tagMatureAdventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 2

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 2


It was a couple of days before I went back to the cleaners. I woke up early enough to arrive at the plant at 6:00 A. M. Sarah was alone. She was going about the opening duties, starting the boiler and turning things on. In general, she was getting the business ready for the day. She had not seen me when I came in and went to the office.

As she was passing the office door, I called out, "Hey, Good looking."

When she recovered from being startled, she said, "Hey, Good looking yourself. You scared me."

"So Sarah, how are you this fine morning?" I asked.

"I'm just fine," she said. "What I want to know is how you did the impossible and got Miss Beegee to pay up."

"All I will say is I have my ways," I said. "I can't give up all my secrets. She's paid up and is on a cash basis. Has she been back in?"

"She was in yesterday and left cleaning to be picked up this afternoon," she said. "Mr. Cuningham called and wanted you to call him. He wants you to have lunch with him today. I was going to call you if you did not come in." Sarah came over to my chair and placed her hand on my back and said, "However you got the money, you deserve a pat on the back." But instead, she gave me a half-hug.

"I want to thank you again for the money you loaned me the other day," she said. "It got us out of a bind. How do you want me to pay it back?"

"I've been thinking about that," I said. "I've been meaning to discuss a raise with you for a while. You have been increasing revenues as manager and Carla says you have good bookkeeping skills. So why don't we just consider the money you have as a one-time bonus? I'll be in a good mood after a good lunch and that will be a good time to hit me up for a raise." I stood up and she gave me a full hug.

I called Mr. Cuningham about 9:30 and his secretary said a car would pick me up in front of the store at 11:30 sharp. At 11:29, I saw a black Lincoln limousine pull up in front of the store and a uniformed chauffeur stepped out, opened the curbside rear door, and stood by. I yelled back at the crew, "You guys had better be good to me." I waved them to the front so they could see me ride away. Two customers were in the lobby. I said to them in passing, "It belongs to a customer."

One of the two women said, "It looks like one of Jason Cuningham's limos." I nodded back at her. So that 's who this is. Jason Cuningham was a retired financial wizard who moved into a mansion near Orlando.

The chauffeur deftly guided the limo through the gate and up the winding driveway to one of, if not the largest houses in Orlando. The car stopped in front of the white columns, which designated the entrance. I approached the door and the butler opened it and escorted me to a patio where a light lunch was being served.

Mr. Cuningham stood as I approached. He said, "Thank you for joining me for lunch. I've been looking forward to meeting you."

During lunch, we talked about Orlando, politics, the cleaning business, and my consultant firm. In general, it was just small talk. As we finished lunch, he invited me to take a walk with him in the gardens. I thought, "we must be nearing the reason for my visit."

"I understand you were with my wife the other evening," he stated calmly.

"She told you about it?" I asked.

"Certainly," he said. "We have no secrets. But I have a question for you. Didn't you enjoy her or find her desirable?"

"Of course I did," I said.

"Then you were serious when you gave her your reasons for not seeing her again?" he asked.

"Well, yes, I was serious," I said. "But the major reason is the obvious, she's married."

"Let me put your mind at ease," he explained. "I love my wife but I lost the ability to give her sexual satisfaction several years ago. Just because I can't do it doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be done. I've encouraged Beegee to find a discreet younger man but until now, she hasn't. She is definitely not a whore, but she thinks that if you are buying her services that you will not become romantically involved. You can have sex with her but her love belongs to me.

"You are welcome in my home at any time whether I am here or not. If you like I'll buy you two a place to rendezvous. The one caveat is that she can never know about this meeting. Here's the card of my accountant. Send him the bills on a monthly basis. Of course, you will pretend to let her pay you also. You may call her here and of course it is no secret that she volunteers at the Cancer Society. Call her and tell her that you have changed your mind."

"Sir, I want to thank you for being so candid with me," I said. "It takes a man with a great love for his wife to do what you're doing. If anything changes let me know. I will happily comply with your wishes."

