tagGroup SexAdventures of Annette

Adventures of Annette


A story centered around a new friend. I hope it is enjoyed. As always I love feedback and comments. I hope this becomes a new story line. Thank you for reading.


Annette boards the large company jet with one change of clothes and a carry on. The rest of her bags are stowed in the luggage storage. She is dressed sharp. Professional. A black pencil skirt that stops just at mid-thigh. Stocking under the skirt. A black blazer and white button down. Annette has a runner's body. Slender, toned well defined. Small breast but huge nipples that beg to be sucked. She keeps her dark hair short.

Aboard the plane are four others. All men. She is the newest VP in the company and the only female to ever hold the title. She busted her ass and a few others to get here. She will be heading up the Asian Region. The four others are coming to help her get settled in. They have been VPs a few years now.

The Sr. VP looks up as Annette board. Terry is tall. He towers over Annette's 5 ft 2 frame that is 5 ft 5 in her heels. He is around 50. Good shape. Dark brown hair with brown eyes. He smiles at Annette. "Welcome aboard Annette. Congratulations on your promotion. You earned it."

"Thank you Terry. I am ready. This is a treat flying on the jet." She looks around the roomy jet that can easily seat around 12.

"Get used to it. A perk of being a VP. I think your office has one available as well." The voice comes from behind Annette. She turns to find Marcus there. He is a broad shouldered black man. He is light skinned. He is maybe late 30's early 40. An obvious athlete as well.

"I will try. I had no idea there were so many perks being in upper management. I just assumed the VPs just appeared where they needed to be." She gives a smile. Her joke breaks the ice some.

Terry offers to take her jacket. "Let me hang that for you. We have a closet right here. There is a bed in the back." He points to a couple of doors.

Two men come from the last door that must be the bed room. One is a short dark skinned man. He is Carlos. The VP in Spain. He is slender. A wonderful smile and dark eyes. "This is a nicer jet then the one is Madrid. Lot of room. You must be Annette. Welcome and congratulations." He offers his hand to her.

Annette shakes it. "Thank you. I understand our office work closely together. I look forward to it."

"So will ours Ms. Annette. I am Andrew. The London office." Andrew is a tall thin fellow. A bit of grey at his temples. Piercing blue eyes that seem to miss nothing.

Everyone finds a seat after jackets are hung and drinks are made. The pilot comes over the speaker announcing the flight to Japan will take 18 hours with one stop to refuel in Italy. The door is closed and sealed. There is a whine as the engines power up and the jet taxis to the runway.

Annette sits back and crosses her long slender legs. The top of her stockings are just barely visible. Every guy on the plane notices and gives her legs a good long look. Her blouse fits close. The cool air in the cabin makes her nipples push through the thin top.

Everyone stays silent as the jet lifts up and gets to cruising altitude. Seat belts are removed. Terry sips his amber colored drink. "So Annette do you have any questions for any of us? We are here to help and back you up."

Annette gives a bit of thought "Will I have any resistance taking over in Japan? I have worked with some of the people but there might be some upset it is me taking over."

Andrew sips his Scotch. "There maybe some resistance dear but that is expected. I had the same issue when I took over London. You might have to re organize your staff some."

Carlos agrees. "That is true. I had to let some go and promote others to get the team I wanted. You have that authority. Don't let them intimidate you. You were picked because of your skills, talent, language skills and knowledge. Your earned your spot Annette. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Terry sets his glass down. Ice shifting in the cut crystal. "They are right. Home office will back you up. We are going to just help you get settled in. When will your husband join you?"

Annette is bouncing her foot in the air. "I appreciate the support guys. I am going to need it. He will be joining me in a few weeks. He is tying up loose ends before transferring."

Marcus nods and removes his tie. "Are you going to sale the house? We kept ours. Keep a presence at home."

Annette nods. "We are doing the same thing. He is finding a care taker for the house and making sure everything is set up right. Having some of the important things shipped to the new place."

"I don't have that problem being a native of London. I do have an estate outside the city though and maintain a flat not far from the office." Andrew's tie also comes off. Seems all the men have their jackets and ties off now.

Marcus leans forward and pats her knee. "You seem to have the right of it. You will do good Annette. "

Annette feels a tingle run up from his touch. She has heard a rumor and decides to ask about it. "Sooo there is a rumor going around..."

Carlos chuckles. "I knew this was going to come up. What rumor is that?" He gives her a grin.

