tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 15

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 15


Bridget treated me to driving her Porsche and a scrumptious breakfast before driving me back to the Palms. She dropped me off as she had her appearance at the Expo that day. Immediately I was poolside just as the Vegas sun hit its peak. Chris was already out there with 2 bikini beauties when I showed up.

"Hey! There he is girls, the man I've been telling you about, my pal 'Mr. Hollywood'." Chris said with his usual bravado.

I was my usual embarrassed self in moments like this.

"Why do they call you that anyway?" one asked.

"Oh, well, uh..." I started.

"Because he is that's why! Right, Hollywood?" Chris laughed.

"Right, you said it exactly." I replied.

We hung around flirting with the girls and drinking fruit juice and Coronas. They were definitely Playmate possibilities. One was from Atlanta, the other from Charlotte. Their accents made them even more desirable.

"OK pal," I said. "You stick around here, I'm gonna check out the sights."

I got up and wandered the pool grounds in my RonJon suit and Hawaiian shirt, Corona in hand. I felt pretty cool, for once.

"Hey Hollywood!" said a familiar voice.

I stopped in my tracks, turned and saw Laura lying on a chaise lounge outside a cabana wearing the same black bikini she had on the first time we met.

"Well, well, well look who's here." I said.

She jumped off the lounger and hugged me.

"Oh, you look even better this way!" she said excitedly.

"So do you." I replied.

"Want a drink?" she offered.

"Uh, sure, I think I should balance out everything I drink here, the heat and all." I said.

"Oh, I love this weather. Get a nice tan and all. What do you think?" as she showed me her golden brown tan and shook her ass a little.

"Nice!" I said.

Laura gave me a chilled cranberry juice and we shared a lounger chair. She felt so nice as she cuddled close to me. She told me about her Playboy adventures, what it was like doing "Girls Next Door". Her voice was so sultry.

"How long will you be here for?" I asked.

"Just for the weekend, then I'm back on the road, you?" She said.

"The same, Chris has some projects lined up on the east coast, another movie." I replied.

"Then we better use our time wisely." She said.

"I guess so." I said.

She smiled and we started kissing. The sunlight made our bodies that much hotter. My hands were on her ass, then inside her bikini bottom. My dick was growing and Laura could tell.

"Let's go in the bungalow." Laura said, trying not to laugh at the feeling of it against her.

"Oh, back where it all began, huh?" I said.

She laughed.

We casually walked up to the bungalow, hand in hand. Laura unlocked the door and we stepped into the cool room, the shades were drawn.

And our clothes were off.

Laura immediately started stripping and I dropped my swimsuit down and we fell onto the couch Bridget and I shared the day before. Her lips felt so hot as we kissed. I loved feeling her tits, her head fell backwards as she enjoyed my touch on her body. I went for her nipples and eagerly sucked on them.

"Oh baby...stand up...I want that dick of yours." She said breathlessly.

I stood and she wrapped her mouth and tongue on my dick.

"Oh baby..." she said looking up at me. "This is so cool."

"My words exactly..." I said.

Laura took all of my dick into her mouth, then used her tongue for extra pleasure. She did this for awhile then stood up.

"Let's cool off in the shower, baby." She said with a sweet smile.

She softly took my hand and we walked to the bathroom. It was relatively large with a walk-in shower that had clear plastic walls and seemed large enough for 5 people.

I was so turned on, this was where Bridget had surprised Laura with our presence and Laura had said she'd "have to do something" about the way I looked. Now she was!

Laura got the water going and we stepped in. Laura let the water run all over her body. Then slowly let it cascade through her brunette hair before turning to me and smiling.

"Hi, baby." She said with a beaming smile.

"Hey, gorgeous." I said.

We kissed as the water splashed around us, she was caressing my dick all the time. She playfully slapped it around in her hands, it seemed to get bigger the more she did this. I could tell she was really excited to see me again. This time one on one.

"Oh my god you're so hot!" she said breathlessly. "That dick looks sooo hot!"

My hands were all over her, I went straight for her pussy and it was soaking wet. I kissed her one last time.

"My turn." I said lustfully

As she opened her legs, I then went to my knees and began licking it. She was gasping and moaning now. I buried my tongue up her hot love nest and she was practically screaming now.


