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Adventures of Karyn: Intro


Well, I am back from my long weekend adventure with my friends. If you read my earlier posting, you already know that I was concerned with how my friends were going to treat me because I had confided to the other single female (and my roomie for the trip) that I had awakened a sexuality that included women. I was positive that she was going to gossip this to the others.

Before we left, she let me know that she had no problem with my attraction toward both sexes, but that I should not even consider her as a willing partner and that us rooming together should not give me any ideas.

The place we went to was indescribable. A golf and tennis resort community in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. One of the couples purchased a lot there three summers ago and the construction of their house finally finished this past spring. So, they invited alll of us down for a long Fourth of July weekend.

The "Us" is comprised of me and four female friends from college and the husbands of three of the women - in all, eight of us. We have stayed close friends since our college days and get together for various functions, including a summer vacation every year.

The resort community is at the top of one of the higher locations this side of the Rockies. I think it was like at 4500 feet above sea level. All I know is that the high altitude had an effect on all of us with our stamina when exerting ourselves. I am not in the best shape, but I was gasping for air much sooner than I was accustomed to when I played tennis.

The three guys played golf every morning while us ladies either slept in late or played some tennis or hung out at the pool. Imagine playing tennis or laying around a pool where you have views of over 50 miles in several directions. It was breathtaking.

I had fully expected that the group would treat me differently or I would catch them whispering behind my back, but I did not sense any of that the entire weekend. That is, with the exception of one short, but very interesting conversation I had with one of the married women.

I may be reading way too much into what she said, but you never know. From what she said, I got the feeling that she may be having similar thoughts or fantasies to the ones I was having before I finally took the plunge a month or so ago.

"Valerie" and I were up early one morning. The guys were already off on the golf course and the other three women were still lounging in bed or in the shower. We were out on the deck overlooking one of the golf holes as well as a view of the valley so far below that small planes flew by below us.

As we gazed out enjoying the magnificent morning and ate our frosted mini-wheats, Valerie blurted out that "Lynn" had said "some things" about me and she wanted to find out how true they were. I explained my newly found sexuality situation to her, but without going into the details of how I arrived there or that I had experienced the affections of another woman only once. I could tell that she wanted me to open up more with her and that she wanted to ask me plenty of questions about it, but one of the other women was making her appearance before she could.

Just before "Gwen" joined us on the deck, Valerie looked at me with a wry smile on her face and her eyebrows lifted and said "I'd be interesting in hearing more about this sometime".

The remainder of the weekend did not find Valerie and me alone long enough for us to get back into that discussion. Like I said, maybe I am reading too much into that short exchange, but I am sensing that Valerie just might be having curious lesbian thoughts like I did not too long ago.

I will find out soon enough just how "interested" Valerie is. I see her (and her husband - "Paul") fairly often. I am sure that during one of those visits there will be some time for the conversation to take place.

I have been thinking about Valerie since then and playing out various scenarios in my mind. I am still not sure what I would do if Valerie offered herself to me. I really do not feel a physical/sexual attraction for her. I suppose that is why I did not offer much in the way of detail when I had the chance in that first chat. I did not want to stir her up anymore than she might already be on her own.

Anyway, I am back now and I certainly missed not being able to visit this group's postings every day. That does not mean that my sexual thoughts and appetite suffered. I had plenty of time and privacy for frequent self pleasuring and erotic reflection. Hanging around the pool discreetly looking at the nicely shaped men and women gave me ample fodder for sexual thought.

Also, one of the mornings, I overheard Gwen and her husband ("Rick") making love before he headed out to the golf course. It did not hurt that he happens to be one guy I would have sex with in a heartbeat. He is one gorgeous man. As I listened to them with my eyes closed, I imagined I was actually secretly in their room watching them. In my thoughts, he was on his back and Gwen was on top of him riding him with her boobs just dangling over his mouth, his tongue reaching out to flick across her nipples. In reality, I was laying in my bed on my stomach with my hands reaching underneath me rubbing my pussy slowly, but steadily. It was not easy trying to stay quiet myself as the waves of orgasm swept over me every couple of minutes as I continued to listen and play. Many times I had to bury my face in my pillow to drowned out my moans.

I remember at one point imagining that Rick was mounting me and entering me from behind as I laid on my stomach rubbing my clit. This visual picture made me have an orgasm immediately. Being entered from behind is probably my favorite position. I have found that it gives me super stimulation on my G-spot and the slightest touch on my clit when being fucked in this position makes me come quickly and intensely.

Of course, my thoughts got kinkier than that often as I also saw myself with Gwen. It is clearly something I wouldn't mind trying sometime. Gwen is not the equal of her husband as far as physical appearance, but she isn't shabby either. She has a beautifully shaped sexy mouth and I think kissing her would make me melt. That and her very large breasts would make for some nice succulent mouth fun. I'd have to say that her boobs are on a par with this Yahoo Group's Gina.

It is funny. I have seen each of the other four women nude or in various levels of disrobe in the past, but that was all before I had developed these feelings of sexual attraction to women. I am clearly viewing each of them in a different light now than I did before. I think I feel more of an attraction to Gwen or Ellen, but not so much toward Lynn or Valerie.

I am finding it interesting that my taste in men versus women is so different. As for men, I like thin, slightly muscular builds with darker hair and skin and brown or black eyes - and of course a nice tight butt. With women, I find I am more attracted to a plumper fuller figure - sort of on the edge of being BBW - lighter hair and skin and blue or hazel eyes.

Anyway, this whole awakening is so exciting for me. I continue to find new things that stimulate my mind and my libido. This Yahoo Group cannot be given enough credit for making me come to realize what has been hidden from me all these years.

I also have a question to pose. The resort has a poolside hot tub/jacuzzi. It just so happened that this one had one of the jets positioned in such a way that I felt it across my pussy if I sat in a certain place in a certain way. It did feel nice, but I did not want to continue this for fear of someone realizing what I was up to. My question is whether or not anyone has ever experienced an orgasm from this. It certainly seems possible to me that I could have if I had the time and privacy to enjoy it fully. Although, the way I twitch around when I have an orgasm, I do not think I'd be able to keep the jet focused where it needed to be to sustain my orgasm the way I like it.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life like I am these days.


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