tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 10

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 10

byA.W. Root©

Nick consulted his lawyer that morning and they agreed on the terms he would request in the divorce action. The lawyer drafted a letter that Nick could leave for her when he moved out that didn't violate any of the court's rules. The next step would then be up to her and her attorney. Nick's attorney did advise him to leave quickly while he had the opportunity to avoid a direct confrontation. He wholeheartedly agreed. The next step was to find an apartment and some furniture.

He looked at three apartments that were advertised in the paper and settled on one overlooking the beach at the mouth of the Brisbane River. The name of the town was Manly and it was in a direct line to the pool where he and Julie swam in the mornings. He visited a furniture rental store and arranged for a king- sized bed, a television, and a computer to be delivered the next day. He arranged for telephone and electric service and picked up change of address notices for a new post office box and was finished by 4 pm. At five, he was parked at the curb waiting for Julie to walk out of the office building.

She exited the building searching for him and broke out into a grin when she saw him. She quickened her pace and rushed into his arms as he stood next to the bike, hugging him tightly.

"Hi, darling, how did it go? I've been so worried."

"Hi yourself. Everything is just fine. No need to worry. The lawyer set everything up so that all I have to do is move out before she gets back on Friday. Actually, I plan to move tomorrow just to be sure although I'll have to feed her cats until she gets back. I found an apartment in Manly and the furniture will be delivered tomorrow. Would you like to see it or do you want to go home first?"

"Oh, can I see it please? That would be grand."

"Right. Put your helmet on and climb aboard and we'll be off. Manly is just up the river so it won't be long. I think you'll like it. Ready? OK, here we go."

He started the bike and drove off with her holding him tightly as they crossed the bridge and headed down the road. Fifteen minutes later he pulled up in front of a white, two-story building with a small front yard and the driveway on the side. He drove up the driveway and parked the bike next to the front door. Julie turned to look at the view and sighed loudly.

"OH, Nick, what a view. Can you see this from your apartment?"

"Sure. I'm in Number 2, right behind you. Come on, I'll give you the grand tour. There's no furniture yet, except the kitchen table, but the rest will be here tomorrow."

He unlocked the door and stepped back, allowing her to enter first.

She stopped just inside the door to look around. The room was bright, both with white paint and the evening sun coming in the front window. The living room was almost square with the kitchen to the right and a doorway on the back wall leading to another room. As she walked around, she discovered the apartment had two bedrooms, a bath, plenty of closet space, a clothes washer but no dryer, and a fully functional kitchen. It was clean and brightly painted and she liked it immediately.

"Nick, it's terrific. It's clean and bright and has a great view. I saw the clothes washer but there's no dryer."

"Come with me and I'll show you the dryer."

He took her hand and led her out the side door next to the kitchen and they stepped into the driveway. He walked her to the back of the house where there was a dryer wheel set up with a small back yard and garage space for the bike.

"Fresh air drying power, m'lady, provided by Mother Nature. I do have to share with the other tenants but I'm sure we can accommodate each other. My next door neighbors are Diane and John. Upstairs is a three-some, two girls and a guy, sharing the larger space to save on expenses."

"Diane and John have two kids, little boys that yell a lot and the folks upstairs pretty well keep to themselves, I'm told, because they work nights. So what do you think?"

"I think it will be just fine. You said you have furniture coming so it looks like you'll be set up pretty well. Did you get any furniture for the second bedroom?"

"No, I didn't. But I have a sleeping bag if I have overnight guests who don't want to share the bed with me. I don't think I'll need it but it's there. I ordered a king-sized bed with complete linen. Would you be the first guest in my new bed?"

"Absolutely. You couldn't keep me away. You know, there is carpet on the floor if you wanted to initiate the place now. I think I know someone who would be willing to assist you."

"You realize you're risking carpet burns on various parts of your anatomy. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes. I think it's the right thing to do. Come on, I'm getting hotter by the minute."

They walked quickly, hand in hand, back to the apartment and he locked the doors. They went into the bedroom and she dropped to her hands and knees, then rolled over onto her back. She pushed her skirt and panties down and spread her legs, holding her arms out to him.

