tagLoving WivesAdventures of James & Julia Ch. 4

Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 4


You may recall from the first three chapters of this story the lovely Megan, who has become a good friend of James and Julia's. This is an excerpt from when they met at a boudoir photo session for Julia, who is, herself, an attractive, petite brunette with an adventuresome side.

...As introductions were exchanged, Julia and James admired the beautiful thirty-something woman. She was slightly taller that average, and although dressed, appeared to have a taut slim waist that made her firm breasts appear larger than they perhaps were. Her hair was deep in colour and fell about five inches past her shoulders. Despite the auburn hair, she had an olive complexion that gave her a very exotic look. She must have just returned from work because she wore a well-tailored business suit. Julia whispered in James's ear how attractive she thought the new woman was and how her makeup and hair were perfect.

One year later...

Megan and Julia had planned to get together to attend fitness classes after last New Year's eve, but with one busy period leading to another, a year slipped by and they didn't start until January 2000 when Megan phoned Julia to say that Diane was on assignment out of the country until Spring and that Julia just had to be her after-five fitness partner. Julia agreed, and she and Megan began going regularly, three times a week at 5:30. Julia and Megan partnered for all the exercises, using each other for resistance with the various stretches that were required. The class was for women only, which suited the ladies, for they could spread their legs comfortably for all the stretches without worrying about providing a sight for any gawking from the opposite sex. Although that didn't stop Megan and Julia admiring each other from time to time if their modesty was not completely concealed in the outfit they had chosen for the day.

Typically, at the end of the session Julia would shower at the club with the other ladies, while Megan would go home to shower, her place being only a few blocks away. In the last week or two Julia found the line for the showers quite slow, and when she mentioned it in passing to Megan, Megan suggested that she shower at her place. Julia accepted the invitation and for the last three classes had joined Megan at her place for a shower before making her way home.

This particular night, a Friday night in February, Julia was in no rush to get home, the girls were working and James was away on business. When Megan found this out, she suggested that Julia stay for some wine and a little supper. Julia agreed. She was actually looking forward to having a little extra time in Megan and Diane's bathroom. It was exquisitely equipped with a large shower with multiple heads, a deep multi-person Jacuzzi tub, a gas fireplace and an adjacent tanning/massage room.

When they arrived, Megan suggested that Julia start with a shower and freshen up while she got a couple of things started. Needing no coaxing, Julia made her way to the bathroom/spa and stripped off her exercise clothing. The shower had heads coming from a number of directions, and Julia was enjoying the multiple jets caressing her body as she applied the soap to her tummy, breasts, legs and inner thighs. Knowing that it would be a few minutes before Megan would join her, Julia lingered at her breasts and pussy for a minute to savour the combination of the streams of water and her own touch. Just as she was getting ready to leave the shower, Megan jumped in and found a couple of jets herself, choosing one above her head and one about waist high. As the water streamed over Megan, she soaped her breasts and thighs, paying special attention to her nipples and pussy, with no hesitancy or concern, notwithstanding that Julia stood only a foot or two away from her. Julia marveled at Megan's lack of inhibition. She certainly was not as free a spirit and, as Megan continued her shower, Julia stepped out to dry off.

While waiting for Megan, Julia decided to take a short tanning session in the next room. She and James had recently returned from a romantic Caribbean holiday and she thought she would try to keep up her tan. Slipping off her towel, she climbed into the tanning bed with only her eyes covered (in Cuba she and James had a private balcony on the top floor of their hotel so Julia spent some time working on an overall, strap-lines free tan).

