tagNonHumanAdventures of a Cum Kitten

Adventures of a Cum Kitten


A/N: This is a sort of prologue chapter. In the future, expect a number of kinks in play! Hina the cumkitten will end up having fun with all kinds of things: huge cocks, monster/beast cocks, tentacles and goo, futas... Hina will at some point become a rather special futa as well! There's going to be a lot of kinks, including monsters, lactation from Hina, machines, Hina as dom and sub, oviposition, and mostly cum inflation!

It's all heavily inspired by roleplays on roleplaychat . org. If you're interested, maybe you're catch me there on "cumkitten"! Maybe I'll even use one of our RPs as inspiration (with your permission, of course)!

Hina is a character I'll use in my stories, but the stories don't all take place in the same universe or timeline. So there's a lot of fun to be had! I might take requests, too. Anywho, I hope to have fun here! On to the story.


Hina was a demifelis, also known more simply as a "catgirl." While the demifelis often lived alone and secluded in their own tribal societies, now and then one will decide to leave their hometowns and seek out new interests in the great wide world, seeing what other humans and beasts lived around and how their civilizations worked. And so, Hina decided to go out and leave to explore the world, too.

It was a dangerous road to take, yes, but Hina was determined to go out regardless. It was easy enough to survive, after all- with her claws, agility, and feline reflexes, it was easy to hunt and gather food and find water. She did not need much to survive!

Hina was a catgirl with short blonde hair, black ears and a tail, and chocolate colored eyes, her form curvy, with full breasts topped by perky pink nipples. Her pussy was hairless and pink, almost always slightly wet from mild arousal that always affected fertile catwomen, and her skin was soft and smooth and the color of light cream. Demifelis were known for their superior breeding ability, having pussies that could milk any cock, and wombs that could handle any load, and even breasts that made sweet milk that could make any mate's genitals more productive.

That, and being the feral being she was, she did not wear human clothing, or any clothing at all.

She would soon learn that this was a dangerous thing, when walking around in the world, especially near humans. And especially for a naïve, virginal catgirl who knew nothing of the world outside her small tribal village.

She was getting a lot of stares as she entered the human village, and the kitten didn't mind too much- she had always liked attention, and she knew she was considered pretty. Hina was confused, though, as she noticed everyone around her was wearing these strange cloth garments. Clothing? Her tribe only wore furs, and that was during the winters. Otherwise, they all went naked as well.

She wandered off the main streets and into the seedier parts of this town, oblivious to the lecherous stares she was getting from the men she passed, and her ears perked up as she heard something.

"It must be a sign, boss- for a sexy kitten to just walk right into our territory... And she's already naked! Nab her, we can use her!"

"A demifelis, heh. We can use that pussy- bet she doesn't know a thing about humans. I bet we could trick her into it."

"Go for it."

She couldn't understand most of it from here, still being too far off. She knew enough human speech to get by alright, but she was still at a loss as a large, burly man strode over to her and towered over her, smirking down.

"Hey there, kitty. Mind helping us with something?" he asked, and Hina tilted her head, her ears perked up.

"Help...?" she echoed, before nodding. Well, if she could help...

"Good, come with me."

And with that, the man grabbed her by the arm and led her along into a dark tavern, where many men looked over and grinned in sadistic and excited approval, feeling their pants tightening as their bodies reacted to the sight of a naked catgirl in their midst.

The boss, who had Hina's arm in his grip, said, "Now, kitty, all of us have a sort of problem. We're all very sick, you see, and there's only one cure." He unzipped his pants, in front of everyone, and pulled out his throbbing, rock-hard cock, a solid eight inches long and two inches thick, the fat head already dripping with precum. His balls came out too, fat plump orbs the size of plums.

The kitten's eyes widened in shock at the sight, curious as ever. She'd never seen an erect cock before, and certainly not a cock that looked like this. Did this human want to mate her? His balls looked so full and swollen they were a dark red- and before Hina knew it, the entire tavern was showing off their hard cocks and fat balls, too.

