tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 12

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 12

byA.W. Root©

Promptly at 1 pm, Nick called the meeting to order. He then introduced himself and Sarah and commented that she would be his right hand and that information intended for him could and should be passed to her. He then asked the team members to introduce themselves with a short history of their time with the company. When the preliminaries were ended, he started the serious business of discussing the project.

Nick recapped the problem as it had been explained to him by Gene and asked for any additional information any of them might have. When no one volunteered anything, he commented that he would be working under the assumption that what he stated earlier was, in fact, the truth.

He explained that he had a little more homework to do before starting on the problem and in the meantime, he wanted to meet separately with each of them. He asked Julie to schedule one-half hour meetings with each of them starting at 2 pm today, the order didn't matter. He then stated that the meeting was over and they should make their arrangements with Sarah.

"We will meet again at 9 am tomorrow in this room unless you are notified otherwise. Thank you all for your attention and I expect that we will be able to solve this problem to everyone's satisfaction. Good-Day."

Nick turned and left the room leaving Sarah to organize the individual meetings. This was her first test. Would the team realize that he was the leader and would Sarah complete her assigned task quickly and efficiently? In any case, he would have his answers before the day was over.

As expected, Sarah completed her task and returned to the office. She handed him the schedule of visits and asked if she should stay until he was finished with the last session at 6:30. He replied that it wasn't necessary. At this stage she should take whatever free time she had because he expected things to get hectic as they progressed.

"Where are you staying? Have they booked you into a hotel yet?"

"Actually, I don't know. Could you check on that for me? I'll need directions as well. This is my first visit here and I don't know my way around yet."

"Sure, I'll take care of everything. I don't suppose you'd accept an invitation to dinner at my place, would you?"

"Perhaps we could have dinner at my hotel, if they have a dining room. At this stage, I think we should stay in public."

"Whatever you say, boss, I'll make the arrangements."

Sarah heard a noise and turned towards the open door. She saw the first member of the project team standing at her desk. She walked out and indicated that he should go in. When he entered, Sarah quietly closed the door behind him and the interview was on.

One by one, the team members showed up at their appointed times. Nick kept the interviews simple, allowing them to do most of the talking and express their opinions about the project. When the last interview was over, he sighed deeply and closed the notebook on his desk.

Just as he was about to leave, his phone rang.

"Nick Nelson."

"Hi, Nick Nelson, Sarah Ward here. I have the hotel information for you, if you'd like to know where to go. How did the interviews go?"

"OK. I'll tell you more later. For now, where am I staying and how do I get there?"

"It's easy. When you leave the building, go two blocks down the street to your right - that's towards the big tower clock - to Maple. Turn left and go one block to the Regency Hotel. You're booked in at company expense so all you have to do is sign in. There is a covered parking garage behind the hotel for your bike."

"Well, that's easy. What about food? Does this place have a restaurant?"

"Yes, it does, but I thought we might eat outside at a little place along the river. OK with you?"

"Sounds good as long as they have food and drink. How will we get together?"

"I'll pick you up at the hotel in about an hour, OK?"

"Fine. I'm on my way now. See you in a little while. Bye."

An hour later, Sarah was in the lobby as Nick exited the lift. He smiled and walked toward her, noting she was less formally dressed than earlier in the day.

"Good evening, Sarah, you look great."

"Thank you, Nick, are you ready to go? My car is out front."

They drove a short distance and Sarah parked in the lot by a riverside restaurant. They walked close together without touching to the door and were seated in the outdoor eating area. Nick commented on the beauty of the place and scanned the menu. After they ordered, he looked directly into her eyes and asked his first question.

"What do you think about you mother going out with me?"

"I think it's great. Mom says you make her heart sing and nobody has ever done that for her. But I must admit I'm kind of jealous. After all, I've had her mostly to myself these last two years."

"I understand that there is a very close relationship between you two. Are you afraid that your relationship with her might change because I'm now in the picture?"

"Initially, I was afraid. When she first told me she found someone, I got kind of scared. You know, she's been thru a bad period recently and the timing bothered me as well. Now that I've met you, I'm not really scared anymore."

"Thank you, I don't intend to scare anybody. I also don't intend to replace you in your mother's affections. The relationship that Julie and I have should not have a negative effect on the relationship between the two of you. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, Nick, I think I understand. Just for the record, what exactly what did Mother tell you about our relationship?"

"Just that you were very special to her. She also mentioned that you prefer women to men, apparently, but she thinks you might possibly be a switch-hitter if the right man came along."

"My God, she actually said that? I don't believe she'd say that to a complete stranger!"

"Sarah, calm down please. First of all, I wasn't a complete stranger when she told me and secondly, she said it with a great deal of love and compassion. She is very concerned about your welfare and wants only the best for you. I should explain that I have many friends whose sexual orientation is non-standard, so to speak, and that has no bearing on whether or not I like them. It also is not an issue where job function is concerned, so there is no reason for you to be frightened because she told me these things."

