tagBDSMAdventures in Utah Ch. 03

Adventures in Utah Ch. 03


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Work seemed much better this week. His tryst with Penny had given him a much needed boost of self-confidence and energy. He felt like a Master again.

Penny was occupied for the next weekend, and he couldn’t help but plan out what their next encounter would be like. His imagination was in full flow, thinking of Penny submitting to his every desire. This young Hawaiian girl occupied his mind well, and he found it an obsession that was all-consuming.

When Pam called, it was a much needed break. She was curious to see he wasn’t in the usual chat haunts and finally called to see if he was OK. He broke the news about Penny to her, and she didn’t seem fazed in the bit.

“So, Master’s got another pet? You’ll have to introduce us. Hopefully in your basement,” the older woman giggled. “Perhaps this weekend? I’m free for the next two weekends to be nothing but your slut.”

He smiled. Although she was intriguing, she was a different kind of pet compared to Penny. Still, he decided he needed to get his mind off of the vixen and back to another. “Come on up. Same drill as last time.”

“I can’t wait!” she said.


Pam showed up at 6:00 on Friday. He was at work later than normal, fixing a problem that had arisen between his call site and a site in Florida. He hadn’t told her, but she knew enough to let herself in.

The house was cold, and she adjusted the thermostat a little higher. She guessed he dialed down the heat to save on costs while he was at work. Besides, if she was wrong, she could look forward to some punishment. She felt more frisky than normal, having her teenage daughter the whole month prior and being unable to actually get out of the house to fuck. She didn’t care what the punishment could be, she just needed the attention.

She headed downstairs and undressed, clasping the collar around her neck and attaching herself to the lead. She sat on the pillow near the wall, feeling the butt plug she was wearing nudge a little deeper into her ass. She hadn’t worn it in a month, and now with every step she felt it snugly inside of her, rubbing with a constantness to nearly drive her wild.. Softly, she caressed her own body with her hands. Her anticipation was all-consuming, needing to feel his touch. She was surprised at their last meeting when he tricked her into drinking her own pee, but just thinking of it now made her wet. She felt so humiliated, so used, so powerless. And so incredibly hot. She slowly reached between her legs to stroke her pussy, softly massaging it with her fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned, then stopped, looking around the basement for any camera or device which would expose her transgression. Carefully she dipped two of her fingers between her lips, spreading them wide, then running them from her entrance to her clitoris, wetting the sensitive folds. The feeling of fear was driving her now. Would he notice if she came before he arrived? What if he caught her in the middle of the act? Would he spank her? Fuck her? Whip her? With each punishment she fantasized of, she stroked faster. Her hips began to wiggle, and with it the butt plug. She moaned louder now, and the orgasm rose to boil beneath the surface. She was torn. She needed the release but dared not disappoint him. It was too late. A single pinch of her button sent the shivers down her spine which accompanied her orgasm. She bucked, the butt plug adding that extra needed dimension to thrust her ecstasy. She collapsed on the rug, feeling her pussy, sopping wet, as well as the rug on which she pleasured herself. Her breathing was shallow and labored. It was 6:30 and he wasn’t home yet. She hoped he wouldn’t walk through the door... and yet a part of her yearned for him to come through there and treat her like the disobedient slut she was.


“What do you mean I shouldn’t criticize his team?” he asked.

The man on the speakerphone was John, a supervisor in Florida. He and John had a dispute brewing which had lasted over the past month. John’s team was consistently making technical errors that his team was fixing. It was killing his productivity, and his complaints had finally reached the ears of the center manager who was trying to moderate the disagreement between his supervisor and John in Florida. Unfortunately, it was shaping up to make it sound like John had no fault.

“All supervisors and the technicians are handled in-center. You don’t have any provisional authority to criticize John or his staff.”

“He’s repeatedly ignored my requests to train his team to recognize other errors besides simple dial-up problems. Half of the callbacks my guys are handling are from his team, I swear to God!” His temper had gotten the best of him. The center manager was Mormon, and didn’t appreciate that language.

