tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 09

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 09

byA.W. Root©

On Sunday, Nick and his wife took their usual trip up to the mountains. They strolled around the small town of Maleny looking at the newest offerings of the artists and generally gabbing with the residents they knew well. His wife ooohhed and aaaahed at a number of the paintings and when she wanted to buy one that he thought was particularly ugly, the pent up hostility came to a head. They ended up in a screaming match on Main Street followed by the coldest, longest ride down the mountain that he could remember.

That night, he made several phone calls and slept alone in the spare room. She had a business trip scheduled for the morning and would be gone all week, giving him the perfect opportunity to find another place to live and move out, after consulting with his attorney.

Sunday for Julie and Sarah was almost the exact opposite of Nick's in terms of passion and friendship. Sunday morning was spent lazing around the apartment in various stages of undress.

The conversation was not very interesting since they had talked themselves out the day before but they frequently touched each other in a loving way. At about two o'clock, the smoldering fire began to burst into flame when Sarah mentioned she had to pack to return home on the evening train.

"How about one more ride? This time we'll use the double dildo, OK? You seemed to like it last time."

"Mmmm. Sounds delicious. Come here and let me taste you first."

Julie moved to the couch where Sarah was sitting and sat in her lap, facing her. They kissed tenderly and touched each other lightly. Sarah lifted her mother's teddy over her head with willing assistance from Julie, then settled in to kiss and tongue wash her breasts. Julie clasped her hands behind Sarah's neck and leaned back, giving her daughter room to maneuver her head as she felt the heat of the tongue and breath.

Finally, Julie stood up and just looked at Sarah.

"I'm ready, darling, follow me into the bedroom."

Julie strode towards the bedroom without looking back. She went to the bedside table and withdrew her strap-on double dildo. Just as Sarah entered the room, Julie spread her legs with one foot on the bed and began to insert the small side of the dildo into herself.

"Wait, let me do that please."

Sarah quickly approached Julie and grasped the dildo in her left hand. With her right hand on Julie's ass, she began to insert the rubber cock into her mother's pussy. Julie placed her hand on Sarah's shoulder for balance and closed her eyes as the intruder entered her.

"Ohhhh, yes, Sarah, that feels so good. It's filling me up. That's good. I'll do the strap myself so it's comfortable."

Julie adjusted the strap and buckled it in place as Sarah finished removing her clothes. Sarah lay on the bed, eyes wide as Julie approached her with the dildo sticking straight out in front of her. Julie moved between Sarah's legs and dipped her head down to lightly lick her cunt lips and her clit.

Sarah sighed at the contact and visibly relaxed as Julie's body began to make fuller contact with hers. Julie kissed her way up Sarah's body, belly, breasts, nipples, neck, chin, and finally her mouth. When Julie's tongue invaded Sarah's mouth there was no holding back. Sarah wrapped her arms around Julie and hugged her tight returning the kiss with abandon.

The head of the dildo was touching Sarah's pussy lips and making her want it. Julie began to press forward inserting just the head into Sarah's waiting cavity.

"Ohhhm yes, I like it. More, please, fill me up too. I want you inside me."

Julie continued pressing her hips forward until the larger dildo was entirely inside Sarah's dripping pussy. Sarah's legs were wrapped around Julie's waist with her ankles locked behind her. Sarah's hands were caressing Julie's back occasionally raking her nails lightly across her back and sides. Julie shivered as Sarah caressed her while feeling the small dildo move inside her as she moved. After a short interlude of minimum movement, Julie changed the tempo.

She pulled her hips back far enough to almost take the dildo out of Sarah's pussy.

"No, no, don't take it out. I want that full feeling. Please, fuck me with that thing. Please, please, please."

Julie pressed forward, ramming the dildo deep inside the pleading woman. She felt her clit rub against Sarah's clit and the shudder that coursed through her body was heavenly.

"Yes, yes, like that. Fuck me like that, Oh mother, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Julie happily obliged, moving her hips forward and back in a slow rhythm, causing the dildo to push into the squirming girl and pull back out, pulling her pussy lips out in the process. With each thrust, Julie felt the pressure of her own dildo and her passion mounted. Her breasts rubbed against Sarah's, causing new sensations to course through her nipples.