"S-Sick?" the kitten mewed in shock, innocent and virginal. She'd seen cocks before, yes, but she'd been so sheltered she didn't quite know how they worked. Seeing them so big and hard was so new and interesting!

She felt someone suddenly grab her from behind and tie up her wrists, hanging her by them from a rope tied to the rafters above. Very soon, despite her struggling, Hina had been tied up, legs spread wide to show off her wet, shining pink pussy, making the men around her grin in anticipation. The kitten bristled a little, hissing softly- struggling against the bonds.

"Now, now, kitty, don't be mad. You said you'd help us, and we're in so much pain, you see," the man from earlier said, the boss. He patted the catgirl on the head and said, "We're so sick- see how big and fat these are, so full?" he said, cupping his own balls and showing them off. "They cause a lot of pain, you see, and the only cure is to empty them out completely. But to do that, I have to put this..." he grabbed his thick cock and rubbed the tip of it against Hina's pussy lips, making the kitten gasp and shiver in pleasure. "In here, a lot, until I can milk everything out. We all need to have a cure, so won't you help us?"

The kitten calmed down a little, naïve and gullible, and looked around a bit nervously. Nothing had ever been inside her pussy before, so she was nervous, but... these men were sick, and she promised to help. So she nodded, and a great cheer roared from the men around her.

The boss grinned, and grabbed the kitten's hips, taking no mercy on her and slamming his huge cock deep into her pussy, stretching and stuffing the virginal canal wide like the kitten had never felt before. Hina gasped and screamed, back arching as she felt that long cock ram right past her cervix and into her womb, letting her see and feel the small bulge his cock made in her abdomen.

Hina quivered and panted, whimpering in shock to feel her pussy being split open and stuffed so full- but it felt so good...

"Hah! This pussy's soaking and tight- it's perfect, boys! We've got a cockmilker tonight!" he announced, and another cheer roared through the tavern.

The man grasped Hina's hips tight and without warning started to pound away into her, rutting his massive cock in and out of her tight, quivering pussy faster and faster, rough and merciless. The kitten was mewling and screaming, gasping and trembling as she felt this massive cock rubbing every inch of her virgin pussy, making her tremble and cry out, suddenly screaming.

With that scream, her pussy gushed sweet juices, making her even wetter and slicker than before. She had squirt, for the first time!

Hina was dizzy from pleasure, overwhelmed. It felt so amazing... She wanted more! Whatever it was, more, more, more!

The kitten started to purr, writhing in bliss and mewling. "M-More...! Do it more! It feels good...!" she begged, her pussy clinging tight to the boss's cock and squeezing it hard, milking him.

"Aagh! This pussy's so tight, it's gonna milk me good- you like that, kitty? Like that big fat cock ravaging your pussy? I'm gonna breed you up, pump you full of my cock milk!" he growled, pounding away even harder, making Hina scream and writhe as her inner walls were ravaged by the fat cock driving into her.

Suddenly, Hina felt the cock inside her swelling up, slamming in hard as the cock started to jerk and throb and pulse.

"Here it cums, kitty! Take my seed!" the man growled, before his cock burst with cum, hot, thick cream pouring out until the bulge in the kitten's stomach got a bit bigger.

Hina felt it pouring in, hot, thick cream churning and swimming around her womb, stimulating every last inch of her insides as it poured in. She moaned and squirt again, mewling as she felt the pleasure from being filled up making her climax and squeeze that cock inside her even more, getting every last drop of cum out of the boss until he groaned, and pulled out, his balls looking normal sized now thanks to getting his cock milked.

"Your turn, boys! Fill her up!"

Before a drop could spill, Hina felt another cock shoved into her pussy- and the new guy leaned forward and started to suck on her nipples, making her mewl and writhe, moaning and panting as her perky nipples started to give him sweet milk.

After a few gulps of her milk, though, the man stopped fucking her and gasped. Something was happening!

