tagBDSMAdventures in Nemesisland Ch. 09

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 09


"Girl, aren't you ready yet? Come on hurry along, I've got a patient waiting."

Kim scurried down a brightly lit corridor opposite the under stair cage where the black cat was kept towards the voice summoning her impatiently. On this occasion the dark haired figure, The Red Queen, Mistress Nemesis, the Hatter, the Headmistress, whatever she cared to call herself was waiting for her at the end of the corridor dressed in a white pvc nurse's uniform, her arms crossed and the toe of an high heeled shoe tapping the floor.

"I'm very sorry, madam," Kim gasped.

"You should address me as Nurse Sally or just Nurse."

"I'm sorry Nurse Sally."

"I expect the highest standards of discipline here, Student Nurse Kim. This is very lax of you arriving at the clinic late like this. Now, your student nurse's uniform is here."

"I'm sorry Nurse Sally, I'll put my uniform on straight away."

Kim hurriedly picked up a red pvc nurse's uniform and struggled hurriedly into it, zipping up the front so that her cleavage was bursting out of the tight shiny material. She also had a pair of black tights and black high heeled shoes like Nurse Sally's. Finally she perched a red cap with a white cross on her head. They were like an inverse reflection of each other, Nurse Sally in a white uniform with a red cross on her chest and Kim in red with a white cross.

"That's better girl, now hurry up, I've a patient ready to be treated."

Kim smoothed the stiff shiny material of her dress and followed Nurse Sally towards a door, which had a brass plaque with the following inscription engraved on it: 'Clinic for Corrective Therapy,' and underneath, 'Proprietor: Nurse Sally, Dip.Nursing (Nemesisland College of Nursing)'. Oh dear, thought Kim, what strange new adventure am I embarking on now.

Kim followed Nurse Sally into the clinic. The first thing that struck her was the sweet, almost sickly, smell; that distinctive medical smell that Kim remembered from hospital visits, a mixture of tcp and disinfectant. The second thing that hit Kim was the overpowering brightness that dazzled her. The final thing Kim took in was an overwhelming impression of shiny metal implements. There was a metal rack with medical instruments, stainless steel bowls, bottles of sterilising fluid, rolls of bandages and spotless white towels.

It was a small room dominated by a white treatment table on the black and white tiled floor and on it was one of Nurse Sally's patients, one of Nemesisland's slaves, thought Kim. His body was covered in a long white operating gown and his legs were lifted into wooden stirrups where they had been spread and tied with white ropes so his genitals were exposed and ready for inspection. He was tied down to the examination bench with white leather straps. His head had been wrapped in bandages, except for his eyes and his mouth, which was filled with a gruesome looking metal dental cage.

"Now, Mr Dugdale, you're very lucky today because I have a student nurse, Kim, with me today to help. She's going to assist me with some of the procedures. She's studying for her diploma in nursing and I'm training her in some of my special corrective treatments. She may only be a student nurse but I expect you to treat her with the same respect that you would me."

"Nnnngg," grunted the patient, his mouth so stretched by the dental gag he couldn't utter anything else. I expect, considered Kim, if he objected to being treated by a student nurse there was really nothing he could do about it.

"Now, you know why you are here, don't you Mr Dugdale. You've been referred by Mistress Nemesis for some unsatisfactory behaviour, haven't you? Some of your responses haven't been appropriately submissive, have they? She tells me you've been getting sexual excitement from some of your punishments, is that true Mr Dugdale?"


Nurse Sally turned to Kim and spoke in a matronly tone of voice like a senior member of staff consulting with her junior colleague discussing the patient as if he wasn't even there.

"His is typical of the kind of case that gets referred to my clinic, Student Nurse Kim. You see many of the men here in Nemesisland lack self control. It has to be punished into them and sometimes, when they don't respond to that, they must be sent to me for more extreme corrective treatment. You see this one here," she said pointing to the man splayed out on the examination table, "he's been getting erections in Mistress Nemesis's presence. Now, that is totally unacceptable. He's been referred here so I can find the source of his problem. At my clinic I test responses to different stimuli and try to correct their behaviour."

"Yes, I think I understand," Kim responded.

"Now, the first thing a student nurse has to do is check the medical records. There should be a consent form in the file over there," she said, pointing.

