tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAdventures of Missy Ch. 06

Adventures of Missy Ch. 06


Before leaving New York, Bill took her to a corset shop as promised. He had found a private business, very small and chic, run by a lady on the Upper East Side. Missy was so excited! It was late summer, hot, and she had put on a little yellow sun dress with spaghetti straps Bill had bought for her. No bra, of course, but a thong had been permitted, a tiny pale yellow triangle patch in front and strings that got up into her crotch and rubbed past her pussy lips and right into her clit! But she knew the dress would please Bill. A little matching yellow purse containing bright red lipstick and gloss completed the outfit.

They went down to the lobby and Bill hailed the doorman to get them a cab, then went into a corner to take a cell phone call.

Tony Rosa had been on the streets of New York his whole life, a wise guy wannabe at age 38, now stuck opening doors for the rich folks while half his pay went for cocaine. But Tony was okay with his life, the job was a breeze, he was friendly and the people were mostly friendly, and every once in a while he caught a glimpse of something special. That something special was little Missy, walking onto the sidewalk and towards the waiting cab.

"Here, allow me!" he said, rushing up to help her.

Missy glanced at him and didn't like what she saw. She felt uncomfortable about the way he was looking at her. Where was Bill? She looked around, but felt Tony's arm go around her waist, guiding her towards the cab.

"Here, let me help you honey," said Tony in his friendliest voice, and he held her waist a little tighter, continuing to hold on, even as she was sitting down into the seat. This made it difficult for Missy, who had on the short dress with high sandals, and for a brief moment she faltered and fell awkwardly into the seat, disengaging from Tony but also opening her legs rather wide for a few seconds until she could adjust herself. Tony was standing at the door looking down at her – what had he seen?? Missy was humiliated and blushed a deep crimson as she managed her legs nervously.

Tony looked back to see that Mr. Madison was still on the phone, and leaned into the cab again.

"Hi, I'm Tony. What's your name?"

Flustered, Missy answered "I'm Missy and I'm ... I'm with M – M - Mr. Madison."

"Yeah, like, I can see that. Well, you sure look nice today, Miss Missy, in that teeny little dress. Not too much on under there, is there?"

And he smiled at her again.

Missy was mortified and blushed an even deeper red, feeling it spreading to her upper chest. She looked down and didn't reply. Her knees were tight together but her dress had ridden up her smooth thighs. She felt Tony above her, staring at her body for what seemed like an eternity, though it was probably only a few seconds. Finally he turned and she heard Bill walking out to hand him a tip before getting in the other side.

The cab ride was so eye-opening for Missy that she soon forgot about Tony the doorman. Here was a great city of the world, and 7th Avenue was bustling with its daily swarm of activity. Unfortunately the ride was brief and they soon turned to a side street and came to the address. The building was an old brownstone on a quiet street, and they went up to the door and Bill knocked. The door was answered by an older lady who looked like something from the Victorian era. She was quite tall and stern looking. Her gown was in the style of the 1870's, a long full skirt covering high laced boots with heels, a high necked top and long sleeves, but the midriff!! Missy had never seen a waist so small!

Bill had agreed that after meeting Alexandra and taking care of the bill, he would go do some errands and pick Missy up in two hours. Saying goodbye to the corset expert at the door, Bill left and Missy found herself sitting on a small low footstool in the drawing room, knees tightly together, feeling very uncomfortable as Alexandra came back into the room. Missy had not been with anyone except Bill the whole time she had been in America, and she was now faced with a person that was far beyond her realm of experience. She didn't know what to do, but she knew she had to be measured and fitted for her corset, and they had two hours to do it.

Alexandra walked over to the foot stool and stood in front of little Missy, towering over her.

Sternly she said:

"So, little Missy, Mr. Madison tells me we want an underbust corset for tight lacing. Is that right?"

"Yes, I- I guess so ..."

And you want o pick the color and material, is that so?"

"Yes, if I could ... "

"I am the best custom corset maker in New York, and that is why Bill has brought you here. I will make you a very nice corset, a tight one, but you will need to follow my instructions during the fitting. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir. ... I mean ... " Missy was flustered at her mistake, but she was so conditioned to answering the question "Do you understand" with

"Yes, Sir" that she did it by habit.