“No more complaints to John’s boss about this matter. I’m serious. So long as you do your job and fix your problems, that’s all I care about. Now I suggest you go home, cool off, and come back Monday ready to do your job.” He hit the disconnect button, stood up, and left the small office.

He was furious. All along they were encouraged to submit proposals to increase center efficiency. I guess that’s true so long as it doesn’t single anybody out. His lead staffers, two top-notch techs, were bent out of shape about the mistakes of the incompetent techs on John’s team. And the fact he was here at 6:30 on a Friday night to try and fix this problem added insult to injury.

What he needed was a beer. He didn’t want to go home angry, especially with Pam being there. Pam! She’d be there and hour before he stepped in the door. He sighed, grabbed his coat, and headed out the door.


The waiting was killing her. The last orgasm that rocked her body was intense, but it left her wanting more. She dipped her fingers into her nectar and brought them to her mouth to taste it. She moaned at its sweetness. She needed a good fucking now. She needed to have her pussy filled. Rolling her eyes back into her head, she slid three fingers into her and slowly stroked her wet pussy. The tingling along her nerves was intense. She stroked her thumb over her clit and shivered as the feeling ran from her toes to her scalp. Curious, she ran her pinky finger across the end of the plug, feeling its warmth and sensitivity. She bent her fingers inside of her and she jumped, stroking the butt plug from her pussy. She needed filling, and she needed it now. She concentrated, needing only get her thumb inside of her to stretch her wide. She strained as the knuckle pressed against her bone, and screamed as she forced her hand into her. She balled her fingers to a fist and began to pump her pussy. The squishing of her wet pussy, filled with her hand, sent shivers through her body. The pumping spread her widely, and she felt the plug move with her rhythms. The sensations reached up her body and shook her to the core. She was unaware of her surroundings, her moans and screams were loud, and the rug under her was soaked with her cum.

She stopped moving her hand to catch her breath, her eyes closed, every nerve in her body on fire. She sucked her breath in and slowly sighed, keeping still to avoid the racking pleasure she was giving herself. She opened her eyes and saw him standing there, sipping on a beer.

“Enjoying yourself, slut? Couldn’t wait for your master, could you?” he asked sternly.

She was too exhausted to reply. She simply stared at him, panting, trying to extricate her hand from her sopping womanhood. She was frightened of what he would do, but her hand’s movements was again putting her on the road to rapture.

“Like to fist yourself? Tell me, slut, why couldn’t you wait for me?”

She was speechless. He hand slipped free, and with the pop of freedom came a jolt of pleasure. She closed her eyes and shook, so many things going through her head at once.

He headed to the wall and unhooked her chain, yanking on it, pulling her collar. She followed, trying to stand up.

“No, on all fours, slut. You’re going to be in for a long weekend for disobeying me.” He drug her around the cold, concrete floor. As she crawled, the butt plug was wiggling like mad, making her pant and making her focus on not cumming again.

He watched her crawl, pissed off at her lack of control. She was whimpering. “Shut up, slut. You disobeyed your master, giving yourself pleasure. What punishment do you think your deserve, slut?”

She stayed on all fours, head bent. She didn’t say a word.

“Oh, now you won’t answer me when I ask a question?” he asked, anger evident in his voice. He pulled her over toward the sawhorse. She stood and he clamped her feet to the base, then her hands to the chains on the wall in front. She was bent over, spread, ready for a spanking.

Instead, she felt the sting of a flog on her ass. She yelped, keeping her head down, and began to weep with the pain. He lashed her again, and the tears began to stream faster. Eight more shots later, she was in a full sob, her ass officially on fire. Her admired her red ass, then began to flog her back. She cried out with each flogging, the red marks along her skin etching a stinging line in her flesh. After ten strokes, he attached nipple clamps to each nipple, and stretched a wire from the clamps to loops against the wall to keep her tits secure. She sniveled in her predicament, afraid of what was to come. He stood before her and spoke.

