tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of a Towel Boy Ch. 01

Adventures of a Towel Boy Ch. 01


Hi. My name is Andrew. I'm twenty-four years old, I'm Australian, and I'm going to tell you about the time I spent working as a towel boy at a vacation resort just outside of Cancun, Mexico.

Not the most enthralling introduction, I realize. The interesting stuff comes a bit later. For now, I'll just tell you what you need to know: 1) the resort at which I worked was supposed to be for families, but about a third of our business was overflow from nearby Cancun, so we had our share of raucous college partygoers as well, 2) while my job was primarily to work at the towel stand, I and the other employees rotated positions from time to time, and 3) this was a very, very sexy place. The job itself may sound boring, and perhaps it was, but for a young, attractive guy with no responsibilities or immediate goals, the combination of beautiful weather, lots of skin visible at all times, and a clientele temporarily unfettered by the constraints of day-to-day life and in turn uninhibited made for the perfect environment in which to broaden my sexual horizons. You might have heard that flirting is nothing, a meaningless gesture with no further intentions behind it. I don't pretend to speak for everyone, but in my case, this couldn't be further from the truth; I flirted with nearly every woman who came my during my time in Mexico, and in every single case, I was prepared to back up my words with deeds.

I doubt I'll tell you about all of my exploits; there's not enough time in the world for that. The story I'm going to share with you today wasn't the first one that happened to me, but I always knew it would be the first one I'd recount.

I had been working at the resort for a couple of months, and the busy season was just beginning. I was having a good time, but I wasn't yet as bold as I would later become, so it mostly fell on the guests to initiate any non-towel-related conversation with me. So it was that one day, as often happened, one of the young girls at the resort mustered the courage to talk to me. She began to flirt in that awkward way that inexperienced girls do, swooning over my accent and so forth, and I brushed it off as usual... until I got a look at her. While she retained the awkward girlishness of her peers, her looks were anything but; her legs began at her perfectly formed feet and arched up gently, in two fluid swoops, meeting at her tiny swimsuit's bottom piece. That piece of cloth, barely qualifying as a garment, ended in a tie just below her hip and was just barely translucent, leaving just a shadow of her succulent young pussy to tantalize any onlooker. Above that, her stomach began, with just enough definition that you could make out a hint of her perfect abs. Above that, her breasts, also barely concealed, also perfect. They were small but pert, beautifully formed, and the skin on them stood up in goosebumps from the cold pool water, making them all the more enticing. Past them, her shoulders careened like swans into her lovely neck, and on her face was written all the excitement and nervousness that accompanies burgeoning sexuality. She didn't just make you want to sleep with her; she made you want to discover sex all over again.

"Hello?" she said, waving a hand in front of my face.

"Uh..." I choked out, awakened from my daydream.

"Anybody there?" she giggled.

Uh-oh. I noticed something when she was waving that hand in my face, just as I snapped out of it: a white wristband. We used wristbands to indicate who was allowed alcohol from the bars and who wasn't; purple meant you were of age, white meant you weren't. Uh-oh.

"Uh... yeah," I said, suddenly uncomfortable.


"Well what?"

"Well I just said I wondered what you'd do on a date with me..."

"Heh, right," I said, playing it cool. "How old are you again?"


I gestured at the wristband.

"Oh, that? This trip is a birthday present, and they made me wear this because I was only seventeen when we got here. I turned eighteen yesterday."

As much as I wanted to believe her, I wasn't sure if I did. I wouldn't have long to wonder, though; just then, an absolutely stunning woman in her early forties emerged from the pool and greeted us, and I made out that she was her mother. She shared the features of her daughter, but each was amplified in a way. Her skin was darker, her hips wider, her breasts far bigger. Where her daughter exuded sexual innocence and exploration, she smoldered with the intensive sensual energy of a woman who clearly would teach you a thing or two in the bedroom.

She introduced herself Sherry, and We talked for a few minutes about the weather, the resort, et cetera, before the subject of her daughter came up.

"I hope she's not bothering you, chatting you up all this time. You must have better things to do."

"Oh no, not at all. Anyway, girls will be girls, right?"

"I suppose. They grow up so fast."

Well, what do you know. "Do they?" I replied.

"Yes, yes, they surely do. It seems like just yesterday I was sending her off for her first day at school, and now here she is, an adult. I brought her here for her birthday, you know."

Well well well. "Yes, so I hear." Then, to the daughter, "what did you say your name was?"


"Well happy birthday, Vicky."

They walked off after that, but I knew it wouldn't be the last I saw of either of them.


The next morning, Sherry stopped by the towel stand by herself.

"No Vicky today?" I inquired.

"Nah, that lazy bum is still in bed, sleeping the day away" she replied, then leaning in and whispering, "waste of a perfectly good bed if you ask me."

Well that didn't take long. "Oh?"

"Yes," she said," running a fingernail down my chest. "There are so many better uses for one, don't you think?"

"Like what?" Tip for the guys in the audience: older women who are sexually aggressive absolutely love it when you play dumb.

She leaned in closer and breathed warmly into my ear: "Come to room 2112 tonight at ten, and I'll show you."

As she walked away, I couldn't take my eyes off of her gorgeous ass, swaying beneath the fabric of her swimsuit.


