Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 87


"I'm from Houston so I guess that makes us even." She replied as she got closer to me.

Selena and I kissed like before, only now we were in more quiet surroundings that lent themselves to intimate moments like this. Outside we could hear ice crystals making a gentle tapping sound against the windows. I gently moved her onto her back. She looked up at me with a beaming smile. I leaned down to kiss her again and gingerly moved my hand under her sweatshirt, she didn't resist. Her skin was warm and smooth and she gave a soft sigh as I fondled her breast. I could feel her nipples getting very hard.

"Will you be gentle?" she whispered.

"Oh, yes, yes I will." I replied in the same tone. Selena kissed me back and worked her sweatshirt off, exposing her body. She had nice full breasts with beautifully small nipples.

"Maybe we should be upstairs." She whispered.

"Good idea, probably more comfortable up there." I said as I helped her stand. She grabbed her shirt and phone and using its light we made our way through the house to the stairs. We gingerly made our way up and just as we made it to the top, she stopped me.

"Listen." She whispered.

I could hear much heavy breathing and gasps.

"Is that...?"

She nodded and held her hand to her mouth and snickered.

We were hearing Demi and Wilmer having sex, sounded pretty hot too.

"Too bad we can't watch." She whispered.

"You've done that?"

She nodded.

"Selena Gomez, you nasty little girl. Maybe I should call the Enquirer."

"You can blame Justin for that. Not something I'm proud of." She said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

We tiptoed our way down the hall to another bedroom. Luckily this one had a battery operated lantern on a shelf and the batteries still had power, so we had much the same kind of light as in the fireplace. Selena sat down beside me on the double bed.

"You OK?" I asked

She nodded and said "I'm just a little nervous at times like this."

"Me too."

On cue, we leaned in and kissed again, deeper this time.

"I like you." She whispered before giving me another kiss. She stood up in front of me and removed her sweatshirt again, then slowly slid her sweatpants down, showing her red bikini panties. For a moment, she hesitated.

"C-could you turn the light off?" she asked nervously.

"Yes, certainly." I reached over and clicked off the lantern.

Though the room was dark, I could make out the figure of Selena sliding down her panties and quickly getting under the bedcovers. I quickly disrobed and joined her. The bed sheets were somewhat cold but our bodies warmed them up. We were kissing and caressing each others' bodies. I could tell she loved having her breasts fondled by me and my hand worked its way down her belly to her pussy. I could feel nothing but ultra-smooth skin, obviously waxed recently, and her pussy was very warm and very wet.

"Ohhhhhyessss..."she moaned, her eyes seemingly closed. She gasped as my finger easily penetrated her, her body giving little convulsions the more she felt my finger inside her. "Don't stop...oh, don't stop..." she sighed "Don't good...oh soooo good..." I continued to kiss her cheek and neck as I did this. Her breathing became more rapid and little gasps were coming faster and faster from her. "Yes...yes...oh my god...ohmigod...ohmigod...gonna...gonna...oh my goddddd!"

She was trying not to make too much noise but it seemed useless, she was enjoying it too much. Selena's body shot upwards then dropped down as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

"So good...oh my" she finally said through her heavy breathing "That was great."

"You felt wonderful."

"I do, huh? Maybe I should do the same to you." She said as her hand reached down and grasped my dick. She began to caress and stroke it, making it grow in her hand.

"Oh, nice..." she said softly as she continued to stroke me. Her soft hand was working its magic on me and I knew the longer she did this, the more over the top she'd send me. She must've sensed that too, because she stopped and we kissed again.

"I'm ready now..." she whispered "Remember what you promised."

"Yes, I-I remember. Uh, I n-need to ask you something, um..."

"Yes, I'm protected. I learned my lesson there."

"OK." I said with some relief, though I wondered what she meant by "learning a lesson". Selena turned over and lay on her back while I gently got on top of her. She let out the most beautiful sigh as my dick entered her. Though the room was dark, I could swear she was smiling that classic smile the world always saw. Her arms wrapped around my back and I began to push in and out of her tight pussy. Her breathing sounded so sexy.

