tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 08

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 08

byR M Roxinger©

8. Kate Comes to Philly

Early summer, following flower show

Since writing about my previous 7 adventures, I've had another one. I've decided that from here on out I'm gonna journalize my encounters within a few days after they're over. Now I find it nice to write about my life as it happens, just like streaming sound files play as they download. Anyway, Kate & I have just met F2F (face-to-face) again; she flew to Philly, just like I had hoped in an earlier chapter. Financially able to visit me & burned out from catering, she took 3 days off. Our work schedules were sort of opposites; I had weekends off, whereas she worked all 7 days & weekends were peak business days. So we agreed that Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday would be our days together.

Kate booked a red-eye flight so she could keep her fare down. Her plane arrived in Philly at 5 AM on Tuesday; I woke up extra early so I could pick her up at the airport. I found a short-term parking space, then rushed into the terminal building. As soon as I entered, there she was, baggage & all, waiting right by the entrance. This time she was wearing blue jeans & a white tank top with a little cleavage showing. We embraced tight for 15 seconds, then gathered her luggage & walked to my car. During the drive across the river & to my house, we said little other than that we were excited to see each other again after almost a year & a half, this time we were meeting on my turf, & we'd get to spend more time together than we could the first time. Before long, we pulled into my driveway, parked & unloaded her luggage from the trunk. While she carried one bag, I carried the other. I unlocked the front door & led her inside. I locked it again behind us & we lay the bags at the foot of the bed. It was still not quite 6, so I set my alarm clock back to 7, the time I normally set it for. We had an hour to simply lie in my bed in each other's arms, nothing but which we were inclined to do as we were both tired.

An hour seems like only a minute when one is as tired as we were. My alarm clock screeched, & I had to get up & shower. So I kissed Kate on one cheek, whispered that she could sleep as long as she needed to, kissed her other cheek, & sauntered into the bathroom.

After drying myself, I slowly & silently emerged from the bathroom & got dressed, glancing every now & then at the snow-white southern belle who lay sound asleep. Aside from her presence, I went through my usual routine, fixing myself breakfast, picking up the paper from the front porch, & reading whatever news caught my eye as I ate. By 9:00 I was in my office & logged in. For the next few hours it was business as usual.

Shortly after 11, I heard water running, which meant that Kate had caught all the Z's she needed & was taking her shower. After about another half hour, she opened the door between the bedroom & the office, then hugged me around my left shoulder with her left arm. So for a minute I turned away from my computer screen.

"Good morning, Kate. I see you've slept well by now. There's plenty of food in the kitchen, so make yourself at home. By the way, did you bring a book with you?"

"Yes, R.M., & I'm sure it'll keep me occupied while you work. I'm a slow reader, which is good in a situation like this."

"You're right. Take your time & relax; after all, this is your vacation."

She blew me a kiss & walked out to the kitchen. I turned back to my computer & resumed the task at hand.

I logged off at 5 PM, my usual time. I turned the computer off & walked into the living room to find Kate asleep on the couch with a book open, cover facing up, resting on her chest. Books can put people to sleep sometimes. I slowly approached her, knelt, & kissed her. She opened her eyes & sat up. "My work is done for today," I told her, "so what do you say we go to Atlantic City & have some fun?"

"That would be wonderful," she answered. So we went into the bedroom, changed into our best clothes, & gathered our swimsuits, towels, & sandals. We stepped out the front door, I locked it behind us, & we got into the car. It took us almost an hour to reach our destination.

Once we arrived in Atlantic City, we found a seaside restaurant that served seafood. We went inside; we waited only a minute before the assistant manager came & led us to a vacant table. He informed us that the place was designed especially for couples on romantic getaways. The electric lights were kept dim & the tables were equipped with candles. After we were finished eating, we could find a locker room at the side of the back vestibule in which we could change into our swimsuits & store our regular clothes so we could walk along the beach behind the place.

Kate & I sat across from each other at the table. She ordered halibut & I ordered bass. While we waited for our food to be served, we gazed at the candle, then at each other. Once again she told me about the pros & cons of living in a small town like Clay & how well her business was doing. As she talked I noticed she wore a red dress to match her hair. It was sleeveless, with a V-neck that plunged to the middle of her chest, revealing plenty of sharp cleavage, my sight of which triggered an instant erection in me. I knew she could read the excitement in my face when she said, "You can't wait till we get out of here, can you?"

