tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 08

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 08

byA.W. Root©

Nick arrived at Julie's door on Friday morning and was about to knock when the door swung open. A smiling Julie greeted him warmly with a hug and a deep kiss. Her bag was over her shoulder and she was wearing her suit under a swim wrap.

"Good morning, bright eyes, did you sleep well?"

"Absolutely. I went to sleep right after you left last night and slept through until the alarm went off this morning. It was wonderful and so are you."

"Well, thank you for the compliment. As it happens, I think you're pretty wonderful yourself. Are you ready to go?"

"All set. I even have a new swimsuit for the occasion. Want to see?"

She opened her wrap revealing a red bikini consisting of two small patches of fabric barely covering her nipples and a thong bottom that provided slim protection to her clit, pussy, and asshole. He whistled in approval.

"Wow. You look fantastic. Can you really swim in that? I thought bikini's that small were only for show."

"I can sure try. I'm sure you won't mind if some of it falls off, now would you?"

"Nope, not at all. I don't mind sharing with my fellow man as long as he doesn't touch my woman."

"Exactly what I thought. Shall we get going?"

He escorted her to the car, opened the passenger door for her, then closed it again. Walking around to the driver's side, he was wearing a grin that couldn't be removed with dynamite. He drove very carefully to the pool realizing that he was greatly distracted by the sexy redhead seated next to him in almost nothing.

This time he purposely parked in the far corner of the lot and they walked hand in hand to the building. As usual, they shared a lane and completed their separate morning routines. He changed and waited for her, grinning like a schoolboy as he thought of what was about to happen. When she appeared he noticed she was again wearing the wrap. When she got close to him, she opened the wrap slightly to show him she wasn't wearing anything underneath. He licked his lips in anticipation.

Hand in hand, hip to hip they crossed the parking lot to the car. He unlocked the car and ushered her into the back seat. She moved to the far side as he got in and locked the door behind him. When he turned to face her, she sat naked with her legs spread in invitation, holding her arms out to him. He quickly undid his belt and zipper, letting his pants and underpants fall to his knees. He hard cock sprang free and pointed directly at her hot pussy.

He moved forward, leaning in to kiss her warmly, as his cock slid up her hot thigh. She wrapped her legs around him and begged him to fuck her immediately. He shoved his hips forward, jabbing his cock into the opening of her wet pussy. She uttered a gasp as his cockhead breached her opening, than sighed deeply as he penetrated her completely with one lunge.

"Oh Nick, yessssss, oh baby, fuck me fast, fuck me hard, fuck me now."

Wasting no time, he began plunging deeply into her steaming depths, withdrawing to the tip, then reentering as quickly as he could. He was so hot he knew he couldn't last long.

"Julie, I'm going to cum very quickly."

"Yes, darling, yes, yes, come now I'm ready for you, please now."

He plunged again and again into the hot depths of the wailing woman and in short order he was gushing his hot cum deep into her pussy. He plunged into her as hard as he could as his cock spurted its white-hot juices into her. At last, he held her tightly as the last drops of his cum spurted onto the back wall of her pussy. She tightened her grip on him as well as she held her breath, pushing herself over the edge of orgasm.

In a moment, her breath exploded, signaling her completion. Their breathing came in gasps as they tried to regain control, holding each other tightly, still locked together. A moment later, he kissed her gently and she changed her grip from a life or death grip to a warm embrace, rubbing his shoulders as her tongue twined around his.

"Someday, Nick Nelson, I'm just going to explode into nothingness. This just keeps getting better and better. You realise I'm never going to give you up. You're just too good."

"I'll just have to accept my fate as your lover in that case. Mind you, I have been having similar thoughts so you're not the only one who thinks our sex life continues to get better. But it's only been a week. We have a lifetime ahead of us to experiment, right?"

"Yes, oh yes, there are so many things we can try. Oh, Nick, I'm so glad you're open to new ideas. I've never had a lover who was so anxious to please as you are. Thank you, darling."

"My pleasing you is absolutely self serving, you realize. The happier you are the happier you make me so it's in my own best interest to try to please you."