"Feels wonderful...don't stop..." she whispered in my ear.

Her legs were wrapped round the back of my legs as I continued to thrust into her, gently, then more forcefully. Her breathing continued to be soft and now became soft moans. I slowed down and stopped, just letting our bodies merge. Our kisses felt so nice against the dark quiet of the house, the ice crystals could still be heard clicking against the windows.

"You feel so nice." She whispered in my ear "Please don't stop...I feel so good...don't stop..."

I began pushing in and out of her pussy again. She was right, it felt so good. But I could feel an explosion building inside and though I tried to hold it back, between Selena's moans and the feel of her pussy, it was impossible.

I exploded inside Selena.

She gasped over and over like she'd run a marathon. The heat our bodies had generated practically bonded us together. I slowly rolled off her and she immediately laid her head on my chest. The snow had apparently stopped falling, but a chilly wind was blowing outside. It only served to calm us, we were both warm amidst the silence of the room and the house.

"Are you OK?" I asked her.

"Uh-huh...I feel wonderful. You were so sweet, just like I hoped."

"You were sweet too, you know."

"Thank you, babe." She whispered with a kiss added "Is it still snowing out there?"

"I think it's stopped, just seems really cold."

Just then we heard a click and what sounded like a heater starting up. I looked over at a clock on the bedside table and it was blinking "12:00" over and over.

"Looks like the electricity came back on."

"And not a moment too soon." She said softly. I turned and held her closely and we were soon asleep.

I turned over and felt nothing next to me. I sat up a little and saw Selena standing by the window, still naked in the morning light. Her athletically thin body had curves in just the right places. She had such a nice ass.

"What a beautiful sight to see in the morning." I said through sleepy eyes.

"Aw, thank you." She replied with her head cocked to the side and a big smile, like she was a little embarrassed to be seen like this in the morning "I look that good?"

"You sure do."

She stood in front of me. In the morning light her nicely full breasts looked even better. She gave me a slightly sultry look and slowly touched her middle fingers to her breasts, making little circles around the nipples. Ever so slowly, she moved her fingers down her body, her eyes on me the whole time, until she reached her waist and her beautifully smooth pussy. Her middle finger moved inside it and she breathed in softly as she touched herself. It was a beautiful sight. She knew she was turning me on.

"Like what you see?" She said as she continued to caress herself and sway back and forth. She slowly climbed onto the bed and pulled the bed covers back, revealing my naked body "Oh my, nice."

"So I look good too?"

"Sure you do." She replied as she lay back down and we held each other again. She began to fondle my dick again, softly touching and caressing it all over. It began to grow and twitch with her every touch. I could hear her soft breathing. "So nice..." she repeated. She turned to kiss me and then moved down closer to my dick.

"I hope I do this right." She said as she kissed the head of my dick and began licking all around it, making it wet from her lips and tongue. She slowly let my dick penetrate her mouth, letting it slide inside. Though her brunette hair covered her face I knew she was sliding up and down its length. It felt so good but I wanted this to last. I slowly sat up and she casually tossed her hair to the side.

"Lay down." I said to her as she opened her legs. I was atop her and we kissed deeply. I began to kiss her cheek, then down her neck. Her breathing became more rapid as I did this. I began to lick her nipples and kiss all around them. Her skin was so soft and warm. I almost thought I could still smell her beautiful perfume too. I made my way down her belly, so nice and toned, until I reached her love nest. It was very pink and beautiful, and very wet. I kissed its outer folds softly, teasing her with my tongue. I could hear her soft moans and her body twitched a little with every move I made. My tongue entered her pussy and this time I heard a long, slow, sigh come from her. I began to lick her, thrusting my tongue inside her, tasting her increasing wetness. I probed her a little with my fingers too, which made her moan even more. I looked up from between her legs, her eyes were closed and her mouth was just slightly open.

"Does that feel good?"

"Feels wonderful...don't stop...don't stop..." she moaned before letting a long, sexy sigh. It made me smile at what my "lip service" had done. I slowly crept up and softly kissed her cheek. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly. I reached down and worked my dick into her pussy again. She breathed in sharply and her eyes fluttered.