After finishing her five minutes of tanning, Julia joined Megan in the spa, and saw that Megan was now dry and wrapped in a towel. She was sitting on the massage table, with her legs slightly apart and the towel riding high on her thighs. Still a little fatigued from their work out, and relaxed from their showers, the ladies were in no hurry to dress and start dinner. They just sat together, Megan on the table and Julia on a cushioned rattan chair, and talked about their weeks. After the usual exchange of stories and experiences, their discussion turned to the recent work out and how Julia felt particularly stiff after today's session. Megan concluded that due to Julia's late arrival she had not stretched out sufficiently and now needed a massage. "As a mater of fact, why don't you lay down of this table, I'll get us a glass of the wine I've been letting breathe, and when I'm back, I'll give you a nice relaxing rub down". Julia was intrigued by the offer, knowing that a massage would be perfect for her stiff and somewhat sore muscles. With James away, a massage from Megan would likely be her only opportunity for a freebie with someone she was comfortable with. By the time Megan returned, Julia had decided to accept her offer, under the understanding that the massage was to be restricted to a "relaxing" massage, and that without James around to supervise, a repeat of the first massage Megan had given Julia two years ago would not be on.

Julia covered the ground rules with Megan very diplomatically who, probably reluctantly but without admitting it, agreed to the terms. With this settled, Megan stripped Julia of her towel and helped her lay face down on the massage table. Afterward, she dropped her own towel to allow her freer movement for the massage. What followed was a firm but tender rub down, with Megan enthusiastically apply warm oil to Julia's back and legs. As the massage continued, Megan tested the waters somewhat and began a slight stroking of Julia's bottom and the backs of her inner thighs. This got Julia's attention, and in a fashion, awakened her from the very relaxed state that she had slipped into.

Although Julia hadn't anticipated the "relaxing massage" going quite this far, she concluded that it fell within the guidelines she had set and, honestly, was quite agreeable. She allowed Megan to continue and from time to time, she could feel Megan's bare breasts brush against her. Julia lay back, savouring the sensation that was starting to get her a little damp. Her dampness she told herself was more reflective of a mild satisfaction than an eager anticipation of any escalation.

After a few minutes working on Julia's bottom, Megan turned her over and applied a little oil to her tummy, breasts and thighs, avoiding Julia's nipples and pussy. With the massage complete, Julia just lay there for a few minutes and Megan sat in a nearby chair. The ladies continued their discussion of the week, sipped some wine, and every thing seemed very mellow.

All of a sudden, Megan shrieked and began laughing as she jumped up and ran to the light switch, turning it off. She then ran to the blinds and quickly closed them. "I don't know how to tell you this Julia, but I'm afraid that we just put on a little show for the guys who live in the apartment across the way. They're usually not home this time of the evening and they have the only apartment overlooking ours, so Diane and I don't usually worry about the blinds too much". " Unfortunately, they seem to be home now, and they seem to have been watching your massage".

At first Julia was horrified, but as Megan explained that the guys were two twenty-something men who seemed to be pretty nice and not at all creepy, Julia relaxed and almost become a little excited at the thought of having put on this little show for some nice-looking young men. After all, the deed was done and there was nothing to do about it now. More comfortable with the event, Julia began to wonder how the young men felt about watching her, first laying on her tummy getting a rub down and then turning over with her pussy and breasts on display. Julia was very thankful that ground rules for the massage had been set. She would have been mortified had these men seen her receive the type of massage that Meagan have given her at their first encounter.

Supper was now almost ready so Julia and Megan dressed and moved to the dining room where they eat, sipped more wine and laughed about their surprise floorshow. As the conversation continued, Meagan confessed that the guys were not entirely to blame. Sometimes she and Diane would put on a little show when they knew the boys were home. The guys know that Megan and Diane are gay, so sometimes, after just enough wine, the ladies thought it hilarious to show the guys what they could not have.

Normally Julia would have found this very cruel, but with the wine and the lingering dampness between her legs she could see the humour in this. No harm would be done she concluded. She doubted that the guys would object to a personal floorshow across the way by two beautiful neighbours.

After the dishes were cleared and Julia looked like she was ready to say her goodbyes, Meagan, spirited on by the wine asked, "Julia, would you like to see how I tease the guys?" " What do you mean?" Julia asked cautiously. "Well, you could sit in the spa with the lights out and the blinds drawn watching me, while I put on a little show in the massage room". "It'll be fun and they won't know you're there".

Probably because she had had too much wine (she was planning to cab it home) and was horny (missing James who had been away for a couple of weeks) Julia found the idea intriguing and agreed.

