tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 02

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 02

byR M Roxinger©

2. College Intuition

My freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania was going fairly smoothly. I was getting decent grades, for I'd been doing my homework, which kept me busy enough to distract me from feeling bad about never seeing Heidi again. But every now & then, while taking a break from studying, I would wonder what became of her, if she found someone new at her college, if he treated her nice & knew how to satisfy her, if she might even be engaged to him by now. Such is love; instead of lasting forever, it comes & goes. I promised myself that from then on I would not delude myself with hopes of marrying any woman.

One afternoon I was in the student lounge studying for a history test. In the corner of one eye I could see a girl approaching my table. I said, "You may sit with me if you want; I don't mind a bit." So she took a chair sideways from mine & set her study materials on the table.

She had hair as dark as the night sky & skin somewhat darker than mine. She wore blue jeans & a black short-sleeved shirt with a scoop neck. We both did our best to concentrate on our studying, but we couldn't help but look at each other constantly. Finally she said, "My name's Li Chang. What's yours?"

"R.M. Roxinger. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you also. What are you studying?"

"History, & you?"

"Physics. My test is tomorrow."

"Oh...then should I leave you to study in peace?"

"No, that's quite all right. In fact, there's something about you that leaves me...uh, what's the word?...smitten." How flattering; in fact, her Chinese accent was starting to leave me smitten also.

We resumed studying, again trying to concentrate, but something inside both of us was telling us that we needed to copulate, & do it that night. Finally, it was getting dark outside, so I said, "Li, would you mind if we finish our studying in my dorm room?"

"I see nothing wrong with that." With that, we both arose, gathered our study materials, & walked to the complex where I resided. We took the elevator to the 3rd floor, where my room was. Luckily, my roommate was out somewhere for the evening. Once Li & I entered my room, we closed & locked the door behind us. Windows, curtains, everything was closed. We lay our backpacks on the floor. Studying was the last thing on either of our minds now. We needed sexual release, & we needed it now. So we undressed as fast as we could; I took a few seconds longer than she did because I was wearing a button-down shirt & tennis shoes. At any rate, once we were naked, we hopped into bed with me on my back & her sitting on my thighs. Already moisture was trickling down her own thighs, so getting into her was a cinch. She ground her hips toward me, away from me, toward me, away from me, back & forth to facilitate my thrusts. It took perhaps 10 minutes for my semen to start splashing into her cervix. I stayed inside her for an additional minute, during which she had her own orgasm. Then I slowly withdrew. "Want more passion? Up here, perhaps?" I asked, touching her breasts. She gave me an affirmative wink & smile. So we changed positions: her on the mattress, me lying on top of her with my head between her breasts. I sucked on one for a few minutes, then the other for a few more, then the first one again...back & forth. She sighed with delight as I suckled her.

Then I sat up, stretched & looked at the alarm clock atop the small table next to the bed; it was 9:03 PM. Suddenly, an alarm went off in my mind. My roommate might come back any minute, & Li had a physics test to study for! So I said so aloud. We arose & got back into our clothes almost as quickly as we'd gotten out of them. As she retrieved her backpack, she said, "You are a great lover, R.M. I knew by intuition that you would be."

"Oh, Li," I giggled as my arms encircled her shoulder blades. "Thanks for the passion in any case."

"You're welcome, R.M." She opened the door & blew me a kiss on her way out.

Though I never saw her again, I wonder how she did on that physics test. As for my history test, I passed it.

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