"Well, I guess that concludes our business," he said. "I'll look forward to seeing you again." We had entered the house again. He pulled a tasseled cord and said, "Clayton will see you out and my car will make sure that you get back to your business. When I left the house, a chauffeur was holding open the door to a white limousine. I wondered how many limos he had.

Back at the plant, I went into the office. I had some non-cleaning work to do and thought that the office would be a good place to hide out and work. Not more than a split-second after I arrived, Sarah came in. I had forgotten that I had told her that we would discuss her raise after lunch.

"You know that I am dying to know what this is all about." She said. "So give, boss."

"Well, he asked me to give them credit again," I explained. "We will be billing his accountant but she isn't to know. We'll be keeping two sets of records on their account, one for her and the real one. You and I are the only people here at the plant to know what's going on. It's complicated but I guess it's a game rich people play. Don't mention any of this to anyone especially Ms. Cuningham.

"Now, how much of a raise do you think you are worth?"

"It's kind of hard to say considering the, uh, bonus you gave me the other day," she said. "Do you think $15 a week would be too much?"

"$15 a week?" I asked, incredulously. "I was hoping to make this quick but I see that you are not going to let me. I'll take a few minutes to teach you something about negotiating. You come into my office and say, 'Since I've been manager of your plant, we've increased revenues over $90,000 a year and all I've seen for is that measly bonus you gave me the other day. I feel like I ought to be making at least $100 more a week.'

"Then I say 'That's all well and good, Sarah, but we can't spend all the profits. We have to keep some for the hard times. I'm thinking more in terms of $50.' Then you come down to $85 and I come up to $65 and then we split the difference and settle on a $75 a week raise.

"God, Sarah, you are a tough negotiator. You've worn me out."

Throughout this charade, I was standing and had become very demonstrative. Sarah rushed over to me looking as if she was about to cry and another hard, closed-mouth kiss on the lips.

I asked her, "Do you realize that you have kissed me twice in the last couple to three days?" She nodded. I continued, "Now I am going to kiss you."

I placed my lips very gently on hers and started to kiss her tenderly. After maybe a minute, I slowly opened my lips and traced the outline of her lips with my tongue. Her lips opened and our tongues were dancing a fiery dance in our mouths. My loins were heating up and I pulled Sarah to me pressing her breasts against my chest and my hard cock against her stomach. We must have kissed about five or six minutes. We were both breathing hard. She pulled back and looking at the bulge in my pants, and said huskily, "I'd better get back to work." I noticed that she went to the bathroom before she went back to work.

I didn't see much of her the rest of the day and when she left for the day, she didn't stop by the office to tell me she was leaving. I was getting a lot of work accomplished when Lucy called and told me that Ms. Cuningham was at the counter. I had asked her earlier to let me know.

At the counter, I said to Beegee, "Hi there, I wanted you to know that the more I thought about your account, the more I thought that, if you still want to, you can continue to charge and pay in the manner you suggested."

"Well, that's great," she said. "I'm so glad that we were able to find a solution. What made you change your mind?"

"We have really enjoyed doing business with you in the past," I said. "I have no reason to doubt that if we limit the size of the account and you make payments as we discussed the other day, this will be mutually beneficial."

"Well, O.K." she said. "Come over here and give me a hug." I went over to Beegee and we hugged each other. We may have held a little closer and maybe longer than necessary but not long enough or close enough to arouse suspicions in Lucy who was grinning from ear-to-ear.

Lucy said, "I'm glad that worked out. I like her coming in. She's really nice."

I could tell that Lucy had something more to say but was hesitating. I hung around a bit to give her a chance. I thought that it might be about the size of her bonus but I waited for her to bring it up. Finally she said, "There's something I want to talk to you about and it's closing time. Do you have a few minutes you could spare?"

"Sure, I do, " I said. "Why don't you go ahead and lock up and meet me in my office?"

"Well, it's not really about business," she said. "So it doesn't have to be formal. Do you mind if we just talk about it here? I'll just lock the door and do the rest later."

