tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 01

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 01

byR M Roxinger©

1. First Night of Adulthood

Turning 18 was a greater joy for me than anything I'd ever experienced before. Even graduating from high school just 3 nights before was nothing compared to this. The day I had anxiously awaited for years was now here. I was legally an adult. I could vote, enter sweepstakes, buy lottery tickets, or do almost anything else. For drinking alcoholic beverages, & probably also for reading Playboy & Penthouse, I'd have to wait 3 more years, but neither of those appealed to me much anyway. They still don't. I prefer soda pop over beer & wine, & naked women look better in person than in pictures. The other aforementioned powers were appealing, but even more than for those, I longed to have sex with a girl with whom I'd gone steady throughout high school. She had turned 18 three months before, & we'd spent those 3 months scheming to make my birth-night really a special one.

Though it didn't occur to me then, being born on June 9 seemed to destine me to have my first sexual intercourse on my first night of being 18. I've heard of "69" as a synonym for simultaneous oral sex, & the month-day notation 6-9 spelled it out. (Another interesting coincidence, I might add, is that 1969 was the year of Woodstock, a party that teemed with music, drugs &–you guessed it–sex; I just happen to enjoy music from that era.) At any rate, my girlfriend Heidi rang my doorbell at 7:00 that evening. Once I answered we embraced tightly & she drove me to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Even as we sat in the car, I couldn't help but notice the hem of her skirt hiking halfway up her cream-white thighs. Already I felt my heart beating fast & a hardness in my pants in anticipation of what was to come.

We arrived at the restaurant & were led to a small table with 2 chairs on opposite sides. Once we made up our minds about what to order, we gazed lovingly at each other. Her hair was brown (like mine) & cascaded halfway down her chest. She had little makeup on other than the green that decorated her eyelids. She was no supermodel, but still gorgeous. Finally a waiter arrived. Heidi ordered a chimichanga, I an enchilada. For drinks, it would be Pepsi for her, Mountain Dew for me.

Once we finished eating & walked to the counter to pay, she whispered to me, "I'm paying every cent, since you're the birthday boy." In gratitude I smiled & squeezed her hand. She did as she promised, retrieved her change & led me out the door.

We drove to her house, & when we arrived we had the place to ourselves. She was the youngest in her family, as was I in mine, & her folks were out on a date of their own. We went upstairs to her bedroom, locked the door behind us, & took our clothing off piece by piece. Once we were naked, we stood next to the bed with my arms around her waist & hers around my shoulders. Wow, did her skin feel soft! We gradually tightened our embrace until I could feel her breasts swelling against my chest & my penis swelling against her thigh. I gave her a pattern of kisses like a baseball diamond: first on her right cheek, second on her forehead, third on her left cheek, home plate at her lips. Now that our lips met, we kissed deeply while we caressed each other's backs. After maybe 5 minutes of this, I lowered my mouth, planting a slow trail of kisses from her chin to her neck, her shoulder blades, the tops of her breasts. As I neared the center of one breast, she encouraged me to suckle. So I took the nipple–in fact, a 2-inch circle of the breast surrounding it–into my mouth & sucked, being careful not to bite too hard.

After many minutes I sucked on the other breast. Though she had no milk to offer me, we seemed to know why the word "baby" applies not just to a newborn child, but extends to a person one's own age with whom one is sexually intimate. Once I was done with both of her breasts, we hopped into bed, me astride her. As I prepared to enter her, I softly said, "This may hurt a bit; just relax & everything will be all right" (it was her first time also). She did whimper softly, but I managed to get in; it helped a lot that she was wet between her legs from wanting me as badly as I did her. I took my thrusts slowly at first, but over the next half hour or so I gradually accelerated until I reached top speed. We both moaned, heaved & sighed in ecstasy as we neared orgasm. We came simultaneously, then I slowly exited her. We spent about 10 more minutes lying on our sides & in each other's arms.

We got out of bed & put our clothes back on. As she took me home, neither of us said a word, but I reclined my seat a little & thought about the wonderful passion we'd just shared. Next thing I knew, we were in my driveway, & she purred, "Happy birthday, R.M."

"Thanks for the date, Heidi, & the passion," I replied, & we caught one last kiss & embrace. I got out of the car, opened my front door, & turned around to watch her drive off until I could no longer see her.

When the summer was over we went to different colleges & I never saw Heidi again. But thanks to her, my first night of adulthood was more special than any night before or since.

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