tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 15

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 15

byA.W. Root©

Nick and Julie rested for a short while, then they dressed and walked to the train station for the ride into town and dinner on the riverwalk. They relived the events of the weekend as they dined outdoors next to the river. Afterwards they boarded the train for the ride home, holding hands the whole way.

At Julie's, he began to pack for his ride to Toowoomba in the morning and she prepared her wardrobe for her own day at work. They decided to ride together to her office in the morning, then he would continue on and be in his temporary office by 9 am. She promised to call Sarah and tell her he was on the way so she shouldn't worry if he was a little late.

Monday morning things went as planned and, after dropping Julie off in the city, Nick headed down the highway towards a new week. Little did he know that Sarah was already making plans that would change his life dramatically. Julie was the first to discover Sarah's plans when she called the office on Monday morning.

"Good morning, Nick Nelson's office, Sarah Ward speaking. May I help you?"

"Good morning, Sarah, it's me. How are you this fine Monday morning?"

"I'm great, mother, and you sound fantastic. Need I ask how you are? How was your weekend?"

"I've never been better, my dear, and my weekend was fabulous. By the way, Nick is on his way up there as we speak. He dropped me off here about 20 minutes ago. So, what did you do this weekend?"

"Actually, not much, except that I did have a very detailed daydream about him. Other than that, just a normal weekend. How about you?"

"What kind of daydream? Tell me more, you little stinker, that sounds like a real story. Then I'll tell you about my weekend."

"Oh, alright. Are you in a private office? I wouldn't want anyone overhearing our conversation."

"Yes, I am, what about you? Are you in Nick's office?"

"Right. And I have the door closed as though he's not here."

"So go on, tell me. What was your dream about?"

"Well, it started Saturday morning when I woke up. I was kind of horny, you know, and I began to think about sex. I reached for my vibrator and started massaging myself when the thought suddenly struck me that if I was making love to Nick, his cock would be inside me instead of just massaging my breasts."

"Well, at least you know your anatomy. Go on, I'm all ears."

"Anyway, I started moving my vibrator lower and it occurred to me that it was shaped a little like a dildo, but without the head. It is hard plastic, not like your rubber ones, but it seemed to me that it might feel good inside me. So I started moving the head over my cunt lips and then started pushing the vibrating point into myself. It felt really good but not quite like your cock- shaped dildo. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Absolutely. I've been there before. Please continue."

"Well, the more I pushed it into myself the better it felt. I know Nick's cock, or any man's for that matter, doesn't vibrate like that but it felt good to feel something inside me like when you and I made love last weekend. Anyway, I pushed it in as far as I could and closed my legs to feel the vibrations everywhere but then it wasn't enough."

"I reached down and grabbed the end of it and began pushing it into my cunt and pulling it out, like I was being fucked and I imagined that it was Nick's cock and....Oh, Mother, I came so many times I lost count! I'm wet now just telling you about it. OhmyGod! Oh, I'm cumming. Oh, my, Oh, my, Oh Oh Oh."

"Sarah? Sarah, are you alright? Talk to me, please, Sarah. Are you there?"

"Yes, mother, I'm here. Oh, I'm sorry, I talked myself into cumming just now over the phone. OhmyGod, I must get cleaned up before Nick gets here. Oh, mother, what's happening?"

"Sarah, calm down. Sarah, listen to me. Sex is a good thing. It keeps us healthy and happy. Great sex is even better."

"You just had a taste of great sex, even tho you brought it on yourself. I swear, every time I have sex with Nick I feel him inside me for days. Your imagination has done the same thing to you. You pushed yourself to a great climax this weekend and your body remembers when you recount it, even to yourself. There is nothing wrong with that, it's normal. Just relax, Sarah, I think you're about ready to try having real sex with Nick but take your time. Your body will tell you when you're ready."

"Are you calm enough to hear about my weekend? I promise I'll skip all the sex stuff so you don't go off again."

"Oh, Mother! Of course I want to hear about your weekend including the sex stuff, if you don't mind. I think I still have some time before he gets here."

Julie proceeded to relate the events of the weekend to Sarah, leaving the details of their sexual encounters to Sarah's own imagination. She did, however, mention the status of his divorce and that he was now technically fair game. At the end of the conversation, Julie wished Sarah good luck and asked her to have Nick call so she would know he arrived safely.

Just as she hung up the phone, the office door opened and Nick was standing there. He looked in and saw a blushing Sarah seated at his desk with her hand on the phone.

"You just missed mother, she would like you to call her. How was your weekend?"

"It was excellent, as if you didn't know, and how was yours?"

"Kind of boring but OK. We have a team meeting in 10 minutes. Do you want me to delay it?"

"No. I'm actually ready. I just have to get my notes arranged. Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee? The ride up was pretty dry."

"Of course not. I'll be back in a minute."

Sarah walked around his desk and was a step from him when he spoke again.

"By the way, I delivered your message to Julie and this is her reply."

He leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, allowing his tongue to slide across her lips and linger a brief moment. Sarah savored the kiss and stood as still as a tree while his lips were attached to hers. When he backed off, she looked him directly in the eye and smiled, then stepped past him to retrieve their coffee.