Kim opened up the file. The first document inside was a form. She glanced over it, 'I, Mr Dick Dugdale of Pig and Pepper House, Nemesisland consent to whatever treatments the Clinic for Corrective Therapy advise, however invasive they may be, and acknowledge that such treatments are necessary to rectify inappropriate behaviour'. There was a signature at the bottom.

"Yes, these look in order Nurse Sally, there's a completed consent form in here."

"Excellent, then we can proceed. Now, whilst I'm preparing and sterilising my implements I want you to do some tasks for me. First, you can use some of the cotton buds and the mouthwash to clean the inside of his mouth and then I want you to shave the hairs off his balls and from around his arse hole until they are smooth and clean. There's a bowl and water, a razor and some spray on lather," she explained pointing to where everything was. "Is that clear Kim?"

"Yes Nurse Sally."

As she had been told, Kim started by dipping a cotton bud in some mouth-wash. It felt very strange at first but Kim soon set about her tasks studiously pushing the bud into his mouth between the shiny dental brace and rubbing the inside of his cheek and tongue. She could not help but lean over him as she did this task and was conscious of her cleavage, squeezed into the tight pvc nurse's uniform, hanging over him. He's getting a real eye-full thought Kim as she felt her tits jiggling as she rubbed his tongue with the cotton bud. Kim, glanced down to see that the sight of Kim's bust was turning him on; his cock was getting erect.

"Nurse Sally, I think your patient has a problem," said Kim, thinking she should draw her attention to his behaviour.

"Well done, Student Nurse Kim, that's very observant of you. You've done well to report that to me. You see the difficulties we have with some of our patients." She turned to the patient and admonished him, "Mr Dugdale, do you see the problems you have. The Student Nurse is not here for your sexual gratification, is she?"


"You know you shouldn't be getting excited at the sight of Student Nurse Kim's breasts, that's totally unacceptable. I can see why your mistress has sent you here. That's incorrigible behaviour."

Nurse Sally turned round to the tray of shiny metal implements she had been arranging and picked something up. When she turned back Kim looked on aghast. She was holding a pin-wheel, a metal implement with tiny sharp points on the end of a wheel.

"This should do the trick," said Nurse Sally, "here just feel it Kim."

She offered the tool to Kim who carefully put her finger on the end of one of the sharp spokes. Oh my god, thought Kim; that gives a painful prick on a finger, what it must be feel like on a something as sensitive as a penis I can't imagine. Nurse Sally leant over him and dug the sharp pins into the slave's hard cock and rolled the wheel up the shaft.

"Nnnngggg," grunted the slave.

Kim's eyes watered for him as Nurse Sally ran onto the tip of his cock and across the little hole at its end.


"Student Nurse, this will be good training for you. You have a go," she said, handing the gleaming metal implement over to Kim.

Kim took the tool into her hand and repeated what she had seen Nurse Sally do, pushing the metal prongs onto the wheel into his cock and running it up the shaft. His erection had not started to wilt yet.

"You'll need to press harder for this one," advised Nurse Sally, "his is a serious case. Don't show him any mercy."

Kim did as she was told and dug the metal wheel hard and deep into the shaft of his cock.


"Yes, that's better," said Nurse Sally.

Kim ran the wheel up to the tip of his cock and pressed hard running it back and forth across the most sensitive part of his member. His body jerked up and down with the pain but he remained securely tied by the straps. The procedure had the desired effect as his cock had started going soft.

"Well done Kim, that's much better. You can shave him now then I can carry on with my treatments."

Kim set about shaving the hairs around the slave's cock. She squirted some of the foam from the aerosol onto his cock and balls to create a lather. Then, with studied concentration, she set to work with the razor running gently around the base of his cock, over his balls and either side of the cracks in his arse, every so often dunking it into the hot water to clean the soap and hairs off. When she had finished she admired her handiwork. She rubbed her fingers across his smooth skin. Nurse Sally joined in, rubbing her hand around his balls to test how smooth the skin was and how good a job Kim had done. Finally, she took the soft cock in her hand.

"That's a good job nurse. Now look here," she said squeezing the end of his cock, "you can see why he needs treatment can't you? See, he's leaking, isn't he. You know that's not permitted, don't you Mr Dugdale?"


