tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Karyn Ch. 4-7

Adventures of Karyn Ch. 4-7


Part Four

I was leaving Bob and Eve’s still wondering to myself if the tapes I found in Bob’s night table were of the porno variety. I really shouldn’t think so lowly of Bob. Afterall, over the past year or so of internet surfing, I have become someone that enjoys pornography myself and I do not consider myself to be sleazy. It is still not something I would want people that know me personally to find out about.

Anyway, it was getting to be early evening by now and I wanted to get my grocery shopping finished so I could relax the rest of this Saturday night. It would also free me up to only having to do a few loads of laundry on Sunday. On Sundays, I like having few obligations so I can laze about with the Sunday papers. Far too many Sundays find me not getting out of my night and/or housewear.

I was just about out the door when my curiosity got the better of me and I went back into their bedroom and took three of the tapes cassettes. I decided to take them home with me and to return them the next day or two, well before they would arrive back home.

I threw them on the passenger’s seat and headed on to the local King’s Supermarket. Even though I was not dressed as seductively as earlier in the day (in fact, I was dressed rather plainly), I still felt the fleeting glances of some of the guys in the store. The jeans I was wearing were pretty tight and I am sure my ass looked inviting to some. Maybe it was also the sexual aura I was throwing off. I felt sexy.

I casually made my way through the store, doing my typical comparison shopping with coupons. It is not a chore that takes a lot of mental energy, so my mind was able to drift other more interesting thoughts. I quickly realized I was once again focusing on Artie, Doris, and that black park ranger.

This time, I placed myself in the scenario as a complete observer. As I continued almost mindlessly down the aisles, my imagination picture the three of them in the typical positions of a male-female-male three-way. For the most part, Doris seemed to be the recipient of most of the attention – and therefore pleasure.

To my own surprise, at one point in the fantasy, Artie leaned over and took the black ranger’s cock into his mouth. Doris was on her back with Artie on top of her fucking her slowly, but with a steady deep rhythm. The black ranger was standing next to the bed with his cock hovering over Doris’s mouth. He was sliding it across her lips when Artie bent forward and took the dark shaft into his mouth, stealing it away from Doris.

The look on Doris’s face was a mixture of surprise and glee. The black man did not seem to care or miss a beat in moving his hips forward and back as he slid in and out of Artie’s mouth. Artie continued is piston-like movements over Doris. Doris began to drive her hips up to meet each of Artie’s thrusts with increasing determination. She was getting completely aroused by the feeling of Artie’s penetration and sight of him sucking the black man’s cock.

She reached up with her hand to swipe the long black shaft from Artie’s mouth and directed it down to her own. Artie bent forward so that he could get his tongue and lips on the cock along with Doris at the same time. The black man pushed his hips back and forth fucking between their two mouths, their tongues moving frantically.

Of course, in my fantasy all three of them began to cum simultaneously. The black man shot stream after stream of thick white cum nearly across the room as Doris moaned out loudly from her own pleasurable orgasm. Artie’s face was strained with sweet agony as he held his breath and twitched violently as he deposited his cum deep into Doris.

As they began to unwind and peel away from one another, my mental thoughts came back to earth and I found myself in the produce aisle just staring at the cucumbers. I had no choice but to survey them all to select the best size and shape for my own personal use. I have found cucumbers to be the best produce for self pleasuring. Carrots are just too stiff and thin, bananas are too fragile, the skin on zucchinis is too rough. Cucumbers come is such a nice variety of widths and their skin is so nice and smooth (especially once coated with my personal lubricant).

I chose one that was a little fatter around than a large sausage and had a nice curve to it. There were no deformations on the skin’s surface and it would be nice and smooth for the fast jabbing I am fondest of when masturbating in this fashion. How ironic I thought as I dropped it into my cart – it costs a perfect 69 cents.

As I walked down the aisle, I could clearly feel the wetness between my legs from the lurid thoughts that had been running through my mind. I checked my list to make sure I had purchased everything I needed before heading to the checkout.