The rest of the day was filled with work and they barely spoke to each other. At five o'clock, Sarah stuck her head in the door of his office and asked if he wanted to have dinner with her. He immediately accepted. He promised to meet her in the lobby of his hotel at 7 pm to give him time to unpack and change clothes. Sarah agreed and left with a broad smile on her face.

When he reached the lobby, he found Sarah seated in a chair leafing through a magazine.

"Good evening, you could have come up, you know. You didn't have to sit here and waste your time."

"Yes, I did. There are a number of staffers in the restaurant. If I went up the elevator, we'd be the talk of the town before midnight. Do you want to eat here or somewhere else?"

"Under the circumstances, I'd say somewhere else. Let's go."

They left the hotel and walked a few blocks to a local coffee shop where they sat in a booth in the back. After they ordered, Sarah started the conversation.

"How was your weekend, boss, I understand you did quite a bit."

"Julie reported to you, I assume. Yes, we did quite a bit. On Friday night, we walked along the shoreline and sat on the grass near the beach counting stars. On Saturday, after a ride thru the surrounding area, I played golf with my friends and we had dinner out. On Sunday we joined my motorcycle club for a day long ride thru the mountains north of town."

"And that's all you did this weekend?"

"Yes, I think so. Julie and I had our quiet times together but that was about it in terms of activity. Why? Were you expecting something else?"

"No. Not really. I just wondered how you would cover the intimate times with mother and you passed with flying colors."

"Are you curious or jealous? I haven't been in this position before so your reactions will be quite new to me. As you'll recall, I don't like keeping secrets or playing games with other people so if you really want our relationship to go somewhere, you'll have to be honest with me and I'll return the favor. For instance, do you really want me to tell you the details of the intimate things Julie and I do to or for each other?"

"No, not really. I actually get a girl's view of the situation from Mom. I was just testing you to be sure you wouldn't tell tales of your conquests. You know, someday I may have to be concerned about what you're saying about me. Between you and mother, I guess I don't really have anything to worry about in that department."

"I should hope not. The same thing did enter my mind, you know. What would you be saying to your co-workers when they start sidling up to you to find out about me. That could be just as damaging as anything I could say about you and even more damaging to Julie as well. Are we agreed that what happens between the three of us will forever remain our secret?"

"Absolutely. And I'm sure I speak for Mom as well."

"Now then, Nick Nelson, where do we go from here. I've never had a date where ending up in bed was a sure thing. What's the procedure? I'm not trying to be difficult but I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to act in this situation."

"I think the answer is to act normally. Remember how you reacted this morning when I kissed you? That was a normal reaction and that's what I would expect from you most of the time. I'd rather not think about the end result and just enjoy the journey, if you get my drift. I'm sure that's the way you were brought up, isn't it?"

"Yes, I guess so. Mother always said to stop and smell the roses because the journey was the idea, not the destination. Oh, here comes our food. Good. It will give me a chance to compose myself."

They ate quietly with almost no conversation. After dinner, Nick suggested a walk by the river and Sarah agreed. It was dark now and they could afford to hold hands as there were no other strollers nearby. After they walked for awhile they came to a particularly dark area between streetlights and he stopped. He turned to her and wrapped his arms around her.

In the next moment, his lips were on hers and the hint of a tongue was sliding across them. She opened her mouth to accept his tongue and wrapped her arms around him. They kissed languidly, each of them exploring the other's mouth, constantly adjusting the way their bodies felt against each other. When the kiss finally broke, she was almost breathless and leaned against his chest for support.

"I suppose your car is parked at my hotel?"

"Yes, in the parking garage. We should be heading back. It's getting late and we have to work tomorrow."

"Right. I'll walk you to your car."

When they reached her car in the dimly lit parking garage, he again kissed her and held her to him. She returned his kiss, pressing her body to his and enjoying the feeling of being kissed by this man. Finally, she turned and opened the car door.

"I'll bring some donuts for the morning. What kind do you like?"

"The big squishy jelly filled ones, please. I just love them."

"Jelly donuts it is. Drive safely, I'll see you in the morning."

He watched after her as she drove off. A good start to the relationship, he thought, she is a good kisser and she sure feels good in my arms. This idea of Julie's just might work out. He walked into the hotel and found a message from Julie waiting for him at he desk. Once in his room, he returned her call and they talked for more than an hour. He recounted his evening with Sarah and Julie was pleased that they were getting along so well.

When he came down for breakfast in the morning, he asked if they had any jelly donuts. When the waiter said yes, he immediately asked to have two of them to go along with a couple of glazed donuts. He ate breakfast, collected his sack of donuts, and began the walk to work. The sun was shining and he was smiling all the way to the office.

Sarah was already at her desk when he arrived.

"Good morning, boss, how are you this morning?"

"I'm great, Sarah, and yourself? If it would help your answer, I have two jelly donuts that would go well with coffee."

"Mmmm, boss of the century. I'll get the coffee and meet you in your office in a jiffy."

A few minutes later, Sarah brought two coffees into his office and settled in to eat her donuts. When he read the morning reports, his eyes suddenly narrowed. There was something amiss here and he wasn't sure what it was. With a coffee cup in his hand, he leaned back in his chair and reread the reports from his team.