"Oh, Nicky, you always say the sweetest things. But I feel you growing again. That means we better be on our way home or we'll be late for work. Oh, that means you have to get out. Damn, that's always the worst part. I wish there was a way to keep you inside of me always."

"That would be boring, love, you'd have nothing to look forward to and it wouldn't excite you as much as you think. I've thought about what it would be like to have breasts like yours but I think I'd spend all day playing with them instead of doing anything so it's much better for me that you have them and I can only play with them for short periods of time. Can I kiss them now?"

"Yes, of course, they're yours so you can do as you please. Oh, Nick, that's so nice. Unnggghhhh, you're making me come again. Oh darling, bite them, yes, eat them, oh, Nickiiiiiiiiii!"

He felt her hot juices on his cock and was satisfied that he made her come yet again. Now it was time to get out and drive them home. He let her stay in the back seat, wrapped on her suit coverup as he drove back to her place. When he opened the door to let her out, she left the wrap open so he could touch her as they kissed, then closed it to walk to her door and let herself in. She flashed him another look at her body as he got back into the car, then closed the door and leaned against it with her eyes closed. This morning was just perfect. Maybe the rest of the day would go as well, she mused.

When he returned to collect her for the walk to the bus he was in for another surprise. When she opened the door, she immediately grabbed him and kissed him deeply. As he ran his hands over her back and down to her buttocks, he was surprised to find she was wearing nothing other than her blouse. He quickly grasped her buttocks and pulled her tightly to him, a move she didn't resist in the least.

"Do we have time for a quickie? I'm ready if you are."

"You're always ready and you always get me ready. Where would you like to do it this time?" How about on the kitchen table? We haven't done anything in the kitchen yet."

"Yes, on the table. Oh, please, Nick, let's hurry."

She grabbed his hand and spun around, pulling him after her towards the kitchen. The table was solid wood with four legs for support and rested at just about the height of his cock. He picked her up by the waist and sat her on the table with her legs dangling over the edge. He very carefully laid her down and she reached out to grasp the edge of the table with her hands.

He quickly unbuckled his belt and freed his hard cock. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and pushed her blouse up so he could touch her breasts, standing so that the head of his cock brushed the insides of her thighs. In his hurry, he immediately pushed forward, entering her wet, waiting pussy with the head of his cock.

"Oh, yes, Nick, fuck me. Push that thing all the way up my throat. Oh Nick I'm so hot, fuck me now."

He backed out and raised his cock just slightly so that when he pushed forward it sliced through her protective clit lips and rubbed the tip of her sensitive clit rather than entering her.

"MY GOD YOU BASTARD! I said fuck me, not tease me. Fuck me now!"

He repeated the sliding motion along her clit twice more accompanied by loud wails from the prone woman. Finally, he entered her completely in one lunge.

"Oh God, Yes, that's it, you teasing bastard, yes, yes, yes."

She was so hot that once he entered her he couldn't stop his fucking action and began to seriously fuck the moaning woman. In and out, faster, harder, he held her by the waist with her legs over his shoulders as he plunged desperately into her pulsating pussy. In less than twenty strokes, he began to shoot his hot juices into her depth.

"Yes, Nicky, cum in me, that's it, I can feel your cum, Ahhhhhh."

She held her breath. In a second he felt her hot juices bathing his already boiling cock and pressed into her as hard as he could. A few moments later, they were again breathing almost normally and he leaned over to kiss her belly and her breasts.

"Um, you are fantastic, lover, and you taste really delicious."

"Oh Nick, you're terrific. I love you. Oh God, I can't move."

"Sorry, love, you will have to move in about two minutes if we're to make the bus this morning. You can wait five minutes if you want me to call a cab."

"Oh, five minutes please. And you stay put inside me. I think I can handle that, please, lover, stay inside me."

"My pleasure, princess, but just for five minutes more."

It was less than five minutes later that his cock slipped out of her wet pussy and he backed up to clean himself. She waited for the hot cloth and moaned when he pressed it to her overheated genitals. With his help, she finally sat up and wobbled to the bedroom to finish her dressing while he called a cab.