"Now, Student Nurse Kim, this is where the procedures get, how should I say, more invasive. You need to follow all my instructions carefully and watch everything I do. But, before then you need to put these on."

Nurse Sally handed Kim some thin blue surgical gloves and a face mask. They both put these on. What a sight we must look, thought Kim, as they both stood over him, their mouths covered and two sets of eyes pouring over him with their hands held before them. His breathing was heavy.

"Nurse Sally, he looks rather anxious."

"And so he should be Nurse Kim. First of all I want to test his response to some anal penetration to see if that heightens his sexual desire."

Nurse Sally turned back to her tray of instruments. She held up a hideous looking piece of metal that gleamed in the bright lights of the clinic. Kim had seen one before. It was a speculum and she knew exactly where it was going.

"Now, Kim, I'd like you to prepare him for me. There's some lubricant there," she said pointing to a shelf, "you need to put a generous amount on your fingers and then work them up into his hole to lubricate him. You can stretch his hole a bit with your fingers too whilst you are up there."

"Yes, Nurse Sally."

Kim had never done anything like this before; all the time she had worked in the parlour she had never received a request for anal play. But, she did as she was told, squeezed some lube onto her gloved fingers and rubbed it along the crack of his arse and then, finding the hole, eased a finger up into it. The slave groaned from behind his metal gag. Kim rotated her finger around as it still felt tense until gradually the muscles began to relax. Then she inserted another finger in and pushed both fingers up and down in a rocking motion until he groaned in response. Kim had to admit she was enjoying this. It felt empowering to take control and invade a man's most intimate orifices without him being able to do anything about it.

"Very good Student Nurse Kim, I can see you are going to have a natural talent for some of my procedures. Have you loosened him up for me?"

"Yes Nurse Sally, I have."

"Good, now let me take over from here."

She stood over the slave, the gruesome metal object in hand. She inserted the penis shaped part of the object deep inside him to its fullest length. His body twisted and strained against the white leather straps holding him onto the treatment table.

"Nnnnggg, Nnnngggg," he groaned, his head thrashing from side to side.

"Now, come, come Mister Dugdale," said Nurse Sally, "you must take your treatment. You cannot return to Nemesisland, you cannot go back to your mistress unless you accept your medicine willingly. Besides, this is only the start. There's worse to come as I'm sure you realise."

The slave nodded in acknowledgement. The implement having been fully inserted Nurse Sally worked the spring that extended the mechanism in the metal penis that stretched his arse. Kim looked on in wide-eyed in amazement. She had never experienced medical play before and what she saw was a revelation to her. How can he take that?, she wondered, as the metal object opened wider and wider and the slave strained and strained against strap and buckle, his screams muffled by the metal gag in his mouth. Kim gazed on in astonishment as she could stare right up into his anus.

"Do you see your problem, Mr Dugdale," Nurse Sally scolded, "even under this extreme stress you are still getting excited. Look at his penis Nurse Kim, it's only starting to get hard again and, see, those tell-tale little globs of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I'm sorry but you have to take some more Mr Dugdale but before I do that I'm going to get the Student Nurse to carry out another treatment at the same time. Girl, go to my tray, you'll find a pair of forceps there. Bring them back with you."

Kim obediently went behind Nurse Sally's back, gaped at the array of instruments, and picked out the forceps; long metal handles with sharp points at their ends. The shiny metal felt good in her hands. She returned to her position by Nurse Sally's side; the pair of them making for a nightmare masked fetish vision in red and white. Kim noted the look of sadistic concentration in the eyes of Nurse Sally.

"Good. Now Student Nurse Kim, I want you to squeeze his balls with the metal prongs whilst I extend him further." Her gaze fixed onto the slave, "Are you ready Mr Dugdale? You know you need this treatment don't you?"

Kim fixed the tips of the forceps onto the sac of his balls and then squeezed hard just at the same time as Nurse Sally extended the speculum just a tiny bit further. He's in a hopeless plight, thought Kim; he was completely in their hands with no escape from the tight bondage of the leather straps. His muffled screams of agony echoed against the clinical white walls. Really, how delicious, thought Kim as she released the handle of the forceps only to move them into another position and squeeze them tight again. Nurse Sally anticipated Kim's movement and eased the speculum just another fraction wider. The two fetish nurses worked in tandem to continue their torment of the slave.