After a while, Sarah quietly got up from her chair and left the office, not disturbing him in the process. A little later, he came to Sarah's desk.

"Is there a big whiteboard anywhere around that we could use? I need to diagram the project and I'll need your help."

"I'll make a few calls and find one. Just a minute."

Sarah quickly found a huge whiteboard in the formal boardroom and got permission to use it for the rest of the day. She and Nick gathered the reports from the project team and took up residence in the boardroom. With Sarah reading progress notes from each of the team members, Nick began to draw the progress they were making on parallel lines. By lunchtime, they had most of the room covered in drawings and decided to take a break.

Nick suggested they go for a walk and get away from the problem for a while. They walked around the town square and ate lunch at a little coffee shop, talking lightly about the weather, the birds, the clouds, anything but work. Finally, he took her hand and walked to his hotel. Instead of going to his room, he led her to his bike and produced a helmet for her from his saddlebags.

"Put this on, we're going riding."

Sarah did as she was told, then climbed onto the bike behind him and they were off. After riding for a few minutes, he pulled over at a spot near the river and parked the bike.

He took her hand and walked her to the riverside where they found a patch of grass. They sat next to each other in the grass without speaking. He leaned over and pulled her to him, kissing her on the mouth in the process. She raised her arms to encircle his neck and returned his kiss passionately. He laid her back on the grass and began caressing her body thru her clothes. She started squirming and moaning at his touch. Her tongue was going wild inside his mouth, telling him he was getting her hot.

He broke the kiss and they stared at each other, breathing heavily. In the next moment, her lips were once again attached to his and her hand went to his crotch to feel his hardening cock thru the fabric of his pants. He returned the favor by caressing her breast, then trailing his hand down her back to cup her ass cheek. She moaned loudly as he pressed her to him, causing her to remember her weekend odyssey. The nearness of him coupled with her memories triggered a small orgasm in her and she moaned as it peaked.

"Sarah, are you OK?"

"Yes, Nick, I'm just fine. I had a really vivid dream over the weekend and your touch brought it back very strongly. Thank you for caring."

"It's getting a little warm here. I think we should probably go back and save this pleasure for later, OK?"

"If you say so, boss, but it isn't going to be easy to stay calm this afternoon."

"Patience, my love, patience. All things come to she who waits."

They got up and remounted the motorcycle. Just as he started the bike, he almost jumped back off the machine.

"Sarah, that's it! Kathleen Hamilton's report! That's what doesn't make sense. Let's get back to the boardroom and I'll show you what I mean."

He fired up the bike and raced back to the office, pulling into the company parking lot. He directed Sarah to leave her helmet on the bike and they walked briskly into the building. Several staff members noted the blush on Sarah's face and began wondering what caused it. They went directly to the boardroom and he began examining his drawings.

"Here it is. See this? If Kathleen really did that and Jake and the others did as they have reported, why isn't the answer coming out right?"

"Mathematically, it can't be wrong unless someone hasn't done everything they reportedly have done. We'll have to backtrack and determine if all these things are, in fact, true and if they are there is only one possible reason for the problem. The input coding is not behaving properly. Let's start checking these items in the computer."

By the end of the day, Nick and Sarah had almost verified that the project team had indeed performed as stated and that meant the error in the calculation was in the input tables. But where? Nick finally called a halt to the investigation and stated that a celebration was in order. He invited Sarah to have dinner with him at his hotel. Sarah accepted and was about to leave to go home to change when he stopped her.

"Sarah, the invitation is for dinner but breakfast is not out of the question. It will be your choice. You realize you mother approves but has stated her reservations in regard to this relationship. Will I see you later?"

He pulled her to him and kissed her warmly, cupping her ass cheeks with his hands as their tongues melted together. When the kiss broke, she stepped back and smiled broadly.

"I'll see you in about an hour. I'll come directly up to your room if that's OK and we can start from there. I have reservations about this relationship as well, you might as well know, but we'll find out soon enough. See you later."

When he answered the knock on his hotel room door, he found Sarah standing on the other side, carrying a backpack. He stepped back to allow her to enter and she kissed him quickly on her way past him. Standing in the middle of the room, she removed her backpack and held it in her hand.

"I brought a change of clothes in case. You understand that this is new to me and I might bail out at any time. If that does happen, please don't take it personally. I do really like you, Nick, and I don't want to disappoint you."

"Sarah, it not about disappointing me, it's about pleasing you. If you feel OK as we go along, we'll continue. You can call a halt at any time and I'll understand, believe me. I just don't want this to interfere with either our working relationship or our relationship with Julie, understood?"

"Yes, absolutely. Shall we go down to dinner or would you prefer to eat in?"

"I think room service would be better, that way we can relax and know that we're not the object of conversation in the dining room. The menu's on the tv, take a look and tell me what you'd like."

Sarah indicated her selection and he placed the order. She then removed the things from her backpack and hung them in his closet. When she was finished, he put his arms around her and kissed her while they waited for the dinner to be delivered.

End of Chapter 15

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