tagIllustratedAdventures of Mika Ch. 03

Adventures of Mika Ch. 03


Mika walked into the living room, carrying a steaming cup of coffee. Her damp hair was wrapped in a towel. Mika had just sat on the couch, when Mika heard a forceful knock at her door. Quickly, Mika stood and approached the door and tightened her terry cloth robe about her.

She wondered who could be out on this stormy night, Mika turned on the porch light and pulled back the curtain on the door. Mika was shocked to see a policeman on her porch. She made sure the chain was firmly in place, then Mika slowly opened the door a few inches. "Yes officer, may I help you?" she inquired.

"Evening Ma'am. I'm going door to door telling the residents of this side of the river that the bridge has washed out down the road and that the water is rising. Ma'am, I'm sorry to say this, but as I came into your driveway a tree fell behind my cruiser. May I use your phone, my radio doesn't seem to be reaching the station? There must be a lot of interference from the storm."

The officer seemed familiar to Mika, she closed the door and released the chain. She opened the door wide and invited him in. "Do you think the water will rise this far up the hill? I mean, it's never came up this high." Mika asked.

"Well Ma'am, I really don't think you will have any problem, I believe you're high enough and far enough from the river that you should be fine. May I use your phone Ma'am?" He inquired.

"Oh yes, I'd almost forgotten, it's behind you on the desk. Please, help yourself." Mika pointed to the phone, then turned and returned to the couch. Mika watched the handsome Officer. "Where have I seen this man before? He looks so familiar to me" She mused. Troubled lines creased her brow as she tried hard to remember.

The officer turned back to Mika and shrugged. "Looks like the storm has knocked out your phone. Would you mind terribly if I stay a bit and see if it returns when the storm lets up?" The officer looked so apologetic that she felt instantly sorry for his predicament.

"Sure, would you like some coffee while you wait? I just make a fresh pot." Mika stood and waited for his answer.

"Yes Ma'am that would be wonderful, thank you very much." The handsome officer smiled and his face instantly brightened. Mika noticed that his eyes were the most arresting shade of blue and his smile made his face all the more handsome.

"Please officer, have a seat while I go and change, then I'll bring you a cup." With that Mika walked out of the room, leaving the officer sitting on the couch. He smiled.

"Everything is going as planned." Ed thought to himself, "Soon the lovely lady will realize just who he was. The last time they had met was at the bar a week ago, when she had seduced him in the bar's back hallway. That night had been engraved on his heart. He knew the lady had to become his and he'd do anything to get to her. Ed thought to himself.

A few minutes later, Mika returned, dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and blue jean cutoffs with white ankle socks. Her long, curly red hair cascaded down her back. She walked towards him, she looked so innocent, that for a second, Ed couldn't believe that this young women was the same vixen that had seduced him in a darkened bar.

"Here you go officer." Mika stated, gave him the steaming cup of coffee, then returned to her place on the other end of the couch.

"You can call me by my name, I'm Ed Marsh, at your service Ma'am." He said with a smile, extended his hand.

"Hmmm, at my service, mmm that would be nice." Mika thought to her self. "My name's Mika Dune, please to meet you Ed." She answered as she took his hand in a brief handshake.

"Have you lived here long, Ma'am, I mean Mika?" Ed asked the pretty women before him. He watched as she curled her feet under her shapely bottom.

"I've lived here since my divorce, six months ago. It's a bit small, but it suits me fine." Mika answered with a shy smile, then took a sip of her own coffee.

Ed can't help but notice that Mika had not worn a bra under her shirt, her nipples were hard and pointed against the thin t-shirt material. His cock jumped in his uniform pants and his mouth instantly began to water at the thought of sucking them again.

The thought of having seen him before drove Mika insane with wonder. "Ed, have we met before? You seem very familiar to me, it's been nagging at me since you came in to the house."

Ed almost choked on his coffee at the direct question. "What do I say? Yeah, you screwed me senseless a week ago!" He thought to himself. He Looked into Mika's emerald green eyes and said the first thing that came to mind. "You may have seen me down at Shaker's, I go in there most nights to have a drink after I get off work. In fact I was there last Friday night."