"Oh my god..." she said with a gasp.

I began to fuck her with even strokes in and out of her. Her fingers dug into my back. She wanted to feel every inch of me inside her and I fucked her harder. There was a rolling wave of moans from her as I did it. She tapped me on my shoulder "Let me be on top..." she said.

I slowly rolled off her and she slowly sat up, I must've done something right with her. Instead of facing me, I got a good look at her ass as she got on top, reverse-cowgirl style and eased my dick back inside. Once I was inside her again, she leaned back and I could fondle her tits and kiss her neck, this drove her wild as she shuddered and moaned even more. My hand somehow made it down to her pussy and as I rubbed it, she let out a sexy gasp.

"Oh baby...oh god...oh yeah..." She moaned "Gonna cum...oh god, gonna cum..."

She let out another long, sexy moan and I could feel my own climax coming. With a groan of my own, I exploded inside her pussy. We were both a collage of moans and groans at that moment, I wonder if Demi and Wilmer heard us?

Selena rolled off me and I held onto her, my dick still inside her so we could spoon together.

"I hope I kept my promise." I whispered.

"Oh yes...yes, you did."

I could feel my dick slowly softening inside her.

Being with Selena was, well, very romantic. I could tell she was someone who wanted romance in her life, and deserved it. Who knows what Justin what's-his- name was like at times like this? What I knew is in a small way I'd kept a promise to someone when it counted. I pulled the bedcovers over us and we were asleep again. When I awoke a little I saw Demi standing in the doorway wearing her sweats. She gave me a little wave and tiptoed in the room.

"Hi, you two okay?" she whispered.

"Guess what we were doing?" I said in that same tone she used the night before. Demi held her hand to her mouth so she wouldn't wake Selena with her laughing. But Selena still breathed in and sat up a little, not shocked by Demi's presence.

"Morning." She said through sleepy eyes.

"You OK, hon?"

Selena nodded and smiled widely.

"You were right." She said to Demi.

"I'm always right, you know that." She replied with a smile of her own "Wilmer's cleaning the snow off the car and we'll head back to the city from there. We'll stop for breakfast on the way back."

"Yeah, that sounds good, I'm gonna take a quick shower is that OK?" Selena asked as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Sure, we'll see you downstairs." Demi said as she gave her a kiss and left the room.

Selena turned to me and we kissed.

"This was fun."

"Like you said last night; all in all a pretty good day."

She smiled and gave me a hug.

"C-can I ask you something? You said something about learning your lesson, what did that mean?"

She seemed hesitant to answer. She looked down, like she was ashamed of herself.

"Well, when I was with Justin...we had a little scare...if you know what I mean." She said quietly before looking up at me.

"Ahhh, I see now."

"And between that and all the other shit that was going on with him...I just didn't want to be a part of that anymore. You know, take any more chances."

"So that ended things with him?"

"That's part of it, yeah."

"I understand."

"Y-you won't tell anybody about this will you?"

"No, of course not. Demi's a friend. I like to keep my friends. She's trusted me before."

"So you're the secret keeper, huh?"

"You could say that, yes."

Selena giggled and we kissed again.

Making our way back to the city, we found a small diner for breakfast and with all the snow it was nearly deserted. I think the only other patrons were snowplow drivers. I had to wonder if any of them recognized us. It would make for a juicy item in Page Six, I'll say that. Two starlets of the tabloids, one with her boyfriend and the other with...a mystery man. Wouldn't be the first time I was called that.

As I waited for my flight to be called, I felt my phone buzz, probably Chuck wondering where I was and why I wasn't where he was. But when I pulled the phone from my pocket, I saw a message that a photo had arrived, sender unknown. "That's strange." I thought as I clicked it open and saw a figure of a busty nude girl silhouetted against the Golden Gate Bridge. It wasn't sent from Instagram or Facebook or any other social network site and the girls' face couldn't be seen. On the bottom was a simple message;


Before I could investigate it further, my flight was called and I was on my way back to sunny Los Angeles carrying the memory of a snowbound night and a mysterious photo on my phone.

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