Hina squealed as she suddenly felt the cock inside her grow an inch longer, and thicker, and the man groaned as he felt his cock growing, his balls growing even fatter too.

"Boss, her milk makes cocks grow! My balls are churning, I feel like I'm gonna burst!" he cried out, before losing his mind and senselessly pounding away at her pussy, thinking of nothing else but emptying his churning, heavy balls. He was desperate to cum, so much hot seed building up and needing to explode out of his grown cock.

He could feel it, rushing up out of his squeezing balls and up through his thick cock, making his cock swell as the thick rush gushed out, blasting into Hina's womb like cream being shot out of a firehose. Hina gasped and screamed, toes curling as she felt this massive cock unloading itself in her sensitive womb, pumping her fuller with cum and making her stomach swell up even more. Hina's pussy squirt hard again down onto his cock and balls, soaking him from her pleasure as he filled her up more, her body unable to resist being bred up and pumped full.

When the man's cock was finally spent, he pulled out, panting, and before Hina could even get a chance to recover, there were two more men, both shoving their thick cocks into her pussy- at once!

She felt two thick cocks stretching her wider than ever, pistoning in and out of her pussy mercilessly, sometimes alternating their thrusts and sometimes thrusting together. Both cocks ravaged her, determined to cum, and the men behind her grunted and groaned in ecstasy to feel such a tight, wet pussy around his cock.

The man in front of her kept sucking at her nipples, making Hina moan as more milk was sucked out and swallowed. In moments, that man's cock grew an inch thicker and longer right inside Hina, and she mewled, her pussy clenching around their cocks now because she felt something so deliciously big going wild inside her body.

The kitten was dazed, losing her mind to pleasure like she'd never known, eyes rolling back as her reddened cheeks were covered in a lustful smile.

"M-More...! Hina wants more cum, more cock- give Hina's pussy more! Hina will cure all your cocks! Give it to Hina!" the catgirl begged, her lust now having been unleashed, turning her into a feline in heat.

Both cocks suddenly fired off inside her, adding their own hot loads of seed into her womb, making her belly swell a little more still.

And Hina's pussy took cock after cock, feeling every last one being milked by her squeezing, tight pussy, never getting looser.

"T-This pussy's amazing, boss! It's still so tight, it's fucking milking my dick!"

"Yes, catgirl pussy is the best around, haven't you heard?" the boss snickered, watching as the kitten's womb got fuller and fuller as every man in the tavern had a go at the kitten's pussy, pouring their desperate loads into her eager womb. "They love cum and cock in their pussy, so they won't be happy until they've milked every last one around."

Hina's womb was flooded with human seed, thick and hot, swimming around inside her womb as each hot cock pummeled her pussy and gushed its load inside it. She was being given shot after shot of cum from the men's cocks, and she couldn't help but mewl and writhe in ecstasy as she was fucked senseless, losing all coherency as her pussy was used as a cumdump for the tavern.

But eventually, then men all ran out of steam, exhausted and spent, their cocks now milked of every drop of cum they'd had pent up in their balls.

The last cock pulled out, and Hina's stomach was swollen with seed, but without a cock plugging her up, all the hot cum gushed and poured from her pussy, making her mewl as she squirt. The hot rush rubbing against her pussy walls was driving her wild, and she couldn't think straight, only calming down once the flood of cum had poured out onto the floor.

Her pussy lips were dripping with seed and her juices, still as tight as ever- just like the perfect cockmilker should be.

"So what should we do with her, boss?"

"Eh, just leave her there. We can have another round with her tomorrow!"

With a roar of cheers, the men shut down the tavern for the night, leaving Hina hanging from ropes- of course, they seemed to forget that Hina had claws she could cut herself down with.

After a while of work with her claws, she freed herself, and stumbled through the tavern, her pussy still throbbing from such a brutal fucking. She was panting, still warm and dizzy from multiple orgasms, and from the sensation of having had so much cum shot into her pussy.

But now wasn't the time to dwell on it. She had to flee to the forest...

Of course, much more dangerous things lied in wait there.

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