Mika's eyes widen at the sudden flash of memory of herself and the Dark Stranger in the back hallway, screwing in the darkness. A deep flush of pink quickly covered Mika's cheeks and throat as rush of intense desire flooded her loins. Ed watched Mika's face, with the knowledge that she remembered the night they passionately met. Mika looked into his face and realized that the same man in the bar sat in her living room.

"You knew who I was that night?" Mika asked as quietly searched for the truth in the face of the man opposite her. "No, I didn't know who you were till after we have met again outside. I watched as you left and wrote down your license plate number. I had to find out who the lusty vixen was that had seduced me in the hallway. Please say you aren't angry, I just had to find you and get to know you." The handsome man explained. "I find you to be the sexiest woman I had ever met. Getting to know you would be very exciting." Ed smiled at Mika, as he tried to calm her fears. He hoped that she wasn't about to throw him out of her house.

Mika looked into Ed's earnest face. She was totally floored that he would not only track her down to find where she lived, but that he wanted to get to know her more intently. Mika had to admit that she had thought a lot about that night and had wondered if she would ever meet him again. Now here he was, sitting in her living room, up close and in person. Her heart raced at the thought of the possibility of being in his arms again and having the earth-shattering sex they had shared at the bar and in the parking lot.

"I'm not sure what to say here, this is such a shock. You see, Ed, I had never done anything like that before in my life. It was impulsive and reckless, although extremely exciting." Mika stated, another blush flooded her lightly freckled face. "I am embarrassed that I had acted so much...like an animal in heat." Mika couldn't look at him any longer, shame had crept into her chest at the thought of how she had acted in the bar. "What could he be thinking about her and the way she had acted that night?" she thought.

Ed watched her bow her head and saw the intense look of sadness on her face. His heart broke that he had caused that look on her gentle features. Ed scooted closer to her and sat next to her. He reached over and took Mika's small left hand into his two larger hands. "I'm sorry that I have embarrassed you and I'll leave if you want me to and never bring that night up ever again. It will be our secret." Ed said softly looking into the saddened eyes of the lovely lady before him. "I have but one question before I leave. Why? Why did you ask me to come with you into the hallway?"

With a small smile, Mika finally looked up and into Ed's kind blue eyes. "Well, I have been divorced now for a while and I have been very lonely. In my marriage, our sex life had been very boring. I had my fantasies that kept me from cheating on my husband. I had always fantasized about having an exciting, one night stand with a handsome man and then leaving him, never having known the man or ever seeing him again. It turned out perfect. There was something about you that drew me to you. I was extremely attracted to you from the second we laid eyes on each other, so I thought you would be the man that would complete my fantasy. I never thought that you may find me and want to really meet me." Mika smiled shyly into the kind man's face, "Forgive me for using you that way, it was very selfish of me."

Ed watched Mika's face as she explained the reason for her seduction which only cemented his blooming feelings for the sexy redhead. He knew now that he had to have her, not only in his bed but in his heart as well.

"Thank you Mika, for being honest. Now I have something I must tell you. I haven't spent one waking moment with out you on my mind. Since that night, you have haunted my days and fevered my nights. I had to find you and see you again. It's me that should apologize for not being more honest with you. The bridge isn't out and my car isn't blocked in your driveway." Ed smiled into her sweet face. "I just had to come here and I didn't want to scare you into running away, forgive me?" The question was clearly written on his handsome face. Ed took Mika's hand and he raised it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss across her palm. Mika's breath caught in her chest as she watched him. A flame of desire curled deep in her abdomen as he slid his lips down to the underside of her wrist.

"You are by far the most exciting and erotic women I had ever met Mika. Every time I think about that night in the bar, my body responds, aching for you." Ed's hand slowly slid down Mika's arm, his fingers made little circles on her heated flesh. "I dream of you all night, the feel of your soft skin; your panting and mewing in my ear." Ed moved closer to Mika, she could smell his musk aftershave. The scent drove her senses wild as she inhaled deeply, her libido rose in response. His left hand reached out, touched Mika's cheek and caressed her softly. She closed her eyes as she reveled in his touch.