Her clit rubbed against Sarah's clit giving each of them a push towards their ultimate goal. Faster and faster Julie's hips flew. Sarah pushed herself forward to meet her mother's every thrust. The rubbing against her breasts and her clit were exciting her beyond belief. She began to gulp for air as she concentrated on achieving the elusive orgasm that seemed to be just out of her reach. Julie was gasping as well as she also reached for her climax.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhh." They gasped as they came together with Sarah's nails biting deep into Julie's back. Julie's nails were marking Sarah's shoulders at the same time. With great gulps of air, they both began the long slide back to reality, hugging and kissing each other feverishly along the way.

They rested then but only for a short while. Sarah began to mover her hips and groan as she felt the dildo move inside her. She looked at Julie with pleading eyes and the buildup to orgasm started again. For more than an hour, the two women raced to completion only to drop down to reality in between. Finally, exhausted, they slept.

At six in the evening, Sarah awoke with a start. She looked at the clock, then shook her mother awake.

"I have to go, Mother, the last train leaves at nine tonight. Will you go with me to the station?"

"Of course, Sarah. Let's get cleaned up and we can have dinner in the city."

The two women showered together, playfully poking and kissing each other but careful not to start another round of love making. They walked hand in hand up the hill to the train station. On the way, Julie pointed out Nick's house and wondered aloud what he might be doing. Sarah just grinned and squeezed her mother's hand a little tighter.

After dinner, Sarah boarded the train for the 1 hour ride home and Julie walked alone back to the bus station. She was completely calm and as happy as she could be. She was sure that Sarah loved her and would accept Nick into their world and she was equally confident that Nick would accept Sarah. The only remaining problem was how to broach the subject.

Julie decided to let the subject handle itself and with that settled in to enjoy the bus ride home.

On Monday morning, Nick rode his motorcycle to Julie's and knocked on the front door. In an instant, she opened the door and flew into his arms. Her mouth covered his and her tongue invaded his mouth. She sighed and wiggled against him. He was immediately caught up in her anxiousness and returned her kiss and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"Good morning, miss bundle of energy, and how are you this fine day?"

"Oh, Nick, I'm so happy to see you. I'm just fine, thank you, and it looks like you got your license, right?"

"Sure did. Are you ready for a motorcycle ride?"

"My first ever motorcycle ride, you mean, and yes I am ready but you'll have to tell me what to do. I've always dreamed about riding on one of those but never had the opportunity. Is it difficult?"

"Absolutely not. You just sit behind me and hang on and the bike and I do all the rest. Are you ready to go?"

"I'll get my bag and be ready in a jiffy."

He stepped inside and closed the door while he waited the few minutes for her. When she returned with her change bag over her shoulder, she was grinning from ear to ear.

"What's the big secret? You look like the proverbial cat that ate the canary?"

"No secret. I'm just so happy to see you, that's all. Besides, I'm going on a motorcycle for the first time. Imagine that."

They kissed quickly and walked out the door. At the side of the bike, he reached into the saddlebag and produced a helmet for her to wear. He put it on and adjusted the strap, then lectured her about the proper things for a rider in relation to the driver. When she indicated that she understood all of his instructions, he apologized for not having a back seat large enough for a sex romp and they both laughed.

They mounted the bike and when she was settled, he started the engine. She quickly wrapped her arms around him tightly as she felt the throb of the engine between her legs. As they rode, she became more comfortable and loosened her grip on his waist. She began to look around and enjoy the ride from this very different perspective. When they made it to the pool, he parked right in front of the door and she dismounted as she was instructed. He put their helmets in his saddlebags and the entered the pool building. The attendant noticed the bike and promised to keep an eye on it while they swam.

They swam leisurely this morning, almost side be side. After a few laps, he stopped and lounged at the end of the lap while she completed another lap. When she returned to the spot where he was standing, she too stopped and looked at him.

"Nick, what's the matter? You don't seem to be focused today."

"No, I guess not. Julie, this weekend ended badly and my marriage is finally over. We had a huge fight on Sunday afternoon and I have decided to move out. I'll be talking to my attorney later today and looking for a place to live. She has gone out of town for the week so I will have the opportunity to move out without much hassle."

"Oh, Nick, I'm so sorry. It must be difficult."

"In a sense it is because something is ending but in another way, I'm glad it's finally over. It was becoming such a hassle just to live in the same house with that woman. Anyway, I'm not going to work today to take care of these things but I can give you a ride and maybe pick you up, if that's OK."

"Of course it's OK. Don't worry, Nick, it will all work out for the best. You can move in with me, if you'd like. You know we get along pretty well."