Julia got set up in a dark corner of the spa with the lights out while Meagan got set up in the massage room. That room provides the best line of sight to the guys' apartment. For her floorshow, Megan selected a bustier of black vinyl, laced up the front. It cinched her waist and pushed her breasts up and in, forming a very impressive décolletage. She wore the briefest of G-strings, really a tiny vinyl triangle that barely hid her thatch. The G-string had a thong at the back that settled deep in the crevice between the cheeks of her bottom. She wore thigh high shear black stay ups and five-inch black heels.

Once set up, and with appropriate bump and grind music playing to help her rhythm, Megan flicked the lights on and off. When she was certain that she had the attention of her audience, she steadied and began to prepare. The thong of her G-string stretched taught across her crease of her bottom, teasing that very sensitive area. The vinyl was becoming hot and tight against her clit. Rocking with the rhythm of the music, Megan brought her hands down to her thighs, slowing moving them up her legs to her tummy and, as she straightened, to her breasts. Once at her breasts, she started to feel herself through the material of her bustier, pushing her breasts up and together accentuating their fullness. Next, she slowly turned showing her back to the apartment across the way. One by one she unfastened each hook at her back, and let the bustier fall away. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she turned again, topless. As the tension and excitement built, she released her breasts uncovering them one at a time for the young men who looked on from at distance. As she continued to move to the music, Megan began to pinch her elongated and hardened nipples.

Showing her back to the audience one more time, Megan leaned over the rattan chair sticking her bottom in the air. With one hand and then the other, Megan began to slide her now wet G-string off, finally stepping out of it as she left her stockings and shoes in place. Reaching the finale of her performance, Megan sat in the rattan chair, with one leg over each arm. This posture revealed her glistening pussy to the world. With her rising excitement, Megan could no longer resist the urge and moved her fingers to the swollen lips that awaited her touch. Megan found her clit with the first few advances of her fingertips. First slowly and then with more purpose Megan began to bring herself to a wild orgasm, in no way reducing the volume in deference to her guest who sat in the next room.

During Megan's performance Julia had found herself getting wetter and more excited. Her condition was in no way reduced by the deep wet kiss that Megan had given her when she was putting her coat on to leave. Indeed, although a little woozy from the wine, she was certain that the feel Megan stole while helping Julia with her coat was no accident. As she made her way home in the taxi, she was still very damp and her nipples were sensitive and hard as pebbles. She missed James and was disappointed that he would be away another two weeks. They had had some nice phone sex while he was in Grand Cayman, but due to the expense, they tried to keep the calls to about one a week (the phone sex calls always seemed to last an hour!). Tonight, Julia thought, the sex part of the call would be much shorter. She was certain that as soon as she heard James's voice and began to touch herself, she would explode.

Julia was right; when she phoned James she found him already in bed and eager to hear about her evening. Leaving out the parts about the young men from across the way, Julia described her evening with Megan and then, more to the point, described how horny she was, what she was doing to herself, and how she couldn't wait for James's return so that he could kiss and tongue and fill her every orifice. In moments, they both came.