I watched her as she scurried about locking the lobby and turning off the appropriate lights. Lucy was about five foot five or six and while she was quite pretty, she would never be called beautiful. She was slender with small to average breasts and a tight little butt. She was perky, with a quick smile and dancing eyes. I was sitting on the mark-in table, which was shielded from the glass windows of the storefront by a paneled wall. With the front and plant lights off, a single florescent lamp about fifteen feet away lighted this area.

Lucy came and stood about a foot from me and said, "This is harder than when I was thinking about it."

"The easiest way is to just start talking," I said. "First of all, I'm on your side. I think a lot of you and well, heck, girl. Just spit it out."

"You have always been easy to talk to, so here goes," she started. "I don't have much experience talking about this so please bear with me. In high school, I didn't date until I was sixteen. Then I only dated Jimmy Becker. We broke up about a year ago. I thought I was in love with him but even though we kissed and messed around a lot, we never had sex until about a month before we broke up.

"My parents were gone for the weekend and he came over. I knew I was going to sleep with him that night because we had talked about it. I thought it was going to be so romantic. I had candles in the bedroom and everything. After we ate the dinner I made for him, we sat on the sofa and made out for awhile. He took my panties off and before I knew what was happening, he was on top of me. He just stuck it in me and started going at it. I tried to get him to slow down or stop for awhile but he just kept going until he finished. He talked about how great it was and all I can remember is the pain.

The next night, he wanted to do it again and told me that it wouldn't hurt nearly as much the second time. But I decided I didn't want to do it again, at least not that way. And then we broke up. He said it was because we didn't have anything in common but people told me that it was because he was having sex with Shirley Jenkins, who had been a kind of high school slut.

"A few months ago, I was talking to my aunt and asked her how a young woman was supposed to learn about sex. She told me that she had found an older man to teach her. Then she found a man closer to her age to marry and together they found love. Anyway, that's where you come in. You are the nicest older man I know. Would you teach me? I don't want to be your girlfriend and I don't want any one else to know what we are doing. I just want you to teach me what sex is all about. Will you, please?"

"I guess it is traumatic the first time a man is referred to as older to his face," I said. "I have never thought of myself as old…."

Lucy interrupted me, "I only mean older as more experienced, someone who could to show what sex is all about. Please don't make me beg."

She had moved between my legs and had her hands on top of my thighs. It was not a premeditated sexual position but her body heat was burning through my slacks. I leaned my head forward and placed my lips on hers. She responded by kissing me back. I gently pushed her away from me and slipped off the table. I lifted Lucy onto the table and stepped between her legs. I kissed her gently and romantically at first and as we became more accustomed to each other, more passionately. I had my arm around her holding her close to me. But as our kisses grew in passion, I slid my hands around to the front of her body and cupped her breasts with my hands. I used my thumbs to gently rub the nipple area of her breasts through her clothes.

I said, "Before we get too carried away, I think that we ought to close and lock the back door."

"I'll get it." She said and took off toward the back.

I knew there was a large pile of bedspreads in one the darker areas of the plant. I took Lucy over there because I thought they would make a good bed. We kicked off our shoes and crawled onto the spreads. We were on our knees and I reached out and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. I removed her blouse and bra and lay her down. I flicked her nipples and they became hard. Her breasts were not large or small but I knew that by the way her nipples responded that we were in for a good time.

I was patient but I moved at a lovers' pace. I removed her skirt and panties and my clothes. I loved the way her body responded to my every touch. What a dummy that Jerry guy had been not to enjoy Lucy's initiation into womanhood. I toyed with her breasts with my lips and teeth. I cupped her vaginal mound and felt the heat rising. I traced a finger along her pussy lips and finally allowed the tip of the finger to go into her love tunnel just a little.

I continued to tease her nipples as I slowly pushed my finger into her pussy. She was sopping wet. Her breath was ragged and I continued ever so slowly. I moved over her body and allowed my cock to lay between her legs. She was so hot that I wanted to plunge into her but I held back. I kissed her, explored her mouth, and tongue dueled with her. I started kissing down her body to her breasts. I kissed and sucked her nipples and started south again. I tongued her belly button and kissed all over her stomached. I continued kissing southward. When I reached her pubic hair, Lucy asked breathlessly, "What are you going to do?"

