels so good at this point that I can't stand it anymore. It's too much pleasure, and it's starting to hurt as she continues to pump up and down and I cry out, finally, for her to stop before she kills me.

After another seeming eternity, she relaxes and puts her head down on my shoulder. We're glued together with fluids and sticky sweat and I can hear and feel her heartbeat against my chest. I didn't notice at first, but I'm still inside of her as my member slowly softens and shrinks down. Eventually I roll over on my side, and she turns her back and snuggles into me tight. I slide one arm under her pillow and head, and the other arm, with my hand I trace the curve of her hip, then across her stomach to her breasts where I stop and gently tickle and caress until I fall asleep.

I wake about 8 hours later to a feeling of pleasure and weight on my hips. I grin and open my eyes. I'm lying on my back and she's on top of me, straddling my like a rider on a horse. She's slowing pumping up and down with her legs and my "morning wood" is once again deep inside of her. She see's that I'm awake and giggles. "Good morning. What would you like for breakfast?" She says.

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