"Well it is just a rumor but, Is it true that upper management and spouses are swingers?" She blushes but her nipples are clearly visible through her top. All the men seem to be getting bulges in their slacks.

Terry is the one who answers. He is sitting next to Annette. He settles a hand on her thigh. "Well to answer your question truthfully, Yes. Most of the VPs, President and the other chiefs and our spouses are swingers. Or you could say sexually open minded."

Marcus has the biggest grin. His eyes have been on her legs and the stocking tops. "Are you wanting into that exclusive club as well Annette? There is kind of an interview process."

Annette arches her eyebrows. "Oh there is? What is the process? I think we would like to be in as well."

Terry chuckles sliding his hand up her thigh. He moves above the stocking stroking her bare leg. "Well, You can't use any of your subordinates at your office. People of equal rank or completely outside the company. Don't want you compromised."

Annette is nodding, Andrew rest a hand on her other thigh from the seat across from her. "And my dear you will need to be tested by your fellow VPs as to your skills." Andrew and Terry both separate her thighs. Her skirt starts to slide up her thighs.

Carlos stands. "Maybe we should interview in the back. More room to question the applicant." He holds a hand out to Annette. She takes it and is pulled to her feet. She is escorted to the tail end of the plane. There is a large bed that dominates the room. As soon as the door shuts Annette has hands on her.

Marcus steps behind her. His arms come around to cup her tits. His fingers find her nipples through her top. "Mmmmm...These have been calling to me since we boarded." He pinches them through the top. Annette leans back against him letting out a moan. His fingers open her shirt one button at a time.

Terry is kneeling before her. He has pushed her skirt up to her hips. His hands running up and down her thighs, over her stockings to the lacy black panties. "I love a lady who wears lingerie and stockings." He pushes his nose between her thighs and inhales. "Mmmm...ok now I am horny." He hooks his fingers into the panties and pulls them down her slender thighs.

Annette's shirt and bra both come off. They get tossed to the side. Her panties are stuffed into Terry's pocket. She is left in her skirt, heels and stockings. Marcus is rolling and pinching her exposed nipples. They are huge. Appear even larger on Annette's perk tits. Her head is tilted back on to Marcus's shoulder. She is gasping.

Carlos and Andrew have both stripped while watching them. Carlos has a fat cock. Very thick. Andrew's cock is like him, long and slender. They are both hard. Cocks standing straight out from them. They are waiting for a chance to get near Annette. Not enough room to surround her in the bed room.

Terry reaches around Annette and lowers the zipper on her pencil skirt. It falls to the floor. Annette steps out of it and it is kicked to the side. Pieces of suits get scattered around the bed room. Terry steps back so he can strip. Carlos replaces him and Andrew replaces Marcus. They both help Annette to the bed.

Annette is laid on the bed. Andrew lays next to her. His hands kneading her tits. Carlos grins pushing her thighs apart. He lays between the stocking covered thighs and starts to kiss the exposed pussy. His tongue slides up and around it, exploring. Annette hisses through her teeth.

She feels the bed shift and Andrew is on his knees. He offers his cock to her. "If you would be a dear?" She grins at him. One hand lifts the long slender dick. Her lips part and she licks the underside of his cock. Her tongue tickles at his sac. Dragging her tongue back to the tip of his cock she sucks the swollen white tip between her lips.

Carlos parts her pink moist lips with the tip of his tongue. He swirls his tongue along and around her pussy. The tip finds her hard clit and flicks at it. The tongue dances and explores around her clit. She lifts her hips when he finds a sweet spot just below the hard nub.

Annette moans around Andrew's long cock. Her lips sliding back and forth along the shaft. She gets most of his length into her mouth. Some slides into her throat before she has to pull back. Her eyes closed. As she pulls near the tip her tongue slides around it. Andrew works his fingers into her hair. He tugs at her short wavy hair. The pulls illicit moans from her.

Terry and Marcus having stripped off their suits settle on the bed, each taking a side. Terry sucks on one nibble. Marcus starts to bite the other. Terry guides her hand to his cock. Her fingers don't even circle all the way around. She starts to stroke his cock.

Marcus puts her hand on his cock. She can get her fingers around the shaft but his length is astonishing. He keeps biting at her nipples. Each bite sending a shock through her body right to her pussy. Annette is close to being on overload with all four guys.