I felt her climax on my face, she tasted so sweet! I stood up and playfully stuck my tongue out and she did the same. Our tongues touched and she tasted her juices.

"Oh, that's so hot!" she said with a giggle. "Oh, my god that's sooo hot!"

Laura got some soap out and began lathering it in her hands, then started washing me.

"Let's clean you up, baby." She said.

She slowly ran the soap over my body, then over her own. She pulled me close to her and we rubbed ourselves together.

"Would you wash my ass, honey?" She said with a sexy tone.

Who am I to refuse?

I softly caressed that ass of her, it felt nice and slippery. I slowly slipped a finger into her asshole and felt around. And my dick was probing her ass in its own way.

"Oh! Not yet, baby." She said.

"Oh, I know. There's many other things to do isn't there?" I replied.

"Uh-huh." She said.

Laura turned around and we kissed again, her lips still felt so hot.

I gently pushed her against the shower wall.

"Oh, yes, like that!" She said excitedly.

I took my super-hard dick and found the entrance to her pussy and immediately inserted it, her eyes widened as I entered.

"OHHHHHYESSSSS!!!!" she said gasping.

Her pussy felt so warm as I entered, I wanted to just leave it there but it had other ideas. I slowly started fucking her. My hands went under her ass and I lifted her up, her legs wrapped around my thighs and her arms around my neck.

OH GOD!! THAT'S SOOOO FUCKIN' GOOOODDDD!!!!" she screamed out as her eyes rolled back. I was ramming into her now as best I could, I didn't want to somehow slip and lose her. I slowed down and she was somehow able to stand, she was still wobbly though.

"OH my god...that was wild..." her voice trailed off. She seemed limp, like a rag doll. I held her close and softy kissed her lips and caressed her body. Her tits felt great against my chest and I couldn't help but feel them too. Her breathing was still rapid, like she just wanted to recharge herself.

"Oh Jim...oh my...you're incredible..." she said, still gasping as she looked me in the eyes. She reached down for my dick.

"Oh wow...you're still ready to go..." she said, we both laughed. "So...am I." she said.

Laura turned around and bent over holding onto a towel rack.

"Come on...do it." She said.

I crouched down and kissed that lovely ass of hers, she giggled in response.

"If you love something you're supposed to kiss it..." I said with a laugh of my own. Then I stood behind her and slowly inserted my dick into her.

"And then...you're supposed to fuck it." I said as I began thrusting into her from behind.

"HUH-YEAH! OH MY GOD JIM! OH GOD! YES! THAT'S IT!" she yelled out.

As I was pounding her, water was splashing off her ass as I smacked into it.


I reached in front of her and tried to hold those tits of hers as I fucked her.


"I love your tits Laura! I love them!" I said breathlessly.

I was really into her, she was so sexy, so hot! I hadn't felt like this with anybody else.

This was one hot babe!

And she was mine!

Just then I could hear the door opening to the bungalow and someone walking in. I stopped suddenly, Laura could hear something too.

"Oh...it's just Bridget...come on...keep fucking me..." she said.

It might be easy for her to say that, but I was still a little paranoid. So I tried to forget my paranoia and concentrate on the ass in front of me. I tried to regain my pace.

"Oh wow!" I heard from the hallway.

It was Bridget alright. She was still dressed from the show.

"Hey...look who...I found!" Laura said with a laugh.

"Hi...Bridget." Was all I could say, I'd gotten "my groove" back.

"Look at you two! Oh...my...god." Bridget was at a loss for words, but not for smiles or laughs.

"He's...sooo hot!" Laura said as I pounded her. "Oh...slow down honey."

I did, and then pulled out of her.

"Wow! Look at you!" Bridget said looking at my dick.

"Isn't he hot?" Laura said as she held me close and caressed my dick.

I wasn't sure if I should feel proud or embarrassed.

Laura and Bridget were just giggling at all this.

"Well, you two have fun, I'll call you later Jim." And Bridget walked out.

"Now where were we, baby?" Laura said.

"I think we were here." I said as we kissed again, the water cascading over our bodies.

She got some soap we washed one another some more. Her tits felt so nice all soaped up. She was smiling the whole time.