Saturday evenings at this time do not typically find shoppers like me. Most everyone else there were only buying a few items and the express lines each had several customers. I got behind a woman a year or two older than me. She had her hands full with two kids. One sitting in the cart the other trying desperately to get away from her clutches.

I took notice of her. She was surprisingly well figured for a mother of two. Her tummy was very flat. If her face had been prettier, she would have gotten me started on another fantasy voyage. But, sorry to say, she was not just slightly unattractive facially, she was downright ugly – fugly (fucking ugly). I am not usually a judgmental person when it comes to physical appearance, but she crossed the limit.

As she finally paid and got her cart loaded back up with the bagged groceries, I unloaded my own cart onto the conveyor and began the typical chit chat with the checkout girl. I’ve been shopping at this store long enough and often enough to have met most of the checkout workers. I had seen Erin plenty of time before. I suppose she also recognized me as a frequent customer in her lane as she gave me that sort of welcoming smile.

I am guessing that Erin is in her mid to late 20s. She was complaining to me how she couldn’t wait to get finished with work and get out to party. Party. Now that is something I have not done in a long long time. It made me feel old actually. Had I suddenly turned into an “old” lady? Here it was a Saturday night and I was grocery shopping and then heading home. And, I was going to be alone – except for Mr. Cuke.

Without thinking, I shrugged at her and pointed to the cucumber as it was heading down the conveyor and said, “well, I have my own evening all planned with excitement”. Did I really blurt that out? Yup, I sure did. Erin laughed heartily, but not in a way that was putting me down.

Embarrassed with what I had said, I just kept my mouth shut the rest of the time. Erin must have sensed my awkwardness and she did not continue to engage me in conversation, but kept at her scanning my purchases.

As she punched the code into the register for the cucumber, she let out a little yelp of laughter. “Sixty-nine cents. I can’t believe it’. I had to chuckle also even though I was probably redfaced.

I was putting the last bag into my cart as Erin handed me my change. “Have fun tonight”, she intimated. “You too,” I quickly replied. Then she leaned forward and whispered, “I prefer the shower massager myself .” It eased things a little for me, but I was still embarrassed.

On the way to the car, I couldn’t help but picture Erin sitting in the tub holding the shower massager a few inches away from her pussy. It was a sight I think I would love to see; to watch her (or most any woman) having multiple orgasms from the water spray pulsating over her clit.

My trip home was without adventure and seemed to take too long. I was anxious to be finally home and free to spend the evening any way I wanted. First on my agenda was to prepare a quick dinner of spinach and cheese ravioli with marinara sauce and a nice tossed salad (minus the cucumber of course). I was not about to cut “him” up just yet.

While I was waiting for my raviolis to rise in the boiling water, I quickly changed into my lounge about clothes. A pair of light flannel men’s boxer shorts and a loose t-shirt. No bra, no panties.

I set my meal out on the coffee table along with a candle and a large glass of chianti. I put the first of Bob’s unmarked video cassettes into my VCR. Just as I had surmised, it was a tape of some football game. I clicked the fast forward button on the remote to see if there was anything else more interesting on the tape.

A few mouthfuls of salad and ravioli later, the football game suddenly changed to what was obviously an adult movie. I quickly stopped the VCR and and then put into play mode again. Apparently, he had taped the football game over the movie since it ended within a few minutes. The final scene was all I saw. It was very arousing though. An all female orgy with a BBW black woman at the center of everything. Like a queen bee or something.

It was not exactly hard core stuff. Lots of kissing, lots of nipple sucking and you could see faces down between legs, but you never actually got to see any pussies or actual tongue contact on pussies.

Following the movie credits, it continued with the typical commercials of a premium cable channel. There were advertisements of upcoming movies and all. Most of them were not of the adult variety. So I surmised he must have taped a movie from Cinemax or something like that. One of those soft porn movies.

The rest of the tape was just a bunch of different TV shows and another football game. I let the tape rewind and then replaced it with the second tape. This one was more like it. It started out with the opening credits of another soft porno movie he had taped from Cinemax. or HBO or some other pay channel.