Carlos sucks and nibbles on her clit. Annette lifts her hips pushing into his mouth. She moans loudly around Andrew's cock. With a tremble she cums hard. Her pussy flows with her juices. Carlos laps at the stream of honey coming from Annette. He lifts his head. His chin coated with her juices. "Mmmmm...That is some sweet tasting pussy. Bet it feels good too." He comes up onto his knees.

Annette is spinning from the orgasm. She has been in group sex before but four guys all to her at 35,000 feet is beyond arousing. Her eyes pop open when Carlos presses his hard fat cock to her pussy. She is stretched around the large tip. She grips the cocks in her hands tightly.

Terry groans at the grip. "Fuuuuck...I think she likes that Carlos. Is she tight?" He keeps teasing her nipple. It is swollen from his sucking and pinching.

Carlos grunts and slides his cock into her pussy. "Fuuuck she is very tight. Damn. One of the tightest I have been in." He lifts her legs and hooks them over his arms. He pulls back and slams back in. He keeps up a hard pace. Her body jerks with every thrust.

Andrew has a death grip on her hair. He cries out and shoves is cock in deep. He twitches with his cock pulsing load after load into her mouth. Annette does not miss a beat and swallows every drop. A skilled cock sucker does not let any go to waste. Skilled is one thing Annette is. "Blimey...she can suck one down. Need a moment to rest."

Annette lets out a gasp taking in a deep breath of air. Her body being pounded into. She lets her body absorb everything for a moment. "Ahhh...Ahhh...Nnnhhhh...oh fuck...Yesssss..." Her body is charged. She can't wait to tell her husband about this interesting flight to Japan.

Marcus gets to his knees and moves near Annette's head. He looks over his shoulder "You are a light weight Andrew. Thought you Brits had more endurance." He touches the tip of his cock to her lips. The tip is swollen and slightly purple.

Annette licks the tip of his cock swirling her tongue around it. She drags her tongue along the bottom of his cock. She sucks at the base of his cock. A ball slips into her mouth then the other one. She swirls his heavy sac around her mouth. Marcus lets out a soft growl and some words, "Ahhh...Fuck she has some skills. Daaamn"

Andrew sitting back watching. "What is wrong Marcus? Thought you had some self-control?" He grins. His cock starting to get hard again.

"Go to hell Andrew. Oh damn." He watches as the slender VP parts her lips and slips his cock into her mouth. Her moans muffled with his thick shaft. He growls loudly. "Oh Fuck...That feels good." He grabs the head board to brace himself. His hips thrusting back and forth sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

Carlos is lifting her hips as he slams into her over and over. He can easily hold up her slender legs. Her pussy clenches around his fat cock. He tosses his head back, thrusting his hips forward hard. He buries his cock in her deep. She can feel his cock swell a moment before he lets loose. He floods her pussy with his cum. Her pussy ripples along the length of his rod. She milks every drop she can from his cock. "Fuuuuckkkk I thought I could go longer in her."

Terry sits up from sucking and nibbling her nipples. "Move aside. My turn." Carlos lets down the stocking covered legs and shifts to the side. He stays close and starts to play with her nipples. His cock limp for now. Terry appraises her for a moment. "Marcus let her turn over to her knees."

Marcus smirks. "Alright. Sounds like a plan." He pulls his cock from her wet mouth. "Turn over Ann." He shifts and lays on the bed leaning against the head board. His cock pointing straight up.

Annette smacks her lips and rolls over. "Oh with pleasure." She shifts to her hands and knees. Her head right over Marcus' black cock. She prefers to be able to control giving blowjobs. Her lips surround the swollen tip. She starts to bob her head up and down on the thick shaft. More and more of his shaft disappears into her mouth.

Terry moves behind Annette's bubble ass. He grips her narrow hips and lines up. He presses into her slowly. His cock parting her pussy to take in his girth. Melody moans loudly around the cock in her mouth. Her eyes wide. He slides in easily with Carlos leaving a load in her and her pussy being drenched. "Daaaaammmmnnn You are tight Annette. Fuck!" He gets buried into her cunt and holds still. His fingers digging into her flesh.

Annette is filled. She tries to focus on Marcus and moves her head up and down his shaft. Marcus rakes his fingers through her short hair. She is getting most of his length into her throat now. She sucks hard as her head comes back up to the tip. Her lips tight around him. She swirls her tongue around the tip and licks just under the mushroom head. Her lips slide back down the shaft.