"Thanks for the offer but I think for now it's better that I get a place of my own, at least temporarily. It shouldn't be hard to find a nice apartment and rent some furniture. I'm sure something will turn up pretty quickly. Well, princess, perhaps we should get back to our laps or would you rather just shorten the session and leave now?"

"I think we should leave now. After all, we have to wait until we get back to my place before we can do anything else."

"Right. Let's get changed and I'll take us to the bedroom."

"Oh, yes, my favorite place as long as you're there."

In short order they changed and left the pool building, climbing onto the motorcycle for the trip home. It seemed to Julie that this ride was somehow more exotic than the ride to the pool. She could feel the throb of the engine between her thighs and imagined it was his cock pumping in and out of her. The picture in her mind was so vivid that she almost had an orgasm before they got home.

They quickly dismounted the bike and almost ran to the door of her apartment. Once inside, they embraced and kissed each other passionately. His hands were virtually all over her body and hers were all over his body. Their clothes came off easily and quickly as they walked to the bedroom, attached at the mouth. Inside the bedroom, she easily slid onto the bed without losing contact with his mouth, and pulled him down onto her. Her legs were spread and he was lying on her pussy with his hot cock rubbing her pussy lips. She relished his weight on her thighs and wanted nothing more than to have him inside her instantly.

He raised his hips and poised his cock at the entrance to her already dripping pussy. He edged closer, touching her distended pussy lips with the head of his cock.

"Yes, darling, fuck me now. Oh, please fuck me."

He waited for her to plead for his cock before he finished his forward movement and plunged into her depths.

"OH, yes, yes, yes. That's it, like that. Oh, Nick, that's marvelous, I love it, I love you, Oh yes, yes, fuck me."

As she began her chanting, he began moving his hips forward and back, pushing into her and pulling back out in a steady rhythm. In and out, in and our, he kept fucking her for a long time. She forced her hips upwards to meet his every thrust and held him tightly to her chest to feel his chest against her hardened nipples.

Suddenly she came, bathing his hot cock with her hot juices. She froze for a moment, then continued pumping her pussy onto his cock as she began priming for another massive orgasm. Time and again, she came. Finally he succommed to her heat and his juices bathed the insides of her overheated pussy. She dug her nails into his back and moaned from the depths of her soul as she came for the final time that morning.

"Omigod, Nick, omigod. That was fantastic. Oh, you wonderful mother fucker you, that was incredible."

"I'm so glad you liked it. Do you really think I'm a mother fucker? That's not exactly an elegant title, you know."

"I mean it in the nicest possible way, darling. After all, I am a mother and you most certainly have fucked me. And I'm sure I want you to keep on fucking me for as long as we can manage it."

"In that case, I'll accept that as a compliment from a happy fuckee."

"Yes, indeed. Will you take me to work on your lovely motorcycle, kind sir? I don't think I can make the bus today."

"My pleasure, madam, but I think you need a shower and some clothes. Even in this town, a gorgeous nude woman on a motorcycle would cause a number of traffic accidents."

Twenty minutes later they were both dressed and on their way out the door. They mounted the motorcycle and Pete headed for the highway that would take them over the river and into the city where they both worked. Just before they crossed the bridge on the three lane highway, traffic stopped. It was over a mile to the bridge but nothing was moving.

"OH, dear, We'll be late, Nick. What's holding things up?"

"I can't see anything from here. It must be on the other side of the bridge."

Just then Nick looked in his rearview mirror and noticed a Harley rider coming up between the lanes of traffic. He watched for a few seconds, then shifted into first gear.

"Hang on, Julie, the calvary is coming. If this guy on the Harley has room, so do we."

The Harley rider passed and Nick pulled into the space between the lanes, following the lead of the Harley. They rode straight up the opening between the lanes of cars to the bridge, over the crest, then they saw the accident.

A three or four car tangle with one car on its roof. The Harley veered to the right to access the only open lane and Nick followed. Once past the accident, there was literally no traffic. Nick caught up to the Harley rider and signaled "Thanks", then turned down the road in the direction of the office. At the curb in front of the building, Julie got off and blew out a huge breath.

"I held my breath all the way over the bridge. I've never done anything like that in my life. That was amazing."

"Nothing to it. The Harley's handle bars are wider than my Yamaha so if he could make it, so could we. Piece of cake. I'll be right here to pick up at 5pm, OK?"

"Absolutely, darling, have a good day and try not to worry. I'm sure everything will be fine."

She kissed him warmly, then turned and walked into the building with the helmet in her hand and a grin on her face that could never be erased.

End Of Chapter 9

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