"I mean, yes."

"You will follow my instructions."


"Because if you don't want to, say so now and I'll call Bill to come and get you. And if you cause me any problems during the fitting, I'll also call Bill to come and get you. Do you understand?"

Alexandra stood above the sitting Thai girl, looking down at her, eyes locking. Missy was growing more and more uncomfortable, but what could she do? She had to get the fitting done, she knew that much. Looking up shyly, she said:

"Yes, I will follow your instructions."

"Good girl. Now we are going to be looking at your waist and rib cage, and we can't very well do that with your dress on. Stand up now."

Missy stood to find herself very close to Alexandra, who had not backed up.

"All right child, now don't be shy. Pull your dress up over your head and hand it to me."

Missy knew this was necessary for them to get the proper fit, but right here? Right now? Alexandra was not moving, but looking down at her even more sternly.


Reluctantly Missy pulled her little yellow dress up over her head, disentangled her spaghetti straps from her hair, brushing against Alexandra's bust as she did so, and finally it came free. Sheepishly she handed it over to the tall, elegant lady, who turned and left the girl standing uncertainly in the middle of the room in her tiny pale yellow thong and high heeled sandals. Missy heard a drawer slam somewhere in another room and the strange lady returned.

"Well, we won't be needing that for a while."

And then Alexandra proceeded to professionally measure the naked Missy thoroughly, every kind of measurement possible. The process took about 30 minutes, and when they were done Alexandra brought out a book and showed Missy the choices of fabric, the different colors and patterns of each. Missy didn't need much time, though, because she had already decided on the color. Bill's favorite was purple, and at home he had shown her nice purple ones on the internet. She went right to that page and found a similar color, a deep rich purple with a light floral design in deep blues and greens.

"That one!" and it was decided. They were done.

Alexandra has been watching the lovely Missy carefully as she had measured her body, poking and prodding and adjusting the tape measure, putting Missy into various positions. At the beginning she had addressed Missy only with short questions requiring a yes answer. She noticed that Missy sometimes would go into another place, her eyes closed, and respond like an automaton to Alexandra's curt instructions with yes, yes, yes. The girl was remarkably obedient, never questioning any command. So different from her normal American clients, picky and bossy and a royal pain in the rear. This Thai girl was quiet and shy and well-mannered. Soon after beginning the session Alexandra decided to see what might happen. She continued with her instructions, then interjected:

"Turn this way now, child."


Then, "When you address me you will say 'yes ma'am.' Do you understand, child?"

"Yes sir ... I mean ... Yes Ma'am."

"Good girl." And from then on Missy addressed her formally. And Alexandra became very nice during the rest of the fitting, using her tired but tried-and-true jokes and each stage, getting Missy to giggle several times. And a naked, giggling Missy was a charming sight to behold! They bonded as a result, and Alexandra told her all about corsets as she worked. Missy got the idea that this would not be like the Victoria's Secret versions, but she stayed quiet and listened as the older woman lectured her.

And as she looked now at the girl sitting next to her on the deep red settee, Alexandra knew she wanted her. She would try, anyway. The little slut might need some discipline, she thought as a hard edge came into her mind. And she could tell from the brief time Bill was here that he controlled her and that Missy was most likely his personal fuck toy. Look at the age difference, and the way she dressed!

Alexandra stood up abruptly and looked down at the beautiful girl, who was still naked except for thong and heels.

"We have one more part of this session, Missy, and you must have your eyes closed."

Missy was surprised, but before she could respond Alexandra went on:

"Here, feel how soft this is, feel it ... " and Missy felt a piece of smooth silk on her face and neck, softly moving over it and caressing it.

Alexandra whispered "Close your eyes now, little girlie," and as she did Missy wasn't sure what was coming next. She had been lulled into a "Yes Ma'am" mode for over an hour. The corset expert had proved to be very professional so far, and very good at what she did. Missy had been comfortable with following her instructions, she had laughed and giggled and now felt comfortable with the other woman.