They barely spoke on the ride to the city. She rested her head on his shoulder with her eyes closed as the cab made it's way over the bridge and pulled up in front of their morning coffee stop. He paid the cab driver and helped her exit the vehicle. They ordered their coffee and doughnut to go since they were running late and walked the short block to the office hand in hand. At the door, she turned to kiss him warmly.

"Good bye, darling, I won't see you until Monday so have a nice weekend and remember to pick me up for our morning swim."

"Good by, princess, have a nice weekend yourself and I'll see you on Monday morning. Maybe even on a motorcycle."

"Really? Can you get a motorcycle that fast?"

"I have arranged to buy the bike I've been using for my lessons when I pass the exam. It all depends on the outcome of the test. Will you ride with me if I pass or should I bring the car?"

"I'll go on the bike but you'll have to provide a helmet. There are laws about that sort of thing. Then we'll have to figure out a new way to end our morning swims. I don't think the bike will have a back seat as comfortable as the car."

"You're right about that but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I have confidence in your ability to solve that kind of problem. You have displayed a rare talent in that department already. Bye."

He kissed her lightly once more, then backed away and entered the revolving door to the building. She followed and was met inside the door by several of her co-workers who immediately began to question her about her relationship with Nick as they had observed their parting kisses.

Nick's weekend went about as expected. He passed his motorcycle test on Saturday morning and bought the Yamaha he learned to ride on after the test results were known. He proudly rode the bike to the golf course and parked near the first tee so he playing companions could see. He had already placed his clubs in storage in the pro shop so riding to and from the course was no problem. After his bike was duly acknowledged, he retrieved his clubs and they proceeded to play their usual round. Along the way, he mentioned his newest friend, Julie, and suggested that they were really hitting it off.

His playing companions, who were also friends, warned him to be careful as they suspected his wife had a vicious streak that could cause him problems. He agreed and also reminded them that his marriage was in name only so the anger at a final breakup should be kept to a minimum.

He hadn't had sex with his wife in more than two years so it wasn't his companionship that she valued but merely the ability to call herself a married woman.

As for Julie, the weekend started when the met Sarah on Friday evening in the city. They had dinner and shopped, listened to some jazz, then finally returned to Julie's apartment. Sarah made coffee while Julie changed and they began to talk quietly.

"So who is he, Mother, this man that's got you so hot?"

"I didn't think it showed that much, does it?"

"You forget that I know you better than anyone. Let's see. Last Tuesday you hinted that if you found someone you were sexually interested in you wouldn't leave me out in the cold. Then you promised to tell me as soon as you found someone who would fit the bill but you lied, didn't you. You already had someone picked out by then, right?"

"To top it off, you didn't act horrified even once when we looked at those dresses. That means you're concentrating on something or someone else. So come on, give, what's he like. I want explicit details and I want them now."

"Sarah, you surprise me. I thought you knew before you left here last week. You even agreed to meet him with or without actual sex as I recall. How can you say that I lied? I just wasn't sure yet, last week."

"OK, so you didn't exactly lie but you held something back. Now sit down here and tell me all about him."

"OK. His name is Nick and his is currently married but not happily."

"OMIGOD! A married man? Mother, have you lost your mind?"

"Sarah, please do me the honor of listening to the whole story before you pass judgement. If you're going to interrupt every sentence I just won't say any more."

"OK. I'll just listen. I'm sorry. Go ahead."

Anyway, I met him Monday morning on the way to the bus. It was actually quite romantic even tho it was broad daylight. By the time we got home, I was so horny I invited him in and my reserve went downhill from there."

"Are you telling me that you had sex with him the first day?"

"Yes, Sarah, the very first day and every day since including this morning, the fifth day. And do you know what? Every time it was better than the time before. It's incredible. He makes me feel things I thought I could only feel with you. Please don't be angry, Sarah, I just couldn't help myself."

"I see. I suspected something like this would happen someday but I wasn't quite prepared for it to happen so soon. What have you told him about me? Or have you?"