Part Five

I watched the soft porn movie as I leisurely finished my dinner. The movie was pretty terrible. The acting was atrocious and the plot was not really a plot. The sex was okay, but since it was a soft porno movie, you never got to see an erect cock nor any sort of penetration. You always knew what was transpiring as far as oral sex or intercourse, but you never got to see the good stuff.

I left the VCR running on play as I cleared my dinner dishes back into the kitchen and came back with the bottle of chianti to refill my glass. As I sat back down, I noticed that the cinematography of the picture was totally different than when I had left. This was not something taped from the TV. The picture was not nearly as clear and the sound was very muffled; almost inaudible.

I noticed after a moment that the camera angle and zoom were not changing. The action on the screen was of a couple having sex on a bed. I turned the volume up, but it merely made things more distorted. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was some sort of home-made tape and perhaps one that the woman or even the couple did not know was being made. A hidden camera video.

My first thought was maybe it was Bob and Eve, but that idea was quickly erased as I looked a little closer. This couple was definitely not them. The couple was about the same age, but not the same physiques. The guy actually had a real nice build. The woman was chunky, but not obese. I turned my attention to the couple’s surroundings wondering if the décor was something from Bob and Eve’s house. It did not look familiar.

I continued to watch the couple get into various positions. It became somewhat apparent that the guy knew the camera was there as he continuously moved the two of them into a position where the camera would get a decent angle. He also kept discretely looking in the direction of the camera. She, on the other hand, seemed to be oblivious to the camera and what was going on.

About 20 or 30 minutes of them moving in and out of various sexual positions of oral and intercourse, he mounted her and began to fuck her with some determination. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his back as he continued to drive himself into her with increasing force and speed. Her moans were clearly audible now despite the poor sound quality of the tape.

Then he abruptly came. His movements suddenly change to a few deep pushes forward into her as he must have been cumming. Her legs relaxed and fell back onto the bed as he rolled off of her and laid on his back next to her. They stayed pretty much motionless for a few minutes and then she sat up and worked her way off the bed and out of the picture. As soon as she was out of sight, he jumped up and headed directly for the camera where he must have turned it off.

The next picture was a facial shot of the guy and he was talking to the camera. I had a hard time making out everything he said, but the gist of it was that he had filmed himself and his wife without her knowledge and he was sending it to Bob and asking Bob to send him something similar in return.

Following his little speech, there were another two shorter scenes. One of this guy’s wife stripping down in the bathroom and taking shower. He must have filmed it while standing just outside of the bathroom with the door cracked an inch or two. The final scene was of her getting dressed in their bedroom. It looked like he had the camera in the same place as when he filmed them having sex.

I felt sort of dirty as I let the tape rewind. I had just gotten finished watching this tape that some guy secretly made of his wife. A tape I had taken from the bedroom of my neighbors’ house. It was all so sleazy. Yet, I was aroused. And, I knew there was nothing, even my guilty feelings, that was going to stop me from watching the third tape I had taken from Bob’s night table.

I made the assumption that the third tape was also going to include some sort of pornographic content. So, before I clicked on “play”, I went and got Mr. Cuke as well as a towel to lay across my sofa to protect it from my womanly juices.

Before sitting back down on the towel covered cushion, I dropped my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Now I only had on the oversized t-shirt. When I sat down I made sure that I was in the proper position that I had taken many times in the past.

I placed my feet onto the edge of the coffee table with my legs spread apart. In this position, I could see the TV well enough, but I could also see my own reflection in the glass that covers my fireplace. I have frequently masturbated on the sofa like this and watched myself in the reflection, imagining I was watching another woman getting herself off along with me.

I made sure that Mr. Cuke was within reach as I set the VCR in motion to view Bob’s tape number three. Damn it. Another football game. I hit the “fast forward” button in hopes that I’d get to something a bit more enjoyable.

I watched the TV screen out of the corner of my eye as I turned my primary attention to viewing my reflection in the glass. I reach over and took the cucumber into my right hand and moved it over to my exposed pussy. My lips were already swollen and peering out from my lightly trimmed pubic hair. I was more than damp.