"Does that feel good, child?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Missy's eyes were closed sand she felt kind of sleepy. She began to drift.

"Here, let's put this over your eyes," and Alexandra tied on the blindfold. She smiled to herself – this was a real subbie, a man's submissive toy, and she had her in her control, naked and blindfolded. And she seemed to be completely innocent of what was going on! And she was right – Missy was unaware, drifting again ...

"Okay now, little one, I am going to show you my corset. Do you want to feel it?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

And with that Alexandra hitched up her huge skirt until it was all the way up to her waist, undid a few hidden fasteners and the skirt came completely off! Underneath she had a little petticoat and short high jacket. She took off the jacket, revealing her tight corset, and looked down at the girl sitting so primly on the settee, the hair, knees together, a soft silk blindfold over her eyes, the tiny thong, the high heels.

"Okay Missy, you can feel it now. It is important that you use your tactile sense to feel my corset, that's why we are doing it this way. Feel how tight it is, feel the materials and construction. Feel how it hugs my body. Here, let me help you ... " and she took Missy's hands and placed them on her tummy.

As Missy touched the older woman, reality suddenly came crashing back in. Startled and now wide awake, she thought with a sense of panic: What was she doing? How did she get here? All of a sudden little Missy realized the situation she was in. She was sitting naked on a couch in front of a tall, stern older lady, blindfolded, reaching up to touch her body!! Get out now! Stop! Leave!

Missy didn't know what was going to happen, having barely ever thought about lesbian sex, but she knew in that moment, this was some kind of sexual situation. And she was committed to Bill! So why wasn't she tearing off the blindfold and running out?

For one thing, she didn't have any clothes. Alexandra had put her yellow dress in a drawer in the other room and Missy didn't know where it was. For another, Alexandra was much bigger than she was – how far would she get? Besides, she reflected, she basically felt comfortable here. It was an adventure, going out in a strange country for the first time, and Alexandra was really the only person she had met. She seemed stern sometimes, but underneath Missy had a sense that she was just lonely. Living in the past, in a strange old-fashioned apartment, wearing strict old-fashioned clothes, so formal ... it was all new and interesting to her. Finally, Missy didn't want to disappoint Bill by making a scene and ruining it all. No, better to just go along and trust that things would work out. Slowly she began to move her hands.

Alexandra had been watching the girl carefully and noticed her long hesitation, and knew a battle was being fought in the girl's head. When Missy began to move her hands, Alexandra knew that an important line had been crossed. Now to keep her in that mood, to draw her in more fully!

"That's right child. Stroke the corset, feel it, squeeze it, caress it, honor it. Soon you will be wearing one, so you'd better get used to it. That's right, feel every inch, child."

The woman's voice was soft and soothing.

Missy was sitting on the low settee as the older woman stood above her. She really had to reach up to touch the top of the corset, stretching her naked body up and forward. What a sight!

"Now my hips, do you feel the lower part of the corset on my hips?" And Missy caressed the hips.

"Do you like my hips?"

"Yes Ma'am, they are nice and soft."

"You have done a good job of feeling, child. That is important. It is one of the things I will instruct you to do that feels good.

"Now then, you know that the job of the corset if to make the waist slim, thereby accentuating the hips and breasts. Do you want to see how that works?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said Missy uncertainly. She didn't know what that meant.

"Okay, child, I will show you. You will simply feel the areas above and below the corset, then you'll be able to understand the contrast. Start right where you are, feel my hips and feel lower."

Missy was getting the idea and knew what to do. She stoked and caressed the older woman's body, her waist, her hips and thighs, she even went to the rear and caressed the protruding ass. Missy became lost in the feeling of abandon, of softness and tenderness. Alexandra did not stop her, so her hands continued to roam freely. Missy had never felt another woman's body like this – so soft, so different from a man! It was a fascinating experience!

"Okay child, let's check the area above the corset, shall we? It is too high for you to reach, so let's get in a better position. You slip down to the floor and I'll sit where you are. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said Missy, slipping down to the floor on her knees as she had so many times before. But never with a woman! Why did she not feel more confused? For some reason Missy was not feeling much conflict here.