Terry pulls back slowly and holds. He slams his hips forward filling the tight runner's body with his thick cock. She screams around Marcus' dick. Pure pleasure ripping through her. His fingers holding her hips still he starts to pound into the newest VP in the company.

Carlos has one hand across her body to maul one tit while he bites and sucks on her other nipple. He shifted to his back so he could slide under her chest. His cock already hard again. The fat tip swollen.

Andrew has slipped back onto the bed as well. His slender cock throbbing again. He rubs his hand along her back. "You seem to be struggling Terry. She that tight?" He slides a hand under her toward her hips. His fingers probe and find her clit. As soon as she is touched on her clit. She explodes. Her pussy quivers as she cums and cums and cums. It rips through her body.

Terry lets out a curse. "Fuuuckkkk, Her pussy ripples around my cock. Damn going to fill her...Fuuck like now." He digs in his fingers and slams in deep. Her pussy still rippling as he pulses into her. Her pussy is coated with another load of cum. Terry falls back. His cock popping loose. "God damn this is going to be a long flight."

Andrew keeps playing with her clit. Marcus tugs her head off his cock. "Come here Ann. Time for a ride."

She looks up. Marcus cock pops from her lips, trail a line from her lips to his cock. She wipes her lips and crawls up his body. Straddling Marcus hips, "Mmmm...love to go for a ride." She wraps her fingers around his shaft. Holding him still she lowers her body onto his cock. She hisses as he fills her. Impaling her body on his thick shaft. "Oh damn...Beginning to love these perks." She begins to ride up and down on Marcus' cock. Her hands braced against his chest.

Andrew shifts behind her. His slender cock pulsing and hard. "Hold still Dear. I need to be in the bum of yours." Annette looks back hearing the British accent. "May I borrow the pussy for a moment please Marcus?" Marcus grins and pulls out briefly leaving Annette empty.

Andrew plunges into Annette deeply getting his cock covered in her mixed juices. He pulls out and Marcus waste no time plunging his thick shaft back into her.

Annette hisses as she is impaled again. "I I hoped someone would want to fuck myyyyyyyy." Andrew slips his slickened cock into her ass. She arches her back and hisses. Her eyes roll up. Marcus holds still while her slender body is totally filled. "Ahhhhhh...Fuuuuuck me..." She is panting heavy.

Marcus and Andrew start a hard pace. They both fill her at the same time. One is not but half a second behind the other as they fuck her completely. Marcus has a hand on each of tits mauling them hard. The pain of it going right to the pleasure in her. The two mix so well. Andrew is holding her ass as he drives his long slender cock deep into her ass.

Annette is gasping and moaning with every stroke filling her. The noises she makes drown out the noise of the jet. She grits her teeth and whines loudly through them. Her body shakes with the orgasm. Her ass and pussy twitching and rippling around both cocks. Andrew lifts a hand and swats her hard on the ass, leaving a hand print. She cries out at the burn. He adds another hand print to the other ass cheek.

Marcus gives each nipple a sharp hard twist. Annette seems to only cum harder. "I think we have a pain slut for a VP Andrew. She keeps cumming." Her body trembles between the two cocks. Juices flow from her, coating Marcus' cock and pooling on the bed.

Andrew continues to swat one ass cheek then the other. "I do believe your right. A cum slut to boot." Carlos and Terry sit to the side watching as they pound into her.

Annette is whimpering and moaning. Her voice soft with her panting. "Oh damn..oh damn. Fuuuck meee...Don't stop don't stop...going to to...AHHHHHHH!!" She hits a peak and shatters. Her pussy and ass become a vice around both cocks. They keep pounding into her. Marcus takes a death grip on each nipple and buries in deep. He arches his hips into her and explodes. He dumps load after load into her well used pussy.

Andrew keeps pounding into her. He can feel Marcus' cock pulsing as he comes. Annette getting tight around his cock sets him off. He slams in hard as well. She cries out as both men fill her. Her ass is coated in cum. Her pussy is flooded with cum. Her body is spent and she is sore in all the right places. She collapses on top of Marcus. Her voice a whisper, smile on her lips. "Love the pricks, I mean perks."

All four guys chuckle. Andrew pulls out. Carlos helps Marcus lift the well used VP off his softening cock. They cover her with the dry part of the blanket and let her doze.

Terry comments as they close the door to the bedroom. "Japan might need a lot of personal supervision."

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