tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 06

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 06

byR M Roxinger©

Chapter 6: A Tryst in a Tepee

Then came fall. In early October I was granted a full week’s vacation from my job. On Monday I rose with the sun & took a plane to Santa Fe, NM. I rented a car, bought a cowboy hat, & from there drove north, then west, until shortly after dark. I stopped at a Navajo reservation by the northwest corner of the state. The trading post included a gas station, so I refueled, then found a place to park for the night.

The Navajos were friendly & hospitable. They were about to have dinner when I arrived, so they asked me to join them. Following a delicious meal of lamb chops, corn & squash, they invited me to gather with them in a circle around a campfire for a dance to celebrate the 21st birthday of Sara Red Wolf.

Once we were all assembled & seated, 2 men in headdresses arose & walked toward the fire. One started playing a drum, the other a pan flute; everyone else began chanting. I sat, watched & listened in awe as the tribe sang its song. A short time later the 2 musicians clapped in unison, then a young woman I guessed to be Sara emerged from the audience & walked toward them. Each reached into his pocket, took out a necklace of multicolored beads, & placed it around her neck. Then they asked her to choose a male member of the audience with whom to dance by the fire. As she scanned all the faces, she noticed a lone cowboy (me). She walked toward me & reached out her hand, so I took it, & inward we went. The musicians began playing some more; Sara & I knew it was our cue to start dancing. Her eyes & smile were bright like the stars & her single, waist-length braid swung every which way as we danced & danced until the ceremony was over. As the tribe retired to their tepees, she took me to hers.

Once the flap of the tepee was closed behind us, Sara took me in her arms, held me as tight as she could, & kissed me hard on the lips. As she loosened her grip, I reached up & lay one of my hands on the back of her head, the other on her neck; I gave her softer kisses on her right cheek, her left cheek, & her lips. Then we let go of each other so we could undress. Once we were naked, she lay flat on one of the sheepskins that covered the ground. I lay on top of her, she wrapped her arms around me, & I started kissing every inch of her, starting at her forehead. Time passed...my kisses reached the tops of her breasts. Then I found her right nipple & gently sucked on it while I used my right thumb & index finger to stimulate her left nipple. A few minutes later I moved my mouth to the left nipple & pinched the right one with my left fingers. After switching back & forth a few times, I resumed my trail of kisses. More time passed...I began to kiss her thighs. Some moisture had flowed down them by then, so as my lips made contact with it I licked it off, savoring the sweet taste. I, meanwhile, had been erect the whole time. Pressure was building inside me as it was, & the taste of her spurred me on. So I gently spread her legs & entered her. I moved up & down at a moderate pace, lightly touching her cervix during the downstrokes. After several minutes we reached orgasm simultaneously. I stayed inside her until my erection went away. Then I lay flat on top of her & we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When we awoke Tuesday morning, the sun was not yet up, & neither were the other tribe members. I reached for my watch & saw that it read 6:15. I told Sara that I had stopped at the reservation on the way to the 4 Corners National Monument, & asked her if she wanted to come with me. She said she would be delighted. So once we got dressed, I took my pen & notebook out of my shirt pocket & wrote a note telling the rest of the tribe where we were going & promising that I’d bring her back by noon. I found an arrowhead & used it to secure the note to the tepee entrance. Then we walked to my car & drove off. Now the sun was starting to rise.

After a little over an hour, we approached the Corners & the sun was halfway up. We found an extension of the shoulder of the highway where we could pull off & view the monument. Having taken my camera with me on this trip, I strapped it around my neck just before we walked to the monument. Sara & I stood & faced each other, then spread our legs. My left foot touched Colorado, hers touched Arizona. My right foot touched Utah, hers touched New Mexico. I took a picture of her wearing that lovely tribal dress & those beautiful necklaces. Then I handed the camera to her so she could capture me in my shirt, blue jeans & cowboy hat. That done, she handed the camera back to me & I covered it with the lens cap & set it on the ground. No longer caring which states our feet touched, we hugged & started to rock each other slowly, even though we had no music to accompany us this time. After several minutes we stopped dancing, I retrieved my camera, & we hopped back into the car & drove back to the reservation.

Another hour-plus passed & we were back at the spot where I’d parked the night before. Once we were out of the car, Sara slowly lifted one of her necklaces off her neck & placed it on mine. She said I could keep it for the rest of my life as a reminder of our wonderful night & morning together. We embraced & kissed one last time, then I watched her walk away from the car. Once she walked beyond my range of vision, I headed back for Santa Fe.

The sun was almost completely down when I reached the city. I returned the car to the rental garage & stayed at a hotel near the airport for this night & Wednesday & Thursday nights. I spent the days simply relaxing. Then on Friday I flew back to Philly.

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