tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of Mika

Adventures of Mika


Mika's bar room thrill- - - Mika's seduces a dark stranger!

It was a warm Saturday night and Mika was dressed to kill when she entered the bar. She could feel eyes on her as she walked to the table away from the bar. Mika had no idea how sexy she looked in her red halter and short black skirt. Her long, curly, red hair hung around her shoulders. Mika crossed her long legs under the table drawing the attention of the man sitting secluded in the darker end of the room. He watched Mika as she ordered her drink from the waitress. He had an exciting view of her breasts as she lent over slightly to adjust the strap of her 3 inch black heels.

Mika slowly looked over the bar, taking in the people sitting there, catching the eye of more than one man, one of which received a slap across the face from his date. Smiling slightly, she continued to look over the room. Mika's almond shaped, green eyes missed little, from the couple in the near corner, whose bodies seem to be melded together, to the couples dancing on the floor. Suddenly, Mika felt like she was being watched VERY closely, and looked around again - no one was staring at her now - in front of her anyway. But when she looked slightly over her right shoulder, that's when she saw him!

Sitting with his back to the wall, he had the view of the entire room. Mika guessed him to be about 5'10'', dark brown hair with a goatee. His arresting hazel eyes seem to disrobe her. She could feel his eyes travel down her 5'4'' frame. Over her large breasts to her small waist and shapely hips, down her stocking clad legs. His gaze was making her feel exposed to this man's appraisal.

He nodded to her to acknowledge her, giving Mika a sly smile to let her know he knew what she was thinking!! Quickly she turned her gaze to the front. Her breathing was rapid as she wondered why he was so intent on staring at her. Mika's body flushed with excitement! "He's VERY good looking!" she thought to herself. It had been a six months since her divorce and she did come here to find someone to pick up for the night. After a bad marriage, the last thing she wanted was to be tied down to one man. There were too many men out in the world to play with!!!

Mika was hoping that she would have the ability to carry out her fantasy. She had always wanted to have a one-night stand with a complete stranger!

Mika looked over her shoulder again to see if he was still there. As she turned, their eyes meet. Electric charges ran through her as she read the blatant lust in his eyes! Her body responded with a flood of juices to her starved pussy. He gave Mika a slow sexy smile and raised his drink to her. He mouthed "Hello". To her, making her nod her head in response. Mika was SOOO turned on, her breasts rose and fell quickly and a deep heated sensation curled in her already steaming pussy that made her clamp her legs even tighter. She looked over to him and giving him a long steady gaze, she slowly licked her top lip. His eyes widened as he watched the movement of her tongue. Mika knew he was thinking about her tongue playing with his cock, this made her desire flame out of control… giving her the courage to carry out her plan!!!

Mika, still keeping her eyes on his, slowly stood. She gathered her purse and walked to the back of the bar. There was a door with an exit sign above and she reached for the knob and opened the door. Looking inside, she found the empty hallway leading to the bathrooms. Before exiting the room, she turns to look at him and gives him a shake of her head to invite him to follow her. He stands and walks toward the door, following her into the semi-darkness.

The Stranger finds Mika standing against the wall, about 12 feet into the hallway. He walks towards her, with a smile on his lips and a question in his eyes! Before he can say anything, Mika puts her finger on his lips. "SSSHHHH. No names, no talking!" She whispers. Mika puts her hands on the Dark Stranger's chest and moves close enough to touch their bodies together. He responds by reaching out and pulling her body hard against him, smashing her breasts against his hard chest! Moaning, he takes Mika's mouth in a deep kiss, while running his hand over her breast, squeezing it hard. Her nipple responds by hardening against his palm thru the thin fabric of her halter. The sensation isn't enough for him, so he pulls the tie behind her neck to release her large breasts. Mika gasps as he takes one pointed nipple into his mouth, sucking and scraping with his teeth. His other hand reaches under her ass and raises her skirt grabbing a handful of her shapely hip. He's not shocked to fine Mika with only a garter belt and no panties. He slides his fingers between her pussy's lips to find her dripping wet.

Mika slides her hands down his body to his belt and quickly removes the obstacle and unzips his dark jeans. She reaches in and releases his engorged cock. Her hand gently strokes him, enjoying the moans that escapes him as he thrusts toward her, making him harder with each stroke. She looks down at the size of his cock and her mouth starts to water. Mika pushes him back a little and bends down to take him in her mouth. He's a lot wider then her ex, but she had no problem taking him deep into her throat. His hands clamp onto her head, tangling in her hair as she almost swallows him. Down, up, Mika strokes him, wrapping her tongue around the head and flicking it with each up beat, lightly scraping her teeth on his shaft on the downbeat!

The Stranger's moans are loud as he slides in and out of her expert mouth, his cock is to the point of throbbing when he pulls her off. As Mika stands, the Stranger grabs her and kisses her again, while placing his hands under her ass. Getting a firm grip, he raises her off her feet and slams her body against the wall, he enters her wet pussy in one hard stroke. His balls slam against her ass, Mika's legs are wrapped around her Dark Stranger, holding her tight against him. Her hands hold him fiercely by the shoulder while their grunts and moans fill the small hallway. They fucked against the wall slamming against it with such great force, it almost knocks the breath out of her. Mika's can feel The Stranger's cock stretch her pussy to the limit, the pain and pleasure creates great waves of spasms in her hot hole, triggering her orgasm.

Mika screams! Her orgasm makes her entire body shake violently. The Stranger returns Mika to a standing position and pulls her to the hall table, roughly bending her over. Again his hands firmly grasp her hips and slides his cock back into Mika's sopping pussy! The Stranger moans loudly and he continues to fuck Mika over the table. Her sweet pussy squeezes down hard onto his huge cock, thrilling The Stranger with a tight screw! He can't believe He's fucking this beautiful, wild redhead, but he's not one to turn down a Lady in need!

Mika's body absorbs each powerful thrust (almost moving the large bulky table) she holds onto the table tightly to keep her balance. It isn't long before The Stranger can feel the convulsions in Mika's pussy milking his already throbbing cock. Knowing he can't prolong himself from cumming any longer, he quickens his pace, which signals Mika into cumming a second time! The Stranger continues to pump Mika's drenched pussy fast and hard! He can feel his cock twitching inside her. The Stranger's body slams into Mika's ass as his load shoots deep into her stretched out pussy! He moans as the last of his cum seeps into her panting body.

The drained couple slowly separate. Mika collects herself, quickly dressing without looking at The Dark Stranger. Slightly embarrassed she walks back into the bar. The Dark Stranger smacks Mika on the ass as she walks away towards the entrance wanting to leave a soon as possible.

The Dark Stranger walks to retrieve his jacket and turns to talk to the red head, to find her-GONE! "Damn!" He thinks to himself. "I wanted to get her number!" The Dark Stranger smiles to himself and leaves the bar.

(To Be Continued)

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