tagBDSMAdventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 06

Adventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 06


Shannon's mind kept thinking of the last nights escapades. Just the thought of her cock sliding into his ass made her pussy wet. She really would love to video tape her fucking his ass but wasn't sure if Eric would really let her.

Shannon heard the door, Eric must be home she thought. "Hi babe," Eric says as he walks into the room.

He sits down on the sofa across from her. "How was your day?" he asks.

"I didn't really do anything. I just kept thinking about last night" she tells him. "Every time I thought about it my pussy got wet and I envisioned myself fucking you." She also tells him about how hot it would be if she could record her fucking him.

Eric's cock started to grow as she was telling him about her thoughts. "I had fun too but i also really enjoys fucking your pussy," he tells her.

She notices the boner bulge in his pants and goes to him. She gets down on her knees and unbuttons and unzips his pants and pulls out his semi hard cock.

She starts by stroking it and tells him "I really like you to fuck my pussy too but this is just something new that is really turning me on." Then she starts to suck on his cock. She knows that here in a minute she can get him to say yes to just about anything.

As Eric starts to relax and enjoy his blowjob she asks him "So, what do you think about what I said?"

He tells her "As you can tell it turns me on to know you were thinking about it." She starts deep throating his cock and shoving it down her throat as far as she can take it.

After a few more minutes she removes his cock from her mouth and asks him again "So, what ya think?"

"What ever you want babe" he tells her in a non specific way.

A big smile come across her face. She gives his cock one last suck and puts it away and tells him "lets go!"

"Now?" he replies.

"Now!" she says. "My pussy is wet and ive been thinking about this all day."

So she grabs him by the hand and pulls him to the bedroom. Once there she tells him to get ready. So he takes off his cloths and gets on the bed. She goes to the night stand and takes out the lube and puts it on the top of the nightstand along with her cell phone. She steps back and starts to get undressed. When she pulls her dress off over her head he notices she's wearing her cock already.

"Oh, I see you really have been thinking about this today" he says.

She smiles and gives her cock a couple slow strokes. She gets on the bed and positions herself between his legs. Then reaches for the lube. She puts some on his ass and on her fingers. She tells him to relax as she rubs the lube on his hole then she pushes a finger into him slowly. She pumps it in and out for a minute then adds more lube and soon another finger.

She feels around inside him and finds a spot that makes his cock twitch when she rubs it. He starts to moan softly as she finger fucks him. As she rubs his prostate his dick starts to ooze. She giggles at the sight of it. She bends down and puts the head of his cock in her mouth, swallowing all that comes out. She then pulls her fingers out and tells him he's ready.

She places the head of her lubed up cock on his hole and pushes it into him. Her cock enters him with a pop. He tenses up but quickly relaxes. She starts with slow thrusts. After a minute they get quicker and deeper. Erics laying back with his eyes closed each hand grabbing the bed as to offer resistance. After a few minutes she reaches over for her phone. She pulls her cock out and starts recording. She pushes her cock in and watches his ass open up and the head of her cock slowly slides in. He lets out a moan.

She pulls her phone back so she get the whole shot of her cock sliding into him and the expression on his face. He's laid back with his eyes closes moaning with every thrust. As she fucks him slow his cock begins to leak. His moans are low but as she picks up the speed they get higher pitched.

After awhile she stops recording and pushes in deep and puts her phone back on the night stand. She whispers in his ear "it's time to get on his hands and knees". She pulls her cock out of him and just like before he was quick to obey.

She puts more lube on her cock and pushes into him. He lets out a loud moan. She starts pumping fast she can tell cum is squirting out of his cock with every thrust from the wet spot forming under him. She pushes his head down to the bed then again she reaches for her phone. She pulls out and starts recording as she slowly pushes into him. Again she records her cock pushing open his ass and the being swallowed by it.

She starts pumping and he starts moaning and his cock starts squirting. Shes pounding his ass and he gets noisy. "Oh, oh, oh".

She ask him "You like this?"

"Yea!" he moans.

"How do want it baby?" she asks him.

"Ooh ohh, hard and fast" he replies.

"What? I didn't hear that" she says.

"Fff ooh ohh ffuck my ass hard, huuu keep fucking me hard baby".

A large puddle of his cum has formed underneath him. Still with every thrust more shoots out of his cock. She leans forward pushes in deep and grinds on him. She puts her phone down to the side so it gets a shot of the puddle and of the cum squirting out of his cock. She reaches her other hand down and cups it under his cock and let his sperm shoot into her hand.

She moves her hand down to his mouth and presses it to his lips. He starts to lick up the puddle of his sperm her hand. She leans back up and pulls her hand away. She takes a big lick of his cum before she starts pumping again.

She puts the phone down on the bed and grabs his hips and starts pounding his ass. Then all of a sudden he makes this low grunting sound and a large load shoots from his cock doubling the size of the puddle. She slows her thrusting then pushes into him one last time. Exhausted she leans forward and lays on his back. Eric collapses on to the sopping wet bed with her on top and her cock buried in his ass.

They lay there spooning with her cock still in his ass. He tells her "that was awesome, too bad she didn't get to record it."

She squeezes him with a huge grin on her face. "Maybe next time".

"Ok deal" he tells her.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/19/19

“Ooh ohh, hard and fast" I replied. Awesome

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by Anonymous01/27/19

So Hot

That is my fantasy!! I had to masturbate and insert a toy in my ass to massage my prostate after I read that. WOW what a powerful cumshot I had!!

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by plsirron07/17/18

Enjoy consensual pegging!

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