After James returned from his trip, over breakfast one day, Julia mentioned that the next time she went to Toronto, in about two weeks, Megan would be joining her. Julia wanted some company for the winter driving, and Megan wanted a weekend away. While Julia was busy during the day, Megan planned to shop. In the evenings they thought that they might take in a show. James was happy to here that Julia wouldn't be driving to Toronto alone and hoped that she would have a nice time. Megan was always a pistol, and she and Julia seemed to have fun together. His schedule called for him to be back in Grand Cayman at that time so Julia's plans seemed to work perfectly. When the weekend in question came, Megan and Julia motored to Toronto on a cold but sunny Thursday afternoon. Their travels were going well and they arrived at the Royal York earlier than they had expected. The only glitch they encountered was that the suite that Julia had booked had a king-size bed. When the reservation had been made for "two", the hotel had assumed the "two" would be a couple! The ladies were offered a standard room with twin beds but decided that the suite would be preferable. Evidently it was in the penthouse and had a nice view of Skydome, the Tower and the lakeshore. Thursday and Friday were uneventful, as Julia attended meetings most of the day and evenings. On Saturday, however, her agenda suddenly cleared as most of the people attending her conference made excuses and cancelled the sessions that had been lined up.
With her newly found freedom, Julia joined Megan shopping. They did the usual round of dress shops and shoe stores in the Eaton Centre and in Yorkville, but (at Megan's urging) they also visited a number of lingerie boutiques, the Love Shop and Sensoria, examining the many lotions, potions, toys and garments that would spice up their respective love lives. Megan loved to tease Julia about how hard and excited Julia would get James with the various items they examined. Julia blushed a little, urging Megan to "stop already"...but she knew that Megan was right, and she knew how James appreciated all the articles that she and Megan had been considering. After the shopping was complete, Julia found her purchases to include some new lingerie, high-heeled pumps, a breath-taking new spring dress for an upcoming wedding and a toy she planned to share with James when the time was right. Julia discretely pick the toy up when Megan was in the dressing room of the Love Shop trying on something tight and latex! Before making their way back to the hotel, the ladies had a glass of wine in Yorkville and made plans for the evening. They decided to have an early supper, take in a play and then maybe have a glass of wine after. The suite had two bathrooms and dressing areas, so the ladies didn't see each other dressing but agreed that for the theatre on a Saturday night in Toronto they should hold nothing back. Evidently they had achieved the desired effect, because as the doorman escorted them to their taxi he couldn't help show his approval with a lecherous look. Dinner in the theatre district was quick but agreeable and the ladies got to the show in time to people watch and take in the outfits of the various patrons. They were very pleased with their own wardrobe selections remarking to each other how the other was more gorgeous than any woman in the room and really looked quite stunning. Had James been there, he would have, undoubtedly, agreed. The show was a very sexy musical, something of a cross between A Chorus Line and Chicago. The ladies seats were very close to the action so that the beautiful bodies bumping and grinding to the music were stirring some emotions in both Julia and Megan. As they made their way out to the street, discussing where to continue the evening, they agreed that it would really be nice to go dancing after hearing and seeing a musical like they had. Julia could see a mischievous grin on Megan's face and knew that a plan was beginning to take shape. "If your game", Megan said, "I Know a place where we can go". With the excitement and eroticism of the evening, Julia didn't question or hesitate. She just asked Megan to "Lead the way". After a short taxi ride, Julia and Megan found themselves at the entrance of a nice-looking nightclub in a beautiful old house. After they checked their coats and were shown to a table, it became evident to Julia that the very upscale and well-dressed clientele included no gentlemen. Oh no, she thought, Megan has taken me to a gay bar. They ordered drinks, listened to the music and just chatted for a while. After a while, Julia decided that this really was a nice bar. The décor was beautiful, the music was great and no one seemed to disturb or pay attention to any one who was not with them. She settled in quite nicely and after her first glass of wine became quite relaxed. Then, when the musicians started to play Vondra Shepard, Megan took Julia's hand and said, "Let's dance". The song was one of those Ally McBeal tunes and had a nice beat. Julia agreed and moved to the dance floor. A number of similar tunes followed and Julia and Megan continued to dance. As the evening progressed, the tempo slowed until, finally, the song being sung was clearly a "slow dance". Julia was preparing to return to her table when Megan said, "This is a beautiful song, let's keep dancing". Without waiting for a reply, she slipped Julia into her arms, held her close and swayed to the music. One slow song followed another and Julia and Megan must have been slow dancing for half an hour, gradually holding each other closer, moving their hands lower to feel each other's bottoms and actually necking a little in the dim light of the club. When the witching hour came (quite late), they arrived at the Royal York by taxi and made their way to their suite arm in arm.

When the ladies arrived in their suite, Megan opened her mouth to speak, but surprisingly nothing came out. She tried again, this time the words began to form and she said, "Julia, I don't want to frighten you, but for the last two years I've wanted you badly. You're so kind and smart and funny and sexy and, well, with Diane away, I really need you right now...more than just as a friend. I've been wondering for a while now what it would be like to touch you again the way I did when I first gave you a massage at our place, when you and James came over. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch me that way?"

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