“Now, tell me, what should your punishment be, slut?” She was confused. He just gave her a savage punishment, and he didn’t think it was enough! Her mind raced, and she spoke.

“Use me and abuse me any way you wish, Sir,” she said quietly, sniffing and gasping as she said it.

“You will do whatever I demand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What would you stoop to do to show you are truly sorry for what you did?”

She cringed. Having him humiliate her was one thing, for her to think of a way to humiliate her was different.

“Anything, Sir.”

“Give me an example, slut,” he said. There was no amusement in his voice. That terrified her.

“I would... drink my own... piss, Sir,” she said. She had done it before for him, and she hoped that would be enough.

“Oh, no. That’s nothing. Besides, you’ve already done that for me. Think of something else.”

“I would... walk behind you in public, with a collar around my neck and you holding a lead.”

He grinned, but shook his head. “No. Nothing public, yet. Try again.”

She was relieved a bit that her grinned, and she could hear it in his voice. But she forced herself to think of a humiliating act to appease her Master. She stammered, and couldn’t think of anything. He sighed. “Keep thinking, slut. I’ll be back in an hour to check on you. Maybe then you’ll think of something.” He headed upstairs and shut the door. She sobbed quietly, bent over the sawhorse and needing to nurse the stings that had been laid across her body.


He grabbed another beer and sat in his recliner. He was trying to calm down, watch some TV, relax a bit. After all it was the weekend and it was a good time to relax. He finished off a second beer and headed towards the fridge when the phone rang. He picked it up. It was Penny.

“Whatcha doing stud?” she said playfully. Just hearing her voice made him smile.

“Trying to calm down.” He explained the whole situation with work, and then continued to explain the Pam situation. She giggled on the phone. “I think you should make her babysit my grandmother as punishment while we play.”

He laughed. “That would be suitable. But I’m afraid that won’t really be nice to your grandmother.”

Penny giggled. “You should take her to a nightclub and let other men have their way with her.”

He smiled and nodded. “That’s not a half bad idea. It’ll be tough finding one in this town, though.” He slid over in his chair to the computer and began to surf the local sites.

“True. How about a church function? Take her to the Temple? Convert her to Mormon?”

He laughed. She made his anger and worries fly away. “Don’t think the Mormons would appreciate that.”

“You should fuck her all day and all night. Too bad you don’t have a machine.” Her idea was perfect.

“Great, Pen. You nailed it. I’ll alternate the vibrators I have in her until she becomes tired of orgasms. You ever have that done to you? Is this experience speaking?”

“Ha, you wish. Actually, there’s no such thing as becoming tired of orgasms.” He heard an older voice in the background. “Gotta run, hun,” she said. “Miss ya.” She hung up.


He headed downstairs, beer in hand, and found her whimpering in her position. He knew the clamps were beginning to ache, and reached down to unhook them. He took one of Pam’s nipples in his mouth and listened to her moan. She jumped at his touch, the rush of blood to the nipple making it ultra sensitive.

He let her tit fall from his mouth and stood behind her. “I’ve found a punishment for you pet. Since you like to cum so much, I’m going to let you cum all night.”

At first she was excited, but then became wary of what he meant. She felt the butt plug tug against her and then slide out of her ass.. She sighed with relief and pleasure, her ass stretched and open for him. Then she felt the vibrator slide into her pussy. It was off and filled her. She inhaled, loving the feeling, then felt it start vibrating inside of her. The she felt a strap slide around her waist, pressing a plastic feel against her pussy. He switched it on and she felt the vibrations on her clitoris. She sighed at the pleasure, frustrated and restrained.

“Now, Pam, you may cum at any time. But you may not sleep. I will come down each hour to make sure you are enjoying yourself. If you are asleep, I will punish you. Cum as much as you can. Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered. The vibrators were humming along, sending shivers down her spine. Her breathing became labored, and she knew she was near orgasm. She saw him move to stand in front of her, his cock at face level.