Alexandra took a long look at the kneeling girl in her thong and blindfold, with her long hair and high heels, before taking off her petticoat, revealing stockings and a garter belt (but no panties), mounted on a pair of long sleek legs encased in very high-heeled gray leather boots. Missy heard clothes rustling and simply waited patiently. She did not know that the lace top and demi-bra had also come off, and the older woman now sat above her topless.

"Okay child, now let's continue. I will bring your hands up to my breasts and you will feel them."

And with that Alexandra took Missy's hands and laid them on her bare breasts. Missy was surprised but automatically began stroking the soft flesh, caressing, stroking. She found the nipples and squeezed them lightly. This felt very sexy and very nice, so different from the insistent dominance and overbearing strength of the men she had known. And these breasts were large, much larger than hers. This was easier and almost nicer in a way ...

"Kiss them, child," said the older lady, stroking Missy's hair and guiding her head. Missy scooted forward on her knees until she was right up against the chair, squarely between Alexandra's wide open legs, and she moistened her mouth and leaned forward as Alexandra directed her to her breasts.


And Missy's mind flashed back to Bill at the front door of the apartment that first night. "You have already heard my first and most important command, 'Suck.' And you did very well with it."

Missy began to realize that at least when it came to sucking, women were not so much different from men in their desires. She opened her pretty mouth and sucked on Alexandra's nipple. After a while the dominant older woman gently moved Missy's head to the other nipple, and the young girl continued to suck.

"Child, there will be some rules around here. You already know the first rule, which is to follow my instructions. You have done very well so far. The second rule is "Don't Stop!" If you are doing something like you are now, sucking on my nipple, you are not allowed to stop until I say, or until I move you to a new position. Do you understand?"

Missy trusted that they were still on the topic of introductory corset training and were simply experimenting with what was above and below it. There was a sexual element that she didn't quite understand, but it felt good and there was no harm being done.

"Yes, Ma'am."

As Missy continued to suck, Alexandra looked down at her, caressing her head. This girl was a natural. She had felt the familiar hard urge to dominate her roughly a few minutes ago, but realized (as Bill had) that a soft treatment at the beginning might pay dividends later.

Alexandra knew about the psychology of subspace, though she had never had the chance to experiment with it. In a way it was like hypnosis, and this young girl was particularly susceptible to it. She would use that.

"Now feel my corset and waist again, child."

Missy did as she was told as the instructions kept coming.

"Come closer and hug me, dear." And Missy pressed herself against the older woman as she scooted forward. Her head was buried in Alexandra's bosom and her arms were holding her waist tight. This felt so good! Why did it feel so right somehow?

"Squeeze my ass!" "Feel my legs!" "Caress my thighs!"

Missy did as she was told, completely in a fog now.

"Feel my soft pussy!" "Stroke it!" "Put your finger inside!" "Drive it in and out!"

Missy barely noticed the line they had crossed. It all seemed to connect, whether it was the tall woman's ass or tits or pussy, or just her waist and skin. It was all part of the same fabric, and the sexy young girl stayed there on her knees for a long time, sucking on a nipple and fingering a cunt.

The time had almost arrived for Bill to return, but Alexandra wanted to do one last thing to cement the relationship.

"Do you feel comfortable with me, child?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Do you want to see me again?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I think you are a charming little girl, Missy. You have a talented mouth. Do you enjoy sucking like this?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Do you like kissing too?"

"Oh Yes, Ma'am!"

The older woman took the young girl by the chin, removed her mouth from the nipple and held it towards her face. Missy came up, neck stretching.

"Good girl, I like kissing too. Now before you go, put a hand back behind you. Leave the other one in my cunt. Drive it in there! "

As she did so, Missy was again struck by the fact that this strange woman was in some ways like Bill, ordering her around and telling her the same kinds of things Bill did. But she was softer and gentler. With her hand back, somehow it was no surprise to feel Alexandra's firm hand slide down to the front of the young girl's pretty neck, grasping it gently.

"Open your mouth now and moisten it." Missy did as she was told, stretching and thrusting her upper body, and suddenly there was a mouth on hers and a tongue driving insistently into her mouth!

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