tagNonHumanAdventures of a Junior Super Hero

Adventures of a Junior Super Hero


Artemis pulled down the hem of her shirt, making sure her clothes were comfortably fitted. You never knew when you needed to be ready for a fight, so she made sure to wear loose clothing that was she could move around in easily at all times. She definitely did not want to be caught in something impractical if a fight broke out.

Of course, not everyone would think that a cheap Sailor Moon knock off outfit was practical. But when you're twenty years old and just starting out on the path of a super hero, you don't have a lot of resources for something more original. And wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt wouldn't work either. Superheroes had to stand out.

The men she was watching were finishing up with whatever deal they were working on. Two guys had just put the last of the wooden crates in the back of a nondescript van. There was a hand-off of a brown envelope as them men closed up the van and got it ready to go. The lone guy was busy counting the dollar bills in the envelope, and was eventually satisfied with its contents.

If Artemis was going to make a move on them, now was the time, before the van trundled off. But there was no actual evidence of anything illegal going down. It was shady, sure, but it could have been anything. Besides, these guys were obviously small fries. If there was anything truly nefarious going on, the local police could handle it.

If Artemis wanted to make a name for herself, she was going to have to hunt down something much more noteworthy. She slowly stood up from her crouch and glanced around in the alley she was hiding out in. The day was still early, but she definitely needed to find some action soon, otherwise she would waste yet another day looking for criminals to thwart.

At that moment, her junior hero's league communicator watch buzzed to life.

"There's a disturbance at the botanical gardens. Reports indicate that large plants are coming to life. Are there any heroes in the area to investigate?"

Artemis wasn't even a true hero yet, at least not according to the Guild. She was just a junior associate member. She wasn't even supposed to have a communicator watch, but she had managed to finagle one anyway. And she was restless to prove herself to the Guild and work her way up the ranks.

So, the botanical gardens? If she was going to make a name for herself as a hero, she was going to need to take down some noteworthy bad guys. She barely thought about it before jogging off in the direction of the gardens.

As it turned out, it was only a few blocks away, and she had probably beat any other heroes to the spot. As Artemis stopped in front of the gardens, she could hear screams coming from inside. People were still spilling forth from the grounds obviously trying to escape whatever was within.

Artemis went over options in her head for a moment while getting her breath back. She couldn't remember any of the local villains who specialized in manipulating plants. It didn't seem likely that any of the big time major villains would have moved to town recently, there wasn't enough going on in her small city to attract the attention of the more powerful superpowers.

She was probably up against a new villain, one just coming into his powers. Given the fact that she was somewhat inexperienced herself, this was probably the best scenario Artemis could hope for. Either way, she needed to get in there before any more innocent people got hurt.

She forced her way through the throng of escaping people and into a bizarre mess. Inside the giant greenhouse plants had overgrown the place, hanging from the ceiling and all over the walls. The greenhouse, usually a bright and airy place, was dark and creepy due to the overgrown plants blocking all the light coming through the glass.

Artemis took a quick look around and noticed an unhealthy number of vines coming from underneath the door to the desert environment. She carefully stalked to the door and peeked through the open slot. A giant sized carnivorous plant occupied the majority of the desert room. Vines snaked away from the oversized Venus fly trap, moving freely along the grounds and displays.

Artemis shivered. She did not want to get wrapped up by one of those oversized vines. So creepy!

She slinked away from the doorway. The large creepy looking plant looked dangerous, but it didn't seem to be able to leave the desert room. Artemis decided that clearing the rest of the gardens out of civilians was more important right now. She'd go back to face down the monstrous plant when she was done with that.

Artemis made her way into the exotic plants section of the gardens. Unfortunately, this section was built like a maze, with various paths crisscrossing around the large room. She forced herself to look behind every hedge and display to make sure no one else was around. As she searched, a strange cloying scent began to fill her nostrils. It was a bit of a distraction at first, but given the fact that she was in the exotic area, strange and unfamiliar scents should be expected.