It's a sign of how early I was in my employment that I got a bit nervous as ten o'clock approached. Still, I went to her room, obviously. I knocked three times, and seconds later the door opened. There was Sherry, in a short black nightgown that was borderline unfair. My eyes drank her in slowly, first the bottom of her gown, ending so far up that it actually left a tiny bit of her ass exposed. Then her breasts. If they were magnificent before, which they were, there wasn't a word for how they looked at that moment. They swelled together in a magical, intoxicating dance, looking fuller and more lucious by the second. On her face, she wore a look so sexy and mischievous that I was actually thrown slightly off-balance, and fell towards her a little bit.

She didn't miss this chance. She drew me in and kissed me passionately, hotly. Her tongue probed my mouth, and her lips hardened around mine with a sense of urgency that was both arousing and infectious.

"I've been waiting a long time for this," she said.

As she kissed me, she pulled off my shirt, then my pants, and soon I was naked. She pushed me down onto the bed, then straddled me as she hunched over to kiss me again. I could feel her pussy dripping its juices onto my painfully hard cock. She moved up a bit, dangling her massive tits right in my face. I sucked and nibbled at them a bit, then she dragged them up and down my chest, up and down, going further down each time until they caressed my cock. She looked up at me with fire in her eyes, then in one motion took my entire cock into her mouth.

I was by no means new to oral sex, but this was incredible. Every year of experience showed. She did things to me that I hadn't experienced before and haven't since. She slurped hungrily up and down my cock, sometimes creating a whirlpool sensation, alternating hard and soft pressure, until finally I couldn't take any more.

"Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god I'm going to come," I gasped.

She lifted her head off my cock just long enough to get out "Come in my mouth!" Seconds later, I did. For a full thirty seconds or more my cock spurted and shuddered in her mouth, and she hungrily swallowed all of it. All the while, she slowly pumped my cock with her hand. I can't say if it made me come harder, but it did keep me horny and make me want her even more.

A minute passed. Two. "Still hard, I see," she said. "I love you young guys." Without ceremony, she moved back up my body and slid her hot pussy down on my cock, impaling herself completely in one fell swoop. "Uhhhh," she moaned. "Ooooh that's good."

She closed her eyes and began to ride me in earnest. She was going slow, but it was obvious that every twist, flip, and motion she made as she fucked me was carefully engineered to result in the maximum possible pleasure. Her moans grew louder, and closer together, and suddenly, she came.

She didn't announce it, but it was obvious. She shuddered and began to buck against me hard and fast, panting and screaming as she did. "FUCK! YES! OH GOD! FUCK! FUCK!" Her pussy contracted fast and tight on my cock, and she continued to scream for at least a full minute.

Then she just lay on her back and motioned for me to get on top. From the lazy, tired way that she was laying there, I thought at first that she was merely indulging me, that she'd gotten off and felt obliged to give me the same opportunity. I could be more wrong. As soon as I thrust into her, she wrapped her legs tight around my hips and her arms around my back. Her nails dug into me harder with each thrust, and her legs pulled me into her with more force than my thrusting could provide. I was on top, but she was still very much the one in control. Our fucking quickly built to a fever pitch.

"Fuck! Fuck yes! God your pussy feels so good!"

"Ugh! Oh god fuck me fuck me!"

"Mmmm god baby."

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Faster! Harder! Oh god you feel so fucking good! Fuck me baby, fuck me. Mmmmm god yes I love the way you fuck me with that hard cock."

She must have been able to tell that I was reacting to the dirty talk, because she coaxed me onward.

"Mmmmm yeah you feel so good in my pussy baby. You like this pussy? You like this tight, wet pussy baby? You like to FUCK me, baby? Mmmm yeah I can tell you do. I can tell you love fucking this pussy. Fuck it harder, baby. Mmm yeah that's it. Don't stop, mmm GOD you fuck me so good. Mmm yeah that's it, harder, faster. Fuck me, baby. Ooooh, you gonna come for me baby?"

She was right. She had me on the edge of coming again already, and she knew it.

"Mmmmm come for me baby. Come for mama. Mmmmm I loved the taste of your come baby. Oh yeah, fuck me. I want you to come on my tits, can you do that? Can you come on mommy's tits for me?"

I didn't know where the whole "mommy" thing came from, but I wasn't going to argue now.

"Mmmmm yeah. God you fuck me so good. Come for mama. Come for me baby. Come all over these big tits... mmm you like these tits, baby? Look at them. Think about how they'll look covered in your hot come baby, mmm. God, keep fucking me! Oh god I want to feel it, baby. I want to feel your come all over these big tits. I want to lick it off..."

That did it. I thrust into her tight pussy a few more times and then pulled out. I started to jerk my cock, but she snatched it away from me, and her expert hand aimed it right at her massive cleavage.

"Mmmmm yeah, that's it baby," she moaned as the first spurt hit her. "God, it feels so good. Mmm, I love it." She kept moaning as she stroked me, and I coated her tits with my come. Afterward, she began to rub it in, moaning as she did, until there was a sheen on her breasts. Then she started to lick it off, raising a breast to her mouth with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. I watched in amazement as got herself off while sucking my come from her breast.

"Thanks, baby," she said, kissing me goodnight. "We'll do this again sometime."

I knew that we would.

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