“Suck on my cock now, pet. Don’t stop sucking, even if you cum.” She eagerly swallowed the tip of his cock, sucking on it, licking, tongue stroking the head. Then he forced the length of his cock into her mouth. He fucked her mouth long and slow, enjoying her ministrations to his cock. She began whimpering, shuddering. He knew she was going to climax, and ran his claws down her bare back. She bucked and jerked, cumming while sucking his cock. She didn’t miss a beat, sucking him, her mouth pussy receiving his thrusts expertly. Soon, he felt the heat build in his balls, and his cock was about to erupt. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, grabbed her hair, and began shooting his cum over her face. She tried to lick up what she could, but his cum covered her eyes, forehead, lips, nose, and cheeks. Once done, he wiped himself off on her face, and let go of her hair.

“Good pet, now I’ll be back in an hour,” he said, walking back upstairs.


The first orgasm was a relief, the second a wonder, and the third was a rolling wave of ecstasy that didn’t seem to stop for 15 minutes. The horse was soaked, and her leg had her honey dripping all the way to her ankle. He clit was numb, but her pussy was on fire. His cum had dried over her face, and she felt like a dirty slut, and loved it. He was abusing her in such lovely ways. She looked forward when she heard him come back downstairs.

She heard him step behind her, and she became excited. The vibrators were switched off, and taken out of her pussy and from around her waist. He held the toys in front of her face.

“Lick them clean, pet,” he commanded, and she eagerly complied. She sucked the vibrator into her mouth, wishing it was his cock. It felt so good to have him in her mouth, her needing him, her care to seek his pleasure. He removed it, and let her lick the second one clean. Her taste covered both, and she enjoyed pleasing him, cleaning his toys for later use.

He walked around behind her and she felt a cold finger administer some lube to her ass. She moaned in excitement, and felt his finger slide in, administering the jelly, slithering it in and out of her ass. She quivered at his touch, her holes readily accepting him, his touch. She sighed when his finger left, and felt something long and artificial slide up her ass. She gasped, but it fit easily, the way prepared by the buttplug she obediently wore. Then she felt it hum, its power sending sparks along her nerves, making her shudder. Goosebumps crawled along her body, and she giggled, then moaned.


Two more climaxes rocked her, her ass providing exquisite tingling and a rolling climax that put her in Nirvana. When she came down, she felt sore, exhausted, and yet the vibrator in her ass was egging her on, driving her to newer heights of pleasure... or was it pain?

Suddenly, she felt cold douse her body. She shivered, as the icy cold water covered her, jerking her back to reality. She had drifted off, and he decided to wake her up this way. Her head was spinning, and the vibrator in her ass was still going strong. At that point she felt him, his cock, his glorious member, slide into her pussy and start fucking her, using her like the toy she was. She quivered, moaning, the heat driving her, the fucking pushing her, the vibrations stimulating her. The double fucking was too much. She exploded in orgasm, screaming, her body crying out for rest, her libido crying out for more. She felt his cock slide out from her spasming pussy, replaced with a vibrator. She whimpered, wanting him. When it began to hum, she felt it, but missed his cock, his hips, his warmth. She began to weep.


Tears streaming down her face, one more orgasm rocked her. She shook, breathing, her pussy lips numb, her ass aching, the vibrations and humming more soothing, yet torturous. She drifted off again.


This continued all night, until 8 AM, when he came down, unhooked the vibrators, her ankles, her wrists. He carried her to her bed, laying her down and tucking her in. Her legs were sticky with her cum, her face sticky with his. She moaned as she was lain in bed, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


That afternoon she was awakened by him bringing her breakfast.

“How are you feeling after your punishment, pet?” he asked, laying the hand tray across her lap.

She moaned as she ate her food. “I’m sore, dirty and tired, but I certainly learned my lesson.” She looked up at him. “That was very interesting, what you chose to punish me. What made you pick that?”

He shrugged. “A little fairy told me.” With that he kissed her on the head. The rest of the day they spent together, shopping, talking, eating, but she was too sore for any other activities. She left that evening, promising never to disappoint him again, but a feeling in her stirred to hopefully take some revenge at some future point.

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