"Mmmm...this is nice." She said. "You like my boobs?"

"Oh, you bet!" I said with enthusiasm. "You like my dick?"

"Oh yeah baby!" she said with a laugh.

We were so slippery like this, when we kissed it was so much fun, we were just having so much fun this way. Her body looked so stunning. And she was so enthralled by me and everything I did was really turning her on.

She was looking down at my dick, and she was lovingly caressing every bit of it.

"Baby, I want that dick again...come on...let's fuck some more." She said lustfully.

She got down on the floor of the shower and opened her legs wide. I got on top of her, my dick slid so easily into her again and I pounded her for all it was worth.

"YEAH!! OH MY GOD BABY!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! OH GOD BABY!" She screamed out, I was ready to explode and I knew just how I wanted to explode.

"I'm gonna come...I'm gonna come!" I yelled out.

"Oh baby come on my boobs! Come on my big boobs!"

I quickly pulled out, Laura sat up and I exploded onto those magnificent tits. It was like a thunderstorm exploding.

"Yeah baby! Yeah! Oh my god you're unreal! WOW!" she exclaimed.

She took my dick and licked off any remaining cum from it. Then stood and held me close as the water washed us clean.

"That was lovely." She said as she kissed me.

"Man...I'm spent." I said, exhausted.

"Let's dry off." She said with a smile as she grabbed two big towels and we dried off one another.

"Laura..." I said calmly. "You're so beautiful...I love everything we've done, this whole experience has been like a dream for me."

"Oh, you're so sweet." She said as we kissed. "We'll do more next time."

"Next time?" I thought.

"For now though, I want you to feel good."

Then she led me to the main room where we stretched out naked on the big couches and fell asleep, wrapped up in one another's sexiness.

We slept for several hours, when I awoke, I could see it was dark outside. The pool area was quiet. I found my watch and it was after 9PM.

Laura sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"What time is it?" she asked sleepily.

"A little after 9." I said.

"Whoa, we really slept!" she said. "Come here sexy." She said.

I walked over and we kissed again.

"I have to meet Bridget at Ghostbar, you wanna come?" she said.

"I think have some energy leftover." I said with a sigh.

Laura laughed.

Bridget grabbed something to wear and we went back to my room so I could dress. An hour later, we were among the glitterati high atop Ghostbar. Bridget was with a few other Playmates, saw us coming and laughed. She could tell by the look on Laura's face we'd had quite a time. Drinks arrived and we were quickly laughing it up. Bridget leaned over and whispered;

"Did you two fuck?" she asked.

I looked at her, somewhat shocked, but her smile said it all.

So I got a little bold and whispered back;

"Yes, it was incredible."

"Good! You deserve it baby!" she said.

The rest of the night was a blur. We drank Corona's all night, Laura and I did a few tequila shots which only heightened the blur. Somehow, I got back to my room and woke up naked with Laura beside me.

My head was throbbing as you'd expect.

I woke her as gently as I could.

"Mmmm...hey sexy." She said.

"Um...did we...?" I asked hesitantly. If we'd had sex again, I'd like to remember it!

"Oh no...I just liked being naked with you, so I thought we should sleep like this." She said with a smile. Then she slowly got up and stretched.

"I have to get going. I want to see you again soon." She said.

"Me too, maybe I'll remember more next time." I said.

Laura laughed and gave me a big, naked kiss.

"You take care of that, baby." And she patted my dick.

Laura dressed, then left.

Chris and I met for breakfast. We were largely silent. Chris broke the ice;

"Does your head hurt?" he asked with a sly smile as he saw me rubbing my forehead, eyes closed.

"From the ankles up." I said wearily. "Everything above that I leave to science." Quoting an old line from "M*A*S*H."

We both chucked and held our heads as they throbbed in unison.

"Well, Hollywood, we did Vegas. Oh boy, did we do Vegas." Chris said.

"Feels like we did everybody IN Vegas." I said wearily.

"Well, you did anyway, right?" He said.

"Yeah, I had a good time, man." I smiled.

"Thanks for the trip." I said as we clinked our juice glasses.

"Viva Las Vegas, my friend." Said Chris.

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