Behind a series of brightly flowering bushes a middle-aged woman lay on the ground, paralyzed in fear. Grunting to herself, Artemis grabbed the woman by the arm and tried to pull her to her feet.

"Come on, lady! It's time to get out of here!" She urged the woman up.

The woman was about average build, but for some reason, Artemis was having a hard time dragging her to her feet. She seemed to be muttering to herself, but nothing came out that was intelligible.

With lots of swearing, and cajoling, Artemis finally managed to get the woman to stand up and ushered her to the door.

"Go through the far door to the exit, and don't stop until you're at least a full block away, alright?" Artemis pushed the woman through the door towards the exit.

"Now go!" She stood and watched the woman as she stumbled forward, making sure she made it to the exit. With one good deed done, Artemis returned to her search of the room.

Focusing back on the room she was in, there were still many areas that she hadn't searched yet. She forced herself to keep moving. The deeper she moved into the exotic plants section, the more noticeable that strange smell was. She shrugged it off as unimportant and she continued to search behind every bush and bench in the area.

She finally noticed that she was moving slower and slower the longer she stayed in the area. It had already gotten to the point where she was dragging her feet across the ground, and she was beginning to get worried. At this point she was relatively sure that no one else was in the exotic plants section, so it was time to leave. Unfortunately, the exit was on the other side of the room from her current position. Skipping most of the maze-like corridors, Artemis choose to move straight through the center of the room.

Halfway through the room Artemis's movement had almost come to a standstill. Her legs were only barely shuffling along, and her arms were heavy and motionless. She had the entirety of her mental focus bent on keeping herself moving forward. She was sure that all she had to do was get out of this room and she'd recover quickly enough.

With all of her concentration focused inward, she didn't notice the vines moving around on their own. Two vines grappled her legs and began to slowly wind their way around them, working their way up the limbs and solidifying their grip on her. The same effect that was weakening her body also made Artemis's limbs numb, which kept her from noticing the plants entrapping her.

Finally, with both legs thoroughly wrapped up, the vines began to completely arrest her movement. Artemis glanced down at her feet to will them to move forward again, and immediately freaked out when she noticed the vines tightly wrapped around her.

She tried to move her hands down to tear herself free, but more vines had started to wrap up her arms as well. Combined with the paralysis in her body, she was completely unable to move. Her mind raced as the fear began to grip her tighter than the vines that were now tugging her back towards a large congregation of plants.

Artemis struggled hard as she could, but the paralysis was keeping her weak and ineffectual. The strange cloying scent was growing stronger the closer she got to the plants. That was apparently what was weakening her body, and for as long as she'd been in the room, she had breathed in quite a bit of it. How had she not noticed how the scent was affecting her earlier?

She was pulled off the ground by the vines and lifted into the air, suspended and completely helpless. She struggled as hard as she could, but there was nothing she could do. She could feel her heart beating quickly in her chest as the fear threatened to consume her.

More vines came out of the various plants and snaked their way across the ground to her. She watched helplessly as they climbed up into the air and began to circle her body. Two of the vines snaked up her shirt and began to lift it up, exposing her to the air.

Artemis's face began to grow red with embarrassment as her body was exposed for all to see. The fact that there were no other humans present did help a little, but she was beginning to feel incredibly uncomfortable now. She vainly tried to struggle against the vines, putting as much as her superhuman abilities into it as she could, but it wasn't enough. The vines on her legs and arms tightened up, solidifying their grip on her even further.


Artemis's shirt was ripped off, and the remains gently floated down to the dirt path. Two small white flowers grew out of the offending vines and hovered ominously just beyond her bra covered breasts. She did not like the look of those seemingly innocent appearing flowers. A warm breeze rolled across her now naked stomach causing her to feel butterflies under her skin.

