tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of a Towel Boy Ch. 04

Adventures of a Towel Boy Ch. 04


It may seem odd to talk about going on vacation when your job is basically to hang out on the beach and bang hot chicks, but there you have it. I had taken three weeks' leave from the resort to go back to Australia and visit my family, catch up with friends, and so on. It was fun, but my sex life back home isn't what it is at the resort, so I was eager to get back.

Little did I know my adventures were due to start up again before I even left the country. Sitting next to me on the plane was an absolutely gorgeous girl, just a touch exotic-looking (I would later find out she was half Korean and half American, in Australia visiting friends for a month), with dirty blond hair, tight, shapely legs, and a rack that can only really be called "amazing." She was wearing a tight white t-shirt that barely contained her more-than-ample breasts and a short jean shirt that accentuated the curves of her legs and ass. We chatted a bit and I discovered that her name was Kim, and that she was headed to my resort. She seemed like a nice girl, but mainly I was angling for a peek down her shirt. Then she put on some headphones and I started reading my book, and we settled in for the flight.

About halfway through, she got up to get something from the overhead bin and as she did, her tits brushed slowly against me. Heaven. They were incredibly firm, and as they rubbed up my side, I could even feel her nipples jutting out just slightly to entice me even more. I shifted in my seat, but it was too late; she noticed my erection as she sat back down. With a sly look, she reached down and gave me a quick rub through my pants, then whispered "come to the bathroom in five minutes."

Those would be the slowest five minutes of my life. When they had finally passed, I did as she had instructed. When I walked into the bathroom, she was half-sitting, half-leaning on the sink, her skirt hiked up and her panties around one ankle, rubbing her pussy frantically. she was completely shaved, and so wet that her cream was visible on her fingers as she frigged herself.

When she saw me, she immediately and wordlessly unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants, exposing my hard cock. Using her pussy juice as lube, she began to stroke me hard and fast, and I took over rubbing her clit. We kissed passionately as we did this, biting and sucking on each others ears and necks. Soon, she pulled me closer to her pussy, such that the very tip of my dick was touching it, and she was rubbing it up and down her soaking wet slit.

"Oooh fuck I'm going to come soon," I said.

"Mmmm, come for me baby," she cooed. "I've come a couple times already and I want to feel that hot come hitting my clit when I do it again."

That was all it took. She continued to stroke me slowly as my cock twitched and shot spurt after spurt of come onto her pussy, which she forcefully rubbed into herself. while I was still shooting, she began to shake violently, coming hard with the help of my come.

"Thanks," she said, after we had both calmed down. "I needed that." Then she went back to her seat.

For the rest of the flight, we both acted as if nothing had happened for the benefit of the other passengers.


After we had landed and endured the excruciatingly long bus ride to the hotel, our desire building all the while, we dropped off our bags in the resort's lobby and rushed to her room. We didn't waste any time, making out before we had even closed the door, and immediately tearing off each others' clothes afterward. Christ, she was gorgeous. Her tits were by far the firmest I'd ever seen, with small, pointy nipples just begging to be sucked, and I was happy to oblige. She moaned as I sucked and nibbled on her breasts, and she began to stroke my cock again as she jammed my fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Her pussy lips were just slightly larger than average, inviting my touch and seemingly pulling my fingers in with an even greater urgency.

"OOOOOOH FUCK FUCK FUCK YES" she cried out. She had started to come as soon as I touched her clit, and as far as I could tell, she never stopped. "MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOO OOOOOHGOD THAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD," she yelled again, as her tight pussy squeezed my fingers for all it was worth.

This was fun, but neither of us could wait any longer; we had to fuck each other with an urgency normally reserved for organ transplants. I threw her on the bed and positioned my dick at the entrance of her hot pussy, still oozing come. Without a moment's hesitation, I sunk my cock all the way into her. Her pussy was so tight that I could feel every ridge and contour of it, but she was so incredibly wet that I had no trouble working in her.


Her pussy spasmed around my cock, and I felt her hot cream oozing out around the base of my cock, coating my balls with an amazing warm sensation. She was coming again; what an amazing woman. She wrapped her legs around me and dug in hard with her heels, then began intensely bucking her ass up into the air, impaling herself on my cock and triggering even more intense orgasms.


She was coming harder and harder now, her pussy spasming hard and tight on my cock and her hips bucking faster and faster as she moaned. She began to bite my neck, which pushed me over the edge.

"Fuck baby, I'm gonna come," I said.

"Mmm fill me up with that come, Andrew, fucking fill me with your hot come, come on, fill me up! FUCKING FUCK ME, FILL ME UP, FUCKING COME INSIDE MY PUSSY BABY!"

With that, my cock twitched and started blasting wave after wave of hot seed into her pussy, filling it up completely until a mixture of my come and hers started leaking out around my cock. I stayed inside of her while we both came down from our amazing fuck, our breath gradually slowing along with the rate of our heartbeats.

"So how long are you here for," I asked, after we had both calmed down. I knew the answer was probably just a week, but I also knew by now to open the door early for the maximum number of future encounters.

"The whole summer," she said with a grin. "I'm the new front desk clerk."

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