tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 09

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 09

byR M Roxinger©

9. The Dame from Dusseldorf

A year & a half after my 2nd meeting with Kate, I was granted a vacation from Christmas to New Year's. I spent Christmas Day at my home with my parents, siblings, nieces & nephews; then at 7:00 the next morning I embarked on my first transatlantic flight--to Dusseldorf, Germany. Having taken German in high school, I had considered going to the country one day so I could practice my skills in the language with the inhabitants. The flight took 10 hours--or rather 16 hours since Germany is 6 time zones east of Philly. I didn't land in Dusseldorf until 11 PM, so I spent practically 2/3 of a day flying.

After retrieving my luggage from the Dusseldorf airport, I rented a car & drove to a small inn on the outskirts of the city, where a room was waiting for me because I had made reservations (via Travelocity) 2 weeks in advance. As soon as I walked in I saw a buxom brunette of about 40 (probably the innkeeper) standing behind the front desk. She uttered a greeting that I remembered was German for "Good evening." So I said it back to her. I did my best to say more, considering how little I remembered due to being out of practice since my high school years. She could tell from my loss for words that I was an American, then assured me that she understood English. She bolted the front door for the night, then led me upstairs to the room I had reserved. She was very friendly, asking me questions such as how my flight to Germany was. She said her name was Octavia; she was indeed the innkeeper, & never married. Her accent enchanted me–pronouncing her W's as V's, her V's as F's, & her "th" sounds as T's or D's. A gas stove was attached to the wall across from my bed so I could keep the winter cold at bay. After about 10 minutes of conversation, she unfolded the covers from my bed & told me that if I needed anything else I should knock on her door across the hall from mine. She wished me good night, turned off the light, & closed the door after her.

Octavia. What a lovely name. It seemed related to music, one of my most cherished hobbies.

I had difficulty sleeping due to the jet lag, so I turned on a lamp atop a small table next to my bed & retrieved a book from my suitcase. But after reading 10 pages slowly, I still couldn't sleep. So I got out of bed & knocked on Octavia's door. Once she answered, I told her why I couldn't sleep. Sympathetic, she offered me her hand, I took it, & we walked back into my room. Then she hugged me & caressed my back, comforting me like a child. But within a minute, her embrace triggered an erection inside me; she could detect my need for female company that had gone unfulfilled for one & a half years. She let go of me & took a few steps back as if inviting me to look at her &/or helping herself to a view of the tent in my pajama bottoms. She wore a white flannel nightgown with spaghetti straps & a neckline so low I could see cleavage galore. As I stared at her, she said, "I can tell you vant me. In fact, I'm getting de hots for you myself. Being single can bring loneliness sometimes." As she said it, I noticed the top of her gown starting to get wet. I thought to myself that she was a light sleeper herself, kept a breast pump in her room, & used it late every night behind her locked door. I knelt before her, slowly lifted her gown, & stood back up once I reached her waist. Once it was all the way off her, I got out of my pajamas. There she stood with large breasts (probably 40DD) topped by dark, dripping nipples. I sat on the foot of my bed; she walked toward me & sat on my lap, her legs flanking mine; I wrapped my arms around her for support. She gently guided me inside her, then offered me her right breast. No sooner did I take it into my mouth than her sweet, warm milk began to flow. After 15 minutes I switched to her left breast & drank 15 more minutes' worth of liquid ice cream; in the middle of my drinking, I ejaculated copiously into her. Once I emptied both breasts, she softly asked, "Vat did you tink?"

"It tastes very sweet & is just what I need," I whispered back, finally starting to get sleepy.

She said "very good" in German, gently took me out of her, stood up & got back into her nightgown. Once again she wished me good night & walked out the door. I got into my bed & turned off the lamp next to it. This time, within a few minutes I fell sound asleep.

I woke up the next morning, got dressed, & walked downstairs to find Octavia cooking omelet & toast. She asked me if I had slept well the previous night; I told her yes. As we ate a delicious meal together, I told her I had not yet exchanged the cash in my wallet for euros (the currency in most European countries). She told me of a place in town where I could do so, & also of various places where I could find an ATM whenever I needed to replenish my cash supply; I wouldn't need to worry about the American dollar amount of my charges until after I got home.

From that morning until New Year's Eve, each day went like this: I drove into town & browsed various shops & landmarks. At one restaurant I had a frankfurter & sauerkraut for lunch. What I had for dinner & where would vary from one evening to the next; one meal was accompanied by live music by a duo of men, one playing an accordion, the other a mandolin. Once it was 11 PM, I drove back to the inn, whose keeper once again gave me dessert straight from her voluptuous breasts while she & I had sex.

Early in the morning of New Year's Eve I ate my last omelet & toast with Octavia. Then I cleared my room of everything I had brought with me. After charging my credit card for the nights I had stayed, she thanked me for staying, I thanked her for allowing me to, & we thanked each other for the passion we'd shared. We gave each other one last hug & kiss, then I drove to the airport to return the car & catch my plane back to Philly. This time the plane took off at 9 AM Dusseldorf time & landed at 1 PM Philly time. I got home with plenty of time left to dance alone to my discs & welcome the New Year. I went to bed at midnight & slept in till almost 10:30. Whether this new year will bring me more adventures, only time will tell.

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