tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 03

Adventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 03


Shannon had bugged Eric all week to go see a movie. He finally told her to pick a movie and they'd go. So she picked one that she thought he'd like too. While they were driving home from the movie Eric tells her "I can't believe I let you drag me to such a horrible move, you know I'll never get those two hours back".

She gives him a pouty look and tells him she's sorry. He glances down at his cock and says "well, if you really sorry you can make it up to me". Shannon reaches over to find his cock already hard.

She gives him with a big smile and puts he hair into a bun. She unbuckles her seat belt and leans down to his lap and unzips his shorts and pulls out his extremely large cock and gives it a couple good strokes.

She starts by sucking the head of his cock real hard making a popping sound when it comes out of her mouth. Slowly she starts to go lower and lower on his shaft. She pushes his cock past her uvula and down her throat. When she can't fit anymore of his cock in her throat she slowly slides it out. She repeats this slow deep motion for a minute then she starts to pick up the pace.

Eric looks down at her but all he can see is the bun on the back of her head coming at him then go back down. Shannon's sucking his dick at a pretty fast when they pull up to a red light.

While waiting for the light to change he notices the people in the car next to them are looking in his window. Then he notices that the back of Shannon's head is coming just into their sight. He laughs and Shannon lifts her head up and instantly sees the people in the next car staring in. She wipes the saliva from her mouth, smiles then continues the blowjob.

Continuing on they finally reach their home. Eric asks Shannon were she wants his cum.

She replies in between deep throats "In My pussy!"

"Alright" he says.

She tries to put his cock back in his pants but at this point it's too big. So she pulls his shirt down to cover it. Then they hurry inside and upstairs to the bedroom.

Shannon gets there first, and buy the time Eric gets there she was naked and on the bed. She's on her back with her legs spread, slowly rubbing her pussy. It didn't take long for Eric to shed his cloths. He crawls on the bed and positions himself in between her legs. He strokes his cock and watches her rub her pussy.

She's rubbing her pussy up and down and every so often she slips a finger in for some extra lubricant. She lets out a soft moan each time her finger probes her pussy. He starts to tease her by pressing the head of his cock on her clit and rubbing it in circles.

He then gets on top of her and slides his cock just between her pussy lips. He slides it back and forth, driving her crazy and lubing up his cock at the same time. It didn't take long before his cock was glistening with her juices.

She reaches down and presses the head of his cock into her. He slowly pushes. Her eyes roll back as he starts to enter her. Even after all these years they've been together he still has to take it easy at first. His penis is too large to just shove it in on the first thrust. He's tried a few times but she stops him by squeezing her legs together stopping him from moving forward. So he takes it nice and slow and pushes in gently. He loves the tightness of her pussy, the resistance it gives his cock.

After a few shallow thrusts he's able to slide more of his cock in. His cock penetrates deeper and she gets wetter. With every inch he pushes in her moans get louder and louder. He slows down and grabs her legs and pushes them up over her head.

He thrusts hard and watches the rest of his cock slide deep into her. This time she lets out a loud scream. He starts pile driving his cock deep into her pussy. She screams out "fuck my pussy, ohhhh fuck my pussy".

She reaches up and pinches his nipples. He slams his cock hard into her. She lets out another loud scream. He pulls out then slams his cock in. He slides his cock in and out of her faster. She pinches his nipples again and again he rams his cock deep in to her. This time she doesn't let go and squeezes harder with each thrust.

He loves the sensation when she pinches his nipples. He starts to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. She pinches harder and he moans and pumps faster. He's getting more excited and his cock gets even harder. She feels his cock throbbing inside her. She squeezes even harder. He starts moaning loudly with every one of his thrusts. She can't take much more. She lets go if him and grabs the bed.

He continues to hammer her pussy. Panting heavily she begs for his cum. Hearing that really turns him on and he fucks her even faster and slams his cock in deep.

She feels his cock pulsating inside her. He cums in her for what seems like forever. He then pumps a couple of short deep strokes. His cum squirts out with each thrust. He let's go of her legs and collapses on top of her.

They lay there awhile. He lifts himself off of her and slides his half limp cock out of her and watches cum run out of her. He's impressed with the volume of cum dripping out of her and to think she just drained him last night. He goes down on her and scoops up a large amount of cum from between her pussy lips with his tounge and brings it up to her mouth. She grabs his head and sucks the cum off his tounge. She kisses him and smiles.

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