He dropped his pants and underpants at the same time, then knelt between her legs with his pants protecting his knees. He leaned forward to kiss her and to push his already hard cock into her dripping pussy.

"Oh yes, Nick, shove it all in. Hurry, I want you now."

He pushed his hips forward and entered her in one lunge.

He began quickly fucking Julie as she wailed and wrapped her legs around his waist. She thrust her hips forward to meet his every thrust, driving him deeply into her.

"Yes, yes, yes, like that, oh, yes, Nick, fuck me, fuck me, hurry, I'm gonna cum, Oh, Nick, I'm cumming, I'm cumminnnnnggggg, ohhhhhhh."

Nick gushed his hot cum into her clutching pussy just as she spewed her hot juices over his thrusting rod. They lay there panting on the floor. She was grinning impishly and he managed a grin as he looked at her.

"See? I told you we needed this. Great, wasn't it?"

"Yes, Ma'am, it sure was. Are you OK?"

"I'm fine. Nick, I'm hungry. Is there someplace near here where we can eat? I'm suddenly starving."

"No problem, princess. I'll get some paper from the bathroom to help you clean up and then we can go to the RSL Club, OK?"

"Yes, the RSL Club will be great. Is it very far?"

"No, just down the road about 5 minutes on the bike...20 minutes if we walk. The food's pretty good and we can gamble for awhile after dinner if you like."

They cleaned up and locked the apartment. On the front step, they stopped to admire the view and Julie was virtually glowing. He kissed her lightly and squeezed her in his arms as they watched a cruise ship enter the channel heading for the city.

They rode the bike to the RSL Club and had dinner followed by a little gambling on the machines in the club. At 8 o'clock, they left and he drove her home to her own apartment. When they reached the front door, she invited him in and locked the door behind him.

"Since you're alone this week, do you really have to go home?"

"Just to feed the cats. In fact, I should do that now but I can come back afterwards, if you'd like."

She slipped into his arms and kissed him warmly.

"I'd like you to spend the night, Nicky. Can you do that?"

"Sure. That would be terrific. I just have to stop home for a few minutes. Don't go anywhere, I'll be back as soon as I can."

He kissed her warmly then quickly slipped out the door. He rode the bike back to his place, fed the cats, collected his overnight bag and a change of clothes, then rode back. When he knocked at the door, she opened it quickly and kissed him.

"Can I help you with anything?"

"I've got it. Thanks. Where can I put this stuff. It's just my razor and shaving cream with a change of clothes for tomorrow. I have to go into work in the morning then I'll take the afternoon off to accept delivery of the furniture at the apartment."

"You can put the shaving gear in the bathroom and the clothes we can hang up in the closet. Here, let me help you."

In short order, he was settled into her apartment, at least for the night. Now they had to figure out how to behave in this new setup. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing the side of her neck. She leaned her head to one side, giving him complete access to her neck and sighed deeply as he kissed her repeatedly.

"Nick, let's sit on the couch. I think we should take this time to talk a bit."

"After all, we've only known each other for a week and I think we need to know each other better before we continue very much farther down this road."

They moved to the couch and he sat in the corner pulling her down to sit almost on top of him. She was nestled in his arms facing away from him but comfortably close in his embrace. They began talking easily about all manner of things: religion, the future, their dreams, their ideas of fun things to do in fact, everything except Sarah.

He discovered that she liked to play golf although she wasn't very good at it. She also liked to play tennis a sport she excelled at and had the trophies to prove it. They both liked eating outdoors and near the water whenever possible. They discovered they had many things in common and in some things they were complete opposites. They talked until long after midnight, then quietly drifted into the bed to cuddle and sleep until the alarm rang in the morning.

Tuesday morning the alarm sounded at 6 am. Julie reached to turn the alarm off then rolled towards Nick to kiss him awake. He responded to her kiss and caressed her body lightly.

"Good morning, princess, how are you this fine morning?"

"Just grand, my prince, and yourself?"

"Better than I have been in a very long time. Would you like to shower first or shall I? I suspect if we shower together we will defeat the purpose of the shower and probably be late for work in the process."

"You really expect me to believe that excuse? I'll bet you just don't want to shower with me because I use that wonderful perfumed soap and you're afraid you'll smell like me."