"Ah, Kate, you really are a vixen."

"Oh, R.M. I knew this dress would turn you on."

Just then the waiter arrived with our food. We said little as we ate, mostly moving our eyes from each other to the candle to our plates & back. Once we were through eating, we paid for our meal, then walked to the locker room. I changed into a baggie, she into a bikini, & we found a locker in which to store our evening wear & towels. We walked out the back door & onto the beach.

It was still light at 7:30; the sun would not even begin to set for another hour & a half. Each of us wrapped an arm around the other's waist as we walked along the sand & listened to the waves of the Atlantic crash just inches from us. After almost half an hour, we decided to dip into the ocean. We took a few steps until the water covered our feet. We shivered for half a minute, then resumed walking until we were knee-deep. After another 30 seconds we walked to waist depth, then Kate turned to face me & we embraced & kissed. We held each other so tight that her breasts swelled against me; I got erect again as well. When we loosened our hold & parted our lips, I noticed that her bikini top was the most revealing garment I had ever seen on a woman. It covered little more than her nipples & the circles surrounding them. I could easily have lifted her breasts out of it right then & there, but instead I chose to take us deeper into the water. I stepped forward, she stepped back, until we were shoulder deep. For the next half hour we'd crouch for a few seconds at a time so we could immerse our heads in the water, then stand back up, & duck again. Shortly after 8:30 we walked out of the water & back to the restaurant–once again, arm around waist. By 9, as the sun began to set, we were back in the locker room, drying ourselves & changing back into our evening clothes.

Hormones boiled inside both of us throughout the drive back to Camden. As soon as we parked in my driveway, we ran to the front door, unlocked it, relocked it behind us, & dashed for the bedroom as fast as we could. We took off our clothes one by one & hopped into bed side by side. I lowered myself until my head was level with her breasts, which I kissed, licked & sucked for half an hour; my hands, meanwhile, cupped her bottom. Now she was aching to be entered, so we positioned ourselves in layers of legs (from bottom to top: my left, her right, my right, her left) to prepare for the big I (intercourse). I started my thrusts slowly & gradually sped up until we both climaxed copiously. I stayed inside her until my penis went soft enough to withdraw on its own; in the meantime we enjoyed an afterglow of caressing each other's hair, shoulders & backs. Finally, sleep overtook us.

The next morning, again Kate slept in till 11 while I worked. Wednesday was the same as Tuesday until I was finished with work. This time I drove her to downtown Philly so she could have a chance to eat one of the famous Philly steak sandwiches, as a return of the favor she had given me during our first meeting with the southern food. We ate our sandwiches at a café that wasn't fast food, but didn't take as long as most other restaurants either. We talked little but took time to eat our sandwiches. When we were through we drove to Fairmont Park, found a tree to sit under, & watched the children play in the distance until they had to go home. Then we watched the sun go down, taking turns laying our heads on each other's shoulders. Finally, we drove back to my house & repeated the sex scene from the previous night.

On Thursday evening we stayed home. I grilled some chicken, microwaved some veggies & poured 2 glasses of Mountain Dew, my favorite soda pop. Though the dining table was surrounded by the die-hard summer sunlight, I decided to light a candle between us anyway. We both like to gaze at candles every once in a while, even when we're alone. As we ate, she told me her plane back to Louisville was scheduled to depart at 11 that night. So we discussed what to do between finishing our dinner & driving to the airport. We decided to play some of my discs & dance.

After a delicious chicken meal, I extinguished the candle, cleared the table & put 5 discs into my stereo (as many as it will hold at a time). Whenever the tempo was slow, we'd embrace & rock each other gently; if the beat was 3/4, we'd waltz. We danced & danced until our watches read 10 PM. Finally it was time to drive to the airport, so she packed her bags with everything she had brought with her & we loaded them into the trunk of my car. As we drove across the river & to the airport, she thanked me for our 3 wonderful days together. Once we found a short-term parking spot, we hauled her luggage toward the terminal building. We walked inside the building & toward the gate from which she was to depart. When departure time was announced, we hugged & kissed one last time, then I watched her & the other passengers walk away until I couldn't see them anymore. I was sure that once she landed in Louisville, she'd spend the wee hours of the morning driving back to Clay.

It is the following weekend as I write this. The euphoria still hasn't worn off.

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