Vines snaked around her cream-colored sports bra, pulling and tugging on it from every angle. She could feel the plant tentacles slivering over her skin, brushing up against her breasts as they tried to unclothe her. She felt a shudder move down her paralyzed body. This was NOT turning her on. Definitely not. Plants with tentacles were creepy.


Somehow, the vines had found the clasp to her bra and opened it, causing the now useless piece of clothing to fall from her body. As soon as her breasts were uncovered, the two ominous white flowers descended on her, latching themselves to her nipples.

The flowers began to suck... sucking on her exposed breasts.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Artemis wasn't able to hold in her breath. It felt good... far too good. What the hell was this plant doing to her?

Artemis looked down and saw little bits of vines growing larger. It looked like the vines were a hose sucking down globs of water from her. She wasn't lactating, she was pretty sure of that, so what were those flowers doing to her?

She tried to lift her head to look closer, but even that was a chore. She could feel herself growing weaker, not just her muscles, but the rest of her body as well as her mind. It was as if those small, white flowers were draining the energy right out of her body.

She watched, mesmerized as the white flowers drained her. The vines sucking her breasts kept pumping the energy out of her body, the globs of energy visible as they ran down the vines. It was oddly soothing to watch. Her breasts were getting pulled up and away from her body with each suck. Getting pulled up and away, before flattening again into their natural round shape.

Up and down her breasts went. Up and down. Her eyes followed, up and down. It was so hard to think about anything else. The plants were draining her will to fight it. Up and down. Up and down. So easy to watch. So hard to think about anything else.

The pleasure had continued to mount across her body. It had been ages since Artemis had someone pay this much attention to her breasts and she had forgotten how sensitive she could be there. The rhythmic sucking on her nipples felt sooo good. It was too hard to ignore now. She could feel it affecting her, causing heat to radiate all across her body.

At that moment something burst above her head, showering her face in red pollen. By this point she was panting deeply, and couldn't help herself from inhaling a large quantity of the plant matter. A sweetly pleasurable scent of strawberries filled her nostrils as she sucked it all in. The pollen immediately went into effect on her, numbing her brain.

After a few quick breaths of the pollen, Artemis's mind felt almost disconnected from her body. It was as if she was floating above her figure, looking down on it, yet still feeling everything against her skin.

In fact, her body started to become more noticeable. The numbness that accompanied her paralysis was quickly erased as her body became more and more responsive. It was as if every inch of her body was growing more and more sensitive. And as her body grew more sensitive, the pleasure from the little white flowers grew far more intense.

It felt so good that Artemis didn't know why she was trying to fight it. It would feel even better when she just gave in, she knew. She could completely give up and let the plants have their way with her, it would feel sooo much better. So much...

"Suck... on my belly..." the words had come out of her mouth before she could even stop herself.

Why had she said that??? Her stomach was the most sensitive part of her body. She only shared this detail with her most intimate lovers. The thought caused a moment of clarity to appear in her mind. A small bubble of lucidity appeared in her otherwise clouded thoughts.

She needed to get out of here. She was completely held up by the tentacle-like vines from the plant monster, weakened by the scents and pollen in the area. If she didn't break out now, she wasn't going to be able to last.

Summoning as much of her superhuman powers as she could, Artemis focused on her eyes and they began to glow with energy. Her laser eyes could cause, at most, moderate damage, and right now, as tied up as she was, it was her best option. She looked around, her vision lightly tinted with purple from the gathering power, trying to spot some sort of central mass.

She finally saw a gigantic red flower, growing out of the center of the plants she was near. All of the vines from her body led back to that one flower. It must have been hiding before, and only come out now that Artemis was almost completely incapacitated.

Artemis vowed to show it that this display overconfidence would be its downfall. She forced what little energy she had left that she could pull form her body into her eyes, causing her vision to grow deeper purple. She carefully lined up her shot, knowing full well she wouldn't get a second chance.

