Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 3


As "Kim" was left wearing only black heels and a black bowler hat, she made her way into the audience picking one of the women who had worn the black suit jacket and stockings to join her. This had obviously been planned and "Kim" helped the woman out of her suit jacket revealing a black velvet thong and bare breasts.

With the jacket discarded, the new woman was lead to the leather couch and sat down with her head back and legs slightly apart. The "Kim" woman then knelt beside her and grasping the sides of the thong gently pulled it down, revealing a well-trimmed pussy that seemed to glisten with anticipation.

What was anticipated was evident to all shortly after as the knelling woman began kissing and playing with the bare vagina and exposed clit. James, Julia and many of the other guests were taken by surprise, but none seemed to react in horror. Indeed, many couples, as did James and Julia, seemed to pull each other close as they watched. The performers seemed to know each other's bodies well and within a few minutes a wild orgasm was being announced by the rhythms of the recipients breathing and the moans she was sharing with the room.

While she lay spent in the corner of the couch, two muscular, but slim men wearing G-stings joined the "Kim" woman. They sat on either side of her and kissed her on the lips and on the ears and down her neck to her breasts, exploring and probing with their tongues as they went. One of the men continued to suck at the woman's breasts, taking each nipple in his mouth in turn, as the other made his way lower, stopping momentarily at her navel before continuing his journey to her soaking pussy where that lovely nub of flesh awaited his tongue.

As the two men worked, the woman's excitement grew, and after a first climax asked to have the men inside her. At first her meaning was not clear to the uninitiated in the audience, but as she shifted her body and the men took their places, it was clear that she way calling for both men at the same time.

The first man took up his position, lying on his back with his head and shoulders propped up against the corner of the couch. The woman prepared him by taking his swollen cock deep in her mouth and sucking on him for a few minutes before crawling up and impaling him with her wet hot pussy.

The room was silent and each couple, men and women, and in some cases two women, held each other closely. Many of the couples under the cover of the darkness in the room were exploring each other's bodies with their hands as they took in the show. James had his hand well up Julia's dress and, concealed under the dress, had moved the panties aside to increase his access and Julia's pleasure. Bold with the champagne and spirit of the evening, Julia had loosed James's pants and was stroking his now liberated cock.

As James and Julia stole the occasional glance around the room, they were almost certain that some of the couples had shifted garments and positions so that the ladies were gently, and quietly, riding their partners in a spoon position as the show continued.

With the women confidently riding the first man, she motioned to the second man to join them. To expose the target of his attention, she leaned forward with her head on the shoulder of the first man. That action lifted her bottom in the air.

When the second man joined her, he massaged his long thick cock with a lotion and rubbed her bottom as well, paying particular attention to the tight rose bud that would soon relax and welcome him.

With generous lubrication applied, the woman turned saying she was ready and asking the man to " Fuck me in my ass". Needing no further invitation, he slowly but with purpose eased his cock deep in that secret passage, all the while feeling the probing of the other man through the thin wall between the two passages. The woman was beside her self and screaming out in pleasure. The double sensation was almost unbearable and she nearly passed out when she had the last of a long series on continuous orgasms.

The performers lay in each other's arms for a long while before they had the energy to move and tidy up. During this period, the room remained dark and almost silent, except for the muffled sounds of various members of the audience reaching one height of pleasure or another as their partner satisfied them with a kiss, a stoke, a finger or something else.

In their little love seat, James could hear Julia reach a climax as he played with her pussy below her dress, and Julia could feel the hot stickiness on James's cock announcing that the stroking she was performing was being rewarded.

As the evening concluded and the guests made their way, very few good bys were exchanged. Most were a little embarrassed, and the others were in shock with what they had witnessed and participated in.

James and Julia only said goodbye to their hostesses and Julia said that she would phone Megan about plans they had made to start going to a fitness class downtown.

The limo ride home was very exciting as Julia and James finished what they had started when they were watching the show!

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