I replied without stopping, "I'm about to take you places you've never been. Just relax and enjoy."

Lucy gasped as my tongue touched her pussy lips and moaned loudly as I began licking the length of her crack. I very lightly let my tongue pass over her hooded clitoris. The hood receded and her clitoris became erect. It was huge. I knew that I would have to be careful not to bring her around too quickly. I wanted it to last. I pushed one finger into her pussy and her body trembled. I was acutely aware that I was going to have to loosen her up if we were going to unite in sexual union. I added a second finger and slowly worked it into her velvet tunnel. I flattened my tongue and brought it back to her clit. I gently let my flattened tongue gently rub her beautiful big clitoris as I slowly finger fucked her. Her body trembled as her pussy walls spasmed. She made animal noises and seemed to be struggling to breathe. I think that she was having her first-ever full orgasm. When she started bucking so hard that I could not keep my tongue connected with her clit, I backed off and as I finger fucked her, I watched as wave after wave of passion and pleasure flowed through her young body.

I moved over and laid my body along side her and continued to slowly push my fingers in and out of her pussy. I watched her and when she began to settle down, I would flick her clit with my thumb to see her rise back into the throes of passion. Finally, I moved my body over her and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina. I felt her body tense and I was afraid that she was worried about a repeat of the pain from her first time.

"I'm about to put my cock into you," I said. I'm going to get it really wet with your juices and then I'm going to go really slow. If at any time you want me to slow down, stop for a minute, or quit all together, just let me know. Remember, sweetie, I'm here for you."

She half said and half moaned, "O.K. Go ahead."

I wet my entire cock in her juices and made sure I brushed the head of my dick across her clit in the process. I rubbed the helmet of my cock back and forth across her entrance until I sensed her tension abating. I moved ever so slowly into her love canal. She was tighter than any woman I had ever been with. After all, she was only one quick fuck away from being a virgin. Her juices were flowing freely and as I eased my dick in and out while steadily going deeper, I felt no resistance except for the exquisite tightness around my cock. When I was all the way in, I stopped for a minute to let Lucy become accustomed to me being inside her.

"Is everything O.K.?" I asked her.

"Oh God yes," she replied quickly and maybe a little too loudly.

I began with short slow strokes with a little pressure on the down stroke. As we grew more used to each other, I increased the length of the stroke and the speed. I added a little side movement when we were pelvis-to-pelvis. It wasn't long until her first climax, while fucking, began. Her vaginal walls griped my cock like a vise. It was such an emotional time for me and it would have been easy and blissful to explode with her but I wanted this time to be everything that Lucy could possibly want it to be. I continued to slowly fuck her and I lasted through two full climaxes. At the zenith of her third flight of passion, I gained release and experienced an earth shattering, soul shaking climax. It seemed to last forever with aftershocks occurring every couple of minutes.

We rolled over and stayed connected while we held each other close and tried to crawl into each other's mouth through a kiss. Lucy went through a wide range of emotions. She would giggle one second and be crying the next. She would laugh and then hold on to me while saying, "Oh God's." Her tightness pushed my softening cock out of her. We were sliding back into reality from the land of bliss.

When we were back to normal, I asked her, "Now that we have finished with the foreplay, would you like to make love?"

"If that was just foreplay, I don't think that my body would be able to take making love." She said. "I had feelings tonight that I didn't know existed. I don't know how to thank you for what you did. No matter what happens to me for the rest of my life, I will never forget you or tonight."

"Lucy, I really enjoyed making love with you," I said. "You have a lot to offer anyone you might team up with. You are smart, very pretty, and great in bed. I have two pieces of advice to give you. When you choose a mate, choose wisely. And starting today, forget that loser, Jerry.

"Hey, let's get our clothes on and get out of here before someone comes looking for us."

When we stood, Lucy put her right hand behind my head, pulled my head down, and gave me a wet kiss. She pressed her naked body into mine. When she stepped back, she looked at my half hard cock and said, "I thought I felt your thing hit me."

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