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his hard cock. She instantly gripped the steely shaft in her small hand and moaned aloud. She kissed him deeply as she began to massage his cock.

"Oh, you bastard, do you really expect me to let a hard-on like that go to waste? Get over here and fuck me right now."

She threw back the covers and spread her legs, never letting go of his cock.

He raised himself so he could slide between her legs without crushing her and presented his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

"That's a good boy. Now push it in and make me happy."

He lunged forward and shoved his cock completely into her wet and waiting pussy in one thrust.

"Like that?"

"Oh, yes, lover, like that again and again."

He began thrusting hard into her dripping cunt. She raised her hips to meet his every thrust with her hands locked behind his head. She tightened her muscles to push herself quickly to orgasm and came in no time at all.

"Oh, yes, Nick, like that, I'm cumming, oh, my, yes, yes, yes."

Her hot juices flooded her cunt and caused him to react instantly. His own juices poured forth and bathed the inside of her pussy like a fire hose, adding to the strength of her own orgasm. In moments, they rested and kissed each other tenderly.

"Now we can shower if you like. Since it's my house and you are the guest, I'll let you go first while I start the coffee, OK?"

"That's fine with me. I'll shave and shower and be done in twenty minutes."

He leaned forward and kissed her lightly, running his tongue over her lips, causing her to sigh deeply at this most intimate contact. Then he backed up and let his limp cock slip from her pussy and rose from the bed.

While he was in the shower, she came into the bathroom and teasingly pulled the shower curtain to one side and solemnly announced: "Naked man alert, naked man alert, oh yummy, a naked man alert."

Leaning into the shower, careful not to get wet, she kissed him then left as quickly as she had come. He couldn't stop smiling at her antics while he completed his shower. She slipped into the shower when he was done, locking the bathroom door behind her as a precaution, and quickly completed her morning ritual.

In the kitchen, he found the coffee ready and bowls set out for cereal. A variety of cereals were waiting on the table for him to choose from, so he poured his favorite and sat down. A few minutes later, she entered the kitchen and kissed him lightly.

"Why aren't you eating? We're running out of time, you know."

"I was being a good guest and waiting for my hostess. Sit down and we can eat together, then we'll get to work on time, I promise. By the way, why did you lock the bathroom door this morning?"

"Protection, my dear. I know what I would have done under the circumstances and I still need to keep this job so I thought the safest course of action was to bolt the door. Is that OK?"

"I'll forgive you this time but in future, no more locks between us, OK? I don't like the idea of secrets and locked doors unless we're both on the same side of the lock."

"OK, I promise, no more locks and no secrets."

She leaned over to kiss him and he warmed quickly to her kiss. A few moments later, they were mounting the bike for the ride to work. The morning flew past and he was suddenly out the door to meet the furniture truck at his new apartment. He stopped on the way to feed the cats and retrieve the mail. He was just pulling up at the apartment when the delivery truck arrived. An hour later, the furniture was in place. He sat on his new bed and thought about his life with Julie. Somehow he knew there were more surprises in store but he had no idea what they might be.

He returned to the office later that afternoon only to be told by his boss that he had to go out of town for the rest of the week starting tomorrow morning. It was a necessary project and Nick had no choice.

He called his next door neighbor to arrange for her to feed the cats while he was gone but didn't mention that he was moving out. He called Julie and told her the bad news, reminding her that he needed to finish moving his things tonight due to the change in plans. She offered to assist him in the move but he declined her offer saying this was something he had to do himself.

Nick and Julie rode back to Julie's on the bike and kissed quietly at her door. He promised to call her from the Toowoomba office tomorrow and told her repeatedly not to worry. He turned and mounted his bike. Before he left, she reminded him that her daughter Sarah worked in Toowoomba and that, while she knew their was someone, she didn't who it was. He promised not to let on but didn't really think he would run into her given that the city had over 100,000 residents. He rode down the street to his house and began packing. He gathered his things and used her car to transport them to the new apartment. He had no furniture to speak of and took only his clothes, leaving her the lawyer's letter on the kitchen table.

On his last trip, he parked her car in its usual place, locked the house, and mounted his motorcycle for the ride to Manly. It was finally all over.

End of Chapter 10

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