"I've only told him that you are here and work in Toowoomba. I haven't mentioned the level of our relationship yet. I don't think it would be a problem but I'm not sure. Nick has other friends who are switch-hitters."

"When did you plan to tell him?"

"I was hoping for your support so I would have the confidence that I wouldn't lose you regardless of what his reaction was. I couldn't bear to lose you, Sarah, and unfortunately I feel the same way about Nick. Oh, I don't know what to do now."

Sarah moved closer to her mother on the couch and reached out to wrap her arms around her. She kissed Julie warmly on the mouth, then drew her into her embrace, kissing her cheek and her ear as they came together.

"You won't lose me, Mom. Never, ever. And if he's the kind of man that is really attracted to you, you won't lose him either. All we have to do is find a way to tell him so that it's not a total shock out of the blue. Let's just sleep on it and maybe we'll have an answer tomorrow, OK?"

"Thank you, Sarah. Thank you so very much for being so understanding. Yes, I think we should sleep on it. Let's go to bed and things will look better in the morning."

Sarah and Julie shut down the apartment, undressed, and climbed into bed with each other. Sarah reached over to kiss Julie but Julie brought Sarah into a warm embrace. They kissed gently, mouths slightly open, tongues barely touching.

"Good night, Mother, I'll see you in the morning. Sleep well."

"Good night, Sarah, and thank you."

At 5:15 am, Sarah felt something warm and wet between her legs. She moaned as the familiar feeling of Julie's tongue licking her clit washed over her. She adjusted her position and spread her legs even wider allowing Julie complete access to her. Julie's hands caressed Sarah's thighs and belly as her tongue kept up a constant licking of her cunt lips and clit lips. Sarah began to moan loudly and toss her hips in reaction to Julie's tongue lashing.

"Oh, God, Oh Julie, yes, yes, yes, I'm coming, Oh my God."

Sarah soaked Julie's mouth with her juices as she squeezed her head between her thighs. In the next moment, she released Julie's head and began urging her to raise up so Sarah could move to return the favor. Julie kissed Sarah's belly, then her breasts, then her throat, and finally her wet, waiting mouth. Sarah wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and pressed her to her chest, worming her tongue deeply inside Julie's mouth.

Sarah rolled them over and took Julie place between her legs. She started with her throat and worked her way down Julie's body with warm, wet kisses and licks. Julie began to moan and buck under Sarah's tongue, squirming faster as she neared the small patch of hair below her belly button. Sarah stuck her tongue on Julie's clit and held it there. Julie exploded with a loud moan, forcing her hips up off the bed, offering herself completely to Sarah's ministrations. Sarah began to lick Julie the way she had just recently been licked and adored the rapid response she received.

Julie spread her legs and enclosed Sarah's head between her thighs. After one lick of her clit, Julie began to buck her hips off the bed. Again and again Sarah licked Julie, causing her to increase the pressure of her thighs and the reaction of her hips. Finally, Julie screamed loudly and poured her juices into Sarah's waiting mouth, bathing her face with the volume of fluid. Sarah glowed as she licked up the precious fluid with great delight.

For a few moments, they rested, Sarah's head on Julie's thigh, Julie's hand on Sarah's head. They dozed for a few moments in the afterglow of their exertions before Sarah spoke.

"How are you doing, Julie? Are you OK?"

"I'm absolutely fabulous, Sarah, and how are you?"

"I'm absolutely fabulous as well. I guess your Nick didn't come between us, did he?"

"No, darling, I guess he didn't. I'm so happy you feel that way. Do you think you would like to meet him?"

"Someday, I suppose. Right now I'd like some breakfast."

Sarah and Julie spent the rest of Saturday strolling around the city window shopping, listening to street musicians, and generally enjoying each others company. After a long day, they returned to Julie's apartment and once again made love to each other as they had earlier that day.

Sarah seems to have accepted the idea of Nick being a part of my life, Julie mused, I wonder what he will think when I try to explain our relationship. He understands switch hitters or so he says but it sure will be interesting when I introduce them to each other. Oh God, I hope he's ready for a mother-daughter switch hitter. I really don't want to have to choose between them.

End Of Chapter Eight

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