Ed watched Mika's face as she leaned into the palm of his hand, he knew that if he tread slow, that this tigress would succumb to his seduction. With his thumb, Ed slowly traced her pouting lips. Her mouth opened slightly and took his thumb deep into her mouth and suckled it softly. Ed couldn't help but moan aloud as his cock stiffened, pushing painfully to be released from his uniform.

Ed reached out with his right hand, he slid it beneath her unbound hair and rubbed her satin-smooth neck. Mika moaned aloud as well, her desire flooded her body which caused her nipples to point through her t-shirt and begged to be touched. His left hand slid over her shoulder, down her arm slightly, then over her right breast. Ed gently grazed the pointed tip with his palm then molded it firmly around the breast, then began to massage it while he rubbed the nipple with his thumb. Mika's back arched in quick response and pushed against Ed's hand. Mika moaned louder and began to breath faster. This is what Ed was waiting for, for her desire to override her mind. He knew now that he was almost there, within inches of his prize.

Ed leaned forward and placed soft kisses on Mika's neck, then nibbled lightly, each nibble harder then the last, he took care not to hurt but excite. This did what he wanted, Mika moved against him and gave him access to her body. With strong arms Ed turned her body and laid her down on the couch and quickly covered Mika with his body, spread her thighs with his before Mika could think about what he is doing to her. Ed quickly lifted Mika's shirt and placed his hands over her breasts and continued to massage Mika as he increased her pleasure. Ed's lips descended onto one stiff point and suckled deep, Mika responded with moans and little gasps of lust as he teased each nipple in turn. Her hands wrapped around his head, pulling him harder against him, begging Ed to suckle harder.

Mika's mind reeled with the intense desire and passion that flooded her mind and body. Mika knew that she should stop this assault on her person, but she didn't want to stop Ed from continuing. All Mika thought about was the fire that had began to burn out of control between her thighs and how badly she wanted that fire to burn higher. Mika reached to her waist and released the button on her cut offs and slid down the zipper, glad that she hadn't put on panties earlier. Ed's hand quickly entered the new opening and slid right to her moist center. Mika's heart beat wilder as his fingers opened her pouting and moist lips, to enter her heated pussy. Ed moaned as his expert fingers found the liquid heat of her passion, he moved his fingers back and forth to coat them well, then removed his hand and brought them to his mouth to taste her once again.

Mika watched Ed's face as his eyes closed in pure bliss at the musky taste of his fingers, this fanned her heat even higher. To make Ed as excited as she was, she took his hand and inserted the same fingers into her own mouth and sucked and licked her juices from each finger, Mika watched his eyes intently. She moaned, knowing by the look on his face, that he was almost beyond control himself.

Ed sat back and helped Mika to removed her shirt then shorts, which left her completely nude to his greedy eyes. "God you're beautiful." Ed exclaimed, his voice thick with desire. "Put your arms around my neck, Daddy has a surprise for his little girl!" he said with a wicked smile.

Surprised that Ed had said the very words that would enflame her, which made Mika wonder briefly how he knew of her wildest of fantasies. Mika placed her arms around his neck and held tight as he picked her up effortlessly and began to walk through her house to her bedroom.

Having watched the direction from which Mika had returned after getting dressed, Ed found the bedroom quickly. He found that her bed was a four poster which made his idea all the easier to come into play. Ed laid her on the bed, then took Mika's wrists and placed them above her head. "Now if you're a good girl, Daddy is going to make you very happy." Ed stated. Then kissed her softly on her parted lips. Ed reached behind him, removed his cuffs from their leather pouch on his belt and snaped the first one on her slender wrist. Mika's eyes widen, then gleamed with lust in the dim light of the room. Deftly he wrapped the cuffs around the bed's right post and then closed the other cuff around the remaining wrist.