I slid the tip of the cucumber over my clit beginning a few inches above it and then over it and down the rest of my slit across my opening. Those initial touches are always so shocking, but pleasurable. This was even more so since I was so horny and ready for sex and because of the coldness of the cucumber.

My nipples became taut immediately upon that first rush of sexual twinging. How I wished there was someone there to take them into their mouth and circle their tongue around them. I swear there are times that I could orgasm just from nipple teasing.

I continued to slowly move the cuke up and down my slit, pressing it against my clit and pushing it inside me a little more each time I brought it down to my opening. The cuke was getting coated with my lubrication. Every time I pushed the cuke into me, I did so with a very slow motion and just a little bit more each time to feel new pleasures on each penetration. It was spreading me more and more until the fattest portion of the cuke was inside me. Then it was as if my pussy was sucking on it to get it in even deeper.

I resisted simply pushing it completely inside me, preferring to enjoy the extreme physical pleasure I was gaining from the feel of tightening my pussy muscles over it as I slowly withdrew it and then pushed it back in again. If I had wanted to, I could have cum immediately by simply pushing on my clit with my free hand. But that would have ended the incredible feeling of hanging on the edge of ecstasy with such control. I was being careful with every movement I made to not let it all collapse over the edge. At this point, I think a slight breeze across one of my nipples, like that of the warm breath of a lover, would have sent my pussy into uncontrollable orgasmic spasms. I was desirous of that feeling but not as desirous of maintaining the current feeling I was experiencing. It was intensely sweet.

I took my eyes away from my glassy reflection and looked over at the TV. It was still football, but I caught myself enjoying the view of the asses and muscular legs and arms of the players. I imagined each of them with semi-hard cocks – semi-hard fat cocks – semi-hard fat cocks ready for me to touch and suck on.

That was it, I could contain myself no longer. The feeling between my legs and deep into my torso was beyond pulling back. I was going to cum. I closed my eyes, took in one last deep breath and then plunged the cuke slowly and steadily all the way inside me until I felt it against my cervix. I reached down with my free hand and began to rub my clit in a circular motion as I pressed against it with my middle finger. Then I began to move the cuke in and out with quick, deep thrust as I began to loose control.

I am sure I was not quiet. There was no need to hold back. I was cumming and it felt unbelievable. After about 20 strong spasms, my orgasm began to ease off. I was still feeling pleasure from every movement, but I was gaining back some control with the exception of an occasional twitch like a sudden chill.

The twitches lessened and I was soon feeling completely relaxed, but I continued to move the cuke in and out of my opening. I was breathing heavily, but recovering back to a normal pattern. I was a little dizzy from the whole ordeal. I think I began to fall asleep.

I was shocked back to full awakeness when the tape reached the end and the VCR abruptly and automatically went into rewind mode. This third tape did not contain anything except the football game.

When the tape finished rewinding and I had swallowed the last gulp of wine, I mustered the strength to get up. My legs were weary. My whole body was weary. It was time to turn in for the night and conclude the first day of this magical few days.

Part Six

My mind was at peace and my body was drained. I slept deeply Saturday night. I awoke Sunday morning, as usual, from the stirring of my housemate – Trixie, my yellow lab. It was only 7am, but I felt well rested. Well rested, but not ready to face the day. I am not that crazy to be up and about at 7am on a Sunday morning.

I threw on my bathrobe and slippers and leashed up Trixie to take her for her morning walk. Not much of a walk. I only go to the end of the driveway and back. And, only that far because that is where they drop my newspapers. Trixie has learned the routine and she makes sure to stop off along the way to relieve her bladder.

I was surprised at how hot it seemed already. It was going to be the steamy day the weather report had forecast. I sauntered back into the house with my newspapers and Trixie. I filled Trixie’s bowl with her morning kibble. I find it amusing how excited she still gets waiting for me to put her bowl back down on the floor for her even after eating the same old same old for so long. I suppose I could be that excited over a constant diet of pizza or ice cream. But dried cord board tasting kibble? I don’t think so.

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