"OHH! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

Artemis's back arched as her whole body shuddered in pleasure. A new small white flower had managed to grow and latch on to her stomach. It felt as if something was tonguing her belly button, causing her sensitive body to shudder in uncontrollable pleasure.

The new flower sucked out her energy, much more efficiently than the two on her breasts. Artemis's vision slowly turned to normal as the energy she had built up was being sucked away by the flower at her belly.


Superheroes weren't supposed to curse. But Artemis had lost all control at this point. The pleasure thundering through her body had clouded her mind again, completely stopping any rational thought. She couldn't even remember what she had been so focused on doing a moment before.

The pleasure was all consuming. It was all she could think about anymore. It felt so good. It felt so good to have her body drained so completely.

Through the fog of her vision she could see a large cucumber growing from the end of one of the vines. Separate vines worked their way up Artemis's skirt, wrapping around and grasping her panties. It only took a moment of tugging by these vines to rip the panties to shreds, leaving her pussy bare and exposed.

Suddenly the large cucumber looked much more inviting then it had a moment ago. It was obvious what was going to happen with it. Artemis began to mindlessly thrust her hips forward toward the plant phallus, desperate to have it inside of her.

Her moans had now become a constant, as the room was full of her loud throes of verbal ecstasy. She was so wet that her juices had covered the insides of her thighs and were dripping on the ground. The dirt underneath her was beginning to grow dark from all the liquid it was absorbing.

The flowers on her breasts hadn't stopped this whole time. They continued to slowly and rhythmically suck the energy right out of her tits. They were gradually milking her dry, draining her again and again. Artemis would love to watch her breasts as they bounced up and down from the draining flowers, but her eyes were glued to the big green phallus that was inching closer to her pussy.

Light green goo was dripping from the tip of the plant phallus. It was causing the artificial cock to become well lubricated, although she imagined she didn't need any additional help in that area. Her pussy was so hungry at this point that it was going to swallow that green cock the moment it touched her slit.

The tip of the green cock finally did reach her pussy, and just the lightest of touches from it caused a bolt of pure ecstasy to plummet down her body. She was shaking uncontrollably, only the fact that the vines were holding her in place kept her from flailing around and possibly hurting herself in her throes.


The plant phallus slipped inside of her quickly and effortlessly, filling her up completely. It felt so good to be so full. It felt so good to be so complete. She never knew she needed this, but she did. The green cock completed her. She needed it inside of her. Always inside of her.

Her body was moving on its own accord now. It was moving in time with the thrusting phallus that was giving her the fucking of her life. She had never felt so much pleasure before.

The green plant cock was thrusting in and out of her, moving quicker and quicker. It would have been painful to be pounded this hard if it didn't feel so damned good. She didn't even realize that the plant could move so quickly. It even felt like it was vibrating inside of her, stimulating every inch of her insides. No sex toy could compare with this organic vibrator.

Through the haze of all the sex and thrusting and titty sucking, Artemis began to notice something different, something deep inside of her. A small storage of bright energy, deep within her being was being dragged out. It was far more intense than the normal energy the flowers were sucking off.

The green plant phallus was attempting to suck out her core of super energy. With each thrust it was breaking down her defenses, and with each withdrawal it was pulling at her super powers. It was dragging them closer and closer. She could feel that knot of pure super energy drawing closer and closer to her pussy. She could feel it getting closer and closer to being drained from her body completely.

She knew it was wrong, that it was depraved. She knew that she couldn't afford to let the plant beast suck her very powers out of her, but there was nothing she could do about it. In fact, she was so turned on right now, the flowers and cock had her so insanely turned on that she actually wanted it to drain her powers out of her. She could only imagine the pleasure that would come from having her super energy drained out completely.

Suddenly, the first bit of her powers began to get sucked out of her body. She could feel the tight knot of super energy beginning to unwind and slink out of her pussy. It was as if the juices in her pussy were lubricating the path and allowing the energy to get sucked out quickly and efficiently. Her own body was working against her.

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