Ed stood and watched Mika's face as he removed his uniform, then laid the clothes and gun on a near-by chair. He stood over her body, smiled, climbed onto the bed and in between Mika's parted thighs. Ed then placed his hands on either side of her body, he leaned over her and kissed her deeply, rubbing his naked and hardened body against her soft skin. Ed's mouth then began it's greedy exploration of Mika's body, from her neck to each sweet breast and nipple. He sucked each one back into diamond-hardness before traveling down her tummy and abs, till he reached his prize. Mika writhed in anticipation of his mouth on her sex and spread her thighs even wider.

Ed parted her nether lips with the tip of his nose, enjoying the sweet scent of her desire. Then slowly he began to lick her swollen clit, small little circles that he teased and tempted into pebble hardness. Ed moaned as his mouth is rewarded with the sweet taste of her excitement. Each lick filled his mouth with the sweetest of nectar. Mika's hips moved up to push against his mouth, rubbing against him, giving her more pleasure. Ed didn't mind, he enjoyed the feeling, as she covered him totally in her juices.

Ed slid tongue down further and made a circle around the opening of her sweet spot. Mika gasped in delight as he plunged his tongue deep into her pussy. In and out he stroked her with his tongue, penetrating her deeper and deeper, Mika's juices flowed over his tongue and face.

Knowing that Mika was close to reaching her climax, Ed returned to the rock-hard clit and sucked it into his mouth. Mika began to buck wildly as her orgasm hit her body hard. Her low moans rose into a low howl as the climax climbed, then plateaued. Mika's body shook from the intensity as she began to calm once more. He waited, listened to Mika's breathing, it was fast but almost normal, then Ed took the swollen bud into his mouth once more, flicked it hard with his tongue, causing another orgasm to hit Mika's body hard. Ed loved to watch the racked expression of pure bliss on Mika's face as his mouth continued to make her cum over and over, her body twitched in the throes of orgasm.

Finally, Ed could no longer wait, he needed to have her. He knelt between her thighs once more, spreading her even further. Ed looked into Mika's lust-filled eyes and reveled in the animal-like expression on her face. She looked so wild with her auburn hair spread about the pillow and her face in a snarl as she panted and purred in need of a final pleasure that only his body could give her. In complete awe, Ed placed his hands on her hips and moved closer to Mika's body.

Mika watched Ed as he positioned his body above hers, and took her feet and placed them about his waist. Mika took the hint, wrapped her legs about him and pulled him closer. Mika felt his heavy cock at the entrance of her pussy and grunted as she pulled him into her. The pleasure that flooded her already excited body was so intense, that she cried out in ecstasy. Mika moved with him, her senses reeled at the purest form of pleasure. Ed's cock seemed to have been made solely for her body; with each movement it rubbed her "G" spot and brought her closer to another climax.

Ed watched Mika's face as he plunged deep into her over and over again. He could feel her clench down on his cock so hard that it was hard to control himself from cumming to soon. Ed slowed down the tempo and gave Mika time to reach hers first, he knew from the look on her face that it wouldn't be long. Ed heard the cuffs rattle as Mika strained against them, her body undulated with his in nature's dance. Mika's moans and mews of passion rose, it was time to bring them both over the edge. Harder Ed pumped into Mika's body which made her body jerk and her breasts to bounce with the harsh rhythm. He held on tight to her hips as he drove himself faster and harder till he felt the sweet build of cum in his balls.

"Oh yes Baby, your Daddy is about to cum in your sweet pussy! It feels so good Baby! I can't stop, are you ready for Daddy's cum?" Ed cried out to Mika as he watched her face.

She nods, "Yes Daddy, oh yessss! Mmmmm...I'm cumming too! Daddy, cum with me!" Mika screamed as her orgasm shot through her body, a high howling yell as the waves of her climax ran through her. Ed felt her muscles clamp down on his cock as his own orgasm hit him.

"I'm cumming Baby, oooh yes!" Ed groaned loudly as he shot streams of cum deep into Mika's twitching body. He pumped his cock into her again and again till each drop was released.

Mika and Ed lie spent and exhausted on her bed, his body covered hers. Their breathing slowed and returned to normal. Ed raised up on his elbows and looked up at Mika. Mike was still, her eyes closed and he saw the most beautiful of women. His heart had found its home.

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