tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 07

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 07

byR M Roxinger©

7. A Weekend of Flowers & Rainbows

A flower show is held in Philly every spring, & one Friday evening in the spring following my trip to Santa Fe, I drove across the river to attend the show. I saw flowers big & small, short & tall, from geraniums to sunflowers. As I walked, I was sometimes so focused on the flowers that I was oblivious to other attendees; while viewing some tulips I felt myself bump into someone. I turned to my right, saw a woman & said, "I'm sorry; I didn't know you were standing there."

"That's quite all right," she said. She hesitated for 2 seconds, then said, "My, but you look handsome."

"Thank you; you look gorgeous yourself. By the way, my name's R.M."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Emily."

We studied each other for a minute. She stood about as tall as I do & looked to be 30 years old, give or take a year. Her straight raven hair flowed to the middle of her back. Her skin was the color of caramel. She wore black earrings that looked to be about an inch in diameter. Her dress was black with pictures of pink roses; the sleeves ended just below her shoulders, the hem just below her knees.

"Well, R.M., shall you & I finish viewing the flowers together?" she asked, winking at me.

"That would be wonderful," I answered. So with her hand in mine, we spent at an hour browsing the beautiful bits of botany. By the time we were through, it was getting dark, so she asked me, "Would you like to walk home with me? I'll fix you some dinner."

"Actually, I drove here because I live in Camden. So how about I drive you home?"

She said yes, we walked to my car, & she gave me directions to her apartment. Once we found the complex & a parking spot, she took my hand in hers & led me inside the complex. She unlocked her apartment door, led me inside, & locked it back up behind us. She went straight into the kitchen & opened a can of vegetable soup. She poured half the can into each of 2 bowls, which she then heated in the microwave. I walked toward the dining table & took a seat. Minutes later, Emily came over, placed the bowls on the table, & sat across from me. The bowls were atop saucers, along the rims of which cheese slices & crackers rested. We ate for 20 minutes.

As we arose from our chairs, I thanked her for the meal, then she led me into her bedroom. On one wall I noticed 4 black-&-white photos: clockwise from top left, a white man, an Oriental woman, a Native American woman, & a black man. I asked Emily who the people were; she said they were her grandparents. Her father was half white & half Chinese; her mother was half black & half Cherokee. How wonderful, I thought, that a whole rainbow of heritage was shining in one woman.

We turned our attention to each other, embracing, closing our eyes, losing sense of time. For a long time we just stood & held each other tight. Then our hormones ignited. We broke our embrace & she turned the covers down from her bed. After taking off my own outer clothing, I knelt & began to slowly lift that flowery dress Emily was wearing, gradually standing in the process. Once I lifted it over her head & flung it to the floor, I pulled down my briefs, then her panties, & unclasped her bra. Now that everything was off, I knelt slightly so I could kiss, lick & suck on her breasts, while with my hands I rubbed her behind. She sighed with delight as I sucked on one breast, then the other, every several minutes. Then we hopped into bed with me lying on my back & her sitting astride my thighs. She gently guided my penis into her vagina while I reached up to squeeze her breasts. We both moaned & heaved in ecstasy as I spent the next half hour or so thrusting inside her & kneading those lovely globes. Then we both achieved orgasm & I stayed inside her until I went soft. Then she lay flat on top of me & I held her in my arms. Before long we were both asleep.

As we awoke the following morning, dawn was breaking. I was thankful it was a Saturday morning & thus not a morning when I'd have to be back home to log into my job. "Em?" I said softly, my arms still enfolding her.


"May I stay with you for the weekend?"

"Please do. I treasure these rare moments when I can find male company for a single night, never mind a whole weekend." When she said that, I was also thankful I had stashed 2 spare pairs of briefs in my jacket pockets just before heading for the flower show.

"Let us enjoy this weekend while it's here," I said. With that, we arose & went into the shower together. Once the water got warm I began to run the soap bar along her back, from neck to waist. I spread the suds throughout her back, then around to her belly. We both felt a new arousal building as I began to cup her breasts. They felt soft & slippery under the running water. Her nipples hardened & she sighed as I pressed them between my thumbs & index fingers. After a few minutes I resumed the washing, applying soap all over her legs, then shampooing that long ebony hair. Once I rinsed her thoroughly, it was her turn to return the favor. As she finished soaping my legs, she reached around & surrounded my erect penis with her hand, moving up & down for about a minute. Now we both needed quick release, so she sat on the shower floor & spread her legs. I responded by crouching & guiding myself inside her. My entry was not very deep, so I was able to thrust quickly without causing her pain. After about 5 minutes, we both climaxed. Then I exited her, we stood back up & she spread shampoo all over my hair. Once I was fully rinsed, we turned the shower off, dried ourselves, & went back into the bedroom. I took a pair of briefs out of one jacket pocket & put it on; the rest of my clothes soon followed. Meanwhile, Emily got into a fresh bra & panties followed by the black flowered dress.

The bedroom & shower scenes would be similar on Saturday night & Sunday morning. During the days, once we were dressed, we walked to various restaurants in downtown Philly for our 3 meals & split the cost between us; between the meals we walked to Fairmont Park & back. After dinner on Sunday evening, we walked to the spot near her apartment complex where I had parked my car. I thanked Emily for our nice weekend together. We tightly hugged & tenderly kissed each other, then I got into the car & drove back to Camden.

That weekend was just 3 weeks before this writing. All in all, life's been kind to me. My adventures thus far have brought satisfaction both to me & to the women involved. From the night I became a man, I've loved 7 women, & 7's a lucky number. Whether or not I ever see any of them again, I'll always credit them for the joy I feel now.

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