"That's better," Nurse Sally finally said. "You see how the treatment has put a stop to any erection developing. Now, Student Nurse Kim, I hope you're learning from this little demonstration. I must admit I'm impressed with your skill in these procedures."

"Thank you," Kim replied, "it really is most enlightening for me Nurse Sally."

"The next treatment will be challenging for him I think. It's a procedure he's never had before and it will be scary, but I'm afraid his behaviour merits this corrective treatment."

Kim dreaded to think what it might be if it was more extreme than having a piece of metal put up your back-side and having it stretched.

"Nurse Kim, go to the tray with my implements and fetch me the black box."

"Yes, Nurse Sally."

Kim went to fetch the box as she had been told; her curiosity aroused as to what its contents might be, and handed it to Nurse Sally who opened it. Inside, resting in red velvet, were eight sleek silver rods with a curve at one end.

"Do you know what these are?"

Kim nodded her headed, "No."

"These are sounds. Do you know what they are for?"

Kim nodded her head again. Her eyes widened in amazement and shock as it dawned on her what Nurse Sally was going to do with them. Surely not, she thought. Kim had never seen anything like them before. Surely, she's not going to do that with them. Kim watched in awe as the Nurse Sally, with a look of intense concentration, fed one of the metal rods into the hole in the slave's penis and gently eased it down his urethra. Kim noticed her technique; how she allowed the metal rods to do the work for her without pushing them. She also glanced across at the man strapped to the treatment bench to gauge his reaction. It must surely be agony, thought Kim, yet, although his breathing was heavy, there was no attempt to scream in pain, only a dreamy glazed look in his eye. Nurse Sally had inserted the whole length of the metal rod down his cock so a small piece of the sounds protruded from the hole in his cock.

"Touch it," encouraged Nurse Sally, "feel how deeply it's penetrated him."

Kim reached out tentatively and touched the tip of his cock with one finger of her surgical glove. She ran it down the length of his penis feeling the hard metal inside him until she could touch the furthermost point where the metal curved. It was an amazing feeling to see what this person could do and what the slave would submit to under her ministering hands.

"Wow, it's fascinating," said Kim, "I never would have thought somebody could take that.

"Oh, my girl, you'd be surprised what these men can take to please their mistress, or their Nurse," laughed Nurse Sally. "OK, Student Nurse, it's your turn now."

"What," gasped Kim, "you want me to do that? Is it safe for me?"

Nurse Sally was pulling the sounds out, "Oh yes, you've watched what I've done and I'll be next to you to guide you. Besides, Mr Dugdale, you have to accept your treatments from the Student Nurse as well as me, don't you?"

Nurse Sally handed Kim the next sounds from the box, which was a slightly thicker gauge from the earlier one. Kim was tense; she could feel beads of sweat forming on her brow as she breathed heavily through her face mask. She took a deep breath to calm herself and then set about her task. She slipped the cold shiny metal into the end of his cock and felt it getting sucked in. She had seen how Nurse Sally had worked, easing the metal deeper with gentle nudges, not trying to force it and letting the weight of the rod and gravity do most of the work for her. Before she knew it the rod was half-way down the slave's cock.

"Well done, Student Nurse, that's good," Nurse Sally encouraged.

Kim concentrated, occasionally turning her head to watch the man's reaction; some deep breaths, some little groans but he did not seem distressed. It was as if he had drifted off into his own little dream world as he surrendered himself to the ministrations of these two fetish nurses. Kim herself felt heady and excited at the power she had over him. Finally, she had done it; the rod was as deep inside the penis as it was going to go. Kim touched the sounds at the end of its curve to test the depth of its final resting place and pushed her finger against the metal. The slave let out a contented groan. That is awesome, thought Kim. She cast a glance across at Nurse Sally who was watching her reaction and beamed a wide smile at her. Kim smiled back and let out a little laugh. She left the rod embedded in the cock for a few minutes and admired her handiwork before pulling it out.

"There you are Mr Dugdale, that's your treatment over for today. I trust that when you return to Mistress Nemesis you won't suffer from the same weaknesses again. If I see you back here I can find some particularly vicious treatments for an untamed cock. Now, thank Student Nurse Kim."

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