Sarah twisted the napkin in her hands tightly with her head down. After a short while, she raised her eyes to look at Nick and found the deepest pair of blue eyes looking back at her. Her heart leapt in her chest and a wetness formed in the vee of her panties.

"I'm sorry, Nick. I guess I wasn't expecting Mother to be so open about me with someone else."

"Thank you, Sarah, I understand. Ah, here comes our dinner. Let's just relax and try to enjoy each other's company, shall we?"

The remainder of the evening passed quietly. Nick and Sarah exchanged views on many topics but didn't really disagree on anything. After dinner, they walked the shoreline for awhile, then Sarah drove him back to the hotel. He said a polite good night without touching her and walked into the hotel. Sarah was impressed with his easy manner and decided that the issue of her sexual preferences might not be a problem. She found that he was in fact turning her on as no man had before and that was another interesting issue.

On Wednesday morning, Nick assembled the project team and gave out their assignments for the week. He stated they would meet again on Friday at 2pm to report on progress.

The remainder of the week flew by. Nick and Sarah had dinner together every night and discussed the project most of the time. They got along well and by Friday morning, they were casually touching each other when no one was around, indicating their willingness to close the distance between them. Unknown to Nick, Sarah had several heated phone conversation with Julie but their issues were resolved by Thursday night.

At 2pm on Friday, he called the meeting to order and asked for their individual reports. Sarah was keeping minutes of the meeting. After all the reports were in, Nick took a few minutes to review them, then announced his plans for the following week. First, he reviewed the overall plan of attack, then he broke it down into weekly elements, starting the following Monday.

Each member of the team was assigned a specific task for the week. Nick stated he would visit with each of them on Wednesday to assess progress and they would again meet the following Friday. At 4 pm, he called a halt and wished them each a good weekend. After they left the room, only he and Sarah remained.

"I'm heading for Brisbane tonight, Sarah, are you going to visit Julie this weekend?"

"No, Nick, I see her every other weekend and I was there last weekend, as you know. You have her all to yourself this weekend. I'll see you on Monday, if that's OK?"

"That's fine, Sarah, but if you change your mind, here's my new home phone number. I don't know if we'll be at my place or hers so you had better call first so we don't miss you. Have a nice weekend."

"Thanks, Nick, and give this to mother for me when you see her."

Sarah went up on her toes and kissed him on the mouth. Only their lips met, then she turned and walked off down the hallway. He couldn't keep from grinning after her as he watched her swing her hips, knowing he was watching. He walked the few blocks back to his hotel and packed his bag for the ride home.

A little more than an hour later, he was almost at his apartment when he spotted Julie sitting on the front step. He drove up the driveway and parked on the front sidewalk, removed his helmet and gloves, and turned towards her. In an instant, she was in his arms, her mouth plastered against his with her arms wrapped around his neck. He responded in kind and they kissed for a long time. Finally, they ended the kiss and just grinned at each other.

"Wow. What a homecoming. I should go away more often."

"Not unless you have to, Nick Nelson, I like you much better when you're around every day. Now help me with these groceries and we can settle in for the weekend, if that's OK with you."

"Absolutely. Hold on a minute and I'll unlock the door."

They entered the apartment and Julie went straight to the kitchen to put the groceries away. He followed behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing the side of her neck. Julie leaned back into his embrace and tilted her head so he could kiss even more of her neck, dropping the bags on the counter.

She turned in his embrace and kissed him warmly. As they kissed, she began pulling his shirt out of his pants. He picked up on her starting gesture and pulled her blouse out of her skirt. Still kissing, they managed to remove each others shirts and he had unclasped her bra.

"I think we should move into the bedroom. I don't have any curtains on the windows yet and the neighbors might peek in."

"Let them peek. They will only be able to see what you get. But maybe we should move to the bedroom because it will be more comfortable than the kitchen table, I think."

They moved to the bed quickly, disrobing as they went. She lay on the bed on her back and he was on top of her in seconds, kissing and nibbling her neck, her chest, her breasts, her nipples. Julie squirmed in pleasure beneath this onslaught and raked her nails across his back. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, forcing his cock to press against her clit, driving her wild.

"Oh, yes, kiss them, lick them, bite them, oh Nick, they're yours, yes, baby, yes. Oh fuck me now, Nick, I'm so ready for you."

He readjusted his hips and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy. With one thrust of his hips, he entered her completely.

"Ohmygod! Oh yes, Nick, fill me, Oh yes, yes, yes."

He began a furious fucking action, slamming his hips forward and back as fast as he could. The pent up yearning of being so close to Sarah and not fucking her was vented on Julie. Faster and faster, harder and harder he fucked her and she responded in kind. Their love making was like a race to the finish. It had to happen now. There was no time to wait or be gentle.

Suddenly she froze with her back arched and her hips forward as the peak of her orgasm hit her. In a few seconds, her breath exploded as the peak passed and she moaned in absolute ecstacy.

"Ugggghhhhh. Oh, yes, oh, Nick, yes, I love you. MMmmmmmmm"

He slammed his hips forward once more and emptied his balls deep into her depths. He mimicked her actions, pressing forward as hard as he could and breathing heavily as his hot cum burst forth from his hard cock. For several long seconds, he couldn't speak as the peak of his own orgasm passed over him. Moments later, he bent his head to kiss her lightly on the mouth, then across her cheeks and back to her mouth again.

"Are you OK, princess?"

"Oh, yes, Nicky, I'm fantastic. How are you?"

"I haven't been this good since the last time I fucked you. You are incredible and every time with you is better than the last time. You're amazing, princess, just absolutely amazing."

"I beg to differ, my prince, it's you who are amazing. The things you do to me are incredible. I don't know how you make me feels all those colors but it's magnificent. I love you, Nick Nelson, more than anything in the whole world."

"I love you, Julie Ward. You have become my whole world."

They kissed deeply then, and rested in each others arms, with his cock still inside her warm, wet pussy. He rested his weight on his elbows to relieve the pressure on her and after a few moments they began to talk.

"Tell me, Nick dear, how do you like my Sarah?"

"I like her very much. She reminds me a lot of you."

"Really? I don't think we're that much alike. How does she remind you of me?"

"Well, for one thing, she has your smile. Her hair is blonde, not red, but it suits her. She walks like you. There's a certain pompous swing to her hips that is very attractive. Did you know her nickname up there is Ironpants?"

"Yes, you told me. I guess it's because she doesn't play around like some of the other girls. Tell me, are you attracted to her sexually? Oh Nick, you're growing inside me. I can feel it. I guess that means she does attract you. Right?"

"Yes, she's a very attractive woman like her mother but you realize she not only has a preference for women but is young enough to be my daughter."

"Does that bother you? I mean, the age difference? Please, Nick, be honest. We have to figure out this three way relationship pretty soon before it explodes in our faces."

"No, the age difference doesn't bother me. It's rather exotic actually when a woman nearly half my age wants to go to bed with me. I consider it quite a compliment. I don't know yet that she really thinks that way, all I'm getting so far is the idea from you. Oh, by the way, she asked me to give something to you when I got here."

Nick kissed her lightly on the mouth with his lips closed.

"That's from Sarah to her mother. She kissed me just like that before she left the office this afternoon. We were in my office so no one else saw it and actually, I was quite surprised by it."

"Let's try it again and I'll interpret it for you. How was it that she actually kissed you?"

When he bent to kiss her again, she tightened her arms around his neck and forced him to remain in her embrace for an extended period of time. As the kiss went on, her hips began to move side to side and he pressed forward to keep his half-limp cock inside her. She speeded up her movements and in a short time, exploded in another colorful orgasm.

"Thank you, darling, that was magnificent. Oh, Nick, I'm sorry, but I don't think Sarah kissed you quite like that, did she."

"No, not quite like that, you little vixen. Nice try. But seriously, that was the first real contact between us. Do you think she was really coming on to me or just passing a message to you?"

"Oh, Nick, don't be so naive. I talked to Sarah this very afternoon while you were on your way back her and she told me all about the kiss and your reaction. She does really like you almost as much as I do and she is seriously thinking of going to bed with you. She is concerned about the gossips up there so I suggested maybe she should wait until next weekend and come down here with you. What do you think?

"Mmmmmmm. I don't know. On the one hand, this is supposed to be finding out if Sarah and I are compatible. On the other hand, I almost think it would be safer for me if you were nearby in case it goes wrong or I screw up or something. Let me think about it for awhile and then we'll talk some more, OK?"

"That's fine with me. Nick, I'm beginning to get hungry. Would you like me to cook dinner so we can just stay in tonight? That way we wouldn't really have to get dressed. At least, not very dressed."

"That works for me. I'll find some wash cloths so we can clean up. You just stay here."

He moved his hips to remove his now limp cock from her pussy accompanied by a groan from her. He moved to the bathroom and retrieved a couple of washcloths which he ran under hot water. He returned to the bed and found her with her eyes closed and her legs spread. He leaned over and placed the hot cloth directly over her exposed clit and pussy and pressed down.

She moaned at the contact and closed her legs to preserve as much of the heat as possible. He leaned over and kissed her nipples lightly, than placed the dry cloth on her belly. He returned to the bathroom to clean himself, then donned a pair of underpants. When she finally rose from the bed all she put on were her panties, preferring to let her breasts sway in his view as she prepared